Let’s be humans on homosexuality

I have said this and I will repeat it. If a referendum were to be held today on whether government should repeal Section 153 of the Penal Code, which prohibits homosexuality, the majority would vote no.

Him and His: Kiss me and I'll kiss you back

Him and His: Kiss me and I’ll kiss you back

What this means is that such an exercise would be a futile one which we can do without.

As Malawians, we are generally conservative on the issue, just like many African countries are.

Foreigners can do well in respecting this stand.

There is no need for them to force us to adopt a positive attitude towards homosexuals overnight.

The problem with homosexuality in our society is that everything is stack against it. The majority of us do not like and religion is up in arms whenever they find a chance to talk against it.

We all saw how a State function organised to pray for rain in Lilongwe last month turned into an anti-gay rally where speaker after speaker from all manner of religious inclinations chorused against homosexuality and that it was responsible for our incurring God’s wrath to deny us rain.

As for the DPPgovernment, it is caughtbetween a hard placeand a rock. When Joyce Banda showed some signs of softening up on homosexuality under pressure from donors, DPP as an opposition party was on top of its voice roasting the PP government.

Today it is DPP’s turn. It is under pressure from the West to legalise homosexuality, something it cannot do as there is a strong lobby against it from conservative voters and an opposition that is ready to pounce should the ruling party relent.

A moratorium against the application of Section 153 of the Penal Code was an easy way out as it seemed to placate both the donors and Malawians in general.

Unfortunately, some pastors in Mzuzu had other things on their mind and they moved the court this week against the moratorium.

Their wish was granted and we are back to square one where the law enforcing machinery can move to arrest and prosecute homosexuals. I find this a problem.

Culture and religion are stuck against homosexuality and there is nothing anybody can do about it. Is there no more humane way of approaching the problem than sending these people to the dirty gallows as the pastors in Mzuzu want, despite religion and culture?

Yes, as the court and others have noted, it is illegal for government to suspend any law as it opens room for abuse, but isn’t the context different here?

Surely there are hardcore criminals out there—the murderers, rapists and thieves of our tax. These should be locked up as they are a menace to our society. They deprive us of peace and safety.

But can we bracket these evil-minded thugs with homosexuals that don’t do any physical harm to anybody? How different are they from, say, adulterers or prostitutes that line up our streets as early as 6 o’Clock in the evening at Kamba, Bwandiro or God-knowswhere, looking for cash in exchange for sex?

Why can’t the pastors also go to court to ask government to lock up adulterers and prostitutes?

The pastors are clearly abrogating their responsibility and mortgaging it to the State for it to arrest sinners.

The pastors have failed to show God’s mercy and preach to the homosexuals to change their ways. Instead they want the State to do it on their behalf.

I would have understood if someone, let us say Kenneth Msonda, he who was saved by the Director of Public Prosecutions after he was dragged to court for saying gays should be killed, went to court demanding that government drops the moratorium.

Pastors, by their very calling, should show mercy and compassion to advance a humane way of treating sinners such as homosexuals.

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54 thoughts on “Let’s be humans on homosexuality”

  1. Nambazo says:

    Kusowa zonena ena. Osamalemba za njala ndi ma floods bwa. We do not need manthanyula period.

  2. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    This issue need not to be repeated now and then I am fed up with it. Please close this chapter I don’t want to hear it any more.

  3. Paul says:

    This z rubish these people are demon possesed they need the word of God there z no other solution apart from this. The word of God says in galatians that everybody will bear his own load…….so if they dont listen to the word of God either they will face the consequences.

  4. jduud says:

    ask yourselves what would jesus do?

  5. Anti Gay says:

    Fighting homosexual is not for church leaders only but also traditional leaders. Malawi is not secular. it it a mixture of traditional and religious groupings. there is no religion or tradition that accepts this abominable act. We need to protect our children from making wrong decisions. Do not allow animals to out think humans. you will never see gay animals. Houseflies, dogs, and all other animals are better than gays. Even if you repeat reminding people about this gay thing, it will remain rubbish.

