Law experts caution on JB, Lutepo CCTV footage

Constitutional law expert Justine Dzonzi of Justice Link has noted that government in politically influencing the ongoing corruption cashgate scandal investigations and prosecution, saying the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) should tread carefully with the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footages of private meetings between former leader Joyce Banda and suspect Oswald Lutepo.

Dzonzi:  Caution should not be thrown to the wind when handling CCTV footage

Dzonzi: Caution should not be thrown to the wind when handling CCTV footage

Jai  Banda: Authenticity of the CCTV footage is questionable

Jai Banda: Authenticity of the CCTV footage is questionable

Minister of Information Kondwani Nankhumwa told a news conference on Thursday that government has handed a CCTV footage showing meetings between Banda and Lutepo to the graft-busting body.

The Minister’s statement comes after Lutepo claimed on Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) that the former president was part of Cashgate and Banda shot down the claims with her party accusing DPP-led government of using Lutepo for political vendetta against the former president.

Dzonzi in an interview feared the matter is now being politicised, saying the material handed by government to ACB can be suspected of manipulations “because the manner they have has been submitted is not normal.”

The law expert said the footage might have vital information regarding to cashgate investigations, but pointed out that “government is not supposed to do the investigations on its own. This is a task of the Director of Public Prosecution, Police and the Anti Corruption Bureau not government.”

Noted Dzonzi: “Obviously it will seem as if government is witch-hunting Joyce Banda.”

Money laundering law expert Jai Banda has also questioned the authenticity of the footage.

“This was supposed to be done by Anti-Corruption Bureau, Fiscal police or the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution. There might be a possibility that Government might have tampered with footage,” said Banda who was the first lawyer of Lutepo.

But Nankhumwa denies that the action is aimed at influencing decisions in the ongoing Cashgate cases, saying both the Judiciary and law enforcing agencies are independent.

“The role of government is just to facilitate the process so that Malawians know who actually stole public money, a heartless tendency that has translated into misery and making Malawians destitute in their own land,” insisted Nankhumwa.

Government has also surrendered copies of gate entry registers and appointment bookings for Lutepo to see the former president.

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28 thoughts on “Law experts caution on JB, Lutepo CCTV footage”

  1. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    CCTV footage of entrance to state house cannot be evidence, because it lacks clear audio backing,, involved money figures and physical as well as biological witnesses. Any senior Malawian can be accepted to see the president if deem fit to do so. Please government get better detailed evidence so that the state can nail J Banda.

  2. Mlakho says:

    Jb osadanda tiavaya kwa TB Joshua akonza zonse ndipo pofika nxt year akhala chete amenewo.

  3. Inu mwaoneka kuti ndinu anadi yakulanizina osati zopusa mukunenazo you think every one is stupid as you are apa mwamulepela JB.

  4. Sidix says:

    CCTV stopped functioning in 2003 to date. Evidence is during the time Bingu collapsed and died when he was with Penemulungu.We heard that Bingu sent Calister out so as to have good time(sex) with some women,Kaliati and Penemulungu taking turns as a real Llhomwe man.After doing a good successiful game with Kaliati, it was Penemulungu’s turn.Bingu collapsed because of overdoing sex.Penemulungu dressed up and rushed out,calling a security officer to assist in picking Bingu witk a socks on one leg.
    Penemulungu was locked up to explain what happened for Bingu to collapse. If CCTV was working;
    (1)why was Penemulungu locked up?
    (2)why could the cctv footage be used to show the
    public what led to the collapse?
    (3) Lutepo became multi billionaire as early as 2003 when he bought Naming’omba Tea Estates at about 4billion Kwacha and is appearing in 92billion cashgate from 2003.Was also being used by Gvt official.Also release the cctv footage of 92 billon!

  5. Munyasiwa says:

    Mr Information minister please do not take Malawians to hell. Are you serious that this CCTV issue will enable Malawians know who CHEWED there money? Why not starting with 1.7billion then our 92 billion. Musaikhalire. JB hd no problems with Forensic audit on the word go. But You Dpp? There is! There is! You are bussy with CCTV. Despite German funding, muliduuu! Waiting one comference to tell us that you cracking mid night 92 billion.

