Lawyer Chioko nabbed, Chibvunde arrest warrant obtained: Malawi cashgate crackdown

Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has arrested lawyer Ishmael Chioko in relation to the “cashgate” scandal, a systematic looting of public money, Nyasa Times has learnt.

Chioko: Arrested

Chioko: Arrested

ACB confirmed the arrest of Chioko, saying he was nabbed following leads after the arrest of the country’s former Ministry of Finance budget director Paul Mphwiyo and his wife Thandi

Chioko arrests comes after politician Hophmally Makande handed himself in to the graft busting body when he learnt that a warrant of arrest for him was obtained.

ACB deputy director Reyneck Matemba has said the graft busting body was out to make more arrests.

Nyasa Times also understands that an arrest warrant has been obtained against former ruling  People’s Party (PP) official, Ephraim Chibvunde.

Chibvunde is PP’s Deputy Director of Political Affairs.

Investigators from the ACB quizzed Chibvunde on various issues in connection to the ‘Cash-Gate’ scandal.

Others reportedly on the arrests radar include former ministers Brown Mpinganjira and Henry Phoya.

Justice Minister Samuel Tembenu said new wave of arrests will involve high profile personalities suspected to have played a role in the plundering of public coffers at Capital Hill.

Tembenu said: “The evidence that we have uncovered is clear that the fraud was properly and meticulously planned, carefully coordinated and skilfully executed.”

Mphwiyo who was arrested on Saturday for money laundering charges, is on record telling the High Court  that former justice minister Ralph Kasambara ( already answering  cashgate related charges) through Pika Manondo, Kasambara’s friend Patrick Gadama popularly known as ‘Gada’ and former spokesperson of the People’s Party (PP) Hophmally Makande are individuals who were pressurising him to approve payments to some companies, among them Glens Waterways and Deco/Terrastone which was claiming K9 billion.

He said the Secretary to the Treasury told him not to honour the payments as they were claimed in bad faith.

Mphwiyo told the court that Pika and Gada, sent by Kasambara, went to his house several times where he was told that if he did not make the payment, he would lose his life and they would make it look like a deal gone sour.

But a call from then minister of Information and Civic Education Brown Mpinganjira that he had been informed by Kasambara that he was refusing to approve the payments prompted him to go to Kasambara and tell him that he would not be intimidated.

Mphwiyo, whose shooting incident on September 13 last year at the entrance of his home at night opened a pandoras box that led to Cashgate, was being used as a State witness in the shooting incident and money laundering cases.


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61 thoughts on “Lawyer Chioko nabbed, Chibvunde arrest warrant obtained: Malawi cashgate crackdown”

  1. Azombwe says:

    Akuluakulu a Minister a justice akuti zithuzi zinali zokonza izi ndizoona. Things started with transfers. Monse munabedwa ndalama munali mutaikidwa anthu ansopano. Starting with Tourism they removed Mr Zenengeya. Replaced him with Senzani. Then Accountant General Mrs Banda was replaced by a person who had previously been removed from the same post because he had failed Kandoje, OPC Mr Matanda was replaced by Njanji then Makileni was promoted to PS and put at Local Government then of course Mpwiyo in Treasury. Note these people are from Zomba except Makileni and Senzani. Note the timing of the transfers. Mpwiyo was I budget director for three months and not one year. In those three months he executed the plan. The big question. What is the role of mrs Ndilowe the then Chief Secretary. She made the postings. She was in the fore front praising Mpwiyo as the crusader against corruption. She is the one orchestrating the MK 90 billion when she pretty new that the audit was some shoddy work. Was she trying to hide something by taking people’s attention to something else. Please can she be asked to tell what she knows and her role in this saga. What is the role of Samuel Madula in this matter. Can ms Makhusu secretary to former President shed light on the appointments and meetings Mpwiyo had with the President. The answers will be found from these people.

  2. Nawaoo says:

    rrrrrrrrrrrrr theeeeeeeee mayooooo akakutulukira…….sizimakoma!

