Lawyer’s call not to buy ‘toxic’ assets of Malawi Savings Bank

There is a ‘toxic’ advert by the toxic bank, Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) of a motor vehicle tender after repossession running in the papers from a fellow citizen who cannot afford to repay a loan in this economy.toxic assets
While they are declaring toxic the loans given to their political brethren by the same bank, they are quick to squeeze out every juice from the life of an ordinary citizen struggling to make a life where even flies think of migrating.
Their big political debtors go to sleep peacefully because beasts of burden will carry the yoke.
Where is the fairness? I ask because I am a brother’s keeper.
Who said some people are above the law and some below it? Let the edict be for all, equally.
I am a brother’s keeper and I call for equal justice, fairness and least of all nothing but the whole truth to be the guiding principle. We must not allow selective justice. Because I am a brother’s keeper I do not side with anyone. Stand for the truth. 
I strongly believe we all do. Seriously, together we can pull the plug off on this.
I do trust you all believe in the pearls of natural justice and let it be known that I am not doing this for myself neither am I an interested party in this fiasco.
It must be known clearly that I don’t have any loans with MSB; I can also say it here without fear or contradiction that I have no family members or close friends who have any loans with MSB.
I am simply doing this because I love my country and all its inhabitants. I am doing this because I am my brother’s, and, well my sister’s keeper.
My Call
My humble call is to civil society leaders. Just as we were mobilised to boycott South African stores at the height of xenophobia in South Africa, please call upon Malawians not to buy property repossessed by this toxic bank from ordinary Malawians until after it will have recovered what we lost to its political abusers who want us to shoulder their burden.
This is what my conscious tells me to do and I would be happy to see the Civil Society, activists and all other voices of reason take this direction to show that power is indeed always and I think that we must reclaim the power as citizens and one such civilised way is this one.
Let us stay away from the selective toxic assets from this toxic bank. We must demand all and everything.
Beasts of burden
I, for one, ‘categorically’ refuse to be one. Let’s us not be their beasts burden. We are not. And we must not allow it to happen.
Methinks, by allowing government to proceed on the path they have taken the people will be sending a strong message to government which is that Malawi is for rich, the power are beasts of burden for the rich.
It’s time poor and rich shared the national cake and benefited from policies on national assets equally.
Unto others, do as you wish them do to you. I promise you my fellow citizens, I will not buy a thing on the market from MSB until they clear their toxins. I swear.
Me believe that tomorrow has come.
Let us all be the agents of change that we long for in want. We, are the change and because tomorrow has come, change we will bring.
I am not a beast of burden.
Are you a brother’s keeper?
  • John Gift Mwakhwawa is a renowned vocal Malawian legal expert, a social and political commentator and human right activist.*
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81 thoughts on “Lawyer’s call not to buy ‘toxic’ assets of Malawi Savings Bank”

  1. vin mongu says:

    Bravo to civil society and MCP plus opposition members! The pressure was good on MSB and suddenly Government has known that budget ivuta if Mulli is shielded. assets have to go and they are going. This is modern Malawi. Billy Mayaya now move to parastatals like MRA whihc are taking us forgranted.

  2. Kenkkk says:

    Mwahana, About mulli asset sale, I will believe it when it is done, verified and declared. At the moment it is just a smoke screen just because the British and other donor aid countries have known and commented how stupid this govt has been on the msb scandal.

    Mra should move in and collect the debts, there is no need for the hi r to waste our money to create a special body to collect these msb debts. Mra or acb can do the job effectively If given true backing.

  3. Chigumbuli says:

    You nede Aid but when you get it ,you share it almost the political elites no wonder people leave teaching in universities overseas it’s worth it to do politics in Africa because you actually become rich so quickly

  4. mwahana says:

    Finally DPP government through Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) has succumbed to pressure by advertising for SALE Mulli Assets (Companies) in to-days Daily Times May 21, 2015. Though names not mentioned but it is CHITAKALE Tea Estate, Thuchila Tourist Lodge and Estate and Two other estates in Thyolo.But WHY Act through pressure???????? You wanted to Cashgate Malawians again???????

  5. Chigumbuli says:

    You could attack the author of this article or whatever but the bottom line of the matter is that those owing this bank should settle with the bank before selling it. This is a fact. You could attack on the person of this writer you wont achieve anything.

