Lilongwe City Council purchase news vehicles for Mayor, deputy

The Cash-strapped Lilongwe City Council has bought a Toyota Prado TX from Toyota Malawi which has been registered LL 1 and Toyota Corolla which has been registered LL2 at K65,277,000 in total for official use.

The cars for Lilongwe Mayor and his depury

The cars for Lilongwe Mayor and his depury

This comes after Nyasa Times in February revealed the council’s plans to buy brand new vehicles for the mayor and his deputy.

Inside sources say the council will have to cough K47, 638, 500.00 for the Toyota Prado and K17, 638,500 for the Toyota Corolla under arrangement with Leasing and Finance Bank.

“Toyota Malawi has given LCC 100, 000 Kilometers warranty and first 25,000 Kilometers free service up to one year,” said the sources.

Director of Finance Jeremiah Sibande has confirmed the developments saying the two officials “have long been using hired vehicles.”

“The arrangement will ease transport problem for the two officials,” said Sibande.

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27 thoughts on “Lilongwe City Council purchase news vehicles for Mayor, deputy”

  1. Chief says:

    The problem is the government of Malawi. Remember they banned public institution from buying second hand vehicles. There is need for government to revisit its stand on this. I would like to agree with some commentators that it is possible to buy a brand new second hand vehicle which will work out the same like the most expensive vehicles on the market. I dont blame LCC for the purchase rather government

  2. Tombolombo says:

    A waste. Dunderheads and headless Mayors driving g poshy cars in a littered, dusty, potholed and densely populated village. SHAME.

  3. Nzozodo says:

    Amalawi tinafuna kunjoya pamavuto, sitidzatheka

  4. Yohane Munthali says:

    Palibe cholakwika chifukwa palibe nthawi imene ma council awa azakhale ndindalama zokwanira koma galimotozo nzofunikira

  5. Bololo says:

    All this considering that the Lilongwe Mayor is a dunder head. BT Mayor also gets driven in a TX though.

  6. Anaphi says:

    Usovenge – ngongole ya ma city rates from MCP @ MK265million.

  7. OD PHIRI says:

    Zamagalimoto ndiye tazimva nanga za nyumba ya mayor ndiye mukuti bwanji tsopano?

  8. Khwethemu says:

    70,000 pounds Toyota Prado n 26,000 pounds Toyota Corolla. Koma??????

  9. Khwethemu says:

    Zamanyazi ndithu. Mukayendera miseu yake iti? Kudzitama

  10. mona says:

    chi mayor chogona tulochi kuchigulira prado mxiiiii

  11. mona says:

    instead of buying fire engines, koma amalawi sitidzatukuka always luxuries first mxii

  12. Ineeeeeeeoooooooo says:

    Aaaaaaa nde ndan wapeleka maganizo ogula galimoto zodula ngat zimenezi???????? Mayor waulesi ngat ameneyu!!!!!!! Amagwila ntchito yanji amenewo!!!!!!! Nde bola akadagulila2 mayor wa BT ali more active!!!!!! Mukadagula ma truck okozela mu nzinda!!!!!!! Mmmmmxxxxxxiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!

  13. chindere says:

    Komatu mayor for bt just believes in publicity

  14. fkr says:

    just idiots. the city stinks, litter everywhere traffic lights never work properly, garbage never collected, poor roads poor drainage poor everything except major who can now strut around in his big expensive car.

  15. Jk says:

    LL City management consider main bus station its un tidy and ugly

  16. Jk says:

    Iwil congatulate LL City mukazamanga main bus station

  17. namalaka says:

    mayo malawi wanga akupita kuti

  18. Jaws says:

    This is radiculus(nonsense)

  19. ujeni says:

    *when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn.* singing!
    The total cost of the two vehicles is enough to demolish smelly stinkin Old Town Hall and build an amasunf structure worth a Capital city with some extra to construct roads and pavements to reduce dust. Koma ayi, priorities upside down. Why not purchase those cars assembled in Kanengo.

  20. Mama says:

    Please people the actual price for the mayor car is supposed to be $55,990, financed car and not &109,000 as stipulated. That’s almost double the price. And also stop lying to us in figures from today onwards cause each time you do this I shall start exposing the actual face value. You even inflated mortgage values for houses in the U.S. Remember some of us are here, so please stop embarrassing yourself. Think for the poor. If we can love one another, we wouldn’t even be thinking of a new vehicle for a mayor let alone his deputy. Understand that Malawi is poor and as such we need to consider austerity measures. Strike a deal with Japan used cars directly so they can give you slightly used cars which will be almost new with full warranty. A slightly used vehicle is relatively very cheap. You can also try to buy a 2 year old car that never sold in the year it was made. That too helps you to buy a cheap car if your intent is to drive a brandy new car. Also begin to change the way you would stuff as regards to giving people work cars. Only companies should be doing this according to their profits. As for government, whoever knows that his job will demand use of car, then they should be able to finance by themselves. All you do is pay them gas and mileage. If you do this, people will be careful as to which job to apply for. When they know the car is gonna be theirs, they are more likely to take super good care of it. Also in the event that their term is over, then they do not have to lose the car since it’s already theirs. This will eventually help more people to own cars since it will be a government project. Also when the vehicle is broken then the owner is responsible and not the government. If they can’t fix then they should figure out how to go about their work or risk losing their job as their are so souls in Malawi who are well educated and would do a better job given an opportunity. The other reason is usually government vehicles are over abused, they go to all funerals, weddings, maize mills etc including for distant relatives, which is a compassionate thing but just not how we run serious business. If you will let people own these vehicles as I said, believe me, they will be very careful for who or what they use the vehicle for. I could say much but I think most of you get the point already. Sell all those government vehicles including old ones and only leave the ones for emergency workers alone ie fire, ambulances, police, immigration and those in that category. Even with these too, they should stop ferrying bosses to and fro their houses. Matrons going to work in an ambulance??? Stop this even when you are on call, use your own transport. Ambulances are for ferrying patients and not bosses. Life in Malawi can be better if we all can do the right thing. And the right thing begins with each one of us. How do you feel when you have everything and someone has almost nothing? We can show love by doing the right thing even when there is nobody to cheer us. Is anybody home? God have mercy!

  21. OGA MUST HEAR THIS says:


  22. Sally G says:

    Shame. We will never learn

  23. nobel says:

    Awarding the lazy mayor? It seems mayor for Blantyre is the most active one. Enawa amangokhala ngati ndima deputy ake….kkkkkkkk!

  24. khwenthe says:

    Good development.

  25. Geo says:

    Sadly no one in a poor country like Malawi sees a problem with someone purchasing a car costing 132,398 Euros or 65 million kwacha. Why cant the mayor travel in a double car Toyota Hilux he can easily buy for 40,000 dollars? what is wrong with us Malawians that we can live like we Saudis or Dubais? This is a scandal

    1. JJB says:

      Because he is Black and stupid.

  26. Ntchona says:

    Purchase trucks to clean city not to show off. Hey can someone start thinking?

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