Lawyer Mbeta accused of bribing Malawi Revenue Authority officer -report

The Anti-Corruption Bureau made an application at the High Court in Zomba to discharge the order which stopped private practice lawyer Frank Mbeta’s arrest and subsequent order for judicial review.

Matemba: Mbeta accused of bribery

Matemba: Mbeta accused of bribery

The busting agency has submitted that Mbeta is wanted for bribing an officer from the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA)., The Nation reported on Wednesday.

ACB deputy director general Reyneck Matemba said in a sworn affidavit on February 9 this year, that ACB received a complaint from MRA commissioner general Raphael Kamoto that Mbeta had offered MRA information and communications technology (ICT) security manager Wilson Upindi K2 million to delete information from three computers seized from a suspect   on tax evasion charges.

The bureau further alleges that Mbeta misinformed the court as his warrant of arrest was not linked to issues surrounding his client, Karamat Ullah Chaudry, who allegedly deposited K2 million into the personal bank account of ACB director general Lucas Kondowe.

“That from the foregoing, it is very clear that the warrant of arrest and the warrant of access, search and seizure that the respondent had obtained against the applicant [ACB] had nothing to do with the allegations made that his [Mbeta’s] summoning to ACB was made in bad faith, further that the decision to summon the applicant was actuated by the respondent’s personal vendetta, malice in circumstances clearly demonstrating abuse or improper use of power,” reads Matemba’s affidavit:

Upindi alerted his boss, director of ICT at MRA, Maxwell Mlomba, who took custody of the computers and advised him to meet Mbeta and accept the K2 million which he collected in a black plastic bag at Chichiri Shopping Centre in Blantyre on November 28 2014 and handed over to his bosses.

The High Court has since set May 18 as the date when ACB’s application to vacate the order would be heard before judge Zione Ntaba in Zomba.

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24 thoughts on “Lawyer Mbeta accused of bribing Malawi Revenue Authority officer -report”

  1. Chembeta's Friend says:

    Kanyama, awa a case to answer wa sanamuphunzitse Frank. By the time Frank was ku Law School, awa anali atasiya kuphunzitsa.

  2. Kanyama Chima says:

    Student of the guy who has a case to answer for conspiracy to murder. Ma graduates a University ranked number ninety-ninth.

  3. makani says:

    mukapeza umboni oti anayenda ndi mkazi wanu mukumangowasiya? Why cant you plot just to KILL him. Ine sipangadutse mwezi alimoyo nanji ndimamwa nawo mowa sangalimbe amene zakuchitikilani hire me.

  4. chejali says:

    Kkkkkkk sindikkupanga nao

  5. Dr Moo Tha Leeker says:

    Malawi being ruled by fake lawyers including mwamuna wake wa Getu. Zotsatila ndi zimenezo. MRA CG your days are numbered. Ng’oma yolilitsa sichedwa kusweka

  6. Watcher 40 says:

    Choka iwe Mpopoma ndiye unamva kuti ma career enawa ndi ambuli?Basi ntchito kuloweza some Archaic Latin terms ndikuvala ziguduli zoyera anakupangani nazo colonise ma British?Ma lawyer apa university ranked 99th in Africa kuposedwa even ndi Mogadishu imene amaphunzira Ali shabaab ikunzumila pa zenela.What good can come out of it.Ntchito kukhalira umbava pamalawi to lead lifestyles that do not even match your genuine salaries.Malawi is sinking down on daily basis with that useless Unima mentality.

  7. frank says:

    Maloya abwino alipo eg Mmeta he is superb.

    1. Mmeta and several others.

  8. mpopoma says:

    Nsanje inu school ya uloya ndi ya anthu a nzerutu. Inu munali kuti ku phunzira. Asiye maloya a sangalatsidwe. MRA;AB are all corrupt including andale ambiri.


  10. Reasonable Man says:

    wawa bambo a chiwerewere a Mbeta. Mnchindo siunakukwaneni mwati muchinde justice?

  11. Eish says:

    Pali Lawyer wina waku MRA his name is Tambulasi hule mapeto. Kunyenga mwakathithi kuba mkati. Lets blame the one who trained them, he taught them to fuck eish. He is my neba ku Chileka mkazake kuchita kumvetsa chisoni ndi ana bambo wao kuchinda atsikana onse pa MRA offices pa Msonkho House.

  12. NYATWA says:

    Lawyers are thieves u know why Malawians??? they deal wth thieves and crooks as wel nothing new here. the way police men are always savages just because they deal wth saveges as wel.

  13. decent citizen says:

    Tima lawyer tambiri ta pamalawi do not have any integrity.Akati u lawyer means to have alot of mistresses and falling with beers in drinking places money from various katangale.Let this Mbeta get arrested and debarred from practising law in Malawi.Nobody is above the law.Why should be prison made for only poor defenseless people?

  14. makani says:

    Yakowela umboni ndi omwewo wopereka ndalamawo timumanga mbetayi sakhalanso mbeta akhala nkwati. Anajambulidwa akupereka ndalamazo. Komanso akatenga ma call logs ku airtel or tnm pakwana.

  15. My Lord says:

    Mbeta likes money osati ntchito. Ma cases oti sadyapo sapanga. These lawyers mmmm. A friend of mine lost all he had and lost all cases. Wakubadi mwanayi. Ndarama zochindila amazitenga kuti?

  16. Chemtukanika says:

    Heyi,iwe,zotukwana pano ayi.Ngati anakubera kapena kukunyengera mkazi wako bwanji osakadandaula ku khoti?Kungozolowera kutukwana basi.

  17. Azadziwika says:

    I strongly agree with Bwangazi, Yakowela and mmalawi that the country’s lawyers all thieves. This is not excluding the Judges and magistrates. The like Kandako Mhone and Ralph Kasambara coincidentally both from Nkhatabay. eeeh Nyatwa adaaah!!

  18. chaiwone wawo says:

    Mbeta had a bright future but he is quickly digging a grave for himself as well as his profession. Sad. The earlier he sobers up the better

  19. clement says:

    Mbeta atha ngati Kasambara. Akuchenjera mopusa

  20. makito says:

    And you think Malawi can develop?????? Lawyers a pa Malawi. They have been doing this for a long long time. Their affluence and opulence had nothing to do with their hard work, but shady deals to circumvent justice.

  21. Yakowela says:

    MRA take care. Did mr Upindi sign for receiving that money? Did mr Mbeta sign having given the money to mr Upindi? What evidence is there to prove that the money came from mr Mbeta?

  22. bwangazi says:

    Mbeta mbeta!!!! I insulted this boy this other time and some idiots called me names!!!!! I have no trust in these lawyers trained at chirunga!!! What they know best is stealing and fucking other peoples wives!!!! Nonse ma lawyer akuba pa thako panu!!! Nyini za manu!!!! Zitsiru za anthu!!!! Zakuthako basi!!!!

  23. mmalawi says:

    Ma Lawyer a ku Malawi ndi mbava zedi. Mmalo moti athandize kuthetsa umbava ndi amene akulimbikitsa za umbava. Malawi sadzatukuka ndithu. Ambiriwa ndi omwe anaphunzitsidwa ndi Ralph Kasambara.

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