Kumwembe names JB witness: ‘Ex-Malawi president said she knew people behind Mphwiyo shooting’

Former Malawi Defence Force (MDF) soldier Macdonald Kumwembe defending himself on all charges of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder on former budget director Paul Mphwiyo has named his list of witnesses to take stand including former president Joyce Banda.

Kumwembe: Names his witnesses

Kumwembe: Names his witnesses

Other witnesses are politicians Hophmally Makande and Friday Jumbe, Chifundo Chikaphupha, Eric Mambucha, Robert Kasamu, Christopher Meckleni and a man only identified as Felix.

Banda is currently abroad but Kumwembe has asked the courts to subpoena her to be a witness in the Mphwiyo shooting murder.

Kumwembe said he mentioned Banda because during a rally at Lunzu when she was President after Mphwiyo’s shooting, she said she knew the people behind the incident.

Mphwiyo’s shooting on 13 September 2013 led to the unravelling of the systematic looting of millions of government money dubbed ‘cashgate’.

The former soldier, who Mphwiyo identified as his shooter and Pika Manondo will start defending themselves but they want Judge Micheal Mtambo to recuse himself from the case on the grounds that he will not offer a fair trial, but he has since refused.

The judge is expected to make his ruling on whether he will recuse himself this Friday.

Up to US $30 million was minted from the government payment system, where politicians and businessmen colluded with civil servants for payments for goods and services not rendered to government.

Soon after Mphwiyo’s shooting millions of cash in Malawi kwacha, US dollars and South African Rands started pitching up in unlikely places like in car trunks, baby dolls, under beds or in pillow cases.

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51 thoughts on “Kumwembe names JB witness: ‘Ex-Malawi president said she knew people behind Mphwiyo shooting’”

  1. Kavuluvulu says:

    Kumwembe ndi munthu woipa kwambiri.By the way what rank was he in the MDF ?

  2. connex mwanza says:

    Yes, she must come back and face the trueth

  3. Sangwa danny says:

    Maa should come now


    Real patriot my ass!

  5. Boyd Kilembey says:

    JB said in her own words without being coerced that she KNEW who shot Mphwyiyo. Dont forget she was HEAD OF STATE at that point in time. If she was joking or trying too score cheap poliutical points(sic) she will be free to say so in a court of LAW. I always warned that JB talks too much, drawing too much attention to herself as if she wants to prove to be a genius.
    Kumwembe has done the right thing here. When you are charged with murder it helps to make witnesses of those who KNEW the truth and JB said she knew the truth…

  6. Real patriot, says:

    These delaying tactics of JB are useless for Malawi.We have lost patience for her and nobody is pitying her here apart from dunderheads with blind loyalty.How does she travel long distance to the US in her useless talk engagements while failing to travel from SA to Malawi in 2 hrs flight?So Zuma has decided to keep this woman thief.Its time she came to clear her name.I thot she also sued Nankumwa for defamation?When is she coming to appear in the courts?

  7. kanga ndi wamba says:

    Amayi adzatani.
    ma investigations a police akuti chati

  8. chatonda says:

    JB must be panicking wherever she is in south Africa now because the situation is closing in very fast

  9. Mbwinde says:

    Nanga Ngaunje anaphedwa ndi Dausi ndi Masangwi uja. Nanga report lakabedwa Ku envoy waku Germany lija?,nanga zoti pulezidenti obwafuka kukamwayu Ababa nawo ndalama zija? Amalawi onse analamulira Malawi ino except Kamuzu ndi mfiti, nagulukunyinda, phwathaphwatha nyaphahi…

  10. Okay? says:

    Number 14, Sibo, you mean you are one of those daft people who don’t know that out of the said MK577B, PP squandered and stole MK350B in a year?

  11. chitani tobiasi says:

    amayi abwere basi. she is a key. govt should just call for interpal.

  12. .... says:

    Uyu asatitayitse nthawi.
    Kodi ndimayesa Mphwino identified this man as the one who shot him.
    Pano akufunanso ziti?
    Kumangoononga ndalama ku ma khotiko eti?

  13. Achimidzimidzi says:

    JB should come to witness because she she knew who shot Mphwiyo but she is not the one who arrested you.

    My question is why did the police arrested you? was your arrest based on JBs comments? Mr Kumwembe you want to delay the case. Just prove your innocence.

    Instead of fighting in a war, you went to area 43 to hunt officers.
    Stupid soldier iwe.

