Lilongwe City Council officials get to work after ministerial blast

Lilongwe City officials are now back to work in earnest ensuring cleanliness in the capital city just a week after Minister of Local government Kondwani Nankhumwa blasted them for unhygienic standards and lack of revenue innovations.

Nankhumwa: Blasts council

Nankhumwa: Blasts council

A check on some places where the minister expressed concern over poor sanitation like at Lilongwe bus depot, cleaners were busy cleaning everywhere following minister Nankhumwa’s concern last week.

Some officials from the council also indicated there were some meetings lined up to see how to utilise the 122 bed council rest house which was closed many years back but can be a major source of revenue for the cash strapped city.

During the visit, Nankhumwa said he was disappointed to see poor sanitation in the capital city.

“I am very disappointed with the sanitation, the sorry state at the bus depot,” he said.

Nankhumwa also said it was sad that the council rest house is now a white elephant after it was closed many years ago due to poor sanitation yet it can be turned into a useful revenue generator.

“Lilongwe City Council needs to pull up socks. They need to work as a team,” said Nankhumwa.

An official from the council said Lilongwe city council is struggling to provide good services to residents because city rate payers owe the council millions of Kwacha in city rates.

He said the rest house will soon be operational through the public private partnership arrangement.

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20 thoughts on “Lilongwe City Council officials get to work after ministerial blast”

  1. Malawian!!! says:

    Congratulations Mr. Minister for the job well done, this is what Malawi needs. There is indeed poor sanitation in our city comparing with Blantyre.

  2. darth sidious says:

    markus #4, if you didn’t put ‘ka something’ in a very big envelope together with your proposal, then it’s in the trash. sorry bro

  3. Mwethu says:

    Who was the previous Minister before Kondwani was dumped there? Surely if that particular minister never saw this and he has been moved to another ministry, APM should better do another reshuffle, koma if it was one of those that were fired I will say, for the first time, APM amayitha!!!

  4. Kuyambira amayorwo uve even kukhomo kwano ungamwe madzi? City ndi b town chalamanda woooo

  5. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    Enforcing the collection of fees, and rates should be beefed up. And those owing big money should either pay up, or taken to court with costs tacked on. Including MCP: have they paid their debt yet?

  6. Mthawanji says:

    Anawasankhila mankhwala a mdala amene aja.he is suppose to be village headman not a mayor.

  7. Smartman says:

    Lilongwe a very dirty city.I don’t how know much it cost put some bins around old town.Go to the bus depot it is spilling of sewage and chips is roasted nearby,foodstuff like nsima is sold nearby by vendors.some are urinating and shitting nearby after taking some cheap sachets.Lilongwe old town is like a warzone.It is stinking to hell.I wonder why we have LL council who collects fees on daily basis and do not improve the conditions of our city.LL city council are a shame.Probably they should take a leaf from Noel Chalamanda,the BT mayor who is changing the face of BT city.

  8. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Kodi a mayor aja ali mtulo? I would love to meet the dude physically may be I can understand what convinced people to elect him

  9. Ayobeee de Zobue says:

    Lilongwe City council work up. You have a lawyer, why can’t you use him to do debt collection on city rates using court process? You can’t be sitting on money like that. Azanu akumatolera K200,000,000.00 pa Chaka using the process.

  10. WAKUDA KAMANGA says:

    Chapondela palibe icho ukupanga bola ukalime kwanu ku NU kodi susilila azako a chalamanda?????

