Let the gates open in the name of Jesus

Most of the times children of God have failed to reach their destiny because of the road blocks that the enemy has planted before them. It is unfortunate and sad that most people do not realize that it is not ok to be where they are because God’s promise is that His children should be heads, and not the tail; and be above only, and never beneath but only to those that will hearken unto the voice of the Lord (Deuteronomy 28:13).

Gates are barriers that can give access or prevent access. It is the same thing spiritually that there are gates that limit our lives to receive what God has destined.  These can be gates of poverty, sickness, limitations, failure at the edge of a miracle, and anything that you can think of that the enemy is using to prevent you from reaching your destiny.

Isaiah 45:2 tells us that God said He will break in peaces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron; and to give the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places. This is God promising to break the gates on our behalf just as He did with Cyrus whom he referred to as being anointed, yet God saw the need to break in peaces the gates of brass in order to open before him the two leaved gates.

jesus bibleWe believe that God’s word is always faithful to those who believe and if God promised that time to do it, He will do it for us right now. The only problem is that we have not asked Him to break the gates that are preventing us access to get to where we want to be. I know some people will say that we are now under grace since Jesus died and everything has to go on its own.

Yes, I believe with you in that but after receiving Jesus Christ, we now have the legal right to command whatever came during the time that we did not know to leave us and God is able to hear our prayers.

We have one tool to use to command the gates hindering us to break and open; and that is the word of God. The Bible tells us that the word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword; piercing even to the dividing a sunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow (Hebrews 4:12).

As we start asking God to break gates, opportunities will begin to open, and things that we thought were impossible will become possible. The job that you thought you cannot do, you will now be able to do as God removes the hindrances allowing you to claim what belongs to you.

Don’t give the enemy any more chances to continue stealing. He has stolen from God’s children for too long and this is a year to take back what belongs to us. “And from the days of John the Baptist until now, the Kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force” (Mathew 11:12).

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13 thoughts on “Let the gates open in the name of Jesus”

  1. Atheis says:

    Masonzi, if everything needs a designer? Then your god should have a designer as well! Who designed him??? May I ask? Sorry for the delay in responding

  2. Masozi Mwenifumbo says:

    To you who Atheists, who do not believe there is God, may you please bear with my FOLLY A bit?!
    If you are not the designer and manufacturer of say, a computer, or a shirt, a car, an aeroplane, etc, and you do not clearly know where THE ORIGIN of the designed and manufactured thing you comfortably see or use yourself, HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU STOPPED AND SAID, ON NO! THIS SHOE, CHAIR , COMPUTER ETC ETC HAS NO OWNER OR MANUFACTURER, JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE PERSONALLY NOT SEEN THE DESIGNER/MANUFACTURER WITH YOUR OWN EYES FIRST? I presume (IN MY FOLLY, CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG), you have many times just naturally DEVELOPED CONFIDENCE in one way or another in passing the historical information about the thing and its maker, BELIEVING SURELY FROM THE DATA KNOWN, THERE MUST BE AN OWNER WHO HAS PROPRIETARY RIGHTS OVER THE THING, ALL THE WHILE APPRECIATING THE UNKNOWN MANUFACTURER’s name printed on the thing (IF IT STRIKES YOUR TASTE), AND USING IT, WITH THE MEASURE OF CONFIDENCE IN ITS MAKER AND IN THE PRODUCT INCREASING WITH EACH TIME LAPSE AS YOU CONTINUE USING THE THING, without necessarily SAYING, SINCE I STILL HAVE NOT PERSONALLY SEEN THE OWNER, THEN THIS THING HAS NO OWNER!!! Or have you ever PAUSED TO question (regarding bedford vehicles for instance) whether it was Henry Ford who actually, PERSONALLY, with his own hand, wrote the name BEDFORD, ON EACH BEDFORD VEHICLE AFTER IT WAS MANUFACTURED, AS PROOF THAT IT WAS HIM WHO ACTUALLY MANUFACTURED IT? OR YOU HAVE JUST BELIEVED THAT SOME PREDESIGNED MACHINE OR WORKER UNDER BEDFORD’S COMMAND OF AUTHORITY DID THE NAME-ETCHING “BEDFORD” ON TO THE RELEVANT VEHICLE in line with the plans and pre-tastes of Henry Bedford himself? I PERSONALLY FOOLISHLY BELIEVE YOU HAVE NOT MANY A TIME BOTHERED YOURSELF WITH THIS? Or can you point out to me anything man-made not having anything (ATTRIBUTES THAT IS) to connect it to THE NATURE, ATTRIBUTES, POWER, WISDOM, SKILL ETC OF its maker? I also foolishly presume there is none (PLEASE, CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG)! Now, when a fault has developed in anything man-made you are using daily, say a car, LOSING ITS BREAKING FUNCTIONAL CAPACITY FOR EXAMPLE, what do you do for the sake of the user’s, passenger, as well as the car’s safety and prolonged use? In my foolishness, I believe, you would refer to the manufacturer’s user’s manual, to the Manufacturer’s or to their trained and approved DEALERS FOR REDRESS, LEST YOU DESTROY YOURSELF, OTHERS, THE CAR OR THE ENVIRONMENT! Lastly but not least, Have you ever been to a place that has just been under A SEVERE BOMB ATTACK, AND HAS NOTICED THAT EVERYTHING AFFECTED BY THE BOMB-BLAST IS IN A VERY NEW VERY PERFECT ORDER AND SYMMETRY. (I also presume, in my foolishness as it were, NATURALLY NOT SO AT ALL!!! For it would only take a MIRACLE BY SOME VERY SHREWD AND WISE MASTERMINDER (if you, like my foolish self, indeed believe that miracles do happen IN THE WORLD).