  6. humphrey mphoka..Area 36 lilongwe says:

    coma akuluakulu ngati simukhulupilila mulungu pitani ku america konko..pliz for the God’s sake tiyeni amuna tipeze mkazi womukonda tikhale naye pachikondi…ku anus simalo opezera mpumulo …choonde ma gays ndi ma lesbians kaya ndi ndalama,asiyilen azunguwo..tiyen tilimbikile ntchito basi….i strongly oppose the inhuma act

  7. Kill these dogs before they lay eggs

  8. bristol says:

    I don’t agree with Mr. George Kasakula to be humane on homosexuals. My reason is that these homosexuals are inhumane according to our culture and religion. This idea is not only demonic but also unethecial or ungodly. The fact that Pastors preach salvation to all people does not mean that they should smile at sin like homosexuals. These homosexuals should be regarded worse than dogs because the dog knows its sexual partner. If we soften on these unethical beings, where will our country go? If we soften on these beasts today, our children will blame us and will be the victims. So the issue of softening up is to our own peril as a country.

  9. Tongole says:

    Here I think you have missed the point on why the pastors went to court! Theirs was an issue of following the constitution, which clearly states that its on parliament that can make/amend/change the laws of the land and not anyone else. They were mainly against the tampering with the constitution by the executive arm of govt.

  10. Jampac says:

    Worse than dogs…….eish

  11. EPIGLOTIS says:

    Let us be very sober in addressing the gay issue. Being gay is not normal. People are possessed by a demon called Staxiam who tunes the people to see their same sex partners as the opposite. It is this very same demon who controls prostitutes. It is not a thing born with. People get this demon by visiting satanic places, putting on satanic clothes, using satanic necklesses, and receiving satanic money unknowingly. You need to pray for what you get for God to cleanse it before you use it.

  12. kuzgaleni na yohani says:

    Existence of groups like Janjaweeds, El Shabab, ISIS, Al Quaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Hisbolah, Hamas, Boko Haram, Seleka, etc are evidence that Goodies (#41) is right about Islam. The whole world is filled with fear of terrorism because of Islam. In fact Islam needs to be erased from the face of the world for the world to regain peace – Muslims are pests that need purging and obliterating. But the issue here is about homosexuals – I really agree that homosexuals are innocent people that need no punishing because they wrong nobody. It’s a waste of time and foolish to be thinking of how to punish people that harm no one. These so called pastors are simply ignorant and stupid. They should be devising laws to punish adulterers and all those who offend their bible’s ten commandments if they think Malawi should be governed by their bible. They don’t even know that Malawi is secular country. These pastors need education and enlightenment, but we not forgive them for long, and they should be careful.

  13. Goodies says:

    And this is what the so-called religious people are doing:

    Islam perfect cult religion for powerhungry imams to lord over people and to have sex with many wives and children. It’s power hungry pedophile and rapist’s perfect religion. The imams become the warlord that Mohammed was – that is how they take over countries – by sword and persecution and Sharia law. It’s the ignorant liberals and feminists and vote pandering politicians that let it happen.

    Real Story of Mohammed the crazy warlord. This is who they model after and why Islam will always try to oppress others. please share so people know truth
    “Muhammad is a narcissist, a pedophile, a mass murderer, a terrorist, a misogynist, a lecher, a cult leader, a madman a rapist, a torturer, an assassin and a looter.”
    Former Muslim Ali Sina offered $50,000 to anyone who could prove this wrong based on Islamic texts. The reward has gone unclaimed.

