Leadership is ‘love affair’, Malawi’s Joyce Banda tells US university student leaders

Malawi’s former president Joyce Banda, the founder of Joyce Banda Foundation International (JBFI), says she believes in ‘Servant Leadership’ where leaders listen to the people and adequately address their aspirations.

Joyce Banda addressing the university  student leaders in United States

Joyce Banda addressing the university student leaders in United States

The US university students leaders listening to Joyce Banda

The US university students leaders listening to Joyce Banda

JB with the US university  student leaders

JB with the US university student leaders

JB having a chat with one of the students

JB having a chat with one of the students

Bandasaid this on Saturday, October 17, 2015, when she addressed university student leaders from across the United States of America who have been gathering in Washington DC under the umbrella of the National Student Leadership Forum (NSLF).

“Gone are the days when leaders could oppress the people. If they attempt to do it; if they are locked up in the past, they are learning the hard way because the people show them the exit door; leaders are emerging even from the marketplace place; people are choosing leaders from amongst themselves,” said Banda.

This year’s events began on Friday, October 16 and ends on Sunday, October 18, 2015.

The NSLF is a three-day annual event that brings together a diverse group of university leaders from across the country. The NSLF program is intentionally relational. Students interact with fellow students, recent college graduates, young professionals and established adults from the political, business and social service sectors of society.

Though the specifics of the forum shift slightly from year to year, core activities include keynote speeches by various political leaders, small group breakout sessions after larger meetings, panel discussions and more.

According to a statement issued by Banda’s media assistant, Tusekele Mwanyongo, Banda addressed about 350 university student leaders at the Hyatt Hotel in Washington DC.

“Among the student leaders, was a Malawian studying in the US, Wongani Mtika,” reads the statement made available to Nyasa Times on Sunday, October 18, 2015.

It says Banda’s address centered on the subject of ‘Servant Leadership.’ She shared her life lessons that she said prepared her ahead of becoming a ‘Servant Leader’.

“I am here to share with you the lessons that I learnt on the journey before I became a politician and Head of State.

“Leaders fall in love with the people they serve and the people fall in love with their leader. That kind of leadership with the masses endures all,” she said.

The former Head of State advised the student leaders to ensure that they must draw up a ‘mission statement’, saying she had one when she was 31 years old. Banda said that choices the youth make in life today push them either forward or backward.

“My mission in life is to assist the women and youth gain social and political empowerment through entrepreneurship and education,” she said, adding that some of initiatives she has championed, based on her mission statement, have been “life-changing.”

Banda cited her setting up of the National Business Women Association of Malawi (NABW) in 1989, a grass-root organization that distributes soft loans to small and medium scale business women, as having been “phenomenal” in economically empowering grassroots women.

The former president later answered a number of questions from the students on various leadership issues, including what challenges she faced as Head of State in a patriarchal set up. She said while challenges will always be there, she enjoyed a lot of support from Malawians, particularly men, which made her life easier as a leader.

She attributed this to her ‘inclusive’ approach to leadership where took everyone on board “regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or religion”.

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62 thoughts on “Leadership is ‘love affair’, Malawi’s Joyce Banda tells US university student leaders”

  1. Joni Phiri says:

    Koyamba Ine Kumva Mboni Ikukana Boma Lichitepo Kanthu Ife Zikutiwawa Tiotcha Jb Foundation

  2. Patson says:

    Don’t touch jb hands off

  3. Asambizi says:

    I love this lady

  4. bwanankubwa says:

    just come back yaya ‘east west home is best” mpaka kumangosewera ndi ana a azungu chonchi? Should we say malawian children are uglier than those of the white? Sometime problems are solved when one surrenders herself. Anzanutu munawalowetsa mndende aja anatulukako.

