Lawyer Ambokire Salimu in wife battering saga

Blantyre-based flamboyant lawyer Ambokire Salimu was on Christmas Day picked by Police after he  allegedly savagely beat up his second wife Mphatso Chimimba.

Salimu: Arrested

Salimu: Arrested

Sources close to the case told Nyasa Times that Salimu, was arrested at the couple’s Namiwawa home.

While details of what started the domestic violence are still sketchy, our source tells us that Salimu started beating up his wife around midnight of Christmas Eve with a baseball bat until when her maid called for help two hours later.

An officer at Blantyre police confirmed Salimu’s arrest and said the case was so sensitive.

According to friends of the couple, who have two daughters, this is not the first time they have had such problems.

” Ambokire went overboard. When the Police saw how badly Mphatso had been beaten, they immediately arrested  Ambokire because his trousers was [stained ]with her blood. That’s how bad it was,” said our source.

After the Police intervened,  Mphatso wa admitted at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital.

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172 thoughts on “Lawyer Ambokire Salimu in wife battering saga”

  1. jig saw says:

    Chilipo apa loyayu ango musiya nkaziyu abwelele kwa akazi ake basi chifukwa nkaziyu ndi hule kuyambila kale ose akwawo and amadyesa amuna mankhwala nde salimu ine ngati mwamuna nzako I can just live her chifukwa akusaukisa aise mutaye azipita osayamika

  2. nyoo uja ndi ineyo says:

    Kikikikiki nkhope ya loya wathuyu ngati othawa ku ndende tu. Ali ndi zipsera ngati wankhonya.kuzolowera zibakhera Hahahahah

  3. zako izo says:

    well done my lawyer, keep it up, never stop beating her

  4. bramsley says:

    Komatu nyasa imanama nde enanu mukungo tukwana loyayu kuti mumve nkhani yeni yeni mupepesa kwa loyayu pomutukwana inde analakwisa kumenya bt anyasa angonena za mbali imozi and mathelo a nkhaniyi mukhumudwa it will not be what your thinking

    1. nyoo uja ndi ineyo says:

      Nanunso a Bramsey tipepesa tipepesa chani. Uwauze a nyasatimes wo apepese kaye. Nkhaniyi ndi yowona. Loyayo ndi mmbale wako kodi. Shupiti

  5. Pwee mwana nyoo says:

    Ndadziwa lero kt maphunziro sathandiza kukonza khalidwe. Kani ngakhale pro… eeeish lawyer angathe kukhala savage pachikhalidwe, hooo

  6. Real malawi says:

    I Would Rather ask nyasa to be unbias when reporting.despite the fact that causing harm is criminal case we as listeners wished to know both sides of the story,sometimes a wife insulted him seriously,or else was found red handed with external maritals,lets not blame one side of the story! Sometimes a sin is said so because it has been seen but unrevealed is said not to ,

    1. Muchizi John says:

      Mr Real Malawi, whatever the woman did beating her is totally unacceptable as it’s savage and primitive. Whatever offence beating should never be the option. Beating as a form of punishment to a spouse is worst form savagery that should permanently be archived to the stone age. How a person like Ambokire beat his wife beats my intelligence.

  7. bramsley says:

    Mkaziyu samakonda bambowa she is a gold digger I think some of you can agree with me and mkaziyu zimamveka kuti ndi wa mankhwala anadyesa bamboyu mankhwala angofuna good life ndalama basi

    1. nyoo uja ndi ineyo says:

      Mkaziyo sakulakwa. Akapusa kumudyera basi kikikikikiki. Chimamuna chonyasa ngati chimenechi angachikonde ndani? Iyaaaa zopusa. Anangomubelekera ana onyanso ngati iye yemweyo kikikikikiki lawyer woyeeeeeee

  8. bramsley says:

    Nose mukunyoza loyayu ndinu zitsilu the guy had a gud reason kumumenya nkazi just like any guy would do, olakwa ndi mkazi pothawa nyumba usiku opanda kuwauza amuna ake mkaziyo ndi hule naye kuyambila kale ndi savage wazibwana kwambili okonda zonjoya and I understand amathawa nthawi zonse but ambokire samaziwa koma apa la fourty lida kwana mr salimu mudapanga bwino mwa phunzitsa phunzilo ngati ali okumva asithe khalidwe not kunyumba kwanu kokha komaso ntaunimu asiye kupanga za uhule amachitazo kukula mtima yet ndi second wife its just the same as chibwenzi ukumva iwe mphatso akazi ake ndi ali kunyumba kwake chitsilu iwe umaonongesa mbili ya abambowa he z a respected guy in th society

