Kumwembe jailed for contempt over ‘Robin Hood’ remarks: Judge Mtambo refuses to remove himself in Mphwiyo shooting case

High Court Judge Michael Mtambo has rejected an application by suspected shooter of former Ministry of Finance budget director Paul Mphwiyo, Macdonald Kumwembe, to remove himself from the case.

Kumwembe:  Jailed

Kumwembe: Jailed

Kumwembe, a former soldier of Malawi Defence Force, asked the judge recuse himself claiming his decisions in the high-profile case could be seen as biased.

The suspect, who was found with a case to answer on charges of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder, has also been convicted and sent to prison for four months for contempt of court over statement he made implying Judge Mtambo is a thief.

Kumwembe accused Judge Mtambo of presenting himself as “a modern day Robin Hood.”

The court  deemed the  remarks as demeaning and derogatory.

During cross-examination on his application, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mary Kachale asked Kumwembe if he understood who Robin Hood was, to which he replied: “I know Robin Hood, he was a judge.”

In communication to the judge, Kumwembe also expressed his discomfort with judge Mtambo for volunteering, in 2005, to represent Rubina Alibaba Kaonga in a case she brought against Kumwembe’s co-accused in a conspiracy to murder case, Ralph Kasambara, when he was the attorney general after all lawyers had refused to take her case.

He claims the judge has an axe to grind with Kasambara.

“From your narration, one gets the impression that you would go out of your way to make sure that Mr. Raphael Kasambara is not seen to be powerful as the public or other professionals see him to be. You present yourself as a modern day Robin Hood in so far as the dealings [with] Kasambara are concerned,” wrote Kumwembe.

But the judge said Kumwembe’s applicationwas not different to what Kasambara had also made “in the recent past.”

Mtambo  has since adjourned the attempted murder case to September 23 and 24

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42 thoughts on “Kumwembe jailed for contempt over ‘Robin Hood’ remarks: Judge Mtambo refuses to remove himself in Mphwiyo shooting case”

  1. thumbwe man says:

    I doubt now if Raphael from one Nyambadwe and not Nkhata is anymore havin sleeping nights. Wanya Ralph wanya. Umamulembela nsilikali chizungu shaaaaaa! Mtambo woyeeeeee! Maliseche alowa mkati Ralph. La 40 lakwana.

  2. Everybody talks bad of ralph, is it because he is very intelligent above 90% of good lawyers in malawi ndiye nsanje? No way he is mentioned in cash gate, even mphwiyo himself never mentioned him, karonga never, am fro luchenza, kwa namiwa health centre and am educated

  3. Genghis Khan says:

    Moron, doesn’t even know who Robin Hood is. He probably heard that name being said somewhere and now he’s going to prison for his ignorance.

  4. Munthuwamba says:

    So, this is the same Kumwembe who we read had been fired in the MDF for his involvements in armed robberies?? I thought he had changed. Anyway, as they say, he is innocent until proven otherwise by a competent court of law.

  5. Zagwa says:

    Good call judge BUT why is it that your cases take too much time? Why do you have to adjourn for a whole month? Mumakhala mukutani pakatipa? Mukumatikaikitsa! Si madyela mphoto awa? We can see the other God fearing judges meting out sentences mosaumila only being restricted by the stupid laws of the poorest nation, where chicken theft gets you 15 years and laundering one billion MK attracts a maximum ten years. Zachamba zenizeni!

  6. pyola says:

    Good Mtambo don’t badge an inch. Ralph is on the line now

  7. Peter Arthur Bwampini says:

    This court contempt case should remind us of how low our society has sunk in terms of indispline. There is too much disrespect in Malawi.

    The country can’t develop like that. Kaya zanu izo ife tili kunja.

  8. A Kasambala zikutengerani kuti zamabhozazo

  9. che says:

    the guy is being feed too much shit by ralph kasambara

  10. Madziakaphwa says:

    Mulopwana ndiwe chitsiru. Walakwa chani mtamboyo apa?? Kaya ndi mbale wako kumwembeyo wakalowabe ndipo amalawi tose tili pambuyo pake. Nyapala



  12. Robin Hood is a heroic outlaw in English folklore who, according to legend, was a highly skilled archer and swordsman. Traditionally depicted as being dressed in Lincoln green, he is often portrayed as “robbing from the rich and giving to the poor” alongside his band of Merry Men. Robin Hood became a popular folk figure in
    the late-medieval period, and continues to be widely represented in literature, films and television.

  13. Cashgate1 says:

    If there is equity in terms of application of justice in Malawi, then most of people; regardless of their high political positions would have been in jail for “contempt of court” as the case of one Kumwembe above. But since our systems are selective, one has to know that he is dealing with a court judge.

