Law lecturer Kanyongolo’s son drowns at Lake of Stars festival

Ufulu,  21-year-old son of two of Malawi’s top legal activists Edge and Ngeyi Kanyongolo, died after drowning in a swimming pool at the on-going Lake of Stars music festival, police and family have confirmed.

Ufulu Kanyongolo: Drowns at Malawi music festival

Ufulu Kanyongolo: Drowns at Malawi music festival

 “Yes, we can confirm the death by drowning early this morning but we’re still investigating what happened,” said Mangochi police spokesman Roderick Maida.

Details are still sketchy about what happened but sources say Ufulu and friends wanted to cool off in the swimming pool after a night of dance and partying.

Lake of Stars, Malawi’s premier international music festival, started Friday and is scheduled to end Sunday.

It has attracted artists from England, Scotland, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia, among others. Organizers say the festival will go on despite the tragedy.

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120 thoughts on “Law lecturer Kanyongolo’s son drowns at Lake of Stars festival”

  1. MwanaWaBeza ku Manyaleni says:

    Rest in peace dude so sad to loose a youth like you

  2. Adona says:

    no one knew he could die in such a painful way imfa siithawika and that is how and where GOD himself wanted to take him away ……….may his soul rest in peace. osanyoza coz no one knows how and when he will die

  3. naney chiume says:

    Rest in peace my love,its so hard to accept the fact that u r gone forever. Will miss u

  4. Keen Observer says:

    Who gave us authority to judge???? Think if you’re the shoes of Kanyongolos at this point in time. Let’s try to be sensitive here, this is a tragedy we are talking of the loss of human young to be more precise. It’s painful. Condolences to the beareved family. God does not make mistake.

  5. yamikani zande says:

    zimachitika so xory kwaokhudzidwa.

  6. ineyo Bull Dogg says:


  7. Nakubala says:

    I am a mother too Ngeyi; I understand what you are going through right now, God gave us Ufulu and he has taken him back; it is obviously not the right time to us’ but who are we to question the mystery of the Lord? He trusted us with only 21 years of ufulu’s life, the rest are his. Ngeyi, though I am far away from you physically, my heart mourns with you……. till we meet Ufulu again someday across the river……… His soul is resting in peace.

  8. kingsley chatha says:


  9. Mwapheranjiru says:

    A Kanyongolo ndi banja lonse, landirani kupepesa kwathu.

  10. Mwapheranjiru says:

    A Kanyongolo ndi banja lonse, landirani kupepesa kwathu,. Eti inu, mwana wokula-kula, pepa ndithu.


    Drunkenness and swimming are not bed mates. It sad that his colleagues have chosen to continue merry making ignoring his death. That’s the spirit of drunkers.

  12. Mwana Mlomwe says:

    So sad so painful RIP, plz organizers ot this festival put some measures to ban bear brinking

  13. Yazombe says:

    Mwana ameneyu amavalanso ndolo.

  14. godobaman says:

    chinde chonde chiweruzo nchake chayehove ndithu

  15. Zondiwe says:

    What is the aim of having such a festival?
    It would appear that people concentrate on drinking, and probably smoking and using illegal drugs.
    In the name of fun, illegal acts could be promoted and supported.
    Condolences to the Kanyongolo family and the Chancellor College family at this unfortunate loss. Indeed this loss could have been avoided if people were alert.

  16. Patriot says:

    Bola asakhale kuti analedzera. Vuto lake achinyamata mowa sitikumwa bwino masiku ano. Tiyeni tichepetse komanso kumulandira Yesu kukhala ambuye ndi mpulumutsi wa moyo wathu. Za m’dziko ndi zachabe, zimaononga moyo

  17. zodabwisa says:

    So because its a son of a prominent figure you are comming up with all these comments. Had it been that it was a no-bodys child, we could’ve seen 2comments. Where do u think on earth or in heaven the boy will rest in piece if he was drunk? Who will be paying the instructors of swimming? We are all sorry for the death,but is this so special? Mind your comments.

