Lightning kills chief, 72 houses collapse in Karonga as earthquake hits

The Group Village Headman Mulyawana of Karonga district the northern part of Malawi has died following the heavy rainfall which was accompanied by lightning and hailstorm destroying over 72 houses and leaving four people injured on New Year’s Eve.

Displaced in Karonga

Displaced in Karonga

The development comes after a spate of earthquakes hit parts of Chitipa and Karonga on Wednesday around 10pm, sending tremors all the way to Mzuzu.

Karonga district commissioner Rosemary Moyo confirmed the development, saying the hailstorm hit people of Village Headman Kauteka and Kasangamala killing.

Moyo said lightning struck on Group Village Headman Mulyawana of Traditional Authority Wasambo.

“Tame night over 72 households of VH Kauteka and Kasangamala have been left homeless as the hailstorm hit their area injuring four people who are now admitted at Fuliwa hospital in Chilumba,” Moyo said.

The DC called it the “worst disaster “since the onset of rain season.

District Metrological officer Victor Phiri said four people have died in the district due to lightening.

Karonga district is one of the disaster prone districts in Malawi where different kind of disaster occurs such as floods earthquake and dry spell.



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42 thoughts on “Lightning kills chief, 72 houses collapse in Karonga as earthquake hits”

  1. ndikwawo kwa joyce banda ndimuthu modzi wachuma mu africa athandiza amalawi tisadandaule kalikose ndiye kupotoko kumeneko amangako manyumba amuzi transformation trust kumeneko

  2. mayeso betha says:

    Pray to God so that disasters must not ocur, you can see that every year is happening , yes gorverment can donate and N.G.Os but for how long ? Realy come back to God, leave idoh worship and stay away from unknown gods. He is merciful God, nothing is imposible to Him. Let the healing hand of Lord Jesus touch all victims in this accident, and comfort those they have loosed guardians in Jesus name Amen.

  3. njanji says:

    So sorry,build them houses asap

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  5. the Northern speech says:

    Rest in peace

  6. pedegu says:

    Mwakasungula anabweretsa chake chindindindi. Trapence Gift chakenso chindindindi ndichimenechi. Paja mukuti muzikwatana amuna okhaokha kukayako. Sory and RIP chief Muryawana (okudyawana?)

    1. zakakaliya mulopwiya says:

      Be serious. Anzanu akulira and you play jokes.

  7. fkr says:

    If you live in a earthquake area built earthquake resistant houses as the Japanese do. Seriously earthquake have struck theses areas all the time.

  8. RIP. But I wishGift Trapence of Cedep BAD LUCK. May he kick the bucket for the sake of our nation.

  9. Zebron h banda says:

    My heartfelt condolences and sympathies to all the affected families and to my fellow malawians at large.


  11. Mbaya Malawi Eish. says:

    Vuto likulu kugima mugodi wa Kayerekera vindindindi vilekengepo yayi mpaka kalekale.

  12. Chamwaka says:

    @ The Patriot, your myopic thinking is reflective of a UNIMA graduate. The University should be pivotal in informing capacities-by government and non-government agents-to respond effectively to disasters. You mean UNIMA water and sanitation engineering students can not be challenged to design and actually construct simple wat san facilities to harvest and filter water say, decontaminate and dispose human waste-all using locally available resources? Architecture and and engineering students can not be challenged to design and writes SOPs for constructing low cost shelters with minimal skills? If UNIMA education can not be used to offer solutions to local problems whats the use of the education? To buy IpADS,download and listen to hip hop music? By the way I have worked in disaster situations too and I know that commodities like ready to use foods, portable water filters, even some min solar panels that one can assemble( without previous experience just after reading instructions) were designed by Universities what were challenged to solve practical problems. So do not give me that crap about you vising disasters areas, unless you did that to hawk merchandize! Universities were not blamed in USA because the university informed means to respond to disasters are there, but the problem was management- mobilizing and deploying those means and that is why Bush was blamed. Tell me what means have our UNIMA have formulated?

  13. osiah Shora says:

    My God may you protect your love ones

  14. Livulezi river says:

    My great condolence to the bereaved family! May his soul rest in peace! For govt, assist the people as soon as possible posayang’anira za mtundu, ndale kapena chigawo. Mwina mawa ndife kapena abale athu!!!

