Lessons Learned! A tribute to Mrs Ruth Tembo

Paying respect to Mamarita Tembo: Former first lady Callista  Mutharika (left) and former president Bakili Muluzi

Paying respect to Mamarita Tembo: Former first lady Callista Mutharika (left) and former president Bakili Muluzi

When one dies, the best way to honor them is to learn one or two things. Many times people do not learn from other people but death always teaches us a lot. Mrs Tembo’s death is one of them. For those of us who spent some quiet moments with her may agree that everything political she wished for while alive, all happened during her death. All politicians got along for a day.

Mrs Ruth Tembo always talked about unity. She always said “muwakhululukire” in her Suthu accent. She was a mother, a friend, a nutritionist, a fashionista, a prayer worrier, a counselor, a cook, a guest entertainer, and agogo. If there is one thing somebody could learn from this woman, is that she was a loyal wife and friend. She adored her family.

Mrs Tembo was one of a kind. She always dressed elegantly and this is why it was very beautiful to see people looking very good at her funeral as this is exactly how she would have loved everyone to look.

She always hoped that all the old politicians who were friends before could come together and just be normal people.

Mrs Tembo knew her role in her relationship and played it really well. See, she was a woman with alot of confidence. She was happy with who she was. When you met her, it is when you knew that it is important to have self confidence.

Malawians need to be thankful to this lady because she has broken the political barriers. We also need to be thankful to all politicians who came to pay their respect. We can now look at her death as a gift to rebirth our Nation. As a country, we can rise above politics. Our population is too small to be arguing and keeping grudges. If we unite, we can achieve wonders.

Let us take this opportunity to open dialogue and work together. It is obvious that distributing party items at a funeral is uncalled for, but let us look at the bigger picture that this wonderful lady’s funeral brought us all together. We also should realize that the president of the country acted in a very acceptable manner. He needs to be commended and not condemned because of actions of a few party individuals. The President and Vice President, their spouses , Dr Muluzi, Dr Chakwamba, Mr Mpinganjira, Dr Ntaba, Dr Gondwe, Dr Mussa, Ms Calitsa Muntharika, and many more, have to be commended.

 I am sure Mamarie is smiling at the new Malawi that has just been born. As we still mourn our dear lady, we also celebrate her life and the life she has given Malawi through her death. May her soul rest in peace. May Malawi unite!!!!!!

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23 thoughts on “Lessons Learned! A tribute to Mrs Ruth Tembo”

  1. Shumbi ya ife Calista says:

    @ Naba, Usatchule Calista, ndi ma hope a ife amenewo. Ukufuna ndikupondeponde kapena?

  2. kwangu says:

    Kani mtengowaminga ndi dokotala

  3. Angoni says:

    Great eulogy! Please add faithful and persevering to the adjectives you use to describe this great woman. Akana khala ena banja akanalithawa kale kale.

  4. Kasenye says:

    Nanga Mrs NACgate Ndi Alamu Awo A Kast. Azimai Ozisaka, Kumaomola Zophika Ena. Kayaa!

  5. Stanley says:

    Agree don’t trust them they are pretenders.

  6. Mwama Du says:

    This death has reminded me that wisdom is by your actions displayed to people around. We can unite and better we shall unite when federal system has been achieved.

  7. Naba says:

    Calista is Beautiful and please keep it up and teach aunt Gertu how to dress.

  8. Hebrews says:

    A MCP muphunzire kelemekeza imfa! Paja mumasangalala ndi imfa za anzanu! Mulungu simunthu!

  9. rif says:

    pakuti amoyo adziwa kuti tidzafa, koma akufa sadziwa kanthu bi, sadzalandila mphoto pakuti angoiwalika.

  10. Dusty says:

    Dont trust politicians.

  11. Hahaha-koma abale chine unali ndi chomwe chimalembedwadi pa manda ako,Mai Tembo anatibweletsa pamodzi ndipo ndizotheka a Malawi kukhala amodzi ngakhale kuti maina ndi makaka a zipani zathu ndi osiyana. Titatelo dziko lingasinthe,zikomo a Malawi nonse.

  12. chikondi says:

    Ndife ana kamodzi.

  13. BalakaGuy says:

    Let us unite malawians,tribalism will take us no where,this is our country,we should learn alot from this death,tamvanatu.

  14. kanchenga says:

    I really don’t think anything changed. DDP went there for selfish reasons as demonstrated by their actions. By now a civilized party would have apologized to the Tembos and all Malawians. But not these dogs. And it’s not surprising at all considering their history. Anyway most people did not attend the demos. Instead a more effective demo is taking place now. Nature is demonstrating in Mulanje Phalombe Chikwawa Blantyre and many more places in the south. Please Peter send some police to smoke this nature like you brother did in Mzuzu.

    1. yonayona says:


  15. Zondiwe says:

    Do not waste your time interpreting impossibilities resulting from the public display of sympathy.
    Remember, politicians ‘do not say what they are saying’.
    It is good that the funeral was conducted with the dignity that it deserved, and leave it at that. I do not think a new Malawi has emerged out of the sorrowful loss that has occurred.
    As citizens, it is bad that sometimes we are anxious about what a politician will say when they are on the podium. Public figures need to learn to be humble, and God will elevate them. They should not ru.sh and elevate themselves because God will humble them. Wait upon the Lord to elevate you and you will succeed.

    1. powder says:

      zondiwe and ur friends so there is no hope for better malawi to u? nanga osapita uko amagwirizanako bwanji? anthu asayamike? always negative? mudzafa choncho!!!!

  16. maxwell Nsani says:

    I doubt that a `new Malawi has been born` as such. our politicians like primitive confrontational and I hate you politics. If I was advising the president, I would encourage one in a while to invite leaders of opposition parties, mingle with some civil society people, religious people and journalists to informally gather for a barberque, or casual sports afternoon and have some causal time, kick a ball, compare notes on funny characters in our parties. be human! mudikire ndikadzakhala president in 9 years time. Malawi adzakoma zedi!!!

  17. cashy G says:

    I wish Malawians we could love one another like the way we love someone who is dead,we pretend to say a lot of good things when someone is dead while u hate and gossip a lot the person when was still alive

  18. MBACHI says:

    I do not think Malawians can learn anything. Mind you she was not a Malawian. Her behaviour was not a Malawian. Malawian behaviour is that of distributing party uniforms at a funeral. I really thank her for not taking Malawian behaviour. May her soul RIP.

  19. Namihavani says:

    Dr Mussa Dr Chikwamba Dr Gondwe ndi liti anthu amenewa akhala ma dokotala abale koma ziatolankhani zinazi

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