Lilongwe City Workers down tools over pay hike demand

Lilongwe City workers Monday downed tools for what they claim to be impunity and selfishness by the city executive management as they gave themselves a whopping 68% and only 40% for the already lowly paid ground workers.

Lilongwe Civic offices under siege by its workers

Lilongwe Civic offices under siege by its workers

Town Hall and offices in Old Town wee also sealed by the striking workers

Town Hall and offices in Old Town wee also sealed by the striking workers

Trying to cool down his fellow workers, a Mr Mwanza, leader of Lilongwe Cityworkers Union, speaking to them - photo LINA

Trying to cool down his fellow workers, a Mr Mwanza, leader of Lilongwe Cityworkers Union, speaking to them – photo LINA

To make matters worse, the workers claim that the executives are already getting their high perks while the workers have not yet been given the 40% they were promised to be effected last January.

“We are tired of empty promises by our bosses, they promised us that we would get our 40% end of January but up to now nothing has happened while the bosses themselves who are already getting fat salaries on top of their other benefits, such as cars, houses, fuels and many more, are already receiving the new pays,” complained one city worker who declined to be named for obvious reasons.

The workers, who began their action in Old Town at the City Town Hall, blocked entrances to the Old Town premises with tree branches and garbage before proceeding to the City Centre where the Civic Offices are situated and also blocked entrances to the Civic Offices with tree branches before a sit in.

Public Relations Officer for the Lilongwe City Assembly, Tamala Chafunya, said she could not comment much on the issue since discussions were still under way at the Ministry’s headquarters at Capital Hill.

“It is difficult for me to say much on the issue since discussions are under way at Capital Hill. Let us wait for the resolution from Ministry,” she said.

Pressed further on the claim that the executive gave themselves a huge percentage and are already getting their high salary, Chafunya said she needed input of management on the issue.

Addressing the workers at the Civic Offices later, the Union leader, a Mr Mwanza told the workers that the Minister of Local Government had accepted their demands that the new salaries be effected immediately.

“The Minister has accepted our demands and that this month we will get our new salary but there could be a little delay because of logistics but we will get it with arrears from January, 2015,” Mwanza told the pregnant crowd.

However, the workers demanded that the Union team go back to the Minister and get a letter promising them what he had said and not only word of mouth.

Lilongwe City Centre MP, David Bisnowaty, who is at the centre of the matter in trying to find an amicable solution to both parties, said the matter has already been resolved.

“The matter is already resolved, we are going back only to bring a letter on the matter for the workers to believe what the Minister is saying.” he told LINA.

The workers demanded the appearance of the Chief Executive himself to address them but the Union leaders explained that it was difficult to bring him to speak to them because they know the matter was sensitive and many of the workers might not behaved well in his presence because they are angry with the city management. – LINA.

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21 thoughts on “Lilongwe City Workers down tools over pay hike demand”

  1. Councillor says:

    I thought interviews for the position of CEO were conducted. Why delaying the posting of a new CEO. Hara was posted to Blantyre District council but refused to go there.PS local government , you need to act quickly here. The issue is not only delay of salaries but power politics at LLCC

  2. Tate says:

    Nandolo and KAsamba at Blantyre City Council get ready

  3. TIPPER SAYS says:

    If only LASCO was blameless and Clean but they not as their hands are dirty also, they would have audited the LL. City Assembly with close attention to purchases of Security services, Cleaning Materials( garments, Rakes, wheel burrows, gloves & detergents), Concrete poles, Fuels , vehicle tyres, bulk heads ( street lighting assemblies). grass cutting services etc. Payments are being made without provision of services, or invoices inflated, or duplicating payments for the same goods.

  4. Proff. Ngangabulawayo says:

    CEO, tolelani ngongole zonse kuti muthe kulipila anthu anu antchito bwana. Anthuwa asakuyalutseni munthu wamkulu inu.