    This type of behaviour is what has contributed to poverty 50 years after Independence. It’s high time we started thinking about our brothers and sisters who are failing to make ends meet. If only we did our daily businesses in integrity, honesty, accountability and transparency, we could be very far as a country. I mean can you imagine, a White man leaves in 1964 or whatever, and we started ruling ourselves; 50 years down the line we still begging for aid from them??????? It is something else if the percentage of that aid is say maybe 10-15% but we are talking of a budget support which is close to 50%??? What are we? Are we cursed or what? Now in 2015 you still hear of a bank with toxic assets ready to be disposed of? While those responsible for these loans being protected at all costs?

    If my memory serves me well someone has been awarded with a ministerial position, he used to be the boss of this bank; that is in time of Bingu’s era. What does he know about these loans? You are busy prosecuting cash gaters and what do you call this? I mean you get a loan from a State Institution and then you do not want to pay it back? Where is your conscious? So your only motivation for joining politics is money, you don’t really care whether Lilongwe main bus station has been like that since Kamuzu’s time, filthy, very, very dirty, dilapidated but it is in our City?? The money you are abusing could do wonders in places like a bus station or education or health. How long shall Malawi going to rely on donor agencies for development?? If your child goes to Saint Andrews then everything is okay with you? Think twice please.

  6. Chikopa says:

    Apatu chule wadabwa m’madzi muli mwache. Uyu Lawyer lero wati chilungamo palibe? Mmesa amati court ndilo limaunika ngati palibe chilungamo? Apatu padabwitsa. Mwakwiya chifukwa simunapange nawo ma agreements oti boma ligule ngongole zovundazo? Zasiyana bwanji kupha wandu ndikugulitsa banki? Chayipa ndichiti? Poti inu wa Lawyer mumawerenga kwambiri kupeza pavunda khola kuti okupha achoke pamsapha. Inu musazalembenso tidzayankula zambiri zoyipa pantchito yanu.

  7. Kondwerani Jabu says:

    Mukuchedwetsa aGift .Tapangani change.

  8. Josephy sipokosi says:

    Ife ndiye tikudya zaboma zomwezo ingondikirani nthawi imakwana mudzabanso nanu mwina zambiri kuposa zochepazi.we actually thought we had stole enough in millions only for our friends to steal billions thereafter

  9. mwahana says:

    What is happening here?????? Can govt. take over these toxic assets as well or else can the bank advertise Mulli Billion assets to recover the loan he took!!!!!!!

  10. ex umsu president says:

    gift tiyeni tikumbutse ya pa chanco
    demo sitimachedwa paja
    nanga yimeneyi mukuchedwa bwanji

  11. Bololo says:

    If we don’t buy property repossessed by msb and buy those repossessed by other banks, will it be acceptable considering the unfair treatment to Malawians who got loans from other banks other than msb? Why should one who default with msb be excepted? If we extend boycott to every bank in the name of fairness, is it for a right cause and will it serves our banking and payment system well? Do you want msb to fail and stop operating? The fair thing is not a boycott on repossessed property, use other means to make everyone pay back the loans not make everyone not pay.

  12. commenter says:

    Why did he take the bloody loan to buy a bloody car he cannot afford?? Taking the bus YES is always an option! Palibe nkhani apa eeyah!! Amaziputa dala now he will be twice as poor as before because he didn’t have a future plan. He went head on with his plan and never thought to save his money to buy his bloody car in the first place. Ayisova!!!

  13. If i had some money I would buy one

  14. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Thanks, Mr Mankhwawa this is good intended advice.

    And no any lawyer or politicians should say Gift has no interest in MSB.

    Kuba ndi kuzunza basi.

  15. Mbwiye says:


  16. haward says:

    Ndizimenezotu, anadya ndi a Dpp lero akuvutika ndi osauka

  17. Kholophete says:

    First seize Mulli’s properties to offset his debts as well. Mbuzi za milakho inu visyupiti kupusa eti you think we are still Malawians of yesterday? Agalu achabechabe from your president to cabinet

  18. Maximum Prison says:

    Siyani ndiye bwino competition ichepe ife tikagula zimenezi! Shupiti

  19. Biyisikolo says:

    What pains me most is that Peter Mutharika is shielding MULI because is a Lomwe what if the money were with Khumbo Kachali Raph Kasambara, Mzomera Ngwira, Chakwera, Njovuyalema or JB? Peter would be foaming over it saying they have CCTVs on how they were accessing Loans. What a stinking nepopotism and tribalism are being played here. Mayooo dzika langa ine! Mbava zikulamulira dziko lathu.