  5. Come back and explain the cashgate. We wonder why you have abandoned your country. Opusa ndamene amakulandirawo.

  6. His Excellency the Life President Wolemekezeka Mkango Lion Chivomorezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Joyce Banda will you marry me please

  7. Manuel says:

    Mayi uyu angolandidwa passport ya president basi, amupatse ya wamba, angationongere nayo zambiri. Akanakhala civilized adakangobweza yekha koma chimidzimidzi chake chimenechi ofunika kulanda ndi ndodo m’manja. A immigration mukutani?

  8. Aubrey Zambika says:

    How people we forget we insult jb for 1 devaluation was it not the chikaondas who were meeting at Limbe cathedral and giving Bingu the ultimatum that if he doesn’t devalue the kwacha he should resign was it not the very news papers and the people of Malawi were crying how expensive is to maintain the jet. Lets go back and see what the limbe cathedral conditions for Bingu presidency were you will agree that nothing wrong jb did coz tha whole country is what was expecting to be done so when jb did it wrong then its because of us Malawians

  9. emmanuel says:

    This is how wicked this western pale people are. They are so wicked that even when the devil listen to them. They will give him wings to fly, to make in an angel. One now wonders is she candidate for USA presidency?
    Shalom Russia

  10. ADE says:


  11. Mwedyo says:

    She surely can address people whereever she goes in the States. Unlike APM who addressed chairs when he went to Yale the other day. JB is a real international icon.

  12. Peter Mathanyula says:

    Has Malawi ever have leaders since the departure of genuine Ngwazi, tell me their names please???????

  13. benjnes says:

    JB is a thief. its only these daft azungu’s can accept the nonsense she is giving she is a criminal and a theif

  14. wongie says:

    JB tell the truth not lies. You had bigger ears but you were listening less. All what you new as a servant leader were:
    1. Cashgating our monies
    2. Globaltroting thus spending our hardearned taxes
    3.Selling our only jet
    4.Heavy devaluation of kwacha
    5.Hidding our maize in the pretence that it got rotten
    6.Putting lives of the Lomwe under panic-you thought yopu will survive, no no no no.
    7. Enjoying only two years of leadership through inherentance as if it was kingdom.
    8.Governemnt monies were found everywhere without control.
    9. Yiou did not check your mouth when talking like yousaid that you knew who shot your Finance Director Mphwiyo yet you are not coming to witness in court. You shit.
    10. Dont cheat people out there that yoiu were in love with the Malawians no, who cried that Malawi was handling you badly because you were a woman? why did malawians vote for you in 2014?
    11 Mama tell the truth to shame devils.Nyasatimes can you remove JB face from here .I am feeling like vomiting upon seeing it.

  15. Ambele says:

    A real God given gift cannot be supressed. Joyce akumvekabe kulephela kumuipitsa, kumudetsa, kumunyoza koma uyo akumvekabe, God be with you mama

  16. Mugonapamhanya says:


  17. Rodgers Banda says:

    That is what we call a leader. Malawi would have been better now.

  18. Masharubu says:

    I hope I can be allowed to borrow a passage from the Holy Bible and ask JB a rhetorical question:
    “For, what shall it profit a woman to win over the whole international community but fail to remove the question marks hanging over her name in her own country? “

  19. Strange Leadership ideology says:

    Mayi your leadership ideology of falling in love and the servants falling in love sounds mediocre and befitting an international stage where you were ushered. It is theoretical and can only happen in utopia. The same amayi mediocrity been taken to international stage and the nation you are putting to shame is still the Malawi Nation. Who advises you mum? Did you fall in love with Malawians? Why did you champion looting of public funds for your 2014 campaign if you loved Malawians. Did Malawians fall in love with you? Why did they embarrassingly evict you from office of the president reducing you not even to no. 2 loser but rather no 3 loser? Please hit international stage with well researched stuff. Use some leadership models and argue your case around these models proving they work or they do not. Those of you who are busy tooting this dead wood called former president please help her to rise to the occasion. Her public lectures are empty and not inspiring typical of public lectures from a person who did not go through corridors of higher education.

