Kyungu pours venom on Karonga Hospital over abuse of resources

Paramount Chief Kyungu, the most senior traditional leader in the districts of Karonga and Chitipa, has blamed the abysmal standards of services being offered at the Karonga District Hospital on abuse of hospital resources at the institution by staff.

Paramount Chief Kyungu : Abuses atKaronga district hospital

Paramount Chief Kyungu : Abuses atKaronga district hospital

Kyungu first unleashed the venom last Friday before Pres Peter Mutharika at Ngara in the district where he officially inaugurated the Ngara Community Technical College.

“Some medical personnel are abusing hospital resources by enriching themselves through stealing resources that are supposed to be helping our people,” he said. “Critically look into the matter and transfer or discipline those that are in the forefront of doing the malpractice.”

Kyungu also busted the uncouth behaviour of operational staff, misappropriation of resources and corrupt ordeals at the hospital.

“Because of that patients sleep on the floor without mosquito nets while others use old nets with gaping holes,” he said.

He also shocked thousands with the revelation that health officials at the hospital sold an ambulance to neighboring Tanzania when, in fact, the district has only two ambulances.

But the District Health Office (DHO) has refuted Kyungu’s claims, describing them as “misguided.”

Karonga District Health Officer Charles Sungani told Nyasa Times that “my office has not received such complaints from patients as well as the community hence the chief should have investigated the matter before reporting to the Ministry [and the President].”

He added: “As for the issue of the ambulance, the Ministry is aware that it was on auction and all required procedures were followed. It, therefore, does not matter who bought it.”

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59 thoughts on “Kyungu pours venom on Karonga Hospital over abuse of resources”

  1. Lingayone says:

    The esteemed chief is being misled by people who sorround him. They hear about negative stories only and tip him. Not good things. My advice to you people who do this is that you better stop your unbecoming behaviour for the sake of progress and respect for our Royal Highness. Leader are spoiled by people like yourselves. You are after favours and be seen as if you are productive. Far from it. You know yourselves. Next time I will mention you. Mulibe na nsoni inu. Nanga Zabwino ikupanga management bwanji simukutchula? Ntchito ndi yambiri ikuchitika pa chupatala koma inu maso mulibe kuti mupenye. Tiwona, phunzitsani anu nanunso ma nurse, clinicians ndi ena ngati mungathe. Tsankho mpakana mu ma tchalichi momwe, munakhala bwanji. Ka mtundu ka mutopola kwabasi. Mfumuyi ilibe vuto koma opereka pereka ti malipoti inu. Ngati muli ndi nzeru manyazi akugwireni. Tikukudziwani, uje, uje, ujeninso uja. Ngati ndi ndale, mwalephera kale.

  2. Mbewe. says:

    Learn to look at acomplain not acomplainer! Inu amene mukutukwana inu musonyeza kuti mfumuyi imanena ndi inu chifukwa chake mukutukwana. What ash…t sn kutukwana mfumu? Mwati inu ndi wo phudzira then deal with acomplains not acomplainer

  3. muropwana says:

    Kyungu akufuna DHO akhale mtumbuka nzake. Nafe tiathamangisa atumbuka okuba anuwatu ku south kuno.

  4. Wongodutsa says:

    Please, those of you who are close to chief, tell our chef realtes on the ground. Mabodza sathandiza wina aliyense

  5. Principal GVH Mwene Manza says:

    This is most well organized and visionary management team ever. The previous ones had their own problems too. Peope cannot understand this from a far. The issue is lack of resources, not corruption as such as some of you may think. Politcians at all levels and chiefs, go through HAC if you have issues. That’s

  6. amakhosi mukulugenzi says:

    Kyungu akuyoba finthu fita fyabwanaloli azembile uyo

  7. OMEGA BEMA says:

    Kyungu must resign as chief and join politics – this is very bad way of reporting issues related to govt bussines …….by doing this i think i hate this paramount and he does not deserve respect

  8. YOLANDA says:


  9. Bingman says:

    I don’t know how to convey this message to head of state! is the president aware that there is a syndicate of auctioneers who are conniving with Indians to buy government vehicles that are being boarded off untimely. This am sure is what Kyungu has observed.

  10. Novirhikana Kovahiwa says:

    Kyungu is right. Health workers seem to be near the top when it comes to thieving. The only one beating them is the former care taker.

  11. Mbonga Matoga says:

    This kind of rhetoric is counter productive, if the honourable chief has evidence against any medical staff member he should know where to report them.