  18. amina says:

    RIP Ufulu. My deepest condolences go to Edge and Ngei. I know what you are going thro. I only lift my voice to God to walk with you during this sad period.

  19. namwali says:

    My condolences to the Kanyongolo family for the loss, only God knows what exactly happened.

  20. mike mithi says:

    chonde a malawi anzanga ngati sitidziwa kusambila tisamasewele m’madzi

  21. hst says:

    Very heart breaking to any parent. So sorry! Receive my condolences and may Almighty God see you through this very difficult time.

  22. jesus is lord says:

    This is sad news but as an individual who had attended the festival I must say this had nothing to do with swimming lessons just as an accident caused by a drunk driver has nothing to do with driving lessons. Majority of the people at events such as these are drunk or have consumed alcohol or some other drug this is a joyous festival and I would be surprised if the young man had spent the large part of the night drinking as most people there had done its the sort of place where drinking is not shocking in as much as it is a way of having more fun. The deed is done the Kanyongolo’s are a good family and I feel for their loss but in future more safety measures should be put in place and more people should try to follow these measures otherwise such losses will become a symbol of our festivals and this is not what we expect from such events which are meant to unit us with friends and build new bonds ie I just met over 10 people I had not seen in ages at this years festival and now we have shared numbers and can catch-up with each other these are the sort of memories we want to keep not one of death.

  23. Mdzukuru says:

    So sad, gone too soon. May His soul rest in peace. out thought and prayers are with the family.

  24. Mwiza says:

    Very sad indeed. I can feel for the Kanyongolos, very prominent Malawians. My question is on arrangements by the hotel on use of the pool during this event. I feel that there should have been a lifeguard 24 hours until the event finishes because people were going to party anyway and this is a heterogeneous group in a number of ways. May his soul rest in peace!

  25. edo 2009 says:

    May his Soul RIP

  26. Proud Malawian says:

    Its Sad that a lot of people are loosing their lives by drowning which can be avoided. its high time our government and the private sector does something about this. Swimming is not a luxury anymore, its a survival skill that almost every Malawian need to have. I propose it should be introduced in our school syllabus. Student should start taking swimming lessons from primary school. We can have community pools, or even private pool where people will be going there for swimming lessons at a subsides fee. Pools are not that hard to maintain. On the long run these things can maintain themselves through the subscriptions people will be paying and well wishers. More than 95% of Malawians don’t know how to swim, yet we have several lakes across the country. This Sad for our country, they only swimming lessons kids get are from International schools like saint Andrews Kamuzu Academy Bishop Mac etc. This is not enough and not a lot of people can afford sending their kids to those school.

  27. Ngoni says:

    I wonder if comment no 2. is from a normal human being!!

  28. karonga says:

    It’s really heart breaking incident, may his soul rest in peace.

  29. pinango says:

    There is nothing we can do. It has happening. Death is death. Its only God Almighty who can console them. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

  30. ZAZI says:

    very sad……..,may his soul rest in peace..

  31. golden eye says:

    You mean there were no pool attendants? Excitements brings wonder it is the work o f the devil……


    + R I P +

  33. kukukuki says:

    When I was young I used to swim even a distance of 200 meters but now 23 years down the line I am failing to swim even just for 3meters. Please my fellow Malawians if you not from lakeshore districs never play with water.

  34. Sikusinja ndi Gwenembe says:

    Nkopola needs to know that during such festivities lifeguards and ordinary guards/bouncers need to be available at all times to ensure patron safety.

    1. Nyapapi says:

      Why should they incur more costs to keep pipo from their stupidity. Ukanakhala kuti unayamba wapitako ukanadziwa kuti pali chikwangwani chokuti swimming is prohibited usiku! Koma choncho poti ulibe ndalama sungathe kudziwa izi!

  35. Drew says:

    I dare say this is the effect of alcoholism. Busy fighting for others but spoiling your own kids! Shame of on you Kanyongoros!

    1. Tchola says:

      This comment displays how ignorant you are. If you don’t have anything to say just shut up!!

