Lilongwe City Council cashgate, millions siphoned

Members of the revenue collection department at the Lilongwe City Council (LCC) are walking heads down following damning revelations that they have been siphoning the council’s money through scrupulously schemed escapades.

Bikoko: There is plunder

Bikoko: There is plunder

Nyasa Times has established that millions of kwacha at the council have vanished and authorities cannot explain.

The revelation comes after Nyasa Times busted another corruption scandal at the Lilongwe District Council in which 18 middle class and aristocratic houses in the country’s most expensive city were sold for less that K20 million (about US$40 000).

A report by the council’s Human Resource Committee has confirmed the alleged siphoning of funds.

According to the report, recently delivered at the LCC offices in the capital Lilongwe, workers in the revenue department are said to be possessing fake receipt books which they issue and take home the money they collect.

For a long time the members of staff could not be apprehended because the council books remained intact, the committee chairperson Dr. Desmond Bikoko said.

Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe during the mid-year budget review at the just ended sitting of parliament complained of the country collecting less is some of its revenue collecting departments.

 Nyasa Times learnt that another method that is being used to siphon the money is that the revenue collectors charge below the recommended fees and leave something to the businessperson without issuing any receipt.

LCC’s director of administration Dyson Milanzi has warned against the behaviour, saying all wrong-doers will be brought to book.

“The City needs money to fix street lights, pay salaries and pay garbage collectors,” he said. “Where will the City get the money if we are siphoning our revenue in this manner?”

A senior staffer at LCC who refused to be named confided in Nyasa Times that “millions of kwacha could not be traced.”

But Milanzi further issued stern warnings to members of staff, hinting of executing criminal investigations.

“If you continue, I will not hesitate but apply all rules that even if you go to the courts you will not win,” he said.

He claimed that he had copies of some of the fake receipt books.

One official who spoke on behalf of fellow revenue collectors admitted that they are sometimes tempted to engage in the corrupt practices because of deplorable salaries.

Milanzi described the sentiment as a lame excuse.

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60 thoughts on “Lilongwe City Council cashgate, millions siphoned”

  1. Phodogoma says:

    Tumbukas why do you feel pompus as if you can lead the country. Yet when you are given a big post, all what you do is direct nepotism on employment as long as you hear the tongue of simbweni and alongosi. He/she is employed straight away. Even if you go to ACB you will find many Ngwiras, many Mhonies, Many chipetas. No Mlomwe. All these being employed because they come from Nthalire, Enukwenu, Mquocha, Edingeni, from Jemba wa Majemba area not forgetting Mtwalo area. Mbuzi za anthu zenizeni basi.look at how Tumbukasa are finishing Lilongwe yet the Chewas are there watching and dancing gule wamkulu. Akang,wing’wi enieni achewa. Lilongwe residences if you leave this Tumbuka by the name Hara from Chiweta to be your Lordship for Lilongwe City, then one day you will work up only finding that LL is just a home of rubbish even than Dedza Town Concil. Work up Achewa. That useless Tumbuka can not do that here in Mulanje in presence of Winiko. Atamuloza kale basi.Ask John T during the time of Kamuzu. These guys did not enjoy in Mulanje at all. They were always chased away by the bees in magic. These bees were being sent by the aunt of Winiko in Mulanje. That is the reason now Winiko is the one controlling all magic for the Lomwes. Samalani ndi winiko.

    1. Richard Hara says:

      You do not know what you are saying and God is the best witness for me. Thanks for your comments amandilimbitsa mtima.

  2. Manje says:

    Blantyre City Assembly yawonjeza katangale .Inu ofufuza tafufuzani

  3. Phwado says:

    I shall never ever pay again.

  4. Muhiye Mwana says:

    Na pali Muhinya palibe chabwino! anthu awa ndiwotopetsa and they are many in numbers. Had JB not married to Muhinya, she would not be in trouble. LL City Council is the worst of all councils in Malawi. Nothing he is doing for the city. Govt should allow Bitznowarty to run the city and not this stupid LL Chief Executive

  5. Mopia says:

    You cannot hear this in Mzuzu but Lilongwe where is the home Nyau cashgaters

  6. edda mwalweni says:

    That’s y we want a feudal system

  7. Gimbogo says:


  8. Njolinjo says:

    @ Akatswiri, even in Blantyre, vendors are all over.

