Kunkuyu says Malawi needs mindset change to develop not aid

Cases of perennial economic hardships and worsening unemployment levels haunting Malawi will remain a threat to attaining genuine development unless the country’s leadership and the youths embrace mindset change.

Kunkuyu : Forget donor aid

Kunkuyu : Forget donor aid

Former minister in the People’s Party (PP) regime, Moses Kunkuyu made the observation during Mau Akumudzi live programme aired on the privately-owned Capital FM Thursday evening.

The programme seeks to recognize and raise the voices of the mostly ignored rural communities who are used, dumped and denied meaningful development after ushering the ‘selfish’ leaders in positions of power.

Kunkuyu stressed it would be naïve and mere wishful thinking for the country to register realistic development while sticking to the failed old ways of doing things.

“What Malawi hugely needs now is not donor-aid but mindset change. We should begin thinking of how we can together contribute towards developing Malawi. Let’s graduate from the tendency of merely looking up to government or donors for help,” said Kunkuyu.

However, Kunkuyu cautioned some leaders who he said continue frustrating aspirations of creative youths through the ‘unwarranted’ clinging to positions having passed their prime time of significance.

The youths are in majority in Malawi’s population of over 17 million. Sadly, most of them are victims of high cases of unemployment that seem not showing any signs of abating despite repeated calls to improve their livelihoods.

Kunkuyu, who dumped the PP two months ago and has been passionately lobbying for youth involvement in active politics, also spoke strongly against the manipulation and abuse of the youths by the country’s political leaders; saying such a situation defeats the commonly held notion of viewing the youths as leaders of tomorrow.

Currently Malawi has a crop of aged politicians both in opposition and government who keep on side-lining young people, and usually use the youth as pawns to gain political mileage.

Kunkuyu said: “In fact, they are leaders of today. I was given an opportunity to serve this country in high positions, today I want to urge many young people to take from where some of us left and move the country forward.

“The notion of leaders of tomorrow gives selfish leaders an impetus to cling to positions and abuse the youths carelessly. Our leaders must support the youths and stop parading them as political objects without any value to the country’s development. It’s a serious insult to their intelligence and being.”

While presiding over a youth conference at the Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) some months ago, President Peter Mutharika acknowledged that Malawi could not develop if the youths were not incorporated in decision making positions.

While describing the president’s remark as a positive direction towards youth empowerment, Kunkuyu cautioned that would frustrate the youths more if not translated into genuine actions and deliberate programme designs to bail them out of the biting economic hardships.

Kunkuyu, famed for his “open critique stance” on national matters, commended the community colleges initiative by Mutharika’s administration but was quick to caution that the initiative has a high risk of turning into a white elephant should there not be deliberate policies to marry that initiative to the main players in the economy like the Banks and other government institutions where these tradesmen should be able to access loans and business opportunities.

He then called on the youth to start taking an active role in areas that matter in society such as church, activism, politics and government.

Malawi is currently facing serious economic challenges exacerbated by the careless plundering of public resources dubbed cashgate totaling K92 billion exposed during former President Joyce Banda’s administration.

Opposition parliamentarians and civil society organizations are also demanding spirited investigations into the alleged misappropriation of K577 billion by the Democratic Progressive Party regime.

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23 thoughts on “Kunkuyu says Malawi needs mindset change to develop not aid”

  1. The program was called “Mau Akumudzi”. And the speaker here was Kunkuyu a city mafia boy. Goosh! When did the city politician kunkuyu become mau akumudzi? Come and ask me here at Sawali Village in Balaka then you will hear the real words from kumudzi.

  2. therere says:

    Malawians let us think outside the box by being inovavative, foreigners are getting rich with our resources with our resources

  3. Puzzled youth says:

    I agree with you Mr Kunkuyu. However, I still do not know what you achieved as a “youthful leader” when you were given opportunities to serve the country in those high positions.

  4. soko says:

    Thats kuganiza kwa makono.lets rise &shine.

  5. mg says:

    achinyamata dzikani dzukani gudo gondwe is old enough why up to now being minister of finance can things move? pitara vry old can he be active? akungowumirira m ma office why? lets work up & chase these old people from offices

  6. Wilson says:

    The comment on community colleges is just the same way I see it .wr will all end up being carpenters with no capita and no customers

  7. Anniet says:

    I like it most where he says we can’t regidter meaningful development if we stick to the old way of doing things. Atupele had this sense sometime back..i hope you stick to it Mr

  8. Ankolo says:

    I like it most where he says we can’t regidter meaningful development if we stick to the old way of doing things. Atupele had this sense sometime back..i hope you stick to it Mr

  9. Makileni says:

    GOD BLESS YOU MOSES. May we all be guided by this spirit

  10. General Byson says:

    That’s my man Moses,..I remmember him as the national cordinator for ‘Youth Orbit’. Passionate about Malawi and the youth from a very tender age,,,.soldier on Moses

  11. Mussa says:

    Tili pambuyopo, tanenani titani

  12. Atate says:

    Spot on Moses

  13. Charles says:

    I see no fight against MCP here as someone is implying in his comment. I see someone talking about national issues here and proposing the way to go. He is not talking about a particular constituency. If every young person woke up thinking like this tommorow, we would be geared and prepared to take the challenge of providing solutions to our problems head on. Hon Kunkuyu I salute you

  14. Pa Malawi mavuto sadzatha says:

    Kunkuyu never failed us,during the reign of he was the who openly criticised Bingu for handpicking Peter.