    Making stupid speeches at a political rally in order to earn popularity is not gonna help anyone.

  12. Wanangwa says:

    A Mfumu anena zinthu mwa chindunji kwambiri and all of you who are against what the chief said muli ndi vuti ndi inuyo. It is true there is misappropriation of funds at the hospital and people are getting poor services including mapatients kugona popanda mattress ndi net.
    Amfumuwa have access to better medical services ndiye he is not speaking of himself but for the people.
    Nanga bwanji a mfunu sananene za ku malo kwina koma ku chipatala. There is organized type of misappropriation such that you may not find evidence. Besides the auditors are also human beings who are on salary ndiye angapeze vuto ngati?
    Bravo Chief anthu amadana ndi chilungamo awa and that is what is killing us.


    I am very sorry to hear from DHO, Charles Sungani useless sentments. Kyungu is a respected chief and knows what is happening at the hospital. Just imagine you tell patients and medical staff that you do not have fuel yet your drivers are selling fuel from hospital vehicles everyday. All members of staff at the hospital are aware about this. Instead of thanking the chief for his openness and start investigating the raised issues and bring some controls, you have decided to fight the chief. Karonga District Hospital adminstration is completely rubbish. Charles if you are serious start chatting with members of staff and get true information. Just imagine the whole hospital to be controlled by juniors to the extent of drivers, shame on you.

    Tata Kyungu please if possible initiate transfers. Otherwise our hospital will remain a shame.

  14. yuona says:

    Its not only in Karonga. Elsewhere in Malawi zinthu zilichoncho. Well done for that revelation Chief! Apa Civili Service Reform ija ionetseno chaamuna.

  15. Kanyimbi says:

    Osangomulodza bwanji DHO ameneyu? Mumupitire ku phoka kuti amuchotse mafupa. Wazolowela.

  16. frank says:

    Good chief, the dho thinks he knows all.

  17. Bilk says:

    Zoona mfumu umbava wakulka nzipatalamu komanso kukwatana usiku ma nurse ndi ma doctors umboni ndiri nawo ine mulonda pa chipatala cha…..ndimawaona akutsekelana mmagalimoto usiku wena kuseli kwa stores wena mma lab wena mma office. Dzayeseni kufufuza mudzandiuza akukwatana udyo anthuwa kaya ali ndi mabanja kaya

  18. nyaka1 says:

    I never trusted Kyungu, thumbs up for a statesman S T/A Karonga

  19. Mwene Lukama says:

    Supposing the Ministry does not do anything, which am sure is the case, what will these tribalistic ngonde people do? Will they take a whip to chastise staff? They are tribalistic even un churches, imagine. Do you want ngonde church ministers elsewhere to be harrassed as well?

  20. Happy Eduardo says:

    Well done Mteme!

  21. mwenecho says:

    Zilibe umboni izi

  22. angoni says:

    Zoona ndipo bravu Kyungu. Ku Balaka hospital kuti Minyaliwa, akugulitsa mankhwala mwa kathithi akumaba nkumagulitsa kwa ma private doctors, mufufuzeni. Wagwira ntchito ngati medical assistant for only 3 years koma he has cars and built a house.
    KOmanso mzipatala mwinamu muli ma deal heavy akumaba mankhwala nkumagulitsa ma private docors forgetting that anthu wambafe timadalila govt hospitals.

  23. this is our country says:

    Hey,how can you sell a gvt vehicle to Tanzania?this is bullshit,sungani are you out of your mind? This DHO takes too much alcohol,he can’t be trusted,he is still acting like a street vendor,respect patients please,do to karonga patients as you would like others to do to patients at your district of origin,I once overheard this DHO saying,its difficult in karonga cause ndikumudzi,you have to shut your fuck up sungani,keanunso ndikumudzi,just because you are the DHO there does not mean they. Are no qualified people with MBBS in karonga to be DHOs,if you don’t like the place and people,just leave and go some place else,don’t deliberately mismanage funds just cause you don’t care about the people served by the hospital,thus total bull crap.

  24. vyamukabunthu says:

    They move with medical equipment like drips, injectables, in their cars to treat people in their homes.
    Some have become villagers as they have overstayed.
    Kunyoza ma patient

  25. edda mwalweni says:

    My Chief, even your own sons and daughters in karonga are thieves. How can they steal things from a newly opened community college at Ngala? Please discipline your sons first before pointing fingers at those coming to assist in karonga.

