Let that dead situation live again

The New Testament talks about some incidents that Jesus Christ raised people from the dead. Looking at those incidents, gives us a true picture of the power of Jesus, not only about His capabilities of raising the dead, but also bringing to life every situation that looks dead in the life of His children.jesus bible

Looking at most of the big miracles that took place in His time, the situations looked dead, and the people had suffered for a long time. The woman with the issue of blood is a very good example because the bible tells us that she had suffered for twelve years and this is a long time considering the nature of her situation. Loosing blood would have led to other situations like being anemic and this makes me believe that this woman was slowly dying.

Then there was also a woman with the spirit of infirmity for eighteen years, and was bowed together such that could not lift up herself. But when Jesus saw her, He called her and said unto her “Woman you are loosed from your infirmity” (Luke 13:11-17). This was a situation that looked dead but we see Jesus only speaking deliverance on this woman and that was the end of it.

There is a story of a certain man who had an infirmity for thirty and eight years in the pool of Bethesda. When Jesus saw him, he knew that he had been in that situation for a long time. All it took was Jesus to tell the man to rise up, and take his bed and walk (John 5:1-16).

All I am trying to make children of God see is that when you let Jesus take over that situation that look dead with your physical eyes, there will be life again in that situation. You have carried that situation on your own for too long, just like the bible tells all the stories above, how they depended on physicians or other people to help them to get the healing or deliverance that was needed. Even right now, most of us are depending on other people, or even our own pastors to bring life to our dead situations but this will only bring nothing but disappointment.

While it is important to have pastors to help you, Jesus Christ should be your focus because the power belongs to Him alone. There are people who have given up on God simply because they believed they have prayed for too long but have not yet seen results.

All I can tell those is that you need to completely focus on Jesus; He does indeed specialize in that if you let him take over that situation. If you just let everything go, not depending on anything, but just look to Him. Remember that there is nothing too hard with our God; He is able to do anything that exclaims His power to bring the dead situation to life again.

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14 thoughts on “Let that dead situation live again”

  1. gdw says:

    thrilling and superlative

  2. Chibalo says:

    Powerful word.God bless.

  3. cbk says:

    Amen,keep it up

  4. kim says:


  5. بىاىىىئ ففففففف says:


  6. CHILUNGAMO says:

    I expected to see many ‘amens’ on coments just as i have seen. ‘modern christianity’ is about break throughs,,,promotions,,,healings,,,++++ and nothing about repetance and living a holly life,,,giving out cars,,,jobs+++and no talk about heaven. Jesus Christ used to say ‘go and sin no more’ after healing someone but now sin is never condemed…ladies flashing their thighs on the pulpits and pews leading men to lust upon them (committing alduttery) will be told..’i give you a husband!’ and they go on making people sin right in church. The whole thing lacks sincireity and people know this fact deep down their hearts and thats why they go on a sinning spree today and comfortably sit or even preach in church tommorow. Am not against miracles or the so called break throughs, but heaven is for the pure in heart!! Rebuke sin! ‘Churches’ are a mess now. The things you hear and see happening now in churches, you would not imagine them just 15 years ago. All what people are being given are motivational speaches like the one above and they clap their hands and continue living in more filth as they can. Judgement is fast aproaching and soon you will know how meaningless are the so called ‘break throughs’ in continued sinful lives!. Sodom is here , sin has matured, judgment is around the corner..so called ‘prophets’ are busy predicting soccer and rugbay results,,leading people to the slaughter house!!…God needs lives free from sin!

  7. ochewa says:


  8. Team B special says:

    Powerful message. Glory to God

  9. kanjodo says:


  10. anadimba says:

    let hlm alone control our situation.let him alone take charge. Whether we are sick or we are going thru any difficult moment ,he is the healer ,provider, redemer,savior name it,

  11. Sam says:

    Amazing revelations.

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