    1. nyoo uja ndi ineyo says:

      Respected guy in society who? Ambokire my bottom mxiiiiew komanso nawe ulibe nkhani eti

    2. Muchizi John says:

      Mr. Bramsley, iwenso ulibe fundo. The guy married hule and he expected her to behave like a decent woman…….how? The problem is with the gentleman coz ngati iweyo ukuziwa kuti mayiyu ndi hule Ambokireyo anakanika bwanji to discern that. Actually Ambokire has no natural, societal religious or legal entitlement to beat her. If he is repected gentleman as you claim he should have known that wife beating is savagery. There is no respectability in wife beating. Ngati ndi hule osangomusiya banja bwanji

  9. In the first place having two wives? I thought educated people understand how expensive it is with two wives and many children. He is a bad lawyer. I would not even go to him for consultation of marriage. He is a savage of modern life. Beating his wife like he is beating a dog what a shame.

    To the wife why does she stay with such a man? is it for money? What will happen if he kills her? I glad am married to am man who has never beaten me. We all do wrong things but not beat each other. Is beating LOVE or control? This man need a psychiatric. Sorry my fellow woman leave while you are alive. Relatives tell you daughter to leave the monster.

  10. Jabulosi says:

    It is his and his firm,s reputation that has been damaged here. Any reputable organization will think twice before hiring him or his firm!!!!!!!!

  11. nyoo uja ndi ineyo says:

    Kkikikikikiki loya my backside. Axaaaaah

  12. nyoo uja ndi ineyo says:

    Loya loya my foot! Nkhope ya loya imeneyo? Nanunso a Mphatso

  13. ANTHONY B says:

    Chokani nonse mukunena zoyipa za loyayu inu zanu zoyipa zambiri ndizobisika kungoti sizioneka . zitsiru

    1. bramsley says:

      Anthony B wayankhula bwino kobasi

  14. mpimpa says:

    ndiye the whole story is because iyndi loya? Za ziii pimpa

  15. jimmy says:

    Ee mbola man imeneyo2 apa

  16. nyoo uja ndi ineyo says:

    Muphane koma musiye ana olumala mwabelekera limodziwo asowe owalera. Mahule Ambokire ndi Mphatso mwangokumana mxieeeew.

  17. nyoo uja ndi ineyo says:

    Mahule okha okha inu asiyeni azikunthana. Ngati nkoyamba.

  18. Changoima Ichocho says:

    Koma Maloya apa Malawi. Most of their wives lead a very misrable lives dispite swimming in questionable wealthy. This is just a tip of the ice burg follow me for more, just look around .you will see them.

  19. A S says:

    mumati ndingomusiyasiya nditamupedza cheating on me? I never planned to beat her. Inuyo how can you feel seeing your loved one cheating? You can even die of heart attack because of shock or commit suicide. I love her but she hurt me the most. I regret it though

    1. Na says:

      Why couldn’t you go to your first wife?

  20. fathi slshehaab says:

    shame indeed who said lawyers dont hav tempers or dusappoibtments.but using a baseball but premeditated action punishable by law.!

    1. nyoo uja ndi ineyo says:

      Mayazi. Lawyer yo ndi mbuli. U lawyer unali kale.

  21. John Chindere says:

    Loya wamenya zimayiyo! Wa Police anthandiza wakuba . Woman Police Officer wakwatiwa ndi mbava. Pa Malawi pamenepo.

  22. K C CHIPETA says:

    chifukwa choti ndi loya

  23. olivia says:

    mphatso kuti asakumane ndizokhoma azaona ngati uhule ndichinthu chokoma zedi.kunyenyengetsa uku ndi uku.akakugwila azikutole

  24. mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    Malawians, get a life and learn to mind your own business!!! Izo ndi za m’banja mwao akuzidziwa okha awiri!! Some of you are here castigating this man yet you do worse things than what this man has done. Shut up you hypocrites, concentrate on your small miserable lives, remember to take your medications and PLEASE dont reproduce!!! He is only answerable to God and God alone. Mwamva?????