  20. chemwali kulibe says:

    mayi wabwino uyu odziwa za mavuto a anthu osati enawa ma dictator kutibera ndalama 577 million kwacha koma osafufuza.umbuli amalawi kuwombera mfiti mmanja shupid zanu.Dzino lawonongeka beyond human imagination.Fake proffessor, bububu ndithu .

  21. backbencher says:

    She z being used by th whites..

  22. zoonadi says:

    Servant leaders! Easier said than done. Tell me if she ever listened herself.,

  23. Real Patriot says:

    Mukalimaliza lecturing ku US you should end up as a headmistress of Joyce Banda Foundation.Mukuoneka kuti uphunzitsi mwaukonda kwabasi.Some of the students looks bored.What are they getting from the Tutor from one of the poorest country on earth planet?These lectures are not helping Malawi at all.Its time you came home and explained to Malawians how you cleaned us of our taxes with your friends like Lutepo,Mphwiyo and others.Come back Mama to clear your name of cashgate issues and put everything at rest.

  24. Munthu osazindikira chimodzimodzi ndi okufa who can not tell and think most Malawians are dead in their head chilungamo chowawa if some are still thinking that all this mess in Malawi is because of JB then you are dead who can not see. And muvutika cifukwa cha umbuli wanu in Malawi mwachuluka mbuli muli anthu opita ku sukulu koma ali mbuli. This is dangerous for the country.

  25. I will always appreciate your love for the needer people. Hope those who are wise need you in Malawi.we are waiting for you

  26. Mafikizolo says:

    There goes JB, doing what she knows best : mesmerising and putting foreigners under her spell . Unfortunately, foreigners do not vote in Malawi presidential elections . The people she needs to impress are right here in her home country, and they are now tired hearing about her prolonged stay abroad .

  27. naperi says:

    JB.Was your short tenure as Prez a love affair or a one stand or political masturbation?

  28. chivwamba says:

    Nanunso mnaonjeza kuyenda. Everyday kugawa chimanga. It ws not necessary. Day by day holding a political rally ws so expensive for the government. You never took any advice on that. Sorry mama that wad wronh

  29. mtate mike rsa says:

    I love u mam a’m proud of u only the shit pipo those without eyez.during ur time malawi was abetter place to live but today is amissary.

  30. BRAJOE says:

    Nsanjezo tango fulashani mutoilet zipite ndi ndi madzi, this mama is in US telling the US university students not you opusa, osawuka anthu apitala mutharika, ndiponso sadanene zonyoza apa.alomwe inu muziganiza musanayankhule ngati kuli kukhuta tea wongotafuna chifukwa chanjala mugwa nazo mavuto.mayi akuti a leaders fall in love with the people and the people fall in love with the leader. (True its a one way traffic) people of malawi loved peter that’s why they voted him but what are malawian are gaining back? nothing.APM hates all malawians that’s why he is shouting at his people.shame on you less thinking people who supports him becoz of the tribe.Muzatikumbuka madzi akafika mkhosi. GOD IS GREAT.

  31. mtochi says:

    Foolish peter.if ur already rich go back and stay in America then.

  32. mfana wa ma plain says:

    masteni, you are just embarrasing yourself with these never-ending lectures in the US. these people have no idea what you are talking about because they’ve never seen dictatorship, bad governance, thieving presidents, donor aid, failed health system, useless judiciary, silly parliament or extreme poverty. they don’t know these things.

    just come home where real problems exist. why are you the only former president in the whole world who is travelling so much? don’t be a sideshow mayi.

  33. mtochi says:

    Amai we are crying here,we are under a drunkard president.when drunk he bangs tables to his bosses the taxi payers

  34. Patriot says:

    Ma kadeti kaya amakunyasani kaya amatani, koma KWA MASIKU 100 ANABWEZERETSA FOREX, DIZILO, PETULO, BRITISH HIGH COMMISSIONER.