  36. Winford Kayange says:

    Money kills indeed if u dont care

  37. Leonard lestern says:

    Its heart breaking to loose a 21 boy just like that,all the plans that were laid by the parents are gone,very sad indeed.Parents take heart,God’s plan is the best

  38. Vavlov says:

    Very sad may his soul rest in peace. This was an accident nothing to do with parenting as number two insinuates. Don’t make stories on a sad event like this

  39. 11 bongazzii says:

    zikhoza kutheka kut bambo ake anamukhumudwitsa pot salakhula bwino ndi mwanau zimakhala ngat mwnayo ngompeza a edge ndikuwadziwa mmmmmmmmmmm nd mkulu ovuta amenewa.

  40. Cha says:

    Its high time the government put things in order. All public pools should have Health and Safety measures and also have pool attendants to avoid a repeat of such accidents. Wake Malawi!

    1. FKS says:

      CAUTION; If u don’t know how to swim=don’t go to deep zone. If u ARE DRUNK=don’t go near the swimming pool.

  41. Nakubala says:

    Ngati mtima wanga ukumva kulasa chonchi, kulibwanji family ya mwana wokulakulayu? Ambuye, limbikisani banja la Kanyongolo.

  42. Touched says:

    My heart goes out to Edge and Ngeyi for the biggest loss in their family. May his soul rest in peace.

  43. munyane Junior says:

    So pathetic when we lose young ones

  44. Wise says:

    44kooldown it will happen no matter what

  45. Twapamulomo says:

    Eish!! Noooooooo!! please lets find a remedy to these accidents, this has depressed me honestly

  46. Zachisoni says:

    Look at what the Devil does. while pple are happy, He comes in with a sad news. Phepani bambo Kanyongolo. May the youngman’s soul RIP.

  47. Mapiyamulupali says:

    Condolences to the Kanyongolo’s Family during this difficult moments. May His Soul Rest in Peace

  48. blueband says:

    We have a problem in Malawi in general. I’m sure this is a health & safety issue. Does it mean that we don’t have people who inspect facilities like life jackets, life guards, etc, in Malawi? How are licenses given to such businesses? I wish for once we could be serious in dealing with life issues in Malawi. No body seems to care anymore!! You see a battered car plying the roads of Malawi, drunk drivers driving recklessly, and the traffic police wont say anything! Do we always have to learn the hard way??

    This is a painful death to the parents, relatives and friends. No matter the circumstances that he was drunk, but I’m sure the owners of the premises could have stepped up their health & safety gears and personnel knowing the type of event they were hosting.

    My condolences to the Kanyongolo family.

  49. Bristol says:

    Ufulu RIP. My condolence to the bereaved family.

  50. Simbongoya says:

    death is a necessary end. it comes upon it’s wish. we shud just get prepared makamaka pokonza ubalewathu ndi mulungu.

  51. che Kapeni mwenye says:

    Fights are very common at beer parties. Could this be a result of a fight? Kuyipa kwa mowa kwina ndi poor judgment poor vision impaired speech unable to call for help. One under the influence of beer loses sense of balance therefore could have fallen in the pool by accident. Beer also gives false courage to venture into something one is not familiar with. All these are disadvantages of beer which
    outweigh the fun people derive from beer. Please stay away from this evil. Our future is in yr hands
    As a mother I mourn the loss of this young man. It is terrible. May God release his spirit to comfort the family.

    1. Onele says:

      Ngati simukumwa akulu zanu izo tiyeni tingomvapo chisoni apa u BA mpaka pamenepa

  52. Mbanangwa says:

    Two things: either alcohol took an upper control or he does not know how to swim. Drowning in a swimming pool, sad, I swim at Sanga in Lake Malawi, chigumbuli ada

  53. its gud to ask everyone b4 entering the pool coz others dont know that swimming pool has 2 parts.

  54. Mcp spokesperson says:

    If there weren’t people to help those that were not good in the water, I wonder if there were condoms at all.