  20. Bontileti Zwigi says:

    Similarly, let all lawyers should stop defending cashgaters. I feel sory for poor Malawians. we are living in a banana country where everybody does their own things. We are all hypocrates. We are not our brother’s keeper. We laugh when our brother is suffering. Whoever has dipped his hands in cashgate money or in toxic assets is a beast of burden. One day for sure they will cry.

  21. amina says:

    Lets fight on guys the sky is the limit for our fight. Lets not leave anything to these abusers. They should know that Malawi is for all of us.

  22. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    Selective justice indeed. I never expected this to happen under the leadership of a law professor.When politicians took loans from MSB, they tendered sureties equal to loans they took. These sureties are now in safe custody of MSB. Now that there default on payment, sureties should be auctioned (just as they selling the vehicles) as loan repayment. Does DPP Govt. mean these politicians tendered taxes of poor Malawians as their surety? No, God forbids! The DPP Govt. is abusing power intrusted to it. This leadership, brings to memory what I read in Animal Farm (Manor Farm) in 1973 at Secondary School. Some animals are more equal than others. I urge MSB to impound sureties of these politicians and auction them as they are doing with the impounded vehicles. Please do so now!

  23. Chitonombe says:

    I support the call

  24. Khwethemu says:

    Osagula zimenezo. Agaru amenewa. Agule okha

  25. NAMULEPE says:

    Very poor writing! I can’t believe this person is a lawyer.

  26. zingalume says:

    zoona zokha zokha mwalembazi Phiri!

  27. Kulibe kantu says:

    I see a revolution coming in Malawi. People are tired of thieves.

  28. vyaya says:

    Malawi at crossroads…citizens yake ili mtulo mkonono tiriiiiiiiiiiiiio if it was Burundi atagodolla kalekale govt cant dare have poor pay huge loans for Mulli and we are all phwiiiii thinking one person Kapito (who has been bought apparently this time) to rise ip???? Mwakhwawa wont go further than this article period. You will see zithera ma articles basi. Hehehe country going in circles. Shame

  29. Kamuzu Banda says:

    This is the John Gift Mwankhwawa I know. Atchetya muimenegso

  30. Christopher says:

    These are facts and must be heard by MR. IAN BONONGWE and his friends.

    Shame on you guys.

    You then call your self people of integrity! Is so why don’t you disassociate yourself with these dealings.


  31. Nambewe says:

    John I agree with you. ..akuti collecting debts one at a time.MSB and your political masters what do you take us for….?

  32. Charlie Hebdo says:

    Wise words. Wouldn’t have put it any better.

  33. Achikachinja says:

    bravo a gibo, these fuckers are taking us for granted ” say no to toxic assets”




    Whether it’s a “Curse of the Mutharikas” or some other random misfortune remains unclear. What is almost certain, though, is that APM will not help Malawi.
    Events surrounding the sale of MSB seem to reinforce the view that some cabal has overtaken APM’s presidency and that he himself has been reduced to a mere PUPPET of some kind.
    Tell you what? If APM fails to assert his authority over this (tribal) cabal within a short time,his presidency will not last.
    How does he fail to see that the current scenes are reminiscent of what happened during his brother’s final years? Strangely enough, like his brother, APM is also unable to pay attention to what people are saying!!!!

  36. ujeni says:

    Government should reposess Mulli’s dwelling property, cars for a start.

  37. Mphondo says:

    If all Malawians could be thinking like you, this country would have been a better place to live in

  38. dar says:

    Kodi inu simukudziwa kuti Bankyi akugula ndi Peter amene ali main share holder thru M Development Ltd 55% mu FDH, M atha kukhala Muthalika. akuluakulu evil imachokera patali. Inu munaona kuti kuti ukugulitsa chithu chako pa 4.9Billion ndiye ogulayo mkunena kuti muyiikemo 6Billion kuti ine ndigule 4.9Billion, Bushit; day light robery, kuba kwenikweni. then why selling? Munthu akamaba olo utamutengera Baubolo munthu yo aba basi anafika poludzuwala, 92billion went 16Billion anthu akumangidwa, zautsiru


  40. Margaret says:

    I totally agree with the author. This is double standards at its best and we must put a stop to this. Can this be stopped legally as well, like an injunction or something?