  14. Bandula says:

    Given an opportunity to choose which SIN to criminalise between Homosexuality and Adultery, I would choose adultery becoz it causes emotional and economic stress on the partners and children of those concerned but the dull pastors thinks they would just have to talk to the adulterers over tea but a homosexual who does no harm to them or indeed anybody shud be arrested. No wonder this country is too poor, kuganiza mopepera. And they call themselves Christians yet they know nothing about Christianity. Hear this – Jesus say iye ndi ‘bwenzi la ochimwa’ and ‘whoever has not sinned shud be the first to throw a stone’. It’s niot good to be dull and become a self-proclaimed pastor just bcoz ntchito zikusowa

  15. big dick says:

    number 27 Mulungu akukhululukire chifukwa sudziwa chimene ukuchita

  16. zakoizo says:

    iwe machitsi titi ukamalemba zinthu uziyamba waganiza do you fear God or not. iwe ungamasapote nyasizo? pepa ukuchedwa zikanakhala choncho mulungu akadalenga adam yekha de ukutsutsana ndi namalenga shame on you. mulungu wathu salakwitsa iweyo chipanda mayi ndi bambo ako kukwatirana ukanapeza mpata wolemba nyansi zakozo? bwelera msanga ukuchedwa wopa namalenga ameneyo ndi satana.

  17. ME MORE says:

    Athu amene ukusapota za homosexual nose ndi ma kape,opandazelu komaso ndinu ma kabitchi nose mumaganiza ngati khuku bolanixo khuku zitsiluzathu asaaaaa pali zoti mkumatchula za 10 commandments of Gold APA ? musamamuyese MWINI MOYO OSAMAYAKHULA NGATI UKUYAKHULILA KU…………………

  18. Jones semu says:

    let be good malawi!..not homosex

  19. matchisa titi says:

    Thank you George for the article. These pastors and religious people are hypocrites and are pulling the economic development of Malawi back. Have they not heard “amene sanachimwepo ayambe kuponya mwala?” Do they not have sins of their own? We are all sinners. We do not hold the right to condemn fellow sinners. Homosexuals cause no problem to anyone. Why should they be punished? On the other hand adulterers cause problems to sexual partners of the spouses they bonk – but why are they treated kindly? This is hypocrisy. Leave homosexuals alone, otherwise they also have anger to vent and hands to lynch with.

  20. mwalu says:

    the thing is zinthuzi zinaloseledwa kale mu bible kut zizachitika mu masiku omaliza nde even we say kunena kut sitikufuna kumalawi kuno we just have to know kut in one way or the other zizachitika basi, and the other thing ifeyo ngati akhristu udindo wathu ndi woti tiwalondolele anthuwo njila yolondola not kumawakankhilanso anthuwo ku infa, nde we are busy pursecuting them instead of guiding them, the problem ndi amalawi we are so good at kuloza machimo anzathu we are foxes in sheep clothes, its high time we started acting as christians whom we claim to be…. Thumbs up to you sir

  21. Funzo says:

    Christianity has ten commandments but is there one against homosexuality? Surely murder, theft, adultery, etc. must be worse.

  22. Khwakwa says:

    Ma gay akuyenera kuphedwa basi!enanu mumalemba za ziiiii!kupanda Bambo ako ndi mayi ako kunyengana ukanabadwa!uchitsiru basi!!

  23. apa chimene ndikuona mwa anthu amene you are against homosexuality ,is stupidity and nothing else.

  24. Howard says:



    This country has time to focus on two consenting Adults private affair considering all the ECONOMIC PROBLEMS they have!…

    The country is so nasty:
    HATEFUL RELIGIOUS LEADERS (RELIGION IS BLIND FAITH– most don’t even know what they go to Church for)

    I pray to their God that the WEST ignore Malawi and let them find their own way


  25. watchout for God’s wrath poor malawi!

  26. gonzo says:

    are you technically saying homsexuality should be accepted in our society?