  11. Neema, tandisheke wanena zoona. Umawaonadi alesi amenewa eti. Anangofunika kuwapezera zina zochita, azikagwira yaungaliba, kkkkkkkkkk

  12. concerned citizen says:

    A very good idea about the resthouse, but please don’t give it to foreigners or politicians

  13. emma says:

    Please, the new chief executive of Lilongwe city council must offload the Director of Administration and Finance if he wants to really make progress at city council, with these two men in lilongwe council, forget about any movement, these men do what they want and are snakes in the grass. There’s rapant corruption of fake Licences being issued everyday…. there’s no woman who rises at the council, the best they have is an acting deputy director, LILONGWE COUNCIL NEEDS reshuffle yakathithi… Director of Admin wakhalisa not even the chief can tell him what to do… the Director of finance authorises one payment twice…. alot of rubbish and forget it… it will never move on

  14. A GIDDESS says:

    ……………….. I meant Brick drains ………………….. sorry for not doing spell check on my post above on City by laws on littering

  15. A GIDDESS says:

    kodi osapanga ma By laws bwanji a City? especially on cleanliness? Make it that: every tenant should be responsible for their premises up to the road reserve. if any littering is found they have to be punished in a way. may be close the shop until they clean the surrounding. it is very pathetic to see that the shop owners they entertain people fill and block the brich darin just infront of them. a common site in Kamuzu procession , indian shops. also the shops opposite Lilongwe Hotel very pathetic. please minister , shake the heads of City staff. another eyesore, is where Chinese have put their Embassy, after four seasons gardens on the way to state house, let them take care of the road reserve outside their ugly wall. the beauty should continue from four seasons across to the presidential villas. Chinese do some social responsibility. there were trees there. vegetation looked beautiful, pliz. tell them. they should also take care of the littering happening on the small stream drain next to them ………………………….)))))))

  16. markus says:

    I am from South Africa, in 2014 September I visited Malawi on an official invitation by the Malawian government regarding a municipal solid waste yo energy project, last December I made another visit to Lilongwe to present the project to the City Council of Lilongwe , the scope of the project was to establish a proper waste collection system , the waste collected would serve as feedstock to generate electricity about 15 to 20 MWa ,electricity that is much need in Malawi, not only would the city be free of waste but have extra electricity, we proposed to do the investment.this would have created many direct jobs and indirect jobs for Malawians. I fell in love with the people of Malawi and in the midst of extreme poverty the people are extremely friendly, Malawi does not need indecisive City officials but opportunities to work and a decent life, we are still waiting. We have a similar project proposed to Chad in West Africa that is at financial close… It took them just over a year to decide and for regulations and contract be put into place , financial close !!

    1. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

      I am not surprised; not at all.
      The Malawians are waiting for some bribe, up front. They might not have asked for it directly, but their body language should be obvious.

  17. Amargedon says:

    zoona, City ngati kuli nkhondo, ma round about very, very dry!!!!!!!! Manyazi samagwirani anthuni mukamalandira at the end of the month? Dzalani mitengo nthawi ya mvula .mitengo imasunga chinyezi lol!

  18. John Lenge says:

    Awuzeni, anthu aku City, kaya akuti kuli ma Engineer, a civil, kaya. koma amangoona anthu akutaya miyala, quarry stone mu Tarmarc road, magalimoto akudutsapo,making the road weak, koma osesa mseu alipo, anthu akutaya zinyalala, majumbo, ( pamseu wa opposite Lizulu market, Toyota Malawi mpaka pa sana City mall……. muma shoulder a mseu wa Tar, Bitumin. zoona osakonda ntchito yao kapena dziko lao. kumasiya anthu akagumula zinthu azitay mumseu zoona. kuononga mseu. iwo angolandira ndalama ali chete. ali anthu azinena prsdent.

  19. Neema says:

    Chimene amadziwa iwo ndikudula mitengo mu city ypmwe sanadzalenso ndiwo. muwauze nthawi ya mvulayi, anthu awo omwe amadula mitengo, they should replace mitngoyo. kukumba mayenje, kuthiramo manyowa ochokera ku ntaya wao womwe, kudzala mitengo yaku nursery kwao komwe, should be a problem, . They should use the same staff iyo imadula mitengoyo. you just give them another type of job. onsewo osesawo, nthawi ya mvula masamba akatha amatani????? dzimabwana zake, not creative, not innovative….. the whole landscape department , amatani kodi? kuphwetsa mtima bwanji. kumangolandira zaulere??

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