  9. Earth Digger says:

    Lack of patriotism & non-direction!

  10. social analyst says:

    pali mtumbuka palibe chabwino. see the names behind cashgate. its these guys. no wonder the CEO Mr Hara got an injunction when he was ordered to leave the city council. He wanted to clear his desk.

    1. God is Good says:

      It is an insult to say a Tumbuka, that is why this country want develop because boma lazaza a Chewa ndi a Lomwe opanda nzeru!
      M’mutu mwawo ndi mbatata basi.
      If there is any wrong doing talk about that osati ntundu wa munthu kapena anthu, bullshit!!!!

  11. mbosha says:

    They have been doing this for some time now. Remember how my father who had a house in area 2 Lilongwe was duped on city rates by staff at LOW. He used to pay city rates faithfully but was told that he had accumulated millions. Showing them receipts he was told point blank that the receipts were fake. He needed to pay the bill again. Thats what these people do.Lets other agents collect money for government by giving them targets

  12. Ambuje apali says:

    Palibwe wabwino, Ambuye pangani chilichonse pa Malawi pano

  13. jesus is lord says:

    Please this money is never used to fix street lights or leave alone pay garbage collectors I know this for a fact the only time I saw the city working on light was during the SADC summit and Garbage collection has been non existent for many years now go around the hoods and you will find diapers ripped by dogs all over the place and rotten piles of trash on almost every corner. You are complaining only because you didn’t get a chance to dip your finger in this pot.

  14. akatswiri says:

    City council the roads are very bad what are doing, mpakana ma pot holes anthu kumawedza nsomba kikiki, komanso iwe Mayor wanzinda wa Lilongwe mavenda abwereranso mmunseu kodi ukutani?kodi sungasirire nzako Noel ku Blantyre, wake up.

  15. Jimbo says:

    How sad to hear of more corruption in Malawi. The country will never progress as long as those responsible for handling public funds continue to plunder them for their own benefit. It seems corruption runs through every strata of society from village chiefs right up to the President. As far back as the 1970s I can recall officials expecting bribes to do what was supposed to be their duty. Malawi is no different from all the other African countries in the post-colonial era. Africa and corruption are synonymous. European countries are not immune from corruption, but it is nowhere near as endemic as it is in Africa.

  16. Tambwali says:

    This is exactly what traffic officials are doing.

  17. PM says:

    The CEO is a chewa who hails from Dowa. Please dont comment without facts. Whe will you stop hating fellow malawians KOTOKWA. These things happen with any other CEO not necessarily a particular tribe

  18. Citizen X says:


  19. naphiri says:

    is this the reason the council fails to maintain traffic lights? many of them simply need new bulbs koma ayi ndithu its months now timangodziwa kuti ukamachoko ku chilambula into main road red lights anafa tidikile osadziwa amationa ngati opusa they pass to go only to notice tt on the m1 they are green almost causing an accident. ku m1 green sayaka… one wonders which roads the city asse.bly pipo who maintain these use. pakakhala pa nico centre its bn years. maybe they are waiting for someone to lose life and u start running around… zomvetsa chisoni. kapena we should donate the bulbs? nenani akufuna kwambwino ndi ambiri

  20. zingati zanu says:

    Road traffic ndye mbaava za boma. Mmene boma linakhwimitsa njira zosinthira blue book. Koma ndiyetu. Ndinawona bwana ena odziwika bo akulipira K30 grand kusintha ownershiPp bwnayo kupusa kwake anatulutsa nkupereka opanda receipt! Fufuzani. Zanu mutenge

  21. Kokotowa says:

    Ngati CEO wache ali mtumbuka basi palibe chabwino!