  55. BABAZULA DA IZO says:


  56. Alice says:

    The pool was closed hence no life guard it was 5am..

    Question is was it an accident?

    1. eye eye says:

      if the pool was closed, how did he get in there? What does a’pool is closed’ mean?..nobody can use it then, right?..If so I dont get this argument of yours unless it is explained how he got to be found in a closed pool.

      1. 27 says:

        When a pool is closed it mean it is inaccessible to the general public even if no physical barriers have been put in place as a result any person who dares go there is breaching the restriction and if anything happens to them that’s their fault

  57. achanguti says:


  58. R.I.P.payenela kafukufuku wokwanira kwambili,chifukwa zitha kutheka kuti yangokhala plani yoti wamila pamene anali atamenyedwa ndi kumupha.ziko ndilovuta abale tiyeni tilile mwa mbuye wathu kuti ndamene akathe kutothoza ofedwa.

  59. kachacha says:

    Too too bad may his soul rest in peace.

  60. Mtumbo Lende says:

    Tamuwonani ndolo zo ndi milomo ya turn up yo. Kkkkk

    1. mbadwa says:

      Investigate this comment akudziwa kanthiu. It is now becoming clear he had enemies

  61. alid banda says:

    BREAKING NEWS: LL based profet (Shakayina Banda) who stays in area 49 and prays near area 3 market has desrupted a standard bank – head office girl’s (clara kasamale) wedding which was suppose to take place today at capital hotel by telling the girl that her fiance was not the right guy for her. now it has bn discovered that the profet is going out with this girl and they r arranging a quick wedding at the profet’s church. the girl drives Nissan March Reg. No. MC5044 that his engineer fiance bought for her

  62. nyapapi says:

    Upume mu mtendere

  63. Gabta says:

    May his soul rest in peace

  64. kalanga says:

    I understand swimming pools should have guiders so that when something happens, they shd assist. We can say more but God has His own plans. Sorry the Kanyongolo family!

  65. Moyenda says:

    Mwana wokulakula! Heartfelt condolences to the Kanyongolos.

  66. Akilly 2 says:

    R.I.P. concerned!

  67. pt says:

    may his soul rest n peace! indeed worries r dea 4 luzing ua precious son bt may i ask God 2 comfort ua family 4 de untimely death of ua son.

  68. mapwala ansumbu says:


  69. babie jay says:

    May his soul rest in peace,,,and condolence to Mr and Mrs kanyongolo not forgetting ulemu his only sister..


    Our hearts and prayers are with the family on this very tragic loss. May the soul of the departed rest in eternal peace.


    1. 27 says:

      I think he was under influence of alcohol

  72. Unity says:

    Receive my heartfelt condolence. A great loss to the family & nation. In Tumbuka we say pala maji yathika yakuyoleka yayi- madzi akataika saoledwa. God console u.

  73. Zoona says:

    May his soul rest in eternal peace. May the parents be comforted with the belief that they shall be united one day in the heavenly kingdom..

  74. Ma says:

    Advice to the Living!

    Dont Drink and swim!
    Beer and Water are completely opposite of each other. It is becoming common people to frown in Malawi pools!

    I feel for the parents!!! Grown up boy and lost just like that at 21? God console the Kanyongolos.

  75. Mourner says:


  76. Nkasai says:

    At 21 he needed a chaperone !8-)maybe a boy sitter !

  77. williams says:

    Oh!!! so sad. R.I.P

  78. Mbiyang'ambe says:

    Sorry, let GOD condole the kanyongolo family!

  79. Mtongilette says:


    1. mbadwa says:

      Indeed the organizers could have foreseen this and put in place safety measures for such eventualities. They are responsible for this tragedy. Sue them wogulusa kachasowo. Kachaso ndi kachaso olo Ali ndi dzina lachizungu ndi botolo llakelake

  80. Baba wa Boyi says:

    May his soul rest in peace.

