Like pastor like son, Gift Salanje brags about father’s riches

Pastor Hastings Salanje, who is the leader of the Wells of Revival Ministries in Johannesburg continues to dominate headlines and social media chats over his bragging of riches as his son Gift has joined.

'Gifty Banks': Salanje's son

‘Gifty Banks’: Salanje’s son

Gift Salanje: You can be in Christ and still be a baller

Gift Salanje: You can be in Christ and still be a baller

Gift Salanje with posh cars of his father, Pastor Salanje

Gift Salanje with posh cars of his father, Pastor Salanje

Gift Salanje has also hit headlines in the Sunday World newspaper of South Africa for joining his father in bragging about the wealth they have.

The paper described him as “ one of the most balling pastor’s kids in the country.”

It carried his Facebook posts where there is  his fathers’s posh cars and a sprawling house.

“So much that he even used to call himself ‘Gifty Bank’, because he laughs his way to it,” Sunday Word reported.

“Like father like son, Gift also uses social media to basically say ‘you could be living like me, but your dad is not a pastor’.

“A Lil #TBT (Throw Back Thursday)…when money talks, the world pay attention. I like things so I made it my spokesperson,” wrote Gift on Facebook on a picture with the cars at his place adding that “You can be in Christ and still be a baller.”

Pastor Salanje is already hitting headlines in South Africa not for his preaching but for bragging and show off his riches.

His Facebook page is littered with images of his expensive cars and upmarket mansion and attracted the attention of The Sowetan news. The Malawi media blogs and newssites have also given coverage to Salanje’s Facebook sensation.

Salanje started in a humble way in Blantyre, Malawi’s commercial city where he established Wells of Revival Ministry in 2000 in Chilomoni township.

He used to drive a black Benz with personalised number Salanje 1.

Salanje reportedly fled Malawi amid rumours which suggested he was a Satanist.

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72 thoughts on “Like pastor like son, Gift Salanje brags about father’s riches”

  1. yale says:

    no comment ,only God knows

  2. jewel says:

    How sad it will be when the Lord tells you: “Depart from me I know you not.”

  3. shaaaa! says:

    adziweni ndi zipatso zawo.Yesu anafa osauka chifukwa cha ife.koma iwo akufuna kukolora mwa fosi dzuwa likuswa mtengo kwa nkhosa zina zoti zimalolera kupereka koma zilibe chakudya pa khomo.Mulungu pitilizani kuvumbulutsa,kuti anthu atseguke maso!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. malawi says:

    It looks like Gift Bank is really a fun of Hip hop, i dont know if that Bafomet symbol has been used ignorantly

  5. sir bentby says:

    last days, but I don’t want to judge because the only responsible judge is Jahovah

  6. mwadoh says:

    yolila kwambili siichedwa kung’aluka

  7. amfumu says:

    That is modern pastors for you.Very few of them are poor and none have God in them.With so much wealth,how many poor hungry ,destitute people has he helped?
    I went to one of these churches in Pretoria and 95 percent of the sermon was about giving 10 percent of my income to the church.Immediately after the service ,i ran as far away from them as i could.
    Satan comes in many forms

  8. Zodabwits says:

    I feel sorry for Pastor Salanje and son can you please browse Rev. Park of China who saw heaven and hell and realised that he was blessed inorder to bless others all those cars what for that is selfishness. Other small churches have nothing herein Malawi. Bless them so that God can continue to bless you. materials on this plannet are nothing but goats droppings in heaven (ndowe zambuzi) search on the internet for Rev. Park he was the reachest pastor in China after seeing heaven and hell he decided to share his pochy cars and houses. Sikuti musalemere koma chenjerani.

  9. Mavuto Pwiya~pwiya says:

    He Is not a man of God. Hi Is a man of See Gods.

  10. PA MALAWI says:

    A real pastor can’t introduce his wealthiest. He is premature,he is acting like a child. Shame to him his fellow brothers and sisterz are still suffering while he is proud with social networks and richer.

  11. Arlan says:

    Mind u guyz, Satana akulamulira dzikoli ndie mukaona zimenezi nkhawa njeee umangoziwira2

  12. Malawian Mom says:

    yard ya anthu olemela imankhala chochi, kapinga kulembeka ngati njila yopita kuchimbuzi. koma iwo akukalowa nyumba.

    there is no secret under the sun. God is tired with him now, its been too long. he is been exposed now by his own God, even his own son is his witness, he has joined hands.

  13. alekekuba says:

    Alipo anzawo, a Lab Enterprises, school go! koma chuma nyumba 24, magalimoto mbwe mbwe mbwe. Kaya pakatipa anaphonyetsa chani , satana watapako zake zina. Nyumba ngati block ya ma flats usiku kuchezera magalimoto kumangolowa (izi zimayabira 12:00 midnight) Ntchito zogwira usiku nzotani? Kaya ma meeting a midnight ngotani?

    Koma ku Calvary nde amaoneka m’dalitso pa mpingopo. Kupereka mwakathithi. Kodi APOSTLE maiwa mukuwadziwa bwino bwino?

