Likoma islanders demand District Health Office

People at Likoma Island, whose district health officer is stationed at Nkhata Bay boma are demanding answers from the government why the senior medical officer is not stationed at his place of work.

Likoma Island

Likoma Island



District health officers shun Likoma island because it lacks many services as it is a small island on Lake Malawi and they prefer Nkhata Bay where services like banks are readily available.

Transport is also a problem from the Island to the mainland and most often there are boat accidents.

District Health Officer for Likoma Bongani Chikwapulo who stays at Nkhata Bay District Hospital says he would give reasons to the islanders once he visits the island soon, he did not say exactly when.

The Islanders, who also include some medical personnel, say the absence of a senior medical officer at the island has made health services dwindle drastically.

They say junior medical officers fail to get guidance when they face illness complications and the only way is to send patients to Nkhata Bay Hospital which they say can take hours or even days before transport is sourced.

TheY accused Chikwapulo of visiting the Island once or twice a month.

Former President Bakili Muluzi declared Likoma a district, delinking it from Nkhata Bay a move that attracted criticism from social commentators who said the island is too small to be a district and did not have adequate amenities to warrant it a full district.

They said the population is too small to elevate it to a full district status.

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Do not dispossess people of their ancestral heritage just so you can create business opportunities for those corrupt politicians. More over resorts can coexist with the people, and they could in fact benefit from the job opportunities created, just like then resorts could benefit from local cheap labor.


Ojere, or watever ur name is, u have no idea as to hw many graduates r stayin on that island rit nw, a graduate is a person too. Next tym u wanna comment on something here, try using ur brain if at all there is any left!

The late former Malawi President used to state that, Education is not acquired in classroom only but through travelling as well. Our government ministers enjoy the privilege of travelling various countries at the expense of tax payers, but a daunting question is why don’t the acquire essential knowledge from those countries and apply them in their own land for a better country to be achieved. I have been here in RSA for a number of years and the level of my exposure to an up graded life has created a variety of ideas that could transform Malawi into a better… Read more »

Move these fellas to the main land and turn the island into a cash generating holiday resort. When are we going to turn these places into gold. Malawians lack creativity. Go to South Africa they have Roben Island the Boer had a prison there now it is a place for tourist attraction. Some time I blame my for fathers if they had accepted to be sold into slavery I would have been a cousin to Jzee than to live among thieves cause that is the world identity for Malawians.


This place is not worth to keep the graduate let alone DHO DC DPD DADO i thing these can reside in Likoma then search me. Ingoiwalani ndipo muzolowele mavuto okhala popanada manwana. mukufuna mutakhala inu DHO. Ndima DHO angati amene ankhla lapo pa likoma.


If you have nothing to contribute,just stay quiet. You think where you stay is better than Likoma❔It is because of people like you who doesn’t appreciate nature that will make our country not to develop. Have you been there you foolish minded creature.❔❔❔❔.Mind your comments.

Stevenson makungwa

How I wish our argumentative MP’s could have debated on how to make this golden island a TOURIST HAVEN. Both opposition and government. We could have Mauritius or Seychelles in Malawi. More forex. More jobs. More fun!


The Analyst, You are on Point!!! Big-UP

The Analyst



DPP just sell the Island please


So educated as Northerners boast, why are they not so patriotic to work at this home? Ngakhale ungaphunzire chotani koma ngati ulibe umunthu oganizira ndi kuthandiza anthu, kuphunzira kwako kuli chabe. Kufanana ndi kukhala Mkristu wosatumikira ambuye. Siiwe mkristu konse!

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