  81. john says:

    lake of stars
    Kodi kunalibe zida zozitetezera anthu akafuna kusambira? Boma liwunike bwino nkhaniyi ndi chimodzidzi ku stadium kuyenera kukhala a zida zofunika kuti zigwire nthcito ngati osewera wagwa ndi kukomoka Asamangothamangira ndalama osasamalira miyoyo ya anthu obwera chifukwa ena amakhala kuti aledzera

  82. robert watson gondwa says:

    it is very bad to start accusing, cursing or giving names to the deceased family. Death is death no matter how it comes, if some people have nothing sensible to comment , they better shut up!

  83. eye eye says:

    So sad..sorry and condolences to Ngeyi and Edge!

  84. SALOME says:

    sad news indeed, our life brief as a passing wind in this world. R.I.P.

  85. Zoona?????? says:

    Mmimba nchipala zoonadi. This was a son of a well standing family in our country.

  86. sautso chibade says:

    my condolences to my law 120 lecturer.may the almighty God give u strengh at such a trying moment.RIP Ufulu

  87. tabala says:

    Mminmba nchipala zoonzdi. This is the son of the reputable family in our society

    1. Kulinda Mtere says:

      I trust at 21 the parents had good reasons to believe that the young man was old enough to look after himself. If the tragedy is a product of poor judgement surely that’s no fault of the parents.

  88. Chalu Chamala says:

    Very Bad. . May His Soul Rip

  89. allanyakhuwa says:

    too bad malo awasiwofera ayi dem

  90. Lungamo wa Health&Safety says:


    1. mW says:

      Hotels and other recreation facilities avoid costs by not employing life guards and they easily get around it by pasting signs near swimming pools that swimming in their swimming pool is done at one’a own risk unfortunately a lot of people ignore such signs therefore unless the hotel didn’t have such signs the family will have no grounds to sue

  91. Lungamo wa Health&Safety says:


  92. Nexsinho says:

    May his soul rest in internal peace

  93. Nyapapi says:

    Moral of the story is “If you can’t swim don’t get into the water!”

  94. Mtumbuka says:

    May his soul rest in peace. What a way of ending a life well deserved.

  95. Wakoyoka says:

    Sorry indeed lets his soul Rest In Peace..In Jesus Name ..Amen.

  96. kume kume says:

    RIPi, sorry 2 the familly, let God consol u.

  97. tembo says:

    utsiru basi

  98. Quota system says:

    Very sad. May his soul rest in peace. I hope there is no foul play.

  99. Dick says:

    They say do not drink and drive and I say do not drink and swim

  100. Connery says:

    Very sad indeed. May god strengtherns the parents and other family members.

  101. Israel Difense Force says:

    shaaaaaaa!!!!!!! imfa yochitisa manyazi zedi. I doubt if he had time to mend his relationship with God

    1. che Kapeni mwenye says:

      What a handsome boy. I can’t imagine the pain the parents r going through. Parenting has been tested here. People may concentrate on academic achievements ignoring being around their children when they’re growing up and in some cases the children seek attention in things that eventually destroy them. Children who lack attention and parental love seek the same from friends or workers who introduce them to the wrong things. We blame the child when he is actually shouting for yr attention but we r so preoccupied with what we deem .important in life. How close are we to our own children? We know death can come in so many ways but some circumstances leave a lot of questions unanswered. What values are we instilling in our children as parents. In the end we are to blame. May his soul rest in peace.

      1. Osasewera Pano says:

        Much as this is a good advice it comes at a wrong time. Parents can do all they can but a child in the long run chooses what he wants. Let us not judge them but comfort them. Malawians, let us comfort them. Tsiku lina adzakhala ana anu. May His soul rest in peace

        1. mbadwa says:

          It is advice that comes from a painful heart. Tikumva kuwawa

    2. Chi says:

      Some people you have stupid comments, you dont even have the facts and you say imfa yamanyazi.

  102. Titus Skoti says:

    My deepest condolences to the Kanyongolos on the tragic death of their son, Ufulu. It must be a painful experience. May the good Lord condole and comfort you during these trying times.

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