  25. Mtavu says:

    Ambiri we are commenting here but have no facts



  27. vaanwyk says:

    Ambo sudalakwe kumuthidzimula nivibakela vonga va lsaac chilemba. Paja okulu omati kumenya nimankhwala abanja.

    Ngati abusa ndiomwe amapanda okazawo kuli bwanji munthu wamba ngati lawyer?

    ozungu omanena kuti SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD. Ambokile udzaMtibulenso ukatuluka pa bail. Viwakazi valero sivimamva olo.

    lne wanga namkuntha dzulo atandikanila kuniphikila thelele lomwe mmati ndidye.

    Ambo ubwele nizakubweleke vimalamba vothyapila mkazi osamva.

    1. nyoo uja ndi ineyo says:


  28. kyroc says:

    I am so peturbed that the likes of seod white and kaliya are silent on this. this issue is somehow simple for the two named ladies to fact this so called lawyer is very stupid indeed. if really nobody is above the law, tionera chitsiru chimenechi komanso mbava zapolisizi

  29. Atopitopi Ali konko says:

    Atopitopi anali Naye Ambukire kusukulu sizodabwitsa izi. Munthu ukaziwa kuvala jeans uli third year in college, thus the behavior.

  30. mwaisangu says:

    zokwatira akazi awiri zilipobe? iweyo kukwatura akazi awiri kuziona wandalama kapena chani? uli ndi chani galu iwe! kuyipa nkhope ndikuyipa mtima komwe! Chitsiru galu…..munthu wochititsa manyazi! unakulira Moyo wovutika iwe…you act l’île a savage!

  31. mayo mayo says:

    amuchita bwino hule ameneyu

  32. mishky key says:

    sikoyamba a Mphatsowo kuwakutumula koma akufera ndalama.moti muwaona sangasiyane nao.ndipo abambowo anamupeza mkaziyu ali hule ndiye chomumenyela poti wanyengetsa kwa ena nchani?she wil die a bitch

  33. That’s the problem with most lawyers in Malawi. Mmalo moganiza ndi mutu iwo amaganiza ndi ujeni.

  34. abiti says:

    i dont care for these two bitches.amenyane aphane basi .hule lalimuna ndi hule lalikazi.mphatso a gold digging whole in search for money ukumana nazo.mmalo moti ikuphe blood cancer yako uli nayoyo ikuphe ndi baseball bat.mxii u,ayendaso ndi mr mlombwa phiri hule galu iwe.uononga mabanja angati?kuzitenga kubeba kwambiri?tseka kumbwetse kwakoko.galu nyani .as for u ambo galu.siya kuzikonfa kunyenga paliponse ngati galu.shupiti zanu nonse muzafa imfa yowawa.ana nau olumala mwabelekela limodziwo azawalere ndani mukaphana.u wholes deserve each other.iwe hule mphatso uziona sunati ineso ndizakuphika coz ukuyenda ndi mamuna wanga.

  35. Rickoh says:

    Akuti amamukoka katundu ndiye amadziteteza then huleyo ndikumuthira madzi amoto.Inu mukanatani?

  36. chatty man says:

    Domestic violence alowe basi

  37. George Lihoma says:

    Let me tell Elle son Muluzi.Your comments depict to us that the woman is a slut.Now,many men believe that bitches are not for marriages,just passtime.So,Why did he marry a whore? Whatever a woman is;sitimenya as far as GBV is concerned.Kumenya munthu ndi baseball bat,maiko ambiri mulandu umasintha nkukhala attempted murder.Iyeyo ngati loya akudziwa(kodi mwati Loyaa or Lovaa?Enjoy the cell.

    1. bramsley says:

      Nkhani ndiyoti mkazi ati amathawa usiku kupita out osa sanzika nde la fourty lida kwana

  38. Thom Chiniko says:

    Uchisiru basi osangomusiya bwanji

  39. Nankungwi says:

    Some people may be trianed but tehy remain ignorant! He has no right to beat anybody like that that is definitely criminal and he shoulkd know better. The wife should think carefully about living with such a very violent bastard!