  35. mfiti mayaya says:

    The continued parading of joice banda in europe and america is a simple demonstration of how white people undermine African ideologies and agenda by suporting puppet leaders to dislodge strong and principled African leaders. How many times should we tell white hypocrites that their joice banda failed elections (while in power) to position 3 because of her arrogance and poor and pathetic leadership?. How many times should whites be told that their joice banda is wanted in Malawi because she store money through cashgate that’s why she is afraid to return home? If she really believes in servant leadership, why doesn’t she come back to suffer with fellow citizens in Malawi? I have now lost any trust in you white people. You practice double standards and we are watching this. That’s why I support China, Iran, the East, Russia and Syria because their actions are more sensible that the shameless hypocrites of the west.

  36. cheyo the real northerner says:

    Whatever JB may showcase, personally I can’t trust. Some of the problems which we are facing today is because of her. She watched the country being cashgated.

  37. Chibankhuni says:

    Ngati anakukwana żako izo,idę amstiwaza osati mbuzi yakoyi yopanda mano mkamwa

  38. defender says:

    koma pali ubale weniweni pakati pa nyasa times ndi JB eti? eee! writing everything positively about JB! haha! koma mwadya zochulukatu! but ife cannot forget;wen JB took over from Bingu; kwacha was 168 to $1 within 3 months got devalued to 344,a yr later 482 to 1$, she sold jet, JB listened to mzungu advice.did it take time b4 malawians started suffering coz of these decisions? atleast Bingu’s eyes could c the conciquencies kkk wat a leader Chitsulo Cha Njanji Was! as not enouch,JB took maize from reserves for her campaign! kkk telling malawians 600 tones chinawola! mfiti yayikazi ndiyoopsadi! we know these errors plus cashgate to u_nyasa_cso are not even mistakes.kkk unpatriotic,tiafiti ting’onong’ono,useless! zoona tiyambitse ziwawa mdzikomuno chifukwa cha JB? mukati JB ankamva za anthu wat do u mean? taking any advice its not a quality of a good leader.a gud leader listens to his advisers then goes to his room and decides the way forward, wat is good 4 the country kkk we nid tough leader yes!

  39. nicca says:

    joice banda u are a lier indeed! u call ur self a llistening leader iweyo? waiwala umkakhalira kuyenda yenda mkumaonga ndalama zathu kuuza kuti mayi muzikhalako mu office iwe mkumangoyankha mwano ndi khumbo kachali wako ukuti sindimapita pa khomo pa manu, have u forgotten so soon? kaya mwina uziwanamiza azungu ako omwewo koma ife ndiye ai ndipo anyasatimes mwasowa chonena za mzimayi tatopa nazo kaya amakuhongani kaya poti nonse ndinu anama cashgate nokha nokha, nonsense!

  40. geo stream says:

    Is it nor the same patriarchal system that put her into power? She was never voted into power. She was picked by a man as vice president. However she messed the country big time.

  41. geo stream says:

    did any of the students ask as why she lost the elections?

  42. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    I don’t see any difference between Joyce and Peter. We tried them and failed. I mean does it make any sense to tout servant leadership when you dismally performed when you were the president? Have Malawians forgotten the dubious sale of the jet, the global trotting, the cashgate of your erra? Again, why are Malawian leaders so naive? How many people in this world are doing tremendous things and how much do we hear about them?. Isn’t this mere attention seeking? Mediocrity!

  43. tsetsefly says:

    We entrusted our democracy in the hands of thieves. So it has been a UDF thief then DPP thief and then a PP thief and as if that is not enough we have another DPP thief. The most shameful person is the voter who knew what to but was swayed by nepotistic ideologies and put these thieves into power.

  44. Manga MM says:

    Zowona munthuyu anatikwanatu enafe. Dziko liri pamenepa chifukwa cha mayi ameneyu.