  15. Nyapamphi says:

    RIP pakalowa njoka bwerani kuno, Paja mukufuna boma lanulanu musaiwale

  16. Ruth warren u are a devil. Ngat umadana ndi atumbuka, u beta keep quiet. Who is killing who here? God hav mercy on you devil.

  17. contrarian says:

    The Chinese has said these cases never go to conclusion. In time we shall see these same robbers back on our streets and it will be business as usual. “Innocent until proven guilty”, they will tell us. Ndalamazo agawana!

  18. Mbukavu says:

    Is there anything about the Tumbuka Tribe here really? Why do we hate them like this?

  19. Munthuwazeru says:

    God may you have a mercy on this

  20. Karonga Boy says:

    Boma Lichitepo Kanthu.Kodi Vuto Ndichiani Kwenikweni?

    1. powder says:

      nanunso boma lichitepo kanthu y only one district dont u know these are natural disaster?how can u control earth queck or hailstorms, take time for commenting not just anyhow

    2. prichard malunga says:

      Kody bomalo lichitepo kanthu motani….tell us….

  21. Sub T/A says:

    Why blaming an individual it’s natural disaster which none can know and prepare for it not even the metrologist only God knows how to punish those who believe in something else beside God it’s time to believe that there is none to be worshipped beside God and we must ask him to give us good rain ameen

  22. Our Heavenly Father,
    please, Have mercy, on your people.
    We are actually, asking for your forgiveness. Becouse , we are sinfull people. Amen

  23. The Patriot says:

    It seems you have a bone to chew with our intellectuals at the UNIMA! However please calm down, no blame game here! A little bit of understanding and civic education will do here, sir. Some of us have been to places where disasters are the order of the year, but we have never seen Universities being accused of not providing solutions! Simply put you are barking at the wrong tree! The issues off disaster preparedness and provision of services on the aftermath thereof is the RESPONSIBILITY of the government, FULL STOP! No political spinning here. For example when hurricane Katrina struck the US, who was blamed for the handling of the emergency? Harvard University????? Or George Bush???

  24. Chentukanika says:

    Pepani pepani kwa onse okhudzidwa.

  25. ruth warren says:

    Kaziphanani atumbuka inu manyi anu nonse siimunati mufaaaaa

    1. Sibo says:

      Mayankhulidwe amenewo kaya mtima wanu ndiwotani kaya.

    2. Mavuto Chomene says:

      You have serious personal issues, and lots of drama in your family life and lack intellectual comprehension and scope of the gibberish comments that splurge out of your mouth like a bout of uncontrollable diarrhoea. If you continue on this reckless path of bitterness,prejudice, discrimination and foul mouthed language, it will not be long before your actions will bear blood on your hands! It shows how weak you are as a person as you are good at hiding behind a mask in shame!

  26. too bad…my condolences to the family

  27. chamakoza says:

    That’s so bad his soul rest in peace

  28. Mhesha says:

    While Mtambo is busy kukwatitsa men and men….in order to fill his greedy stomach with donor money. He is busy barking daily on political issues blaming the president on anything leaving out tangible ones unresolved.

  29. Gerald phiri says:

    Pepani wanganya kukaya uko. Ka tawanthu titifwe nthena wanganya?

  30. Phwilephwile says:

    Anzathu azanyengo nthawi yanu pliz muziyeselako Pangon kutidziwitsa

  31. so bad! lets pray 4 de victims & extend hands on them

  32. Chamwaka says:

    This is sad. Unfortunately our university lecturers and their students are buffoons: they have never sat down once to think how to respond to these kind of natural disasters. Simple, standardized low cost shelters, even made with timber, card boards and roofed with thick plastic sheets that can easily be assembled or mounted at short notice, but strong enough to last a month or so until something semi permanent is constructed. Look at how our own sisters and brothers are staying. Today its Karonga, last week it was Lilongwe, next week we will hear its Chikwawa but no one rises up to to help with the practical problems these people face. Requests for high salary and protests is all they know. Idiots

    1. Dan says:

      I concur wth Chamwaka the so called lecturers are good at strikes nothing tangible in their heads

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