  26. The Patriot says:

    Bose abo vikuwaghuzga yayi palije kuyowoyapo apa! E mfumu mwayowoya makola apa! Galimoto kugulisya kwa ma Taifa? How????
    The DHO should learn to be respectful, no matter where you come from you have to respect the Chiefs of your area where you are serving otherwise talking to media on issues like these does not help anything! By the way the DHO seems not to have traveled or just plane ignorant! Where on earth can a foreigner buy a government vehicle at auction????
    Kyungu talks about the area of his jurisdiction and if some ignorant people from other areas do not like what he says or have illiterate chiefs who cannot criticize issues then that is their problem! Leave Karonga issues to Karonga people and stop hating!!!!

  27. Galu Wa Galu says:


  28. Chalo mbanthu says:

    Tell them Kyungu asamati anthu sakuona anyanya paMalawi umbava,eeeh let dem rily go ntchito yoononga ma resourcez aboma basi,kodi aDHO mumati hw r we 2 gv our grievance its only thru da chief,go go go our TA,Osauka alibe mawu,Our mouth pis iz da TA try 2 put a suggestion box u wl c our viewz a DHO.

  29. Dayimond Akibu says:

    It is true that patients are treated like prisoners in Malawi.They sleep in dirty floors and stinking hospitals.Medical care is so substandard.Go to Kamuzu Central Hospital and other govt hospitals in Malawi the scenario is the same.Ntchito kukhalira kuba basi.The Kyungu is right to spit his bile on you ankhutukumve inu.Dont blame him.The Kyungu is very much exposed and is a man of standards.Achita bwino akumasulani.Hate him or Love him but deep down you know he was talking sense.

  30. Twebakiki Syachichi Nosi? says:

    Leave our Kyungu alone.The man is a straight forward person.The Kyungu was speaking for the voiceless patients. Dont you know that Malawians have no speaking culture even if things go wrong?Indeed they r some hospital staff selling drugs while patients are lacking proper medical care.So don’t blame the Kyungu for your thieving hands.Leave our Kyungu alone until you change your thieving behaviour.Kodi Kyungu ndi wamasewera?More Fire Kyungu.Ngondes r behind you.

  31. A MPINGO says:



  32. Mwanafyale says:

    I respect the Paramount Chief quite much. Hence, my worry is that people will be cartooning and ridiculing him as long as he involves himself in these petty issues. There are also other fora of expressing these sentiments. Not to await a Presidential developmental rally. However, let’s respect as our Chief. He understands that he erred any way.

  33. koma Umbulu? says:

    Much as I thought Kyungu was critical in rational senses, I have to found out that is the most stupid of all chiefs in KA. He is too pompous and bossy do to say. Is is tribalistic and expects that every everybody is under him. Much as subjects under him had to respect him. I can’t fear him.
    Stupid abd tribalistic chief.

  34. mpopoma says:

    Kyungu is very right . These boys with the absence of Dr. Kayange. The hospital services have literally gone down. Send back Kayange after school. They take a lot of kachaso. Mind you Kyungu is a chief for everyone in karonga. Whether you work in Dho;Dc,Agriculture manager. You are for Kyungu.
    They sell mankhwala ku mataifa
    Stupid hospital personel. Mavi ghinu moSe bankhunkhu

  35. Mwakito says:

    Kwali imwe. Ni nkhu uko bakuleka kwiba.

  36. waganyu says:

    If it is true that the ambulance was sold to tz it is wrong

  37. dziko ndi anthu says:

    well done kyungu.Keep it up.

  38. chatonda says:

    Karonga DHO staff have written comments 1 and 4. You have indeed undressed the chief down. We will see what will happen especially on the allegations raised by the chief and what the government is going to do. Let those involved be disciplined or removed forthwith. You are stealing too much of our medicine

  39. T/A Karonga says:

    Not everyone who works at the hospital is a medical personnel.

  40. happening boy says:

    You people, you Can blame Kyungu on anything said but for the sale of a vehicle to TZ, That sounds rediculous, as one has mentioned asking to ne educated if a foreigner Is allowed at an auction of a govt vehicle, That Is total rubbish if it Is allowed because Malawians are given first priority and if rules don’t allow then Kyungu is right the officers need to be disciplined. Please my country men let us love our country for once, heei!

  41. nyaka1 says:

    Komatu komatu pavuta apa , kyungu forces and imposes Karonga district council wth issues to do wth personal gains, Gvt discipline him otherwise h z breaking a hammer using a stone

  42. Steve Chiphaso says:

    This guy with his I know it all syndrome. Don’t listen to him, he wanted to buy the call himself.