  14. Tonse tinanvadi Amayi akunena kuti akudziwa anapha Phwiyo ku Lunzu ,abwere adzapeleke umboni basi
    Nkhani ili apa ndiyakuti JB kudziwa amene anaombera Phwiyo
    ndiye ine kudabwa kuti dzina la Atcheya ndilomwe likunveka ngati mwini article
    Atcheya anakulamurani kwa zaka 10 zowuma,and there’s nothing you can do to change that
    JB anagudubuka atalamula zaka ziwiri zokha kkkkkkkkkkkk
    Shamefully omwewo kuthawira kunja kkkkkkkk
    Oyipa anathawa ekha

  15. Mtchana yozitsata says:

    Choncho Amai angabwele???? I doubt

  16. wanthu says:

    munya muona akongolesi dziko lake liti mukudikilalo, mulira pyooooo alomwe akusinthananso 2019

  17. chepetsani says:


  18. Brazilian wax says:

    At 19 while at it, don’t you think it’s high time this case served as a lesson to stop politicians from being mouthful but empty headed on the podium. I know so many of us have absurd loyalty to political leaders at the expense of national good. But it does not need special training for one to see that JB was hehind cashgate during her administration. In the same manner it doesn’t need rocket science to see the connection of cashgate to the Mutharikas. One thing for people who love Malawi are happy about is that the events surrounding cashgate cases now wil indelibly teach those in power now, those with businesses, those in the civil service; senior or junior that things change. God has his way of revealing the evil no matter how long it takes. God don’t leave Malawi!

  19. Che Ngana says:

    Amache Roy,mwananu Kumwembe Atokufunani Kuno At Muzaliuze Bwalo Zikamuuza Inu Zija.

  20. njomba says:

    Please mama JB come back home and clear yourself on cashgate issues and Mphwiyo issue. This is too much. How do you sleep? How do you feel? Why running away? After all if a thief steals and share you the ‘stolens’ you are not a thief at all. Mama dont show how weak and coward you are at all. People have killed others and handover themselves to police. What more with these hearsays. Dont you have lawyers? Isn’t your husband a lawyer by training? Does he advise you?

    Late Okonkwo of Nigeria in Edikiecheken once said you may refuse what you are asked to do BUT don’t refuse a CALL. Come back. Now I have started thinking that all the problems we are facing are rooting from you mama, you are weaked. You are a devil in a sheep’s wool. the world will start questioning your stay in foreign land. But your days are numbered. You will be draged back home against your will. Unless RSA is becoming a hiding cave for Malawi’s criminals. Remember Chamthunya who is hiding in RSA after killing her girl friend. TSIKU LA 40 LIDZAFIKA. NGATI SILIZAFIKA THEN YOU WILL DIE THERE.

  21. Domasi says:

    Number 5 you are so right. She needs to come home. How long will she live in a self imposed exile? She needs to come home and stop this madness once and for all. Her sister Cecila had stopped talking to some people because she thought she was untouchable pano her husband has come out of retirement back to work, Edith, Geoff, Roy, Kambe, Njali and Mercy you all lived like there was no tomorrow, advise your mom to come home, she is too old for continent hopping

  22. Tsamba Likagwa says:

    The reason Kumwembe is presenting to have JB in the court is a very silly reason. He is only trying to delay the whole process.

  23. Makwasa says:

    The only problem I have with people dragging JB into this is that there don’t seem to have hard core evidence. If she said that at a political meeting she was not under oath therefore it is hear say and not admissible in a court of law. Please come up with real evidence osati ndinabva Wina akulankhula pa phone and I concluded that it was JB. That may sit well in a court of public opinion but not a court of law, in fact it’s laughable.

  24. Ice floe says:

    Joyce banda must come and tell the court who shut Paul Mphwiyo.Kumwembe has mention her and also Raphael Kasambara did also mention her.This case has to be finished once and for all,people are watching no lenient sentences that’s an insult to Malwians.When they were sharing and stealing they did not take small amounts,they took huge amounts of money for instance Lutepo billions for himself.While poor Malawians are suffering a lot just because of this people,l agree with (DPP,Mary Kachale) that no lenient sentences.

  25. nzake says:

    Chifundo wakhala akuba kumudzi kwawo and am not surprised that he is one of the witness.

    Mwana ameneyu anachotsedwa ntchito chifukwa amabwereketsa army uniform kwa zigawenga.

    Am not surprised.

  26. FISP says:

    Chifundo was ex soldier and his where abouts are not known just find out from his home village

  27. I want Malawi to be a mthibulo exporter in 5 years under me APM says:

    Kumwembe Kasambara etc should have been saying: look on the day that Mphwiyo was shot we were busy at home with our wives: here is the piece of evidence – some used condoms or see this half empty glass of mthibulo left over from some used on the day. In addition mama JB said she knew who did this can the courts ask security agents to tell us what they advivef the state president at the time.

    Other than that a credible judge won’t let you go.

  28. cypress says:

    The chickens have finally come to roost. If she ignores the subpoena then she will also be under an arrest warrant. JB have you managed to get the green card. We love you amayi.

  29. Malawiyano says:

    Your case is of Mphiywo shutting , was JB with you ?

  30. kamuzu says:

    kwanunkha kumalawi … ife ndi chakwera wathu tili pheee kudikira 2019 nthawi yomwe mulungu anakhazikisa kuti tizaphule ziko pamoto wa alomwe

  31. Mungete says:

    It has already been proved that Kumwembe was in Mw at the time of shooting Mpwiyo. Kasambala already mentioned JB. So, nothing new here. Kumwembeee! U shot Mpwiyo. If u win this case, it wil b bcoz of lack of proper evidence. Justice Mtambo is rated as one of the best in Mw. To u, a gud judge is the one who accepts bribes. JB, no matter how u smear her, wil not ‘afford’ u freedom. The longer the time this case takes the more Malawians get convinced u r guilty. If am innocent, I really do not mind who hears my case

  32. The real ujeni says:

    Muluzi used to say John Tembo amapha anthu, a Chakwamba beat chiefs, all that was usual stupid Malawi podium politics we have allows ourselves to be entertained with

  33. Congratulations! says:

    Anabadi nanga akukhalilanji kunja all thios time osadzalera zidzukulu? Ananenanso kuti akumdziwa anawombera mphwiyo, zoonadi tonse tinamva. Ayi tiona momwe zithere.