    1. Victor Jumbo says:

      It’s not about tribes, colours , or regions where different people come from but capabilities. I believe people should be employed on merit regardless where they come from as long as they are all Malawians, male or female. So stop being tribalism and embarrassing yourself by not fully understanding what Malawi stands for. People should not waste time by engaging in things that don’t matter to all. It is very sad to know that there are still ignorant people who regards themselves as more important than others. These times are well gone with Asamunda and should not be a problem of modern age and days. Malawi is a God fearing country with God fearing people and as such people of all kind should be respected and appreciated for their contribution to human kind and the country at large. Remember, together we stand, devided we fall.
      Victor Jumbo, UK

  22. Sally G says:

    All directors r currupt. As an employee I’m ready to spill the beans of shady deals. Milan is good with his mouth only but we all now that he is the most currupt.

  23. MATAKO says:

    Our country has gone to the dogs. Corruption is so rampant that it is very difficult for us to come to grips with reality. The only observation I can make is that fish rots from the head. The president is the chief master minder of corruption in this country. If he was serious enough corruption could have been eradicated by now.

  24. ndadabwa says:

    anayambitsa kuba ndi peter ndi getrude mutharika ataba ndalama za NAC. bingunso paja anaba 92 billion ndiye mumati ana atani

  25. Impoverishing,our rich country like that,ther much money in Malawi,but the problem is that everyone in power is a thief.if this country was that poor there would be at least 2 months of lack of salary money for all mps and ministers including the HE himself,but it had never happened,the drive 24/7 but we hear there is no money for medical drugs.what a shame,go to Botswana and learn how they fought are taking us for a ride.coz the majority is un educated u are relaxing 2much,where doe money for uranium sales goes?if during tobbacco selling season only the kwacha gains some strength,why uranium full time sale has no positive impact on our currency? Thieving is the huge problem to our nation,I suggest we must have an indepent anticorruption bureu run by the British and Germany envoys.people who are 2rich to be bribed.butbour local mafias are too corrupt good for nothing dogs.ndalirira Kamuzu Banda ndithu He was aGod given Leader to our nation,31yrs no drug shortage in the country,no major devaluation,no may his soul rest in peace also the soul of Bingu W whose works testified his words,he showed the world that Malawi is not poor,we have resources and fertile. Soil,we turned to be a food basket in the continent,but azungu anampomboneza .but he proved them long,he was very passionate to his country,now jst after him a bag of maize was 10000kwacha from 3000 for the first time ever,very sorry and hard for one to live in MW

  26. Nyamalikiti says:

    Kulinnso cash gate ku road fund authority. mabwana akumeneku ena achotsedwa ntchito pa Dedza border chifukwa chotibera ndalama za toll fee ife ma truck drivers.

  27. Malawi is not poor,I recall B wamutharika’s words,but our mind set is poor,issuing receipt in this era of coredraw and Photoshop software’s,kkkkk,thieves cooking a calf in his own mother’s milk,we shall be poor for ever as a nation.can’t we learn from Botswana,and Zambia? Shame on me for being a citizen of mafia leaders mbava mmxxxxx,to hello agalu inu.

  28. citizen says:

    Even milanzi himself z corrupt person whom does he want to cheat?

  29. starting from hara de chief executive ,swande director of finance and milanzi himself should be suspended amid investigations these pple r dere to destroy de city council not to help de city.

  30. abwenzi says:

    mukuma anthu kukatolera ndalama yet malipiro awo are just peanuts,u r talking corruption of only juniors not of big fishes within de council instead of building city’s company’s shops buzy building ua own shops almost each market within de city i.e mr milanzi himself.corruption in road dept instead of buying origina electric materials u r buying fake ones,off~ late u wanted to swindle about 18 milion for local development fund without de aproval of Honourable Bisnowaty Mp lucky enough Bisnowaty refused 2 sign as far l know dere is no city counci in lilongwe shame on mr milanzi!

  31. Why is Milanzi himself tolerating the malpractice?Then who will clean up this mess since the DPP led government is dragging its feet on the cashgates all over?