  43. Robert Dzukani says:

    Limenelo ndiye vuto la matchona. Uyu mtchona ativuta kwambiri. Nalo boma lopusa ili, this man 9 months ago was 100% PP lero wasintha. Stupid

  44. Robert Dzukani says:

    Awa nawo a Kyungu? Just shut up and let public officers do their job. You condemn every public officer working in Karonga why? ????,

  45. zinthu zatani says:

    The most pathetic chief Malawi has ever produced . The product of khumbo and Joyce PP

  46. nyaka1 says:

    Rosemary Moyo z not fit for karonga, angodya ndalama ndi kyungu osaganizila anthu ndinso zinthu zina zofunika , wathamangitsa Goefrrey C Mkandawire chifukwa cha nkhani za ma salaries a ma direct employees , usamale uchoka chothawa ku karonga kuno anthu amakwiya, Bambe was a man, kyungu kukonda ndalama !!!! Okey tilipireni salary yathu ya March ndinso zotsala za february

  47. Georgina Stoke says:

    This thing called Kyungu makes me sick! !!!! He comments on anything to do with Karonga district and Malawi. He even went over board to condemn public officers who were pleading for pay rise. I hate him.

  48. nyaka1 says:

    Kyungu for sure is a fool coz h z selfish, what kind of personel does h want , sanatilembe ntchito and. W r. Not politicians but civil servants known by gvt with respective professionals, instead of lobing ffor more funding no 1 kugwiritsa. Ntchito ndalama za kuchipatala popita. Kumamiting and h also karonga district council to release his allowances n accomodation whilst salaries for direct staff have not been paid , imagine february sanalandire mpaka lero, why not raising these. Issues

  49. Mandanda says:

    Guy doesnt deserve to be a chief

  50. Chakuchaku says:

    Kaya Izo Ndizanu Ndi Kyungu Wanu. Muisova!

  51. john says:

    Dnt brush him. He knows what he knows.thbs up chief expose them

  52. Zangazanga Ncqube says:

    Kyungu, you wanted to be a saint in the eyes of the President and be a good boy. And we know very well how you didn’t want Peter to ascend to the President. We were there when you castigated DPP and its leadership at synod meeting held at Karonga TTC and literally said DPP is evil. You celebrated the death of Bingu. We know how tribalistic you are, its you, Kyungu, who said that every Pastor in Karonga should be preaching onyly in Kiyagonde and that no any other language should be used as If karonga belongs to Ngondezi only. Learn to use the available structures in to relay your grievances other than showing your ignorance in the public. Don’t you have a full operational council in karonga?? Don’t you have internal auditors in the district?? Can we also conclude that you built that big house at your village with stolen money from where you were working?? We know that you use gvt resources to travel and see your relatives in Tanzania, is that not cashgate?

  53. mzamba wamkulu says:

    koma mafumu andalewa azingoyambitsa zipanitu kkkkk. the jungle telegraph at work here.

  54. Gringo says:

    This chief wants to buy favours from DPP. People know ur colours. Unatukawana DPP ndi late Bingu iwe kwambiri. Do u think u will be received wholeheartedly by Peter?

  55. Wanga says:

    Kyungu is to say the least stupid. He chases everyone from Karonga. Mr. President, just appoint Kyungu DC, DHO, DEM, DPD and everything he wants so that he can run Karonga alone. He hates prosperity and he thinks he Knows better than everyone. People did not go to school to remain poor under Kyungu. Whoever, buys something is a thief in the eyes of Kyungu. What a stupid chief.

  56. Jihadi John says:

    Well well so it’s true the ambulance was sold to Taifas who also want to snatch our lake!!

  57. angoni says:

    Kyungu… go ask khumbo kachale for beds. As of lack of medicine then we all know mutharika the headless

  58. Atcheya says:

    This Kyungu guy is sometimes big-headed, misguided, myopic and (am afraid) ‘stupid’ at times and he thinks like he owns the district of Karonga. He behaves like an uneducated man. He is fond of making allegations against anyone who has crossed his path and he did the same during Joyce’s time. Much as some issues might be true, but he ought to lead by example and have sufficient evidence before raising such gimmick to the president. Unfortunately, the political clout he wields makes politicians including presidents toy his lines

  59. Jokujoku says:

    How can an alien buy a vehicle in Malawi? Can one buy a government vehicle in a foreign country? Teach me teach me teacher, i wanna know

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