Let God fight your battles

Many times children of God have attempted to fight battles that do not belong to them instead of leaving it all to God. It is not God’s intention that we should spend most of the time in this world fighting unfruitful battles, because if that was the case then He would not have sent His only Son Jesus Christ to come and die for us on the Cross. When Jesus said that; “it is finished”; He meant that the world’s debt was paid; every iota of the law had been fulfilled therefore all we need is just to believe in Him and enjoy all the benefits.jesus bible

This has not been the case with most people as we have put a lot of focus on things that prevent God from taking over our battles because we hold on to them too much instead of leaving them to Him. We need to know that the battle is not ours but God’s (11 Chronicles 20:15).

If we try to fight the battle on our terms we will definitely lose; but if we fight the battle on His terms, knowing that it is not us or what we do, that makes us defeat the enemy, then victory will be guaranteed because the battle has already been won on the Cross where Jesus spoiled the principalities and powers (Colossians 2:15). Satan and all of His henchmen were defeated at the cross by Christ atoning for all sin; because sin was and is still the legal right that Satan uses to hold people in bondage.

There is completely nothing that we can do in our own capability to please God but to have faith and believe in him. Trying to devise things that we can do to be victorious in our battles will not please God because it is like telling God that the redemption plan is not enough but what I can do is better.

The enemy will always be there to fight God’s children but God has promised to deliver us from all. All you need in your life is to fully depend on him in everything that you do. There is completely nothing that you can do on your own without God. Depend on Him, in everything that you do and you will see the great and mighty things that He will start doing in your life.

One thing that I like about our God is His mercy. One may stay for some time without getting close to Him. The day you decide that you will get close to Him, He shows up and you will not miss His presence. He does not expect too much from us but just as He put it in Mathew 17:20 that if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, move from here to there, and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.

This means that He is not expecting a lot from us because if that was the case then nobody would be able satisfy. Just remember that we are now under grace, and our God is love. He will fight all your battles if you cling to Him. There is no battle or situation that is too hard for our God.

What may look too hard with your physical eye is completely nothing with our God. God’s army is great and mighty that nothing can withstand it. Try to get close to Him with all your heart, then you can see and know that He is love, worth running to with all your cares and troubles.

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Can you tell us exactly where and when this conversation between the so-called Peter (not a Jewish name) and the mythical non-existent Jesus (also not a Jewish name) took place?

Rational thinker

John, I should commend you for being very very honest! It’s is a fact that the existence of a “demi god named jesus” is not supported by any shred of evidence, I most of these “light minded ” people think you are lying or joking! It’s only because they have been told to believe something using faith and they have been lied to and have been discouraged from examining the evidence with a critical eye! Religion is indeed the poison in yourblood, it discourages independent thought and rational reason!

Anderson Undani

Thanks so much man of God for this strong message. Im realy touched and im not the same again. Keep it up JESUS! Jesus told peter the the battle is not ours. Even if it was ours, God could have sent His Angels.


This article is complete nonsense, as are most of the responses to it.
There is no “god” and there has never even been the slightest piece of contemporary written or archaeological evidence for the existence of any so-called “Jesus” (or Yeshuah, which would have been the equivalent Jewish name) for any such alleged individual.
If the author of this article deludes herself into holding nonsensical beliefs that is her affair.
But it is truly cruel of her to encourage delusional beliefs among other simple-minded ones.

Rational thinker
reading the comments I am wondering: is this humility or ego masquerading as humility? I dont know about you but I always wonder , why is the creator of the universe so very much interested in personal human affairs? Last year 2.7 million neonates died, that 7500 babies over a 24 hour period and I am asking myself? who fought their battles? Why should the creator of the universe fight a petty battle for you, like passing examination or getting a promoting or getting away with a rape charge? while at the same time ignoring 5 neonatal deaths a min?… Read more »

Cindy Khumalo Since I started reading your chapters today am very happy for this chapter.. Mainly am interested the way you have spoken that:

Nkhondo yomenya wekha you lose BUT yomenya God you will never lose, this is true and nkhondo yomenya Mulungu umawina kuposa m’mene ukanawinira ukanamenya wekha am saying this through experience


Thank U Jesus 4 the cross which bailed me from sins and am set free coz of his truth John 8 vs 32


Thanks for sharing this man of God. We need to believe how great our God is the one who fights our battles and nothing is two hard for Him. Find rest my saul in Christ alone know His powers in silence and trust!!!


It is true. Our God is more than able to fight for us. We simply have to believe in Him and all things shall be possible.

wopauyo wandasange

Think u God for reminding me that battle its not mine.amen

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