    U lawyer dzina lokha! koma mkati muli mphutsi!

    come on women dont allow men to treat you like this! nobody is worth this amount of trauma!

  40. attorney says:

    People who are conversant with the law are the one who are first to break the law.Shame indeed.

  41. Mirella K says:

    Chelechi kaje kusapangana…kwee! Azimai muziona amuna owalola…osamangofera poti ndi loya

  42. Ele son muluzi says:

    Wait a minute.

    1) The wife is a whore – some of us who know her can testify to that.

    2) She comes from a richer family that Ambo but decided to be 3rd wife. So she is a gold digger too – what did she expect from Ambo.

    U r a whore and a gold digger that is what u get. No pity at all 4 her. Stop earning where u have not sowed.

    1. bramsley says:

      Your correct amango dyela ndalama and ndi okonda mankhwala kwambili nkaziyo

  43. Billiat says:

    Waken a pa Facebook that he out and well. But why don’t you confirm or rebut that you battered your wife. You are a disgrace to the legal profession and to mankind in general

  44. bandawe says:

    kaya ine nde nnazisiya. kumenyedwa, mwamuna kusakoma, insults eishh

    tiye nazoni akazi akumalawi kukonda ndalama . timati ‘ suffering happily’ ine nde ayi

  45. Edwin Bright says:

    When The Police Spearhead Theft, Lawyer Violence, Economists Cashagate, Catholic Fathers Immorality, Then U Know Guys How Far The Stupid Wisdom Of The World Can Go. Jesus Is The Answer To Human Dilema

  46. Monica says:

    This man is useless since the time he was at school

  47. Baba says:

    Amangidwe basi chitsiru chiri ni kwao amati amadziwa malamulo akanakhala mulongo akaona zakuda ameneyo alandire chilango chokwima kuti anzache aphunzirilepo

  48. Chimkazi says:

    This is what he has put on his status after he’s got bail. He is a disgusting vile man. He deserves to be locked up to say the least. And to people who believe this story is Fake, I testify it’s true. Am related to the girl and she did not deserve what he’s done to her. She’s badly hurt and to think he’s set free and allowed to go on like nothing has happened. Absolutely sickening

    1. koma says:

      So u r related to mphatso aaa n u know too well kuti she got wat she deserves coz mphatso maye hule!!

  49. mbuya says:

    Shaaaaa !Mkhope kuyipa…….makhalidwe oyipa…

  50. manunkha says:

    ndichani kodi. Unamupeza akuchindidwa ndi nzako? U r such a desgrace to men

  51. shop says:

    Akuti, ndalama zedi second wife zilipobe?

  52. Benson Chirwa says:

    Nkhani yakula apa ndi kukulira kupoverty striken family. But not everyone behaves that way. Kukula kovutika should make you more human. Infact, uyutu ndi Ambokire Chirwa from Karonga. Changed his name for some dubious reasons. Kuda ngati Sagna.

    1. nyapala says:

      Kkkkkk man Mwaganiza bwanji!!-hundswalu ngat Sagna ungamufananize ndi Mbululu ngat amenei

    2. mlekeni says:

      There are no Chirwas in Karonga. If any ndi wobwerako.

  53. Malata malata says:

    JuDiciary strke woyeeeee. No bail

  54. DvD says:

    Kape wa makape pa malawi pano.

  55. Keen Observer says:

    Very sad indeed, we thought that this violence against women & children is mostly accompanied by ignorance but NO! In the first place why having two wives????? Then why battering a vulnerable human being like a woman???? And this coming from a prominent lawyer it’s a total shame.

  56. Ineyo says:

    Has nyasatimes used Idi Amini’s face?

  57. Richard Lozi says:

    Iwowa atipangitsa manyazi ndipo sukulu siinawathandize.Sukulu yawo asonyezerathu kuti yinali ya suplementa… (uninja)

  58. Chiletso says:

    Savage keep him in prison chitsiru

  59. shasha says:

    Ufiti ma lawyr

  60. mona says:

    Ma lawyer a kumalawi amadziona ngati Ma dolo kunyenga too much Koma milandu imawakanikaso

  61. brutsha says:

    Choncho anthu akamati ma lawyer ndi makape basi inu kumati fwi! fwii! A profession without morals!