  32. ujeni says:

    Why do you call it siphoning? Are they cashing money from the council bank account and banking in their personal accounts? This is pure corruption and stealing not siphoning, what do you mean by siphoning. You siphone money already in your possession to somewhere ekse

  33. Sam says:

    Mr Milazi is also implicated in this council-cash gate scandal investigate him and the whole City council
    Another point is Malawi being poorest of the poor it produces poorest minds that are currently running various administrations across the country. My question is why not automate the process? It’s cheaper, efficience and hard for collectors to steal money. Only accountants can steal form council’s account if there is no close monitoring.

    The collector collects money walking back to the office hungry and he buys magwafa with council’s money kkkkkkkkkkkk. Malawi wake up, go tech

  34. Ntchona says:

    Why do we issue manual receipts in this era and age? People evil and wickedness is at work in malawi government offices. Overhaul the system.



  36. chims says:

    Mr milazi, the issue is not ‘if you continue, I will take action’, Now is the time. you are not sounding like a serious director of administration but someone who knows what has been happening and is aiming at shielding and your boys must me be investigated immediately while in suspension just now. idiots.

  37. Chidzukulu cha Akwitusya says:

    Lilongwe city siizathekanso look at min bus deport cannot even be renovated. Yet someone is being paid. Its shameful indeed

  38. 5555 says:

    Kodi dziko la malawi latani abale????? All the evil pipo are in Malawi. Please arrest and kill them all!! Stupid

  39. Here we go again says:

    from today onwards dont come closer to my shop for city rate, coz i dont want to go to jail after squizing somebody.

  40. nanzikambe says:


  41. Kadakwiza says:

    Why Malawians are crying, it seems like you don’t know that DPP is in charge. Nothing will be ok in Malawi as far as DPP in government. Its UDF team B. And PP is UDF team C.

  42. Patriot says:

    Parking ticketinso muyang’anemo bwino.

  43. ayaya says:

    LCC should be transparent on hoe the interest.rate is charged. We are told it is compound interest why are they using compound interest does the law permit this? Please law experts help tikulira nszo ma city rates akupha.

  44. Brenda says:

    A Chaziya pangani zoti dera lanu lipindule inu kodi mukalanda nyumba za Council anthu amene anakuvoterani apindula chiani? eeeh inu anthu mdera lakwanu akumwa madzi amatope inu penapake galimoto zimadutsa pamadzi miyala osakonza bridge ndikuitanitsa ma borehole bwanji. Itayeni ya nyumba mochedwa nayo mpaka term yanu itha musanapange chitukuko kwanu inu. Amene aku coacher anali konkuno anailephera angofuna ku user inuyo muluza ma voti kwanu Baba

  45. The problems is that even arevenue collector knows that even if he or she steals, no one cares and after all the high ranking officers also steal.Displine on finances need to be practiced in Malawi. We need The President who will be clean himself first and then revamp every loophole that public money is syphoned.

  46. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Capital City umbava too much. MHC Lilongwe branch should also be investigated. Amagawa ma plot kwa anthu awadziwa and politicians.

    They are stupid people at MHC Lilongwe, who can not develop this country.

  47. Alungwana says:

    Thats why we have a stinking capital city!

  48. Think Tank says:

    is this news? Its everywhere. Dont you know why people resist transfers in district councils? This is it.

  49. joni says:

    Remove milazi from there and his boys will bot be shielded

  50. dafuq??? says:

    just another day in malawi. nyansi za dziko zeni zeni

  51. Juma says:

    They are moslem guys who pray with milazi and were emploed by milazi at mosques

  52. jasi says:

    Most of these are yaos employed by milazi himself. They are milazi boys and surrender cash to milazi

  53. Jeke says:

    Milazi is a thief number 1

  54. Mfulatuvi says:

    I urge all malawians to boycott city rates. Hard working and honest citizens suffer to raise money for property taxes after which their money ends up in thieves’ pockets.

  55. MBC says:

    Road traffic system is mess as well. They release receipts without you depositing money in the bank. Things like reprinting if Certificate, etc. The other svam is on the parking tickets I guess and I have a strong feeling.

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