Lilongwe Council hires professional debt collectors to recover billions in city rates

Cash strapped Lilongwe City Council says it has hired a professional debt collecting firm in a bid to recover K86 billion from elusive rate payers as the council is struggling to provide basic services to residents.

Chafunya: City has hired professional debt collectors

Chafunya: City has hired professional debt collectors

Lilongwe City Council spokesperson Tamara Chafunya confirmed the council has hired the debt collecting law firm and was hopeful all the money would be collected this time around.

“Our own debt collectors have failed to collect the money so we had no option but engage the debt collecting firm which is also a law firm,” said Chafunya.

A few months ago, minister of Local Government Kondwani Nankhumwa expressed concern that the council was not delivering according to the expectations of residents after he saw poor sanitation at Lilongwe Bus Depot and broken sewerage pipes which spilled off human faeces.

Council officials blamed this on financial constraints but the minister told them to rise up and have novel ideas on income generating activities.

Chafunya said some of the money to be collected dates back as far as five years ago and was upbeat all the rate arrears would now be collected to meet the needs of the Capital City residents who include President Peter Mutharika, cabinet ministers, leader of opposition in parliament Lazarus Chakwera, Speaker of national assembly Richard Msowoya and diplomats among high ranking officials who reside in Lilongwe.

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14 thoughts on “Lilongwe Council hires professional debt collectors to recover billions in city rates”

  1. Zothekela says:

    How can you say you have failed to collect when you do not send invoices to show you know where these properties are?

  2. Jongwe says:

    This law firm will also fail. You think people atre scared of the law firm? By the way, how did you pick this law firm and how much have they charged you. Wina wadyapo!!!!!!!!!!!!


    As a Zimbabwean, i thought its only here in Harare, where the City council is facing the same problems. Harare should do the same to recover the debts.

  4. Mutifinyadi says:

    Misokho yoti tizipeleka ndi yambiri, ngati uli ndi nyumba ndi chiphinjo china, MRA ,MHC ground rent , city nonse mukufuna ndalama, maganizo anga chabe, mmalo moti uyu akulowela uku uyu uku, anthu inu mutha kukhala ndi office imodzi yoti izi tolela ndalama zimene mmadera osiyana siyana pamodzi, chitsanzo chabe mutha kukha ndi ma office anu oti ayang’anila ndi ku tolere ndalama za dale limodzi ngati 47 paokha,area 3 paokha, Kawale paokha, 43 etc matapanga choncho zitha kuthandiza , mma nebahood watch aziwauzako anthu ubwino wake opereka misokho imeneyi komanso ntchito yomwe ndalama zimene a kupelekazo izioneka osamangothera ma meeting a sadziwa phindu lake. Maiko anzathu zimatheka bwino bwino zimenezi.

  5. Deisy says:

    A city, we are told that even whatever little you are able to collect, end up in the pockets of the only few.Your city rate billing system so loose such that those working on it are busy deleting /reduce large debts and get commission at the watch of relevant directors,shame on you LCC. Is it true that LCC has deducted MASM money from its employees for one year yet when they are seek they are denied service.Is this not day light thefty.Where is LASCOM and ACB to investigate these straight forward issues??? Does LCC really have administrators.Please, help your very weak and helpless employees, they have complained to us their relatives for a very long time.

  6. Matandani says:

    The thing is not that the residents dont know the importance of paying rates but are aware how selfish those entrusted with those funds are. Once they know the council has enough money in its accounts, they will start claiming unnecessary allowances to fulfill their goals forgetting it is supposed to uplift the face of the Lilongwe. It is all the cities in Malawi with this disease. I understand LCC allocated some plots to individuals who have developed them without really paying a single tambala.

  7. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    “… rate arrears would now be collected to meet the needs of the Capital City residents…” The point was made, even if the statement had stopped right there, without mentioning (no need at all) the President, Leader of the Opposition et al.
    Boy, our reporters tick me off, when they succumb to a inferiority complex of needing to point out someone notable in society, unnecessarily. As if the reporter would be sent to prison otherwise. This is NOT MCP dictatorship era!
    And, BTW, the repo men: Do not hesitate to visit MCP offices, especially. Repossess their property, even real property if necessary. Remember, you get paid a percentage of only what you collect.

  8. Khwinda says:

    Zonse nchabe koma Tamara umandisowesa chonena,, Thomas anazipezera dona yabwino kwabasi!!!

  9. Lexxxie says:

    Educate people about the city rates and its importance, seems residents we ignorant others inherited property from parents who also were ignorant

  10. Experienced Debt Collector says:

    The advert for expression of interest for debt collection deadline is not yet over. How is it possible to engage before even closing date of the advert. Abale Malawi koma zoona mukuti azasintha? Ambuye azibwera mwansanga tizipita kumudzi kopanda nkhawa olo vuto lililonse kulibeko. Ndangodutsa ine sindinathyole nkhwani

  11. Lexxie says:

    First of all educate residents on the city rates and its importance, it seems many Malawians don’t know much about the city rates as lots of residents inherited property from parents who also were ignorant about it

  12. Maso says:

    why are the city rates not paid? who is not paying?

  13. Chambe says:

    Start with MCP HQ arrears that have accumulated over the years. That’s a big chunk that would change the City the best.

  14. truth says:

    my question will be what will you do with the employs who have failed to do there job coz i believe they are paid to do such????

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