  45. Che Bakali says:

    So what did you succefully achieved mai banda as a present that you can show Malawians

  46. kumangoni says:

    Those are Malawian leaders who always speaks about things that they does not do

  47. dadaboma says:

    Malawi is a country that will always be the poorest because it does not know how to pick leaders that can help it prosper socio-economically. The question of why they left out Dr JB and settled for the dumb, stupid, useless APM still puzzles many inside and outside Malawi. But those who know Malawi well enough know that the level of ethnic hatred of the populous southerners against northerners is so intense that any leader identifying with the north risks losing votes. That was the reason Dr JB lost elections. And the southerners don’t care how Malawi is governed, as long as it is governed by one from among them. Unfortunately, southerners carry the greatest proportion of illiterates who vote along tribal lines because they cannot comprehend political ideologies and cannot differentiate imbeciles from world-class leaders. Malawi would have advanced by now if JB was in power. People who have graduated from various trades would have been employed by now and those employed would have their perks adjusted upwards to cushion inflationary pressures. Madam JB we cry for you.

  48. Phwado says:

    Damage was already done because of your arrogance,maizegate,jetgate,cashgate,trottinggate.You are not a saint either.All those shows you are performing are useless to Malawians you afflicted poverty upon.They are just for your own benefit.Had it been that you listened and improved,you could have been in power today.Unfortunately your arrogance and stubborness made u fail and made this insane incumbent gogo president take over and made it worse.Shame on you all Malawian Presidents!

  49. mavuto says:

    Munthu uyu anandikwana ngati fungo la ku……..Amandinyasa sindimafuna kumuwona a nyasatimes please!!!!

    1. drogba says:

      iwe @ Mavuto, ine anandikwana ngati fungoo lakuthoyazi. kaya, I don’t know. what attracts people to this empty headed mother duck?? what is it that she has achieved that has benefited malawi as a people?? if she was that sharp, wouldn’t she win in 2014?? does she also tell the dull whites who listen to her rubbish that she miserably failed to govern this country and also that she miserably failed during the 2014 elections?? honestly, I’m tired of this lady always looking at forums to make herself accumulate useless publicity. she still thinks she’s still ruling malawi, kkkkkk sorry old lady

    2. Mayi says:

      Iwe mavuto nsanje bwanji, ngati mayiwa amakunyansa bwanji osamawelenga nkhani zawo. Amachita kukumanga chingwe kukukoka kuti mpaka uziwelenga nkhani zawo. A nyasa asiye kulemba nkhanizo chifukwa cha galu ngati iwe? Fungolo unawapaka lakolo la ku…… Lomwe ukunenalo? Kuola mkamwa bwanji? Shupiti zako

  50. MATHANGA says:

    Mayoooo amayiii !!!

    Mwatitsiya mmmavuto kuno kumudzi



  51. Pat says:

    You can also steal through cashgate from the people you lead. Thats what we call servant leadership. Ok gray students(azungu)?

  52. Have you told the students that you were shown the exit door on 20th May 2014???

  53. Christian life says:

    Zinakukanikani kwanu kuno

  54. Eugene says:

    577 BILLION woyeeee

  55. Kangaude says:

    Chamunyenyerera Chipako, Piatala

  56. tonde wa mbuzi says:

    Kkkkkkk aakuti servant leadership? Kuti and when?
    zimenezi bwenzi mukunatiuza a Malawi the time you were at state house not this time when u are out and away from home.

  57. palibekanthu says:

    Not making sense at all. You stole your own money that is enabling you to stay luxuriously there in US.

  58. Patriot says:

    Kaya VIOLA ndi bwana wake millionaire uja akuwona izi.
    JB akuti “a ‘Servant Leadership’ is where leaders listen to the people and adequately address their aspirations”
    You both don’t have these.

    Kodi Dr. Ben wa Cypress University alipo? Am sure he would have better performed than JCE Viola.



    YOMWE ??,

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