  62. George Lihoma says:

    Illiterate graduant.Shame on the bastard.

  63. aphiri says:

    Nanu a news mukuti wantchito called for help. Mwamuchotsetsa ntchito pamenepa

    1. fusha says:

      Chuma cha mchimweneyu mukuyenera muchivetsetse>anakula movutika> that’s y he is a savage>understand him>anakulira masilipasi a bata.

  64. Gowelo la Gowelo says:

    I know Ambokile from 1993 at Chanco until he qualified as lawyer. He grew up very poor, from a family of 6 boys and 1 girl in the north. The whole village has zero respect for women – not unlike all other Malawian tribes anyway. He is smart (in class) or may be works too hard but he never experienced any good and respectable life. Poverty can make personality and he is not the first one to be drunk in his own cool-aid aka most lawyers as examples.
    On one part – I feel sorry for the lad for not learning and knowing better that women are not objects of man’s conquest. I hope this experience teaches him and the likes of him.
    Mphatso comes from a wealthy, well travelled and liberated family. They respect relationships to the extent that they allowed her to marry this Ambo in spite of their serious misgivings of the differences in background. I am so sorry to hear of this event, unfortunately it is one of many in a pattern of abuse that the wife has endured. Ambo’s brother died young a few years ago working for one of the major banks. He was the voice of reason for Ambo and a gentleman. Now, Ambo as many men in our country must be educated of women rights and I hope he becomes an advocate for the cause when he comes out of jail.

    1. mabilinganya says:

      Iwe ur comment is misplaced!!!! There is no direct link between poverty and violence!!!! Ambokile wangokhala chitsiru koma dont say its a result of being brought up in lags!!!! We have so many welbehaved and rich guyz in this country who grew up in poverty!!! Check the background of proffessor chimphamba!!!!! Or talk to him directly he will tel u a story of how he grew up!!! So dont make supid generalisations wamva!!!! Pa thako pako!!!!

    2. koma says:

      Mbuzi u know nothing about this. Mphatso kwao kopeza bwino kwake kuti? Bottom line mphatso hule lotherapo ngati Ambokire yemweyo. Anyetsana 50/50!! Mphatso wazunzisa nkazi wa Ambokire waulemu wake wodzichepesa nde mulungu wamponyera yake naye!! Mphatso and Ambokire r both idiots!

    3. ujeni says:

      What is your point kweni kweni

    4. Dada says:

      Ine ndili ndi mzanga ndinali naye pa Chanco ochokela kudela lomwelo, koma amamuzunza mkazi wake sindinaonepo. Ndipo alibe ulemu. Kunyenga ndiye aah zosanena. Chodabwitsa mlamuyo amadziwa koma basi phee akudikira nkhwangwa mmutu.

    5. mbina says:

      akulu mwana wakula ndi agogo ake uyu mu mkolokosa, Ambikile took advantage of her poverty. nzibambo opanda chisoni kuchinda mwana wa form 2

  65. Eliam k says:

    A loya amenewo, za ziii

  66. mwaisangu says:

    Chitsiru mbuzi ya munthu iwe….unakula Moyo wovutika….bread unakamuziwila utapita ku chanco ! mesa umavala nsapato ya plastic uli pa Robert Blake iwe? there are rich people in malawi…..umaziona ngati Ndani? ! imeneyo ikhale haïr cut- choopsezera mtembo kapena chani? galu iwe! u think life Its all about buying fancy cars? people are building houses osati zako zomagula magalimoto umapanga nazi matamazo! uli ndi chani iwe uzipemphera mulungu akusinthe ! mbuzi!!!!!

  67. drakes says:

    Strip him of his practice, he looks like an armed robber

  68. kkkkkkkkkkkk says:

    maloya odzIwa kumenya amakaniza maliseche bwanjI? TIkumva chomwe umammenyela mlongo wathuyu

  69. austwell says:

    Uuuuu Paka Kumenya,,.

  70. Inenso says:

    Two sides to every story

  71. Galu wapananji Mwale says:

    Lamulo ligwile ntchito bac,nayeso akagebe ngat momwe akugebela omwe anawapatsa chigamulo aja

  72. Chimbaza lenzo says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk hahaha ayi ndithu

  73. mesa mumaimba nyimbo zoyamikira atsikana.