    Dont say you were not warned!

  14. ninkuuzeni says:


  15. Lord be merciful!

  16. Sydney says:

    Signs of the end. People wil love money & become selfish

  17. Kwangwagwa says:

    Salanje Junior, You cannot eat all that alone. Foolish fools!

  18. kheza says:

    Afunse stecelia motors blood money siichedwa!

  19. chefourpence says:

    blood money! Ma body parts mumakatenga ku Mulanje mu ma cooler box aja athandiza eti? Thank God kuti masiku ano amalora anthu kugwiritsa ntchito dzina lake pachabe osawalanga ngati kale. He still loves you.

  20. Chigawenga says:

    If you want to become a millionaire from money handed to you by the poor become a preacher. These people are disgusting. I hope xenophobia finds him. He deserves tires around his neck. How can he brag about wealth through tithe he should be helping the poor and living humbly

  21. John says:

    chuma chochipezera kuukulu ndichovuta kwambiri. chimatha ngati ma curtain. Wait and see. You will be surprised anthu atakusiyirani church!

  22. Robie says:

    Tired of this rubbish nonses!

  23. black and Red church says:

    This is one of the cars that we use here when going to attend the prayers and paying 2rials.

  24. His a fool chuma chochionela kuukulu heeee usalanje

  25. Patriot says:

    Chuma chapa dziko lapansi CHIRIBE NTCHITO.
    Ine ndazikundikira chuma kumwambako.

  26. Mphwacge says:

    Za satana adzabweza kwa satana, just watch him for a few years.

  27. Kwenikweni says:

    Kodi Kasalanje kameneka sikaja ankati kapezeka ndi ziwalo za wanthu mufridge mwake mbava zitabwera kuti zinzam’bele.Siameneyu kodi lero walemera ndikumatumbwa ndalama za ziwalo zomwezo.Uuukapsa moto.

  28. OGO!! says:

    I have never heard or seen a Pastor who worships worth as much as this Salanje. Why dwell on earthly riches the same things that these pastors even he himself tells his congregation that that shouldn’t be the case? How can he boast as such when some people in his own congregation are suffering on a daily basis? Why hasn’t he started a Charity in Malawi rather Chilomoni where you have lost of people suffering in many ways if he can give out 100.000 Kwacha just like that? I have my reservations…a lot point at zolakwika mu uzimu wa abusa Salanje or Salaje!! U are a foreigner in that country, the people u are preaching to are suffering and you have the nerve to boast about such wealth after the Xenophobia your fellow countrymen and God’s people went through? Bwinotu Bwino..ngati ali Mulungu amapatsa ndipo amalanda. Samalani!!

  29. muge says:

    God jst 4 gv salanje

  30. Chipapwiche says:

    Nyasatimes,please concentrate on real issues that can improve the quality of life of Malawians. Let Salanje be Salanje,and God be God… If the God he serves is the true God of Heaven,He is indeed capable of transforming people;from bad to good,poor to rich,sick to healthy. He is a God of miracles and can do it with anyone else who gives his life to Him..

  31. savimbi says:

    chuma cha makolocho

  32. iwe says:


  33. Beloved says:

    I think pastor Salanje does not deserve to be man of GOD IF WHAT I’M HEARING IS ANYTHING TO GO BY

  34. Hon Banda says:

    I do not understand how Satan help these Salanje pple get money like this. Satanism is huge in RSA but what is the connection between Satan and Money. Where is this Satan? Who talks to him? God forbid.

  35. mulhomwe waku Lomola says:

    Ndi Wasatanic kuyambira Kale uyu musakhumudwe naye,munthu wamulungu weni weni sazichemelera motere

  36. losco says:

    Timadziwa pachiyambi pomwe kuti nthito amapanga Ku Malawi zinali za Dyabulosi

  37. omawe says:

    Salanje 2019 Bomaaaaaaa

  38. Olobodoka says:

    Zonse zakambidwa apa nde usalajewo ameneyu ndi mkape bwaji inuso mumangotengeka basi…….

  39. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Nyasatimes apandiye mwa bore. Do you respect the Salanjes, or you highly rate them? You have made me stumble here.

    Maybe, you are sent by the Salanjes themselves to advertise their wealth.

    Please tell them, although I don’t own a bicycle but I don’t seek cars neither being in foreign countries looking for affluence.

    Afterall, the kingdom of God is about righteousness and not food or wealth, so I don’t know why you’re calling him ‘pastor’ while basically he is in RSA to seek wealth. Fugitive as he is.

    Is God in South Africa only?

  40. Zanga Phee! says:

    What is so special in showcasing cars.After all people got cars i meen Cas not these i don’t see farari Here.See my name.

  41. nganga says:

    Kaya ZANU amene mumapeleka zonse mma church inu kugona ndi njala kuyenda pansi koma Abusa kulandira zakudya zaulere

  42. ma plain says:

    Timva Kuti amubela,sizitenganso nthawi yaitali!!

  43. Suraj says:

    If satan can indeed provide such riches, then i better join him. Why suffer on earth and suffer again in hell? Lets all be satanists!!!!