  15. Stanley Chaponda says:

    Bravo and thank you Kunkuyu for having the courage of your conviction to warn the nation to focus on the real danger we are facing namely an utterly antiquated and dysfunctional mindset totally divorced from the reality of the world we are living in today.

    Unless we have a radical and transformational shift in our collective mindset we are doomed to fail and even loose our sovereignty as a nation simply because we will fall apart when the likes of the IMF no longer comes to our rescue to prop up and keep together that which forms the fabric of what is today still called the Malawian Nation.

    If we were to look at our current President APM, he expects us to believe that he has accumulated $8 million as a professor in the US and we all believe that what we know is totally impossible. In the same vein we choose to simply disregard what we all know, namely the real source of his unbelievable wealth namely the 577 billion which was stolen during the reign of his equally corrupt brother. And the same goes for his predecessor Joyce whom we all know is too afraid to come home simply because she knows that she will be arrested upon arrival and rightly so.

    And so the same goes for basically the majority of politicians who have happened to get into some form of power in our kleptocratic society.

    Our civil servants have long ago renounced their basic function in life namely to serve the nation. To them the “job” is merely an income stream and their real interests lie elsewhere whether it be private business, corrupt activities or merely flirting around in the office. The happenings in the ongoing cashgate trial is merely the tip of the iceberg I would suggest. May I however pause to congratulate the office of the DPP who is showing real courage and work ethic in pursuing these cashgate criminals. At least there we can see some glimmer of hope of what we are potentially capable off.

    In our judiciary who have now struggled for years to function efficiently it has become the norm for judges and magistrates to simply abscond as and when is pleases them. We have become so accustomed to court cases and judgements “dying” a natural death – by simply becoming irrelevant over time and then we proceed to hold a dinner in honor of Anastasia Msosa whilst in actual fact she should have been fired. We are so accustomed to the state of anarchy that everybody accepts it as being normal and are no longer shocked by such a state of affairs.

    Unless we wake up to the reality of the 21st century and very soon, we are doomed as a nation and we will see ourselves losing our independence, fall apart and become subservient to other and more organized forces outside of our borders.

    May the One and Only God have mercy upon Us.

  16. Wawa Bwana Moses Kunkuyu! Ndale zitakunyelani mwati koma mukaimile ku Dedza South Constituency? Koma Mwana iwe Moses Undiyankhulitsa pambali ndithu, Ngakhale ukanapikisana ndi Nkhumba yomwe ikanaimira Chipani cha Malawi Congress Party(MCP) Obviously Hon Mr Nkhumba, Couldve won Dedza south Parliamentary seat with a slide victory, Don’t fuck around with MCP in Dedza, Go and ask Magret Maimba, Kennedy Kalolo and Lilian Kapanda Phiri in Kasungu, Sosten Gwengwe bwa? Tinamuvinira Kazukuta ndiye iwe nkachianinso? Hetherwick Ntaba kwao ku Kamphata, Tapita ukamufunse kumeneko, Willard Gwengwe amangomkwata pachisankho chilichonse, Komanso Willard, Ukomputa onse kuthelatu, kkkkkkkk

  17. ndakamba says:

    If there people who are pathetic then its Malawian youths! Mbuli they say politics is stupid while they are indicating Self Employed on FB (another term for unemployed in Malawi Facebook Addicts) they don’t realise that politics is what shapes the future of every nation…Let’s participate in public life as Nice says in that way we wil understand politics and contribute to the betterment of this sorry state

  18. Jambo says:

    Hey, mr reporter, what do yuou mean by “careless plunder” Are you implying that there is “careful plunder”? Stealing is stealing and you cannot justify it.

  19. Teacher says:

    I listened to the program and I liked the usual sober and non biased take on questions. I FIND LOTS OF SENSE IN THIS

  20. Pastor Longwe says:

    This makes sense, great sense. Unfortunately the very young people you are encouraging will be the first to discourage you from encouraging them. Others will even ignore the message and go personal but trust me Sir, this is the way to go. You have my support on this pattern of thinking

  21. NZIKA says:

    This is the kunkuyu I have always known. I have been following this young man and I always say he remains one of the few level headed youthful politicians that malawi has had. As he likes to says at the end of his every address, “remain blessed”, I also wish you God’s blessings Moses Kunkuyu

  22. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Hahaha! Kodi akulu awa akuti chani? Mmena PP inaluza kuithawa munthu woti was its first appointed minister!

    Kupanda kamkazi kake ka ku MACRA kaja bwenzi pano atazungulira mutu ndi umphawi!

  23. 2016 welcome says:

    I always get baffled when people come to talk sense when they are outside the corridors of power. We never saw any demonstrations of such positive thinking when Kunkuyu was at the helm of power . Likewise the likes of Sam Mpasu and the list is endless. Isn’t this hypocrisy? You guys we tried you and you failed us big time.

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