  3. Chemwali says:

    Malawi Law Society, can you please guide us here? Does it make sense for a lawyer who is being accused of an offense to represent another person in a case which clearly also implicates him? I would have thought that if a lawyer has been implicated in a legal matter he/she should temporarily be suspended from practice until all due process has been done? Wouldn’t such a situation compromise the whole legal process? I am not a lawyer/liar, but I believe what is happening with these “cashgate” cases will put the whole profession in disrepute. Just thinking aloud…

  4. Chindazi says:




  5. George Lihoma. says:

    Wina andidzutse ndili mtulo pampando, ndimawonera Luntha Tv.

  6. Bravo ACB,atleast the untouchables have started to…ujeni.Cast the net wider to the AUDITOR GENERAL OFFICE,even those who have been transfered,the likes of A. H Kangombe, C.K Kameko,Olipa Mulivi,A.Maingo,O.Y Chikuzamutu and V.Maliro,these messrs owe Malawians explanations concerning remuneration or gratuities of 2012-2014 pensioners.ACB! ACB! ACB! HOW TIMES HAVE I CALLED YOU,PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE,PLIGHT OF RETIREES IS JUST PATHETIC,IF YOU WONT HELP, HELP WILL COME FROM SOMEWHERE BUT SHALL BE DOOMED TO LIVE IN SHAME!!!

  7. Shimoshimo says:

    Tiyenazoni chilungamo chidziwike


    Sopano ngati akumangidwa lawyer ndiye kuti shaaa kikikikikiki koma odi uko .

  9. Dineo says:

    Now I confirm : Lawyers are professional Thieves indeed!

  10. loveness says:

    ACB are you telling me that no asians are involved as we do not see any arrests, all the posh life and money they have serious they have earned through hard work noooo they have siphoned from every corner. please ACB we want the truth and not the dilly dally you are playing.

    1. Hard working weni weni Mwenye says:

      You forgot mazungu e.g busy busy Mr Bis My Worthy. I agree with you some dopey deals have made some Asians super rich tooo extra audaciously superly rich but not all rich people play the same game. Money hard earned is money well saved just saying.

  11. John says:

    henry phoya must also be investigated for dubiously selling land to amwenye at Top Mandala belonging to a Government institution.

    Go ACB go!

  12. mai nsato says:

    Next will be JB and Sosten Gwengwe. children that grew up in the police grounds do not fear unyolo.

  13. MaiMai says:

    Kasambara mwini film…paja safa meini film…Arrest looming for RK and his Wife Too watch this space.

  14. Umbava wayamba kale says:

    Maloya akuMalawi! Aka Mutulutseni belo sathawa chifukwa ndi loya. Mwayiwala kuti Loya wina anaba mafoloko ndi masupuni ku Shire Highlands ndikuthawira ku Zimbabwe. Lo Sosaite inenepo kanthu zama Loya awo mbava kutulutsa mbava yinzake ku selo kapena mbava kukayimira mbava yinzake kukhoti wonsewo ali maloya okhaokha. A Bazuka tinawaona nthawi yayitali akuvutika m’Malawi muno koma tinangoyamba kuchulukapo timagayi taku Chilunga basopo!!!

  15. chatonda says:

    Shame on you guys who claim to be lawyers only to be found as chief thieves involved in the cash gate.

  16. vaanwyk says:

    Masiku ano akuba ndi a police.
    Akuba ndi ma lawyer.
    Akuba ndi a busa.
    Akuba ndi ma minister.

    Za cashgate ma lawyer ngati a Kasambala ndi a Chioko Sazamangidwa ayi BETCHI MZADULE CHALA CHANGA. amangidwe ndi akapopa ngolo basi. Judge akanakhala Sunduzwayo Madise ndi Nyakwawa Usiwausiwa akanawakhaulisa ma cashgaters onse.

  17. Sophie says:

    The Law Society are shielding Lawyers that are stealing money from their clients. they receive the money from the court and keep the money for themselves without giving anything to their clients, sadly the President of Law Society is leading these bunch of thieves, Mandala Mambulasa, what a joke of lawyers!!!