  44. brown says:

    AZI busa awa

  45. kenkkk says:

    God gives and also can take away. Remember Job.

  46. KAMBWE says:

    Ambuye mulungu komwe mulikoooo , ngati mukundimvaaa muoneni Salanje uyu ndi mwana wake wamatama ..muoneseni kiyama ameneyi…

  47. Wakumzimba says:

    I can hardly believe that Salanje is man of God,hope he is a Satanic.

  48. mangochi kabwafu says:

    Galu wachabe chabe, mbava. This is one of these african thieves (pastors, prophets, apostles etc) who enrich themselves out of the povos. Jesus himself wasnt rich but he could if he’d wanted to.

  49. Warning to you!,I dnt wnt to hear u talkn no sense stories again.fuck u!

  50. NYEKHU wa NYEKHULANI says:

    Malemba akuti, amuna awiri anapita kukachisi kokapemphera, wina okhomesa nsonkho wina mfalisi, okhomesa nsonkho anaima nati “ambuye ndimasala kudya ndimapeleka chakhumi sindili ngati mzangayu”
    koma mfalisi anagwada modzichepesa nati ambuye mundikhululukire ndine ochimwa, ndikuuzani ozikweza yekha azasitsidwa

  51. chaiwone wawo says:

    I have my reservations , i doubt there is God in Salanje’s ministry

  52. Deg-dog says:

    This is South Africa these guys will be investigated and if found with any problem will be deported mark my words

  53. Truck says:

    Nyasatimes instead of publishing stories of how to development our Country Malawi your busy writing stories of someones cars with his life.Its a waste of time we can do nothing about him leave him alone that’s his life provided his money is not from Cashgate or Churchgate.Such is life.

  54. thinktankmalawi says:

    When you have the”spirit of poverty ” ,you go out of the way to prove to people that you gat’s a sorry sight to see this silliness of displaying cars (that Lose value from day one after assembly) as a symbol of wealth…what A display of primitiveness !

  55. Mthandeni says:

    Amapatsa mosiyana.Womwa tea azamwa tea

  56. Chuma chopha anthu icho santanism

  57. phwado says:

    unfortunately we have pple with empty skulls who are taken advantage of.They shall continue embarrassing him with tithes which are unnecessary in all religionsmThis is a wake up call for all of you church goers.Church business is no Godly.There is a Creator yes but not the way all religions do it.Holy books were written by your fellow assholes as a frightening tool for the shallow mentally retarded assholes like you religion addicts.The conflicts we have today are religion-based ones.Middle east,CCAP etc because church business a very profitable business.You enrich the so called pastors,prophets…..fathers while you languish in extreme poverty and they become pompous bcoz they know you are dunderheads.You are cheated that you will go to heaven by tithing.Who has ever been there?No one!Heaven is here on the earth.Now now you are in heaven!You think The Creator can be so stupid to let you languish here in readnes of heaven where you will just be singing!Fucking 12 virgins in heaven while we already have them now now?Open up.Belief is just an illusion.Rely on evidence.That is why the learned dont believe in so called religions because religions dont provide evidence but just belief-illusions.Havent you seen with your own fuckin eyes losts of circular musicians turning to gospel?They wannt your money because with your belief and empty skulls you give them your money.Why all these fucking religions and churches,sunni and shiite mosques yet there is only one Creator?It is money,sex an greed.Wake up from your slumber!

  58. Christian life says:

    How can this article help Malawi to move out of poverty. Stupidity at its best. Spending your hard earned money and time.

  59. abie sekete says:

    People use God s name to be rich

  60. Wati says:

    Anyhu aku joni anasintha eti??? Mpaka kumawanyadila pamphuno choncho??? Tizimva!

  61. titus Scoti says:

    Pride comes before the fall!

  62. Pangani Banda says:

    tsono ife zitipindulilanji

  63. harrinya says:

    i hop u hv maximum security at ur house coz very soon am seeing guns pointed on ur head,being robbed….samalani kumeneko nku Jonz…

  64. chigumbuli says:

    guys this is not a pastor of God. If i was a member of his church i would have withdrawn my membership forthwith.

  65. patrick banda says:


  66. Tifanamaso says:

    Woe to pple who believe in false prophets and pastors like Salanje coz chomwe dzanja lamamzele lachita dzanja lamanja lisadziwe koma atumiki alerowa mpaka channel yawoyawo kuti dziko lonse liwone zomwe akuchita, destruction is waiting upon you.

  67. opportunist says:


  68. George Lihoma. says:

    Kusaauka kwa mmagazi. Azatipeza khwangwa zikayambilanso. You don’t do that in Jozi afunseni matchona omwe anafikako kalekale kumeneko. Even kumowa (local shebeens) you only produce simple notes like R10,R20 baasi pogula,ukaonjeza achifwamba amakutsata popita kwanu mpaka amakuchezetsa. Hahahahaha.

  69. Truth Spitta says:

    Son of devil!!
    Wealth of the satan lasts here on earth.

  70. Ine says:

    Nkhani siyitha chonchi inu.

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