  14. keliland says:

    Courts shd be respected

  15. Myao says:

    Hehehe. Amafuna kuchenjera mu court. Zako izooooo

  16. kes munthali says:

    Maybe this will save as a lesson…
    I doubt that a cold hearted undereducated thug like Kumwembe knows Robin Hood…The same mafia godfathers who sent him to kill Mphwiyo in cold blood was behind this pathetic attempt to character assassinate the judge and delay justice…

    By the way just a reminder that no one has won a castigate or related case so far ndagondusamo…..

  17. GRM says:

    You cannot win cashgate case by threatening other people, blaming other people that they used you or even blaming yourself. Muli mmadzi

  18. loscosoko says:

    How come for this same judge to pass judgment?

  19. Bob says:

    Our courts and the Judiciary are useless. Kumwembe go usawasiye agalu amenewa.

  20. chatonda says:

    Let us have a clean up exercise in Malawi. Thieves, killers and mafia sbe removed from the society. Malawi was good under Kamuzu and we can make it too. Lutepo, Kasambara, Mphwiyo, etc should be bad examples to be in our midst because their behaviour leaves aot to be desired. Aclean and trusted Malawi is possible if courts and the police can do a good job

  21. kkk says:

    Shaaa,kuvuta,akulu akulu kwavutadi

  22. Mapiri says:

    This is good. This murderer is silly. He is being very disrespectful.

  23. makito says:

    Well, Kumwembe is already caught up in the learned lawyers crossfire. He has been jailed for contempt of court. He will definitely be jailed for attempted murder.

    The truth of the matter is that both the Attorney General (this I knew long time ago) and Judge Michael Mtambo (this I have know thanks to Kumwembe) have personal grudges against Kasambara. Not that Kasambara is an innocent victim of these guys, – he played a part in whatever led to this mutual hatred, but surely fixing him in this or any case is being unprofessional. Kalekeni also offered to prosecute Kasambara for free just to get back at him for refusing to render some services to Kalekeni when he was Attorney General.

    Mere souls like me will henceforth stay away from these lawyers. They can surely finish you.

  24. Kachepa says:

    Maineeeeeeeeeeeeeee pakamwa abale.Tisamale abale tikafuna kuyankhula chifukwa mlomo omweu umatembenuka nkukhala chipsyinjo.Pepani achimwene Kumwembe,ndikudziwa kuti mumanenera zimenezi chifukwa chofuna kudzipulumutsa!!!

  25. Malawi wa Lero says:

    Stupid Kumwembe. He could have easily retracted his comments and avoid jail. Arrogance just to be seen as a star does not yield anything. Lock up all these cashgate he/she goats.

  26. Josophat Returns says:

    Mac uli mmadzitu. Ukuputa 20 years tsano.Kkkk.

  27. khuere says:

    akuoneka kuti ndiakuba nkhopezi

  28. anadimba says:

    ameneyotu asadzatuluke adzapha anthu ambiri .ndichigawenga.

  29. cheyo the real northerner says:

    That is the way to go. What about Kasambara and Kitha. Sentence them also. You should not be fooled High Court Judge. Good judgment

  30. Prison Warden says:

    eh eh. 4 months? lol

  31. Kingman says:

    Koma Mtambo, Masewera alibe ndithu

  32. zatha says:

    Osamachita mwano kwa Judge. Ukanamanganso Ralph Kasambara yemwe amamutuma soldieryu..

  33. drzeus says:

    I know Kumwembe, that letter to Justice Mtambo was not authored by him, Ralph wampweteketsa soldier!

  34. Hamu says:

    Hahahaha wauyamba ukaidi basi!!!! nyapala wa nkulu ameneyo, mukumasiya usilikali cholinga muziba inu.

  35. shaft ya mbava says:

    Hahahahhaha watch out for part 2 who is going in…..mbuzi inu bwana wako uja amakutuma wakupwetekesa pano angotuluka thukuta ku matako hehehehehede

  36. kkkkk nanga kasambala tampatseni 4 weeks ku maula akalaweko nyemba zosasankha zopanda nchele.

  37. Nachanza says:

    Malawi tsopano

  38. mulopwana says:

    A mtambo mwayamba kuonjeza…kunali anzanu ku Malawi kuno anthu ngati A Ralph Kasambara nawonso amazitenga ngati iwo nde patali ndi malamulo…koma nthawi yanu yikazakwana mpamene muzadziwe kuti kulinso anzanu odziwa kuposa inu.

  39. Leci says:

    A Kumwembe akupweteketsani akukutumaniyo, umbuli ndi matenda, kunena kwa ndithe ndithe nanthambwe anazitengera

  40. MAMUNA says:



  41. Yaya kumudzi says:

    ””””””””””””””uyisova ya 4 months……..

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