Lady Pace howls at haters; ‘I’m number one in Malawi’

Up-and-coming Mzuzu-based female artist Lady Pace Monday took on her haters on her official Facebook page branding them as retrogressive personalities with nothing good to offer.

Lady Pace

Lady Pace

The artist, who recently parted ways with Trap Entertainment, said she makes music for the masses and tackles real issues.

Lady Pace said she was not like “these other wanna be female rappers that only swear and market their bodies in their music.”

She added: “I’m just number one… number one in my city and number one in my country. I leave position 11 for you all wanna be female rappers…see me at the top.”

It was not yet clear who the female rapper was referring to but beef among artists in the country has always been a ceaseless affair.

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27 thoughts on “Lady Pace howls at haters; ‘I’m number one in Malawi’”

  1. Senior Citizen says:

    Odzikweza pa hero adzamutsitsa kufika pa zero. That’s it man

  2. gibbo says:

    she iz realy number 1

  3. no competion,no gud music.

  4. ChizaLi says:

    You truly number one. Super talent, I like your songs.
    For those who havent listened to her song, go get bandwidth data
    and check her out on youtube.

  5. Zanga Phee! says:

    Why is she giving herself a number? community are the ones to give out numbers,it is not an issue of underestimating others spend time in studios buddy if you genius,See my name.

  6. mont says:

    Iwe kuli Rina Malenga

  7. hope says:

    ma musician aku malawi matama basi

  8. ATIMESIYA says:

    Mwana wa Satana iwe, even the hair cut can tell, it’s ma first time to hear about you, and u claim ur number one?????? where?? bola Angella Namizinga tu……….. Get a life!

  9. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Crap! Wishful thinking!


  10. mbwiye karonga karonga says:

    amatha tsikanayu nsanje ZERO

  11. Amalawi says:

    Tsono sitikuwadziwa nanga bwanji?? Ndi a gospel kodi?

  12. big testicles says:

    kkkkk! akuti beef. za zii. i dont even know this creature

  13. sain it like it is says:

    mbuzi ina nde imeneyi u have nothing worth hating so how can u possibly have haters?are they hating on your haircut? tanenani nyimbo yanu imodzi yomwe anthu amadziwa…vuto lake free data ikukupatsani nthawi yambili pa facebook mukusowa chochita….u are not number one in any circle…mwina 1 pophika nsima kwanu…

  14. koma says:

    Wakuuza ndani. I bet monga ine 97%of our population doesnt even know you. Talk of Lucius Banda then yes nsanje to chitipa u can ask 100 pipo on the roads akuuzako nyimbo imozi ya Lucius…wangotopa dona.

  15. Pipoz Pate says:

    9 December 2013 – Lady Pace signs for Trap Entertainment

    17 February 2014 – Lady Pace dumps Trap Entertainment

    19 May 2015 – Lady Pace who “recently” dumped Trap Entertainment………

    Kodi Lady Pace ameneyu amakudyetsani chani kuti mudzingolemba za iye? Anakhala 2 months yokha ndi Trap Entertainment kusonyeza immaturity. Pano ndiye mukukalemba za zii za pa facebook. By the way, Trap Entertainment ndiye itinso?

  16. Mtumbuka says:

    Kodi amaoneka pa (Mzuzu Broadcasting Corperation) MBC?

    ife sitikuadziwatu….

  17. NyasaBoss says:

    Ndiwoimba kapena wa masewero? Never ever heard about her

  18. kanyimbi says:

    Number in this country? may be in Mzuzu. I have never listened to he music.

  19. uzyohed says:

    I last week met this young chapp!!! She lively looks a wise singer, ooooo!!! til you listen to one of productions, you come to believe

  20. enuf said says:

    Oh she doesn’t show her body
    Does she have anything to show?

    Supos she does it in private

    She has been getting shaged by few mwenyes,
    Some guy’s from mzuni

    Not to mention some old men’s from mzuzu
    In order to get phones and maintenance money

    if she denies, i will start giving names

    So indeed she is no1 whore of mzuzu

    Who claims to b a Virgin and a teenager for the past 10 years

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she did the nyasatimes reporter,to make it to this

    Otherwise don’t see a point y she is being reported

    next time the same reporter must report some gal selling nthochi in mzuzu

    As nthochi gal are better off than ladypace
    They are hard workers

    No1 my foot

    As if she has double platinum

    It’s Plati-non Bitch!

  21. hk says:

    Go beautiful tell it like it is. You so damn gorgeous and we love your music.

  22. Pepani says:

    Pitani kusukulu mayi. You are still young. Za music pa malawi pano simungapeze nazo dola yothandizira moyo wanu ndi makolo anu. Muzangotchuka koma nkukhala mphawi. Amzanu ma senior lady musician ana Wendy Harawa palibe cha nzeru chimene tinganene kuti anapanga. Have music as a hobby but not a career.

  23. jaki khruzo dreamtim says:

    Stop ze beef yo men and yo women.Get into ze game pliz.Haters get into crib!!!!

  24. lesta says:

    But she cute

  25. Nkasa says:

    Za atumbuka izi ife zisatikhuze

  26. mphini za mutchafu says:

    Kodi amaimba nyimbo zanji madam amenewa l have not listened to any of her songs

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