  27. anthu ndinu dzitsilu kwambiri. when will you understand that nkhani having to do with people’s rights should not be taken on religious bases? this is not religion,iyi ndi nkhani ya ufulu wea munthu. mukati muone anthu amene akukaniza homosexualitywo,ndizoti akukaniza chifukwa chakuti mipingo yawo ndi mabuku awo amakaniza zinthuzo..ndakhalitsa kunja kwambiri,mwina mundiuze ndi inu,ndi litiro limene malawi inatenga Quaran kapena bible kuti ikhale constitution ? we have a constitution of which malawi is run on,not some silly religious books.tiyeni tisalore kagulu ka anthu okhulupilira mulungu amene sitinamuone atiuze mmene tikhalire. asatiuze zochita anthu amenewa. I have a voice,contact me on +265888291363 ngat muli ndizonena


    Total rubbish coming from someone whose work I used to respect. Akulu a Kasakula munapita ku school koma??? Lamulo likukana amuna kapena akazi kukwatirana sinkhana ya azibusa iyayi. Our pastors went to court to protect the law of the land. Munthu mmodzi sangachotse lamulo ladziko. So sorry mr kasakula palibe chanzeru mwalemba apa. Our God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Sit down and think about this!! WHY IS THE WEST SO WORRIED ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY AND NOT HUNGER IN THIS COUNTRY? WHY ARE THEY ATTACHING HOMOSEXUALITY TO HUMAN AID? WHY CANT THE WEST HELP 14 MILLION PEOPLE SUFFERING BECAUSE OF 10 PEOPLE? There are surrogacy issues that are treating humans as commodities on the market, producing humans in the lab and selling them. I expect someone like Kasakula to be educating people on the ills of this practice. If your dad was gay George you were not going to be here with us today and we were not going to see this rubbish you have written. Collect the money they are offering you because you are poor but do not tell us rubbish. Let not the law of God lose its authority on us because of wicked Americans.

  29. Thitherward 'wendo says:

    There is a great deal of inconsistency and hypocrisy in the West’s support of some so-called human rights. Take the right to bear arms in the US, for example. The majority of Americans insist on their constitutional right to bear arms, but if you ask them if this should be a universal human right, they are appalled by the idea. Try to find an American in Malawi who thinks that Malawi would be a better place if guns were as freely available to all Malawi citizens as they are in the US to American citizens. I would be surprised if you managed to find one. They think that the right to bare arms is not right for everyone, just for themselves.

    However, when we say that the right to indulge in a deviant life-style is another of those rights that should be limited to those countries that are happy to grant it, we are abused and derided. The inconsistency is clear. This is yet another example of the West’s selective globalization. They globalize capital; they globalize production; they globalize management; and they want to globalize the grossest forms of indecency. They globalize greed, selfishness and stupidity. What they refuse to globalize is the one thing that would be of advantage to us – labor.

    When they demand that we grant deviants the right to defile themselves, we should shout them down with our counter-demand: grant us the human right to move freely in search of employment.

  30. Faariez says:

    Kasakula u may as well legalise murder&all crimimal acts,hw do u want us to be human on pple who are worse then dogs&pigs!!!!

  31. Nyasa Times lack debate on the matter. You do not publish all articles against homosexuals.

    You deliberately do so to portray to the world that most Malawians are for homosexuality. This issue has seen its light because it is against removing moratorium.

    We will kill gays in Malawi for sure because our calls are being blocked to the white world. So we shall express our wrath through killing them.

    Mr Thom Chiumia, we respect you so much. Please be impartial. Let us read articles not only when our good musician is being accused by Trapence and Mtambo

  32. Makanja says:

    Well, those pastors are entitled to do what they have done. Nevertheless, let them be reminded that their own holy bible explicitly forbids them from passing judgement. Surely, as men of understanding, they would not want to be the ones to trigger the lynching gays in Malawi.
    In a society like Malawi, where hatred against gays is almost palpable, I would urge restraint on the part of influential groups like pastors.

  33. Akungolonje says:

    You are really Malawi and not Thyolo or Mchinji. You have spoken well on behave of all Malawians as per your name. I need not to comment any.

