Kutsaira does his signature bow on return to DPP

Bintony Kutsaira, the former secretary general of ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has rejoined the party and performed his trademark political worshiping bow to President Peter Mutharika when he welcomed him at Masintha Ground in Lilongwe.

Kutsaira being welcomed by Mutharika

Kutsaira being welcomed by Mutharika

Here Joyce Banda was welcoming Kutsaira in PP and appointed him deputy minister of agriculture

Here Joyce Banda was welcoming Kutsaira in PP and appointed him deputy minister of agriculture

Kutsaila loves his bow,

Kutsaila loves his bow,

Kutsaira made a 'bow of the year' when he was with Banda

Kutsaira made a ‘bow of the year’ when he was with Banda

Kutsaira was among 21 recycled politicians who were welcomed in the DPP.

The former National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) boss has been a political nomad, he first cut his political teeth in Malawi Congress Party (MCP) where he once once served as its member of parliament.

He then joined DPP and defected to Peoples Party when it was in power where he served as Deputy Minister of Agriculture Bintoy before rejoining MCP and now is back to DPP fold.

Speaking when he welcomed the defectors to DPP, President Mutharika urged his party  members to embrace unity and accept new members from opposition political parties.

He said politics is about numbers and he is ready to work with both old and new members who are joining the party.

“It is only when others subscribe to your philosophy that you know you have a far-reaching appeal as a political establishment,” said Mutharika.

“So, we in the DPP warmly receive these patriotic men and women who have chosen to serve Malawians better from a more viable platform than the rest of the political pack,” he added.

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17 thoughts on “Kutsaira does his signature bow on return to DPP”

  1. mulopwana says:

    Patabebwa mbuzi koma pali kutsaira anthu angati mbava ndani?

  2. santana says:

    Looking at the comments I can see that Kuntsaila watenthetsa anthu ambiri, abboka naye m’mimba mwana mchewa.

  3. Mj Central says:

    A Kutsayirawo ndiye tatopa nawo mu ndale za ku Malawi. A Msonda, no syllabus in politics? But you had one while in PP.

  4. P.p Boss says:

    Now the game has started son it will be over
    Mcp woyeee ulendo hey wa Ku malembe
    Late James Cholera said “If you see father inlaws”(akamwini) leaving the village going somewhere know that there are witches I that village
    Mcp started well but Chakwera has messed up. Two years remaining its not enough. 2019 shaa Mcp to the bench again. Bring Tembo back

    1. Free up black people says:

      Akamwini is not father in law. Its brother in law or son in law.

  5. Nankununkha says:

    I hope another road traffic accident will sort out this mess!

  6. Bodza la n\'nanu says:

    Full of idiocy. We love being oppressed.

  7. Mwina ndikukula milomoku kumene kumamupangitsa kukhala ngati wamisala.

  8. Al-Fayeed says:

    Malawi has useless leaders!!!

  9. Zoona zake says:

    politics is a game of numbers! There is no permanent friend or enemy in politics. zayambika 2019 motooooooooooooo

  10. Wa mwale says:

    Malawi ndidzikodi la atsogoleri ambiri opanda ntchito, useless politicians they deserve to die and no long we are interested to hear abut these outdated, useless, saltless, destinyless, future less, bustered betrayers. Malawi wake up these are politicians no one should trust they are plunders wishing not anything well for our nation, but distroying it until it looses everything including trees, water, stones, and soil. All they want is enrich themselves regardless of what the nation is facing. Zitsilu zimene ziyenela kufa imfa yapamseu basiiiiiii

  11. trump says:

    DPP in its wisdom must ask itself why a bunch of recycled hyenas are defecting and joining it. Its a shame to see political nomads wandering from one camp to another. If my calculation is right Binton is joining DPP for the third time. Can such a useless hyena be take serious? Even in the wake of desperation coming from the poor performance by the clueless APM one should analyse the so called catch and understand whether these are assets or liabilities to the party. To me all the defectors that were paraded at Masintha yesterday are spent fuel with no tangible impact to the growth of the DPP. Its negative rebranding of the party.

    One interesting question is do these human like hyenas know what they want when they joining, leaving and rejoin and rejoin parties? I can say without fear of contrandiction that povelty is the big problem in Malawi to the exent that people who were once good can sink that low. Politicians do not invest much in their future to the extent that their source of lively is theft of public resources. This is why if DPP finds itself out of power today, by tomorrow over half of its senior leaders and supporters will not be with them. So the majority of so called politicians are note politicians at all. They are fortunes seekers and this spirit does not reflect well on the growth of politics in the country. Just imagine, what can DPP benefit from Jones Chigola? I meet him in town one day and I failed to recognize him. Wachakachika osati masewera. This is the guy who once was swimming in money.

    1. Angel of Doom says:

      The problem you have in Malawi is that you are not the majority, the majority are villagers who have no internet.

      These hyenas you are talking about are respected in their respective areas, and are capable of influencing a lot of people.

      Come elections, they themselves do not need to win in order to benefit, just their presidential candidate.

      It is unfortunate that Malawi has a majority voters that ignorant, but that is democracy, DPP will have a majority albeit of ignorant voters, influence by what you call hyenas.

      What matters in politics is not name calling, but votes, in 2019 People will be crying foul again where there is none.

      1. triple c says:

        Just looking at Kumtsaila, one could notice that he is a fool and without any direction

      2. MwanaWafunaYekhaMbolo says:

        Koma Bintony yekha ndiye akutipangitsa kuti achewa tioneke ngati zitsiru pamene timaganiza mozama chifukwa timaphunzitsidwa hard-work and being focused. Koma Bintony ndi chigalu, chidzete

        1. Pepani aChewa anzanga, galu uyu otchedwa Kumtsaira apangitsa azimayi anthu kuyamba kudukula ziuno pamaso pazidzukulu zawo ndithu. Kodi ndi mhewa otani ameneyu?

    2. Nyoooo! says:

      Asiyeni mahule a ndale awa.

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