  41. Massive says:

    Kodi anyani amene amkatenga ndalamawa mukuti amatenga under what pretext. Palibe amene atagure galimoto imeneyi. Kodi anthufe sitingathe kukalanda mwatokha katundu kwa anthu amene boma likufuna kuwalipirira ngongolewa? Dzatopesa tsopano.

  42. Soothsayer says:

    Life cannot be any unfairer than what the DPP led government is planning to do. Where is the love for the poor which politicians proclaim to propagate gone? Based on activities such as this and many hidden ones, I do not trust that all donations for the flood victims are channeled to the intended beneficiaries.

  43. ENOCH says:

    John this is the way to go about this nonsense and if there is a way of stopping this let there be like the Toxic Bank to unconditionally withdraw the sale of this poor vehicle if any thing they should start with Mulli and friends in auctioning their assets am tired with this

  44. Edu Gondwe says:

    Those with the technical know how and not technical know who please wise me up whether it is ethical for a bank to give you a loan and for the same bank to be a surety for the same loan they have given you.

  45. Akulisinga says:

    tionetsetse ati aguleyo kumuotchera galimotoyo. msb abwezereni onse munawalanda katundu chifukwa cholephera kubweza kangongole ka less than K200,000.

  46. chaiwone wawo says:

    This is the way to go. We are sleepy Malawians but we can wake up and hold people accountable. Let us support this call. The CSO demonstrations on MSB were good but the time given to government to sort the mess is too much. We can do better. Can we stage a continuous demonstration like those in Egypt a few years ago? that is what Malawi leaders want. If we remain soft on these issues the leaders will never do the right things. I am also not a beast of burden.

  47. Njokaluzi says:

    a MSB mulibusy kusiya achina Varebo and Maranatha Schools, ntchito kulimbana ndi ma small fish.

  48. chomoncho says:

    This message should be put on all social media as well as daily newspapers and non pro govt radio stations to the message reaches all citizens of our once beautiful country.

  49. Kikikiki says:

    Zoona, koma this Nissan note belonged to a dismissed employee of the bank.

  50. Mmalawi says:

    Toxic article on really toxic topic. I wish Toxic Peter read this toxically and all toxic Malawians need to take heed of this toxic advice. Lets refuse to spend our toxic money on these toxic asset. Lest we become toxic country. Big up Mwakhwawa

  51. kanyimbi says:

    Even some poor farmers have lost their items by MARDEF yet these same farmers when they produce more they help the economy of this country to improve. Please may the government consider the poor Malawians.

  52. Mmalawi says:

    Toxic article on really toxic topic. I wish Toxic Peter read this toxically and all toxic Malawians need to take heed of this toxic advice. Lets refuce to spend our toxic money on these toxic asset. Lest we become toxic country. Big up Mwakhwawa

  53. mfumusinyasa says:

    Where are the Kapitos. Can they drum up support for the boycot. Or they are eating hence cant speak. This is just the right time yo hit back and rally behind our victimised brothers who experienced the full venom of a garnishee order

  54. nthoki says:

    You have a point…We hear you brother !

  55. Greese says:

    Stupid advice from a stupid and frustrated law technician. Who told you you are legal expert? Kufuna eti?

  56. Chief Cadet says:

    Tiyeni nawo ife tiri pambuyopo tifera dziko lathu ! Abweze zathu APM or Goodwel osamubwereka zanu Mulli bwanji? Britain walowereranso Asova agalu akubawa

  57. Wadya Kake alibe mbiri says:

    Nyc article JGM, this world is unfair

  58. Anaphiri says:

    Cry my beloved country,,, malawi

  59. kulanda kagalimoto kangongole ya K100,000-,some have freightliners,fortuners and mansions u msb are failing to reposes and going for someone working hard to make it in life,kalandeni katundu wa anthu anatenga ma billion,pliz lets contribute and payoff the nissan owners debt to show them that the poor can assist each other.

  60. councillor says:

    thats the way to go, no one is more malawian than others, follow chinua achebe’s style where the sun first shine on the tall before the short

  61. nkunthamasese says:

    Know that behind mulli there is bingu.

  62. nabiyeni says:

    Well written Gift!