  34. Tt says:

    Let’s be very very honest. The biblical god supports slavery, this is very clear in the bible. To refuse this clearly makes you a liar therefore an idiot Yet we no longer keep slaves, if the slave holders had a referendum whether to abolish it or not in the 1800s, they would have won: homophobia in this country is a faith based initiative and This always begs the question: does religion make people become idiots or its really idiots who are religious?

  35. namalila says:

    We have better things to worry about as a country other than this small issue.
    Look at our economy,the current hunger situation and even the rooming one to come.
    Let’s concentrate on how best we can come out of this bondage.
    These lesbians, are simply wasting our precious time to use it productly!
    Ignore them period!

  36. Winston Msowoya says:

    Malawians,we have myriads of problems that deserve grave and forthwith attention instead of sodomy and HOMOSEXIALITY.To start with,we must not pretend that everything in our country,is perfect.First and foremost,the issue of tribalism to say the truth is disturbingly moving to unprecedented national encumbrance of unpropotional dimensions.I strongly believe that this is the most urgent national issue to be tackled more than the rest.Melancholy,the leaders of two majority regions,South and Central behave as if everything in the country is perfect and yet they are the ones spearheading this deadly and divisive political timebomb.At the moment we have acute shortage of maize,the staple food,hospitals are empty of vital medicines,unemployment stands at 87 percent on par with Zimbabwe and Congo,corruption and theft of government property sky rocketing,water and power cuts are the order of the day,the list goes on and on.Malawi,where are we heading to? And yet we have the expertise and intellectual base to build a strong and livable nation.We leave such vital elements of the economic growth,and we jump on destroying our life-blood Lake Nyasa for drilling filthy oil which will not benefit the overwhelming masses of our people, but Muthalika and his lackeys.He must by all means stopped to temper with our God-given golden lake.LONG LIVE MFITI,the galant son of our Land.

  37. Winston Msowoya says:

    Malawians,why do you spend much of your precious time on HOMOSEXIALITY instead of a much more vital theme such as intensification of tribalistic rhetorics,which has hitherto,developed to open hatrade among our people in the country while our leaders especially from the South and Central Malawi.We have the issue of the OIL DRILLING from our endangered beloved Lake Nyasa/ Lake Malawi if you will,the tumultuous economic trend that has plunged the nation into political quagmire of an alarming ramifications.We are seeing poor people battling high prices of maize which they cannot afford to purchase to feed their extended members of their families,medications in the hospitals have vanished,unemployment is astronomically high on par with Zimbabwe,list goes on.Meloncholy,the issue of evil sodomy and samesex prostitution,have dominated the lives of our people.What we must know is that,the participants of this sin and criminal behaviours,are completely detached from real human beings.The white man must not come to Africa to tell us what to do and what not to do because they are using money as leverage.Lastly,sodomy was condemned by the supreme being thousands of years go.

  38. COMMENTATOR>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. says:

    Mr Kasakula, your solid facts on the issue are well articulated and you have given an impressive analysis on homosexuality in general.
    But though you have implicitly stated your position on homosexuals, however from the scathing attack you have put on the pastors,am tempted to infer
    that you subscribe to homosexual’s baseless ideologies. In your statements it seems you have been at pains to exonerate homosexuals by childishly citing some trivial
    sins eg adultery or prostitution, stealing etc, but do you think on your own that these mentioned sins are enough to justify or legalize homosexuality in our societal set ups?
    what a fallacious and shallow reasoning, worse coming from a learned guy like you my friend. No wonder Malawi never develops due to some narrow-minded people like yourself.
    you mean up to now you do not appreciate the tremendous impact that our pastors does towards our societies? why do you some times reason like kindergarten-going children.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>COMMENTATOR

  39. kphiri says:

    mr. kaskula, in your writing i have a problem – why should we waste time framing a law to legalize a “sin”/abomination? there are many “sins” happening around and if all “sinners” in their minority seek legalization, there will be chaos.