    Now, if man, who is still failing todate through his earthly scientific endeavours to even approach the physical sun in the sky, (talk less about the telescopically distant stars beyond) and the blue sky (blue waters) above, is able to come up with such a variety of splendid designs and products/processes of manufactured things as we see today, IS THIS NOT SUFFICIENT ENOUGH TO ALSO BELIEVE THAT SUCH WONDERFUL CREATION LIKE MANKIND, BIRDS, PHYSICAL FEATURES ETC THE GEOMETRICALLY MARVELLOUS SOLAR SYSTEM WE HAVE IS NO MERE RESULT OF A BIG BANG (BLAST) PHENOMENON, BUT OF THE CREATOR HIMSELF, WHO HAS REVEALED HIMSELF SO CLEARLY THROUGH HIS CREATION, TOP MOST OF WHICH IS MANKIND THEMSELVES, CREATED IN HIS VERY IMAGE AND LIKENESS, AS PER THE BOOK OF THE BEGINNINGS/ORIGINS (GENESIS) IN THE HOLY BIBLE? Unless my friends you claim to KNOW ALL THINGS JUST BY YOURSELVES, even our earthly professions principally AGREE NATURALLY, THAT YOU CANNOT, AS AN ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONAL, FOR EXAMPLE, GO AND TRY TO INVALIDATE SOME ENGINEERING PROVEN FACTS OF LIFE AS BEING FALSE OR WRONG, UNLESS YOU YOURSELF, HAS FIRST OF ALL MADE A THOROUGH TRULY PROVABLE SEARCH IN THE ENGINEERING FIELD TO COUNTER-PROVE THE FORMER, BY REFERRING FIRST TO THE RIGHTFUL EXPERTISE IN THE ENGINEERING FIELD TO DEFEND YOUR POSITION! For you do not go to TOYOTA GURUs first, for you to understand how a Mercedes Benz vehicle is designed and manufactured, for they are competitors, and would most probably give you a damaging PROFILE ABOUT MERCEDES, so that you should instead go for Toyota at the expense of mercedes, OR THEY, WOULD DUE TO THEIR VERY IGNORANCE ABOUT MERCEDES DESIGNS, DESPITE HAVING NO ILL MOTIVE AGAINST MERCEDES, give you false PROFILE information about MERCEDES!!

  3. Atate says:

    Zauzimu, kulephera kuzimvetsa doesnot mean ndi zopanda pake. possibly amene akulephera kumvetsayo ndiwe wekha because you have chosen to. be ready next time you will understand.

  4. Patrick says:

    Phonera! This conflict in your brain is called rational thinking,your observations are true… There is one obvious but scary explanation! It’s doesn’t matter what God you belive in! It’s doesn’t matter whether is a Hindu, Buddha, Thor, poseidon, yahwe etc god. All gods are false,

  5. Phil says:

    Phonera it’s because it doesnt matter what you believe, you can be a Mormon, hindu, Christian, atheist! all gods are false.

  6. Jacob Yesaya says:

    so touching

  7. gushu says:

    Phonera, let’s be honest here! The fact is: in most aspects economical, socially, lifestyle etc, the countries you mentioned are by far much much better of! Your observation is UNBAISED, genuine and true! Let’s take for example: the number of newborns that die in the developing world including malawi, a god fearing country is many many times higher than the number newborns that die in Japan, a country that most people don’t even care or have never heard of jesus! This is a fact! So, the honest question is: why does an all powerful and loving god allow that to happened? The answer is: it doesn’t matter which god you pray to, there is no objective evidence that praying to shiva (a Hindu God) or Buddha, or jesus etc is any different. therefore the conclusion is very obvious! We humans are alone in this universe, this is the only life there is and gods have come and will go, the religions of today are the mythologies of tomorrow! Gods are created by men, NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND…….

  8. mercy says:

    God loves everyone and this is why Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior died for every one, even those in Japan, China…….., God wants everyone to take up the responsibility of breaking the chains/gates in Jesus Christ name. One may think that other people in other countries do not have their own chain/gates, but its because you have not sat down with them to hear their gate/problemss. So Phonera (4) I urge you to take responsibility of casting your own gates/ problems and stop comparing yourself with others or asking God the questions you have asked in your write up.

  9. Phonera says:

    Words Of Wisdom Indeed, But My Problem Is Why Is GOD Not Closing Gates Of Prosperity To People And Countries That Does Not Even Know Him Let Alone Worshiping Him, Like China, Japan, Thailand Etc These Are The Countries Where 90% Of Its Citizens Worship In Idols, Ndi Chifukwa Chani MULUNGU Anadalitsa Maiko Komanso Anthu Amene Samamupembedza Pamene Maiko Amene Amamupembedza Are Living In Dire Poverty Likd Malawi, Zambia, Uganda Tizichita Kudikira Kuti Ma Gate A Ulemelero Atitsekulire Ife Okhala Anthu Opemphera Pamene Anthu Osapemphera Ma Gate Awo Amakhala Otsekula Pachiyambi? Hmmmmn Lets Work Up Malawi Ndi Zauzimuzi Penapake Nzovuta Kumvetsa.

    1. Washington zoo Panda says:

      @Phonera, your argument may be right. What we should knw is satan is the prince of this world, he is offering the gud of this world while Jesus is the King of his Father’s kingdom, he is not ruling this world, however he gives inner joy to those who accepted him in this world. This world is not our home, we are just passing by, when satan brings us problems, he is not infringing us, he is pushing us to closer to God. Rom 8:28 If we dont meet the problems, we wont need God, so the evil countries may be happy today in this world but God of heaven and earth is recording

  10. Onex Chisunkha says:

    You shld be sending me spiritual items for my salvation.

  11. Christ's disciple says:


  12. WAMISALA says:

    I PRAY.

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