  6. MVUNGO says:

    This is the American style, ma khuluku: A dpp (chipani) mukadzitengeka nayo nokha nkhani ya cashgate yi ndithu muyaluka nayo phuma bwanji? Zingabvute bwanji yanunso ikukudikilani mumuuze uyu mukuti Presindent kuti kuno ndiku MALAWI adevise him not to play stupid tricks with Malawians, he will regret very soon kaya tikumvana Mr. Nakhumwa?

  7. upile kulekangana says:

    Can we also have a footage of how Bingu collapsed

  8. Alungwana says:

    Shenglee woo, I know you eat from APM’s remains but Malawians are the ones who are making the remains to be available through our taxes. We therefore do not want isues like fake cctv because that will just waste our time and resources. We want the solutions for the current strugles and not your stupid Nankhumwa

  9. zakakaliya mulopwiya says:

    Mr Nankhumwa plz slow down musamwa kenaka. Who can believe you. Please leave these to police or anti corruption body. I lost hope in you.

  10. Bazuka says:

    Anything that has to do with techology has its flaws. State must produce footage starting from 2005 but should be sent to an independent outside analysis to authenticate it or else Peter & his hordes are bent to influence the outcome of cashgate. Lutepo will appear in the footage from 2006 to November 2014. Mark my words

  11. Abuwawa says:

    Kodi bwanji muyambe kupereka CCTV ya nthawi ya a Bingu tione 92 billion amakapereka ndindani. komaso ka Gertrude kakukana kubweza ndalama za NAC and yet nakoso kafuna ma ARV omwewo kuti akakhalebe ndimoyo. Tiyeni tipange ma demo tione ngati ka bamusi kawoko kangadzafike pafupi. kkkkkkk

  12. mbuje says:

    DPP woyeee!! simunati muzingogufabe mapulani anu ndiofoilatu ngakhale Galu akhoza kukusekani kulenga nkhanitu sikumathandiza tabweretsani zenizeni asati izi zolengazi apatu wopusa yekha ndi amene angakukhulupirireni.

  13. Andy Ndaonazino says:

    Nakhumwa I am tired of you. Can you give us a cctv footage of Daniel Phiri and Agnes Penemulungu. Please…………………

  14. mbuje says:

    Mr.Nankhumwa please try to slow down every step that you take on Joyce Bnda everyone even dogs are suspicious. We all know how the DPP can create ,cook stories and make people believe them .It happened to Kaka Kassimu Chilumpha

  15. Saini says:

    Facilitation does not mean influencing

  16. Shenglee woo says:

    The government is right, the donors are not freezing their to neither ACB nor Public Prosecution team, but to the government, so it is the role of the gvt to facilitate the ongoing investigations so that we Malawians should be out of these bondages. We need donor aid.

  17. Chithumwa says:

    In my life I have only seen 2 circus outfits. The first one was from Egypt, I think it was called Akef. It came to Malawi in the early 1990’s. It had lions, pythons, trapeze artists, acrobats, and many other attractions.

    The second circus I have seen is called DPP. It is made up entirely of clowns…with APM and his Information minister as the chief clowns.

  18. Bob Phiri says:

    Pathetic nyasatimes. Did you not say it was fictitious because the system was not working? Are you changing the language now?

  19. Zgangani says:

    Fix the economy Mr Stupid President. When Bingu died Joyce Banda did not cry over the spilt milk. She went flat out to heal the economy. Change in the economy was positively manifested within 2 weeks over taking over government. It was there for everybody to see. Fuel was everywhere, sugar galore with prices stabilising, donor partners came forth, strikes were unheard of, ADMARC had enough food reserves, hungry village people got food rations and the list is endless! Why is it taking 6 months before we can begin to see any signs of a President in power? The only time we hear about his presence is when cashgate issues are being discussed at State house! Lol!

  20. COUNTRY LAND says:

    What do you mean by saying who actually stole the money? How different is this with the Mwaza case when it was asked that who killed the four before you killed them, when one police officer confessed having killed one of the four victims with a hammer? So here we have Lutepo who publicly says he stole the money and you are still asking who stole the money? Bull shit!!!!