  5. Wait a Minute says:

    Can LCC build an up town office complex befitting the capital city

  6. mbani says:

    In this is a failed State azitengakuti ndalama

  7. That’s the World. Some are enjoying while others are nt

  8. zuze Chirombo says:

    Lilongwe ndiyovuta so far Hara is managing well. He listens and understands issue very well. When he was alone without councillors ntchito imakoma lero bwanji? Salaries for LL city were even lower than Mzuzu where he was before. Outsiders will force him out for no apparent reason.

  9. nakuwawa nsalu says:

    Do not confuse issues, the workers through their union were amicably discussing the issue. The Council approved the salary increase on 16h January. CEO was out of office for 2 weeks thereafter. Director of Finance Sibande was on acting position since Mulula who normally acts to assist Hara was on holiday. Sibande wrote ministry on 22 January comuicating the decision complying with Local Government act section 26 requirement. The Ministry officials particularly officials of National Local Government Finance Commiittee who were to.make financial analysis of the council delayed the issue. Lilongwe City Council officials were reminding Ministry for close to 2 months. The PS Kaphaizo intervened late. By the time of sit in the Local Government Finance Committee had not done its job. They gave analysis to PS through email as the meeting between PS union and CRO was in place. The PS communicated there and then that approval will be given. Union officials pressed for immediate approval. The PS finally gave in and said hehas approved.The issue here is delay in approval not delay bymanagement of LLC. It is known at City that Hara already offered to leave the place in November last year. Hard work can nonger save him he needs to politic may be. Neutrality has been tasted and is not working.

  10. Che mkwepele says:

    Shame to Lilongwe City Assembly Authorities. If this information is not a lie then mabwana mukapsa kumwamba

    1. nakuwawa nsalu says:

      Direct the shame at national local government finance committee who delayed the issue. Other public officers got inceament last year. They were insensitive. Everyone at LCC wanted salary increase due to cost of living

    2. zuze Chirombo says:

      National local Government finance committee is to blame tamamvani current news. Kaphaizi was waiting for advice from them.

  11. Kokotowa says:

    Kodi osangomuchotsa Richard Hara bwanji? Waenjeza mtumbuka ameneyu.

    1. zuze Chirombo says:

      Mwini wache anapempha kale kale kuti apite kwina away from Local government simunamve. Why are people only concerned with removal of people in Local Government and DC’s in particular why. Agriculture iri ziiii education iri ziiiii health iri ziiiii where high performance can be demanded as well. Wina DC afa ndi BP transfer ili mthumba. Do you expect development from demoralised officers. Kaphaizi what is your take. Ask Samute and Mkondiwa how they sorted these kind of issues and stabilised the Ministry . Nanuso zinduna busy poking business at Local Government and yet you have your own ministries to take care of. Take challenging situations as opportunities for growth not segregation. Leave Local Government to flourish

    2. nakuwawa nsalu says:

      Tikuti the officer requested to be posted away from abusive Local Government almost 4 months ago. There is good reason for keeeping him there. Lilongwe City is being distabilised by Depuy.Mayor Bandawe, Coumcillor Bikoko and Bisnowatty. Government iw pondering on another strong character. Its not easy to lead LL when opposition is in Majority with Mayor from ruling Party but less Councillors in the Council. The Council may collapse and Government will be blamed for bringing wrong person or changing generals in the middle of the battle field. Mind you the Council was doing fine up to just before councillors elections

    3. opportunist says:

      Simtumbuka ndi wakwanu Ku Dowa

  12. Patriot says:


  13. DPPs instigation because the CEO Hara refused to be involved in rigging 2014 tripateel ections. Paid by Bisnowaty because of the argument they had. Bisnowatty may not necesarily b DPP but he is close to a few prominent DPP ppl

  14. ujeni says:

    In a failed state, some people think they are masters other slaves, a society with such mentality is a failed society. Here we read another sign of a failed state.

    1. musisipala says:

      Selfish executive

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