  74. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Chikuoneka ngati chojiya ma bus.

  75. 2nd wife kikikikik this gangster mwati amapanga za uloya.

  76. Jimmy says:

    His looks doesnt tell to be a lawyer bcz He looks very cruel & rude.

  77. Jimmy says:

    Lol he is not civilised foolish person not wanted in the community.

  78. Dats stupidness Ambokile,how can a well educated person do this rubish?do u realy know malawian laws?Did u realy go for oarth?This case we call it unlawful wounding in which u can given bail or not.Now to judiciary please punish this stupid lawyer dnt smile on him plzzzzzz

  79. Zingalume says:

    Hardly know him, but from far this Munthu uyu amaoneka savage!

  80. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Sing that crap song again. Ehmm! Ehmm! Ehmmm! Education eradictes ignorance but not stupidity.

  81. Alufeyo says:

    Amabilinganya what about your wife? Hule lachabechabe ndipo samakoma.

  82. sapitwa says:

    Udzatuluka judiciary akayamba ntchito kupusa

  83. john says:

    Mwati chani? Kuchichiri basi

  84. Kamdondo says:


  85. sayin it like it is says:

    hehehehe 2 problems akazi mukutengana ndi munthu okwatila kale kuti mudye nawo ndalama..kodi mumayesa chani?ndizimenezotu nanga uzingodya ndalama ulele?komanso salimu mukunenayo watuluka kale I saw him today mu bt akuyendesa audi yake ija ..prisons r for the poor

  86. mopia says:

    This is uncivilised lawyer and hyena. If the Malawi Lawyer Society will not excommunicate this useless lawyer, I should hear them commenting on human rights. This is inviting the wrath of BOKO HAM on lawyers. Please this time to act and punish this hyena. If he wants fighting some of us we are ready to teach zimene ambuyache did not properly cultured him. Ambokire you are ashame. Nkhani zikakhalako timakambirana. Ndiwe chizereza chakumalirapo as a man of God once said.

  87. Mimpo says:

    Battering second wife. What happened to the first wife? Anyway its sketchy.
    What buffles me is that alot of women love their abusive men. Kumamenyedwa, mamuna kunyenga openly but still staying with him. Above all these abusive women lie to cover up their abusers. I will not be surprised to hear that the wife wants to go back to him. Azimayi muzimva nthawi zina. Thats stupidity ans selfishnes. If u die who s gonna care for the kids. Kumadziwa kuti mamunayu is risky ndimatenda but u r still kwhekhwerekhwehkwere. Wise up azimayi. Marriage is love. And Ngati ukumenyedwa where is the love. Abusive pple are charming. Punish this Lawyer. He shud know better.

  88. Taelos says:

    Why my model?

  89. sapitwa says:

    Shame on you

  90. Manyi manyi says:

    Umbuli or Ambokire..???wat was the name again..???

  91. bramsley says:

    Mkaziyo ndi gold digger look both sides

  92. Dr. Mango says:

    Which law of the land allows anybody to beat a fellow human being? Which God’s commandment tells us to hate or hit one another? It helps to love and forgive one another. LOVE means Giving, yes Giving until it pains!!! Jesus came down on earth to show immense Love by dying for us so that we get saved.

  93. Blessings says:

    He Has To Face The Raw

  94. mona says:

    Nkhope imeneyi si mbava zoba kuma bank izi, ambokile you are very stupid

  95. ... says:

    Ndi zosadabwitsa, NDI MSILAMU

  96. Nyimbo ya o Saleta Phiri now will be sung like this:AMBOKILE KUNDIMENYAMENYA CHITHUKUTA PHOMU!We don’t beat women.There is a special treatment ngati walakwitsa;

  97. Uchindami says:

    Alteration or altercation? Ndiphunzitseniko ndithu!

  98. chibumuzi says:

    King nswati iweyo?

  99. thats the lawyers i know

  100. Zagwa says:

    Nkhanza m’mabanjamu nzosayamba! Ambili mukutokota apa poti zanu sitinazimve kapena poti ndinu a kapunthabuye (nobodys). Chofunika nkumudziwa Mulungu ndi kupemphera mu choonadi osati kupita ku Police or kwa lawyer. Palibe chopindulapo!