  18. Goodson Zimveka says:

    ziliko chaka chino

  19. Whatsthere to hide says:

    Kodi Mainawo chikuvuta ndi chiani kuti mutiuze. I thought the gvt promise to release tje names. Here we are just learning of the arrests. Why is the govt hiding the mes now. I thought while in opposition u wanted the names. Now u are in power u canmot release tje names. Whats there to hide. Something fishy is happening here. Whether to show to tje donors that something is happening, we dont know. For the respect of the voters pliz release the information and all the details. The nation deserves to know. Its our money. This looks like political fight tit for tat. Stop playing political games. In the beggining 92 Billion went missing, 20 Billion followed. Nkhani ikuyambira kumapeto bwanji. If not just leave it coz zalowa ndale.

  20. chiduduyeye says:

    Do not forget sll those cashgated during Bingu era.Nanga nyumba yake ija simufufuza?

  21. Polofesa says:

    Tiye nazoni. Chikungamo chidziwike pa Nyasaland basi.

  22. shawishi says:

    don’t forget those who cashgated during ur brother’s period,92billion its alot of money.musatiphimbe m’maso ngati inu ndi abwino,zitsilu za anthu inu,soon u ll start paying them alot of million after felling to com up with concrete evidence against them!!

  23. Nyapala says:

    It was a team of criminals and mostly PP operatives. They bought cars for PP. Chibvunde and Pika were walking side by side stealing money. These will be new residents of Maula Prison. It has to be expanded.

    1. John says:

      Bvuto la a Malawi ndi limenero, you reduce everything to pety party politics! This is way above PP or DPP-Bingu. This is about Malawi, so stop with your PP hatred. No wonder APM is shielding those close to him!

  24. drakes says:

    It is good that a professional Accountant now is heading the ACB. Lawyers thought they were
    above the Law, arrest them bring them to book any interference with investigations and careless reporting on cashgate issues must be met with stiff resistance. Now ACB is working arrest all the criminal Lawyers and strip them of their licences. Law society of Malawi is a disgrace to Malawians they dont discipline their members those who are involved in criminal activities and how can we trust the Law society of Malawi?

  25. YABWATA says:


  26. Phwetembwe says:

    Arrest all thieves prosecute them successfully or else millions will paid to these rooters & plunderers. Please leave not any stone unturned. All are but Lomwes & Yaos with one Tumbuka RK. Mwaona mitundu ina iyi ndikonda kwambiri ndalama, mbava zoopsa izi. Anatengera a gogo che Bingu ndi Muluzi mbava zoopsetsetsa.

  27. James says:


  28. John says:

    This lawyer nabbed, that lawyer arrested, the other lawyer answering charges of cashgate, the previous lawyer granted bail… WTF!!! Dont lawyers have like a governing body with rules that they must swear to follow, failure to which they have to have penalties or their certificates confiscated? I mean what evil creatures are these Malawian lawyers who plundered gvt money and yet they are still practising law! WTF man!!!

    1. Montana says:

      Shows ineptness of Law society of Malawi. This would not happen with other professionals like doctors, nurses, accountants or teachers. Foreign trained lawyers should be allowed to practice in this country to show these cretins what law is really about.

    2. wa ku Mitchesi kuja says:

      Professional organizations cannot, and should not met out penalties just based on allegations. That would be illegal. Due process has to occur: the culprit has to be convicted in a court of law to effect disbarment or expulsion. No “kangaroo courts” please, like during Kamuzu’s time. Allegations alone are not cause for disciplinary action.

  29. Guest says:

    Chioko is a nephew to Muluzi (son of one of Muluzi’s many sisters). This thing must be close to the royal families.

  30. MALAWIANMOM says:



  31. ndodo says:

    Paja tikuona, mphwanu amasemela nyau amzanu kuti achoke ntchito ku ADL nanu munafuna kupanga influence Magistrate, prosecutor ndipo ena kukumana ndi prosecutor, ife tikuona zonsenzo, corruption ina imeneyo. Mulungu amateteza ake osati zachiphupu, malupanga anu alonze inu nomwe osati osalakwa.AMEN

    1. ADL Concerned Citizens says:

      Go to ODPP they have evidence of corrupt practices at ADL! Justice will always prevail in the end!

  32. Wawaman says:

    Ma Lawyer Apa Malawi, Tikamati Muli Competent Zimakhala Zimenezi.Why Shld We Blame Govt Using International Lawyers When Yourselves Are Just Crooks?Apa Palibenso Wabwino Apa, Tikudziwa Mukatetezana Coz You Infiltrated Even In This Govt.Nonse Mbava, Agalu!!!!!

