Lawyer’s call not to buy ‘toxic’ assets of Malawi Savings Bank

There is a ‘toxic’ advert by the toxic bank, Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) of a motor vehicle tender after repossession running in the papers from a fellow citizen who cannot afford to repay a loan in this economy.toxic assets
While they are declaring toxic the loans given to their political brethren by the same bank, they are quick to squeeze out every juice from the life of an ordinary citizen struggling to make a life where even flies think of migrating.
Their big political debtors go to sleep peacefully because beasts of burden will carry the yoke.
Where is the fairness? I ask because I am a brother’s keeper.
Who said some people are above the law and some below it? Let the edict be for all, equally.
I am a brother’s keeper and I call for equal justice, fairness and least of all nothing but the whole truth to be the guiding principle. We must not allow selective justice. Because I am a brother’s keeper I do not side with anyone. Stand for the truth. 
I strongly believe we all do. Seriously, together we can pull the plug off on this.
I do trust you all believe in the pearls of natural justice and let it be known that I am not doing this for myself neither am I an interested party in this fiasco.
It must be known clearly that I don’t have any loans with MSB; I can also say it here without fear or contradiction that I have no family members or close friends who have any loans with MSB.
I am simply doing this because I love my country and all its inhabitants. I am doing this because I am my brother’s, and, well my sister’s keeper.
My Call
My humble call is to civil society leaders. Just as we were mobilised to boycott South African stores at the height of xenophobia in South Africa, please call upon Malawians not to buy property repossessed by this toxic bank from ordinary Malawians until after it will have recovered what we lost to its political abusers who want us to shoulder their burden.
This is what my conscious tells me to do and I would be happy to see the Civil Society, activists and all other voices of reason take this direction to show that power is indeed always and I think that we must reclaim the power as citizens and one such civilised way is this one.
Let us stay away from the selective toxic assets from this toxic bank. We must demand all and everything.
Beasts of burden
I, for one, ‘categorically’ refuse to be one. Let’s us not be their beasts burden. We are not. And we must not allow it to happen.
Methinks, by allowing government to proceed on the path they have taken the people will be sending a strong message to government which is that Malawi is for rich, the power are beasts of burden for the rich.
It’s time poor and rich shared the national cake and benefited from policies on national assets equally.
Unto others, do as you wish them do to you. I promise you my fellow citizens, I will not buy a thing on the market from MSB until they clear their toxins. I swear.
Me believe that tomorrow has come.
Let us all be the agents of change that we long for in want. We, are the change and because tomorrow has come, change we will bring.
I am not a beast of burden.
Are you a brother’s keeper?
  • John Gift Mwakhwawa is a renowned vocal Malawian legal expert, a social and political commentator and human right activist.*
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vin mongu

Bravo to civil society and MCP plus opposition members! The pressure was good on MSB and suddenly Government has known that budget ivuta if Mulli is shielded. assets have to go and they are going. This is modern Malawi. Billy Mayaya now move to parastatals like MRA whihc are taking us forgranted.


Mwahana, About mulli asset sale, I will believe it when it is done, verified and declared. At the moment it is just a smoke screen just because the British and other donor aid countries have known and commented how stupid this govt has been on the msb scandal.

Mra should move in and collect the debts, there is no need for the hi r to waste our money to create a special body to collect these msb debts. Mra or acb can do the job effectively If given true backing.


You nede Aid but when you get it ,you share it almost the political elites no wonder people leave teaching in universities overseas it’s worth it to do politics in Africa because you actually become rich so quickly


Finally DPP government through Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) has succumbed to pressure by advertising for SALE Mulli Assets (Companies) in to-days Daily Times May 21, 2015. Though names not mentioned but it is CHITAKALE Tea Estate, Thuchila Tourist Lodge and Estate and Two other estates in Thyolo.But WHY Act through pressure???????? You wanted to Cashgate Malawians again???????

You could attack the author of this article or whatever but the bottom line of the matter is that those owing this bank should settle with the bank before selling it. This is a fact. You could attack on the person of this writer you wont achieve anything. This type of behaviour is what has contributed to poverty 50 years after Independence. It’s high time we started thinking about our brothers and sisters who are failing to make ends meet. If only we did our daily businesses in integrity, honesty, accountability and transparency, we could be very far as a… Read more »

Apatu chule wadabwa m’madzi muli mwache. Uyu Lawyer lero wati chilungamo palibe? Mmesa amati court ndilo limaunika ngati palibe chilungamo? Apatu padabwitsa. Mwakwiya chifukwa simunapange nawo ma agreements oti boma ligule ngongole zovundazo? Zasiyana bwanji kupha wandu ndikugulitsa banki? Chayipa ndichiti? Poti inu wa Lawyer mumawerenga kwambiri kupeza pavunda khola kuti okupha achoke pamsapha. Inu musazalembenso tidzayankula zambiri zoyipa pantchito yanu.

Kondwerani Jabu

Mukuchedwetsa aGift .Tapangani change.

Josephy sipokosi

Ife ndiye tikudya zaboma zomwezo ingondikirani nthawi imakwana mudzabanso nanu mwina zambiri kuposa zochepazi.we actually thought we had stole enough in millions only for our friends to steal billions thereafter


What is happening here?????? Can govt. take over these toxic assets as well or else can the bank advertise Mulli Billion assets to recover the loan he took!!!!!!!

ex umsu president

gift tiyeni tikumbutse ya pa chanco
demo sitimachedwa paja
nanga yimeneyi mukuchedwa bwanji

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