    1. Oluza says:

      Koma abale, baseball bat mumaidziwa? This story is exaggerated to say the very least. Very few people can survive even one strike of a baseball bat. Koma zakhala bwino kuti zamuonekela lawyer. Akanakhala mzimayiyu wapititsa mlanduwu kwa Ambokile sikuthamanga kwake kuti wina amangidwe. Tikuyezela mlingo wako omwe uja sunati. Nanji makhothi tatseka kulibe bail.

  101. Mphwache says:

    A Police musiyeni athe chaka mu cellmo, adzatuluke chaka chamawa basi.

  102. Mapwiya says:

    What a shame! Womens lives are not valued. It hurts.

    1. koma says:

      Is she a woman or who?anazunzisa nkazi wa Ambokire woyamba ameneyo naye azione. Za ziiii palibe nkhani apa.

  103. Jozijozi says:

    Ndiye mwati laywer or lawyer?

  104. Being someone who’s known you across 2 decades extending from the time you were a law student and first came to our home alongside Jabal Alide, always I looked up to you as a model, until now. This is not the way to behave Chapter Pristine. In a deliberate effort I’ve used this pen/MC name of your’s for you to realise how closely I know you.

  105. Amos everisto tamanda says:

    Xool sinaphindure anthu wophuzira samenya mukazi koma kukonda sorry for that.

  106. Lawyer or gangster?pamene titakumane ndikunyenya×1000

  107. chipwete chalunda says:

    Honestly am one of the people who beats my wife akamakula mtima. Iwe lawyer sunalakwitse mawa nane akazandimanga uzandipemphele belo. Anzako ma judge akupulumutsa afana ofewa inu

  108. Proffessor says:

    Komanso iwe utitukwanitsa Ife mq Lawyer ozindikira. Zoona zomenya nkazi zilipobe amangwetu? Munthu opusa ngati iwe sindinamuonepo. Kanundu kapena? Ndakwiya koopsya

  109. This guy is a psychopath……

  110. Yankees says:

    Musamupatse fine ayi, he needs to go to prison and save, no suspended sentence or what, inunso a Mpha osati ukaona zikufuna zinthine udzikati basi ndikufuna ndipange withdraw ayi, malamulo agwile ntchito amene timakufuna tilipo ambili, tibwela uzilila ukuyang’ana kunoko, next without the Housemaid adzakuduwitsa Lawyer wachikape uyu. Mbuzi kumeta ngati Mike Tyson.

  111. Big brain says:

    The late PRo Bingu talked about mercenary lawyers I believe he is one of them ki ki the problem lawyers think they are above the law.

  112. opportunist says:

    Nanga zinakhala Kuti anamenyedwa ndi mamuna mukanamanga mkaziyo. Nawonso amawonjeza

  113. AKIM says:

    Mphwanyeni bola ma lamulo ukwaziwa timayesa omenya akazi ndi anthu osaziwa. Malamulo tingoti lamulo ligwire ncthito mosayang’ana nkhope

  114. Justice kapito says:

    Stupid boy. Which law school did he go to? Castrate him immediately.

  115. Chikopa says:

    Mukukwatira akazi atatu mukuziwa kuti ma injeni anu ndi ofota mkazi sitimenya ndi manja timangomuzala nayo kuti akhuzumuke

  116. Baba says:

    Should b hanged till death

  117. Namihavani says:

    kodi paja ma lawyer amakhala ndi awiri awiri mitala koma ma hule mu alpacinos too much

  118. Chikadzakuwani says:

    This lawyer must be double stupid ah to beat a wife for what reason, that is old fashioned way of thinking. Mwatichititsa manyazi bambo kepena ndi Mike Tyson kodi kapena mwana wa Jetu?

  119. Concerned Malawian says:

    this should be a lesson to women who love money. just because ndi lawyer basi kukakhala second wife! love should read first osati money

  120. Masharubu says:

    When Ambokire was marrying Mphatso, he knew that she was . Why starting to react like that now? Both it’s too late to be cruel with each other now . Osangopangana accept bwanji?