  63. MOG says:

    Woe! to all these miguided, heartless robbers of a poor man in the village. You will one day wake up in dismay, trying to hide from The Heavenly Eye while other are running for it. Afflictions after afflictions will your way of life, until you come to your senses and pay back the last penny.

  64. MKB says:

    Indeed THC

  65. CHEKUCHEKU says:

    Am A Malawian And Let Me Tell U That I Dont Own A Bank. Sell The Bank Or Not I Dont Care. I Care For My Two Boys And My Wife. Go To Hell With Your Stupidity. U Will Forget About Other Issues Like Fedralizim And Seseshon. Mukuchedwe2 Atumbuka Inu Simuphula Kanthu. Achina Muthalikawa Simuwatha Sure.

    1. phwado says:

      Chekucheku u must be one of these stinking assholes!

  66. Wa-Makala says:

    Now we are talking…. ikani phazi pa lata!!! This is a modest call to sense, a call into the right direction, a call for some powerful few to come to their senses.

  67. hon says:

    I salute you John mwakhwawa,u are a genius, i like ur effort on this issue. We are bn robbed here and i wish to applaud the opposition for their effort which they are doing on this issue

  68. Thembwe says:

    Time is now. This Satanism must end.

  69. wakale says:

    Nthawi zonse DPP ikalowa m boma imabweletsa chisokonezo kwambiri. Ku road traffic, mra ,macra……….plz plz ife Osaka kale tizibwezanso ngongole za mulli…..zoooona? Ambuye mwamuona wa satanic uja wayambapo , ingomutengani msanga kuti tiamange bwino enawa asanamere mapiko. boma lakuba ndi mbendera ili ,tiona ngati ugonere chaka chino. ine nde ndanenera m bale

  70. Wanyaunthali says:

    It’s as good as milking a thin cow or killing a dead man. Guys who got hefty loans from the bank are basking in glory while the are forced to the yolk!!!! Really? ???

  71. peter muthanyula says:

    Mwakhwawa is right. The bank has to focus on recovering the big monies from the elite, osati these poor people who are struggling in their everyday lives.

  72. sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    They have always been selective justice in Malawi?When did you realise this?Where there is money there are no educational morals and integrity with Malawian lawyers.If you go to prison,the prison is conjested with poor who cannot afford a legal fee.Muluzi went with 1.7 billion feigning illness that he had some back illness.What happened?He is enjoying the loot while Malawians are in dire poverty.Bingu stole alot luckily or unluckily cardiac arrested him.The 92 billion issue of Dpp time is under the carpet since Pitala is on the steering wheel.The cashgate of Joyce Banda and her friends mphwiyo and Lutepo is leading no where.MSB issue will not go far because Mulli and other crooked Pitala’s cronies are involved and eventually it will lead nowhere.Lawyers in Malawi have no morals.They are all money hungry.Probably that’s what they were taught at the 99th university in Africa of Unima.John Gift Mwakhwawa when did u realise of selective justicce in Malawi?Are you waking from slumber after having one or two?

  73. He says:

    And one of these defaulters owns a hammer in Blantyre!

  74. zonena says:

    Bravo gift makhwawa
    that is the way to go
    even those cash loans they must not be pressurised
    palibenso zoti msb itolalere ngongole from the poor before the big fish pays back their loans.

    injunction basi

  75. Nkhedu says:

    Shaaa!!! Zimenezo amapanga ndi anthu a Toxic party.

  76. Presidential Advisor says:

    …tomorrow has come, so much in that statement my Umsu president – timely announcement!

  77. dalitso says:

    I agree, the only way we can have real power as citizens is to show the government that we are not stupid as they think. Let us agree in one accord when it comes to issues of our national interest. Time is long gone when politicians should think that politics is their weapons to enrich themselves through dubious deals. Let us stop this madness and proclaim that never again aby form of cashgate ib Malawi. We need hospitals, medicines, infrastructures so that our children can have a better life tomorrow. Enough is enough.

  78. Gologota wapaMtamba says:

    Akuyishosha dala akufuna awone aMalawi pamseu

  79. lesta says:

    All patriotic malawians must stand up against this day light ronbery of MSB bank please lets burry our political allignments and fight for this country by stoping gvt from selling MSB

  80. mphini za mutchafu says:

    Zoona inu a toxic bank kumulanda poorman ka nissan not kusiya big fishes mulli mwanamveka and others who owe the bank millions and they can be corned to pau bank why selective justice

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