  21. Chris Dominic says:

    Chilungamo chidziwike, chifukwa lero ndikuyankhula pano tataya abale ambili kusowa mankhwala zipatala Joyce Banda ndiokuba, umboni ndi CCTV imene ikuululayo ndipo ndiudindo wa boma kufufuza chuma cha dziko mopanda kuopa ama bungwe ndi anthu opatsidwa ndalama ndi Joyce Bandayo kuti akhotetse chilungamo, dziwani kuti inu mukulimbana ndi chitukuko inu tikukuonani samalani musiyeni mzanu atithandize ife osati amabungwe chifukwa amabungwe kwao ndikupha ndikuba kuba ife kuno kumudzi tikuvutika dziwani kuti zomwe mabungwe ndi anthu omwe alandila ndalama kuti alimbane ndi bomawa tikuaona asadzabwerenso kumudzi kumadzatiuza kuti tivote ife ai, chifukwa yemwe amamufuna amabungweo amamudziwa ndiye asatiyese ife dzitsilu.

  22. Yes, Joyce Banda is the architect of cashgate but she inherited the tactics from the former presidents. Both Bakili Muluzi and Bingu were in the thick of stealing our taxes for campaign. There was K187 million at ministry of education which yielded nothing and other financial scandals too. Lutepo was not a civil servant and how did he get access to government money? Who wrote cheques for Lutepo? Who authorized payment vouchers and who gave him contracts? This was all a planned theft.

  23. Rea Man says:

    How can a government minister be the one handling the cctv footage issue and later give it to the ACB? Thus what is known as propaganda. since when did the ministry of information became investigating institution? Kamlomwe kopanda nzeru ngati ka Nankhumwa sinakaone ine. Ralph akulepherani pano mwati mumukakamili JB……..lets wait and see

  24. panyoko says:

    There is nothing wrong here.If you tip the police on criminal activity somewhere,would it be described wrong?

  25. Mbanangwa says:

    Desperate attempts that may not yield results!

  26. Mmihavani says:

    Since when did Dzonzi become a law expert? Please let us not abuse the word expert. This word is reserved for high performers in their chosen fields like Professor Ben Kaluwa in economics, Nkondola Uka in accountancy, Modecai Msiska and Savjani in law, Professor Wirima in medicine etc. Don’t call any novice in a profession an expert. The likes of Dzonzi and other so called polical experts are just mere apprentices who memorised things. Look here Justin is saying government should not intervene, doesn’t he know that all those institutions are arms of government? You mean even when i come across vital evidence I shouldn’t come across to disclose i should leave it to the DPP? Come on guys!

  27. Patriot says:

    News yalero yalemba pa front page kuti cctv zinafa kalekale mu 2003.
    Nankhumwa ndi wabobza monga alomwe onse ali ku mipandoko.
    Amafuna kusintha nkhani, koma God loves more malawians than DPP, that is why it took only 5 months for God to expose Peter as a failure.
    Simple. In God’s mind He said (you cheated, I will expose you before you know it).
    Taonani, Chitukuko chimene wapanga mkuluyu:
    Ukwati (probably financed by NAC)
    He has increased Passports, Drivers licenses, University school fees, Basic Needs, Maneb subject fees, escom, water board, Stealing of NAC funds (NaC-gate), Bribing Journalists, his personal salary by 80% due to economical hardship….
    He has decrease: electricity (it is now towards blackouts and loadshedings), Blantyre has absolute no water (and Chitsiru cha Kapito chikudya banzi, pakali pano 2 days without water since he cancelled that demo. Manyi tikayika kunyumba kwake galu ameneyi)
    In sho

  28. Aya Ngonde says:

    Am now beginning to question the credibility of Mutharika’s law professorial. Certainly if he was credible enough, he should have advised this intellectually impoverished Nankhumwa. I wonder why DPP usually fails to ably recruit capable PROs who could wisely portray the dynamism of the party at the social and economic level and not at cheap and childish politicking as things r being done. Stop evil for it will forever haunt u like others before u. Be converted and live.

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