  121. Alfred says:

    Nyimbo umaimba zachikondi ‘romance’ but u don’t practice.

  122. Chipoka wa woli says:

    Umatha kukhala ozindikil mbali zina koma apandiye we cant comment much as we are to hear the other side before we start washing dirty here

  123. Pastor nyalapa says:

    Mukakwatira akazi awiri musamaone ngati ndi anu nokha pamene muli kwa wina kwinaku kumakhala kwalowa wina zophangira kulibe enanso azidya nawo

  124. John says:

    Foolish lawyer. Umbuli basi

  125. chimango Mtanga says:

    Zomenyana zidatha kale, ngati simukufuna nkazi mutayen azanu akamutola ‘mwatipasisa manyazi kwambiri ife ma lawyer azanu,

  126. Chipalamawamba says:

    Ubwino Wake Malamulo Akuwadziwa.Okhetsa Mwazi ………

  127. kodi mwatï lawyer kapena chomenya nkhonya,tachioneni mmene chikuonekela

  128. 2mbwe says:

    Mpaka wife battering mmmmmmm zinatsala kodi?Then atinso second wife,I thought second akalakwitsatu you go kwa first,osamangophangira akaziwa ayi,usawi chichi,mundikumbutsapo za tcheya apa,akazi awiri mumvapo chani,ma D7 ali phwiiiii awa,asaaaa

  129. mabilinganya says:

    Look at his haircut!!!! This is a gangstar!!! Timalawyer tapamalawi ndi nchoncho!!!!! Munthuyu amakondaso mahule kuoopsya!!!! Maboilo mkati!!!!! Amachindanso azimayi okwatila ameneyu!!! Usamakwiye iwe ambokile chifukwa choti mphatso akuchinditsa wamva!!! Akupanga zomwe umapanga iweyo!!!! Thus how it is myfreind when u zip down carelessly!!!!! Ambokile azimayi amachitsanso wamva ndiye osamawamenya!!!! Mabumbu ndi awo!!!!!!!!

  130. Wa Nzeru Wa Kum'mawa says:

    Since the details are sketchy then our comments will for the time being be sketchy too.

    To the wife get well soon but next time learn to respect your husband.

    You must submit to your husband all the time. Do not quarrel with your husband.
    When your husband is wrong approach him respectfully and in a submissive manner.
    Your husband is the head of the family it doesn’t matter when he makes wrong decisions sometime. When you accepted to marry him you were in fact accepting him including his wrong decisions.

    To the husband: I wish you a quick release from the cell.
    Thanks for teaching your wife good manners although not necessarily in the best way that others would prefer.
    Next time she is disrespectful teach her another lesson. She will eventually respect and submit to you.
    When you are out of cell do not say sorry to her but she must say sorry to you for making you act in that way and putting you in the cell.

    Merry xmas and a happy new year!

    1. Rod says:

      dumb comment

    2. Greencardless Malawian says:

      I dont know what to call you; nkhumba, mbuzi kapena galu. But you fit best on a poo eating son of a bitch and that makes you a poo eating dog….

    3. Matokoso says:

      10; You are more the devil.

    4. Thitherward Wendo says:

      What sewer did you crawl out of?

    5. Zingalume says:

      Utter rubbish and nonsense! Would you give such crap advice to your own sister?

    6. Masoambeta says:

      Wa nzeru waku mmawa …..pako

  131. kanyika dickson says:

    Ma lawyer apa nyasaland,asatuluke ameneyo amaona ngati ali pamwamba pa lamulo

  132. nkunthamasese says:

    This is a stupid lawyer though educated but still a savage. Chitsiru cha munthu. shit!.

    1. koma says:

      Nkaziyo ndi mamunayo ose mahule patawuni. 10 over 10

  133. ngakha says:

    Amangidwe basi. Bail after judiciary strike. Za chinyengo ayi apa.

  134. machendy says:

    what a loser. wife beating in this day and age? wachita kumugwila akudyedwa katundu chani?

  135. CK says:

    Barbaric man

  136. Phiri says:

    Zomenya mkazi zidakalipobe,ayi ndithu lamulo ligwire ntchito.

    1. koma says:

      Sinkazi wake .analanda banja. Shupiti he goat n she goat. Zowayenera onse!!

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