  33. Dodolido says:

    Ine lero ndidyera therere lotendera then tulo lofanato. Palibe ta! Ndimodzi yemwe angandinamizire za cashgate!!

  34. chisomo makapu says:

    Now if you lawyers are thieves, who will catch your fellow thieves in Mchesi. Shame on you.

  35. mmihavani says:

    Things fall apart. Crooked lawyers

  36. gribeta says:

    achivundi munaba ndalama inu thirty thousand dollar kumati mukukasintha kenako munadzaba ma computers to cover up your crime do you understand now kuti munaba ma computer olakwika you left the evidence behind????

    achivundi achivundi achimwene achivundi inu nokha umboni wani ndikapeleka ndine.

  37. Mbanangwa says:

    I am very skeptical now if the ACB will make real progress in this. Counter fight backs are on the way ! Arrests without charges etc. Mr Tembenu, please be on the look out, advise accordingly. We will soon cough a lot of tax payers money.

  38. mbuje says:

    Anthu andaletu ndi afiti chifukwatu iwo amangogwiritsa ntchito mphamvu ana pansipa nkumavulala ,ku ESCOM mutipatse ndalama mwakuti,WATERBOARD mwakuti MRA mwakuti samasainansotu paliponse kuti iwe mmawa ndikudzakhala ndi backing kayaaaaa!!

  39. chekambewa says:

    the profession has been dented what a shame? Malawi law society you need to put some discipline measures as ACCA who provokes the certificate if one puts this profession in disripute

    1. Ine says:

      He meant to say that ACCA revokes the certificate.

  40. kadamanja says:

    So, how many Tumbukas so far have been arrested in Cash gate? Ntchito za quota zichitire umboni kufuna kumelela msanga mmutu mulibe school. Lets wait and see.

    1. Kanyimbi says:

      Wait until the big fish is caught. Linda madzi apite ndiye uziti ndadala.

  41. wa Mpata says:

    the big fish in the big pond is no other than SIR PAUL MPHWIYO. Fix him quick and he will spill the whole beans.

  42. Kamale says:

    “The evidence that we have uncovered is clear that the fraud was properly and meticulously planned, carefully coordinated and skilfully executed.”
    HEHEHEHEHE! rightly describing the Cashgate.

  43. shagugu Mafumu says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha haa! Bola aweluzidwe, paja mumatero kenako timva kuti alibe mlandu

  44. APM says:

    Lawyers, Lawyers. Whats wrong with you. You want to get rich fast. You think you can defend yourselves and not go to jail. Just know that what goes around comes around. There will always be lawyers prosecuting and another lawyer defending and yet another lawyer judging and then things will fall fall apart. Chinambalala. Tiyeni nazoni. Musova.

  45. vindere says:

    Kunenepa chimutu chifukwa cha ndalama za cashgate. Mxiiii!!

  46. madalamadala says:

    mmmm bola zithe ntunda otherwise boma lililonse limayamba chonchi

  47. Just burn them into ashes.

  48. gwede says:

    Vikwidzingeni vibekete Vikwidzingeni

  49. Chikondi says:

    Welcum development

  50. lufina says:

    Chioko is a big crook this is well known to many in the legal fraternity. All his clients left him at his container law firm in Vanmali house. I am not surprised he was involved in Cashgate because he is a poor Lawyer

  51. Peter Muthanyula says:

    Lock all of the up. Malawi is poorer today because of these thugs (except Chris Tukula, of course)

  52. Abiti Mtila says:

    Yes! ACB go!Go!Go! We are waiting for more arrests as per the cash gate report. Judges, hand these thugs quick and stiff sentences. Amanyada anthu amenewa

  53. Nohakhelha says:

    Mmmmmm….. Tiona tsogolo lake mene lithere…. Zisandipweteketse mutu izi! Iyaaaa!!!!

  54. kold says:

    Tiyeni nazoni, ife tikuwerenga basi!!! More fire, a Malawi tavutika kwabasi ife shaaaaa. Atleast am half releaved, moti ndisamadandaule ndikamayendera ka nissan march kanga kaja eti. Ena akunjoyela zokuba.

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