  40. ophiri says:

    it seems anthu olemba nkhaniwa ndi mbuli sizidziwa zimene akuchita, You a big person as you’re! look at you, taking time writing nonsense! Inu mukuchita kupempha ufulu pa zinthu zovundazi? don’t you know that cashigaters are answering the charges? mbava zikagwidwa amapiita nazo kuti? I ask you, kasa, by the way mwapatsidwa kapena mukupempha?

  41. Kayafa says:

    Amanu Akanakhala Amuna.Mukanabadwa Inu? Zitsiru.

  42. Mwini madzi says:

    George, i didnt knw that you are such a stupip person. The constitution is clear, and what was put in the constitution was taken frm the bible. Why should we condone such stupidness? I knw as a journalist you have already attended gaysm seminors, so you want to make a fat allowance by writing this trash

  43. 2016 welcome says:

    The problem with homosexuals is their noisy call for legal recognition and accommodation. They better just do their business privately and surely no dog will bark.

  44. ayaya says:

    shallow minds

  45. Wozinyanyala says:

    Please can someone kill these idiots….even dogs know a sex partner….how can you even debate about this!!!! Zamanyazi kwambiri.

  46. zikwanje says:

    Ah..iwe usatikwane……so in other words…what if murderers, rapists, thieves, paedophiles..and Incests would want freedom..would you give them.

  47. Zoba says:

    Why you’re forcing such inhuman act among malawian culture,it shows that you have been indoctrinated by their cash to spoil your own nation,any act you mention in your article is against Malawian law,kabwezeni mwadyazo.

  48. Tilipo says:

    It will be a grave sin to legalise homosexuals in our Country Malawi. Many Malawians are not homosexuals by birth but these visitors who come to our country bring these stories. Take a closer look at those Malawians campaigning for these rights, are they homosexual? If not why?
    Please give us a break and discuss burning issues that will help heal our economy or spirituality not such decayed morals which have no room in sober minds. Don’t use reverse marketing strategy for homosexuals. Keep our kids safe please!

  49. Jesus is my saviour. says:

    This is English malawians are looking for. Well done Mr writer.

  50. Jesus is my saviour says:

    I dont want to comment on this issue,but let me congratulate the writer of this. This is the real English malawians are looking, some writers should emulate this.

  51. Zasintha says:

    Homosexality is not punishable in the Consitution but by a subsidiary legislation: the Penal Code. Can the law take its course please allow the Judiciary do its rightful work; judicial review.

  52. Aningo says:

    One of the soberest pieces on the issue. George has ably isolated the pertinent issues in the debate and spoken against extrimist thinking on both sides of the issue. I salute you. I beg pastors to sober up on this issue.

  53. Malawi says:

    Mr. Kasakula, adultery and prostitution are a sin according to the bible and punishable by the law in Malawi. In other words as Chiwamba said it in his poem: mbava, mahule, ochita chigololo sakupempha ufulu koma inuyo amathanyula mukupempha ufulu so Malawians are saying ‘no’ to it. In Malawi we spend precious time debating trivial matters. the constitution is clear and if anything fight the constitution.

    1. Bwindi says:

      You must get your facts straight before you post any comment. Malawi is a secular state. It therefore does not make sense to quote the Bible to back up an argument on national matters. Nanga m’Malawi wa chiBahai akachita quote buku lake tivomera? Nanga Quran enafe tikuyidziwa?

      Adultery is not a crime in Malawi. If it was, the prison population would have to be quadrupled! If you found me bonking your wife you would take me to a civil court where I would pay a fine and continue to enjoy my freedom. Or you could decide to kill me – which then would be a crime]. Please take time to understand these issues.

      The same people who brought us the Bible and sodomy laws, have changed their way of thinking. Why should we keep crying more than the bereaved? Kupanda azungu kubwera ku Africa sibwenzi tikupempherabe kwa mbona ife?

      We must fight our disgust about men fucking each other in the ass and accept that if they are consenting adults then that’s their business. Shouting against gay rights will not make us holy people – when we carry out dirty heterosexual acts or steal church or public funds on a daily basis…

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