  34. The real ujeni says:

    Stupid defence, why do we love to entertain and look stupid in Malawi. Trying to use JB as a witness is just catching straws, if indeed we have investigators in the police, by now this case would have been closed. But we are a bunch of stupid people, we failed on mwanza case, Matafale, July 20 killings, Chasowa, even Stambuli poisoning, what a bunch of idiots we are. The most idiot people in Africa

  35. thifo says:

    Kodi katumbi ndie hiphop artist. Thus news to me?


    Izi nde zauchitsiluzo. Just because she said she knew the people who wanted to kill Mphwiyo then she has to come and testify? Uchitsilu umenewo Amalawi enanu. Iwe Kumwembe don’t be used, uyaluka nazotu zimenezo.

  37. sibo says:

    Leave mama JB alone inu a DPP nanu mulongosole 577 billions munaba

  38. thyolo Thava says:

    Zitsilu. Leave JB alone. We know you want her neck. Koma mulephera. JB sanabe kalikonse koma mdima ululimbana nkuwala , dala. Its your time. Nanunso ma sten kusupuka ndi ma comment opanda pake. Ashhhhh headache.

  39. Mulangizi wa APM (mthibulo affairs) says:

    That JB said at a rally alone cannot be a sound reason to subpoena her. Everyone knows that at malawian political rallies, all our politicians don’t speak serious things. Most of the things spoken there is just to entertain the audience.
    If they were serious the rallies would always be paked with us the middle class society.

    Did we not have cases of Muluzi saying at a rally kuti ndakubweretserani chimanga, only to see the same chimanga disappear overnight only to reappear at another rally.

    You guys need not use the weaknesses of Amayi as your strengths in this case. You must use credible evidence that will prove you beyond reasonable doubt that you were not involved.

  40. vyakuchitika says:

    Political Leaders, incumbents, please watch your mouths when addressing political/developmental rallies. You will, one day, have to account for what you will have been saying. Free advice.

  41. peter mshali ku salima says:

    kumwembe u r right name them all,ukabisa zako zimenezo,iwe in jail onse in jail simple

  42. Maximum Prison says:

    “Pipipipiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” Yanyamuka! “Amene anawombera bambo Mpwiyo ine ndikuwadziwa” Bambo Mphwiyo anawomberedwa chifukwa choteteteza chuma cha boma. Pipipipiiiiiiiiiiiii” Yanyamuka. Amayi ndi abambo ndi zomvetsa chisoni kuti pamene dziko likubvutika ndi umphawi koma anthu ena ofuna kulemera mwa chidule mkumaba ndithu chuma cha boma! Shame. Awululenitu amene anawombera bambo Mphwiyowo!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  43. Bob says:

    I can see an indefinite self imposed exile. If i were JB I would have come and tell the truth that as a president that I relied information relayed to me by my intelligence personnel (names given). It will be up to them to prove it to court.

  44. Gulugufe says:

    Ma supporter a abiti Mchila ndi PP muliko????

    Tokotani za persecution timve!!

  45. Gas Machine Head says:

    JB JB JB, phuma kwambiri whenever she was addressing political gatherings. She was even fond of demeaning other political party colleagues, mentioning their names as if they were kids. Now this has come back to haunt her. I am pretty sure where ever she is, she regrets having ever to assume the presidency. She is in forced exile while her children are in Malawi running her estate. Edith, Geoff, Roy and others. I am pretty sure JB was already a wealthy person before even becoming a politician in the late 1990s under the UDF, but you know what, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Its very sad to be in forced exile in the twilight years of your life instead of enjoying retirement with your grandchildren running around your feet: gogo!, gogo! gogo read for me this book, what did this mean in those days gogo when this book says this? Wouldn’t that be fun? But because power is never enough, here she is, everyone is now picking on her. The grandchildren only have to speak to her on skype before she attends another sermon at Bushiri’s in foreign land.

  46. Hamu says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha anthu akupezera pothawira basi!!!!! Government take care

  47. Chawezi says:

    Inu muwaphatu masiten JB ndi BP apa, amvereni chisoni chondeee

  48. zonse ndi nthawi says:

    Kunena kwa ndithe ndithe nanthambwe anadzitengela, pepeni mai Joice Banda ana ayamba kukuseweletsani kuno kumudzi.

  49. Nyachi says:

    Amayi abwereko kunja basi, ngati cashgate siikuwakhuza akuthawa chani? All these people mentioning her name as witness ndi amisala? Surely she knows something concerning cashgate and holds keys to the truth of cashgate

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