Lilongwe criminal gangs: Sekaunye, Zikwanje Crew, 11 Bongos face crackdown

The infamous youth gangs which used to terrorise residents of Area 36 in Lilongwe will be fought to the last breath, Humane Consortium on Nature for Mankind (HCNM), a local non-governmental organisation, has said.

Ending gang and youth violence

Ending gang and youth violence

The assurance comes at a time when the country is recording high incidences of organised crime, burglary and daylight robbery which has not spared Area 36.

According to police, Area 36 was in bad records with over 18 gangs like Sekaunye, Pink Girls, Zikwanje Crew, Soft Boys, Bad Boys, and Madala Gurus.

“The formation of gangs in any society infringes on peoples’ rights as it contravenes chapter four of the Constitution, sections 18 and 19 on themes of human rights. All these barbaric acts are attributed to idleness that has come-about due to joblessness,” said Dickson Viweme Sumphi, HCNM youth and development officer.

Sumphi said the organisation plans to give the youth alternative activities to overcome joblessness.

“Youth will be given small businesses to earn a living, free computer lessons, sporting activities and religious interventions to contain the idleness,” he explained.

Senior Group Village Head (GVH) Kaondo said he was happy with the initiative.

“This area is known for problems of 11 Bongos Crew and the NGOs’ intervention has given people a sigh of relief. I am sure after teaching the youth, crime rate would considerably go down,” said GVH Kaondo.

He added; “We will wage a joint war against formation of gangs to stop crime in this area. We are tired of these deviant boys. If anybody is caught orchestrating violence, I will not be left with any option but surrendering them to police.”

The remarks were made on Sunday during a roundtable discussion between the organisation’s officials and group village heads at Senior GVH Kaondo ground in Area 36, where the two parties sealed an agreement to combat crime mostly perpetrated by the youth in the area.

In an interview with Mana, Lilongwe Police public relations officer, Kinsley Dandaula, said the joint efforts of the organisation and the local leaders had come at the right time and will help police to fight crime with ease.

“We want such kind of NGOs to come forward and join police in fighting crime.It is encouraging that local leaders have joined this initiative to help police, more so when some of these chiefs were previously shielding these gangsters,” said Dandaula.

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33 thoughts on “Lilongwe criminal gangs: Sekaunye, Zikwanje Crew, 11 Bongos face crackdown”

  1. peter yassin says:

    thanx to the NGOs those kids were antoucharble

  2. hussein says:

    catch dem n dey must get nice punishment

  3. Rat says:

    Expel all the parents in the village whose children are involved in the bad practices

  4. chefourpence says:

    Crackdown? Unless I am mistaken a crackdown involves the use of force and the like. What the article talks about is reform of the gang members.

  5. mtumbuka1 says:

    Go to school guys so you can reap what you sow. The life of snatching handbags will not take you anywhere. If this happened in the north we could hear of atumbuka this atumbuka that. Shame on you ask yourselves what kind of generation is being moulded here. Muphemerenge! Your own kids have turned into villains.

  6. mugowadula mikono basi

  7. JJ says:

    Lilongwe ndiyomwe ili nd zigawenga than Blantyre

  8. Mapwla says:

    Let them continue with their barbalic acts, they will meet with bullets of LL Detectives. Sakusewera they will be gunned down. Ngati ali azibale anu awuzeni asiye

  9. JAGWADA says:

    mesa u know gang members arrest them or phanipo ena achepe

  10. nthano zatha says:

    Mukawapeza apheni

  11. makwinjaishmael says:

    I really dont know what to say but i would rather wish this 11 bongo to vacate from 36 and start targetting those individuals who are syphoning out our money.

  12. John Lawe Asidi says:

    What about those community colleges or whatever they call em? Not yet in area 36? Or maybe it is just another gimmick to make donors to release money for u know whose pockets!!!

  13. markc says:

    kumeneko nde’kwanyengerera mpaka maohunziro aulere acomputer kwa zigawenga?osangodzipha pagulu anthu akuona ngati momwe amachitira kwa Zuma bwanji?

  14. Chinyanga says:

    Thats my Malawi..The ONCE warm heart of Africa. The only country where criminals r slightly dealt with, where corruption is permitted and where the law enforcers r being paid peanuts hence working with robbers to make ends meet.

  15. onjoya says:

    These are ngo’s we want.not za a billy mayaya ndi aznao. shame, mbuzi

  16. zombo says:

    Don’t worry with this small ones the more is coming all those who will be targeted will be listed now we are just testing the capability of Malawian cops.but soon its disaster we are employing all youth in malawi for terrorism.

  17. Nkhedu says:

    Mpaka pink girls? Koma ndiye kunaphwekatu ku eliya sate sikisi

  18. George phiri says:

    Simple and straight forward. Kill them all

  19. Chindele says:

    l sort of heard that Chiefs are supposed not to be working In townships, which traditional leaders did u engage? bogus?

  20. Watcher says:

    The Ngo will also benefit from the idleness of the bongo groups and others since they will getting money from the donors.Probably 90% will be going into their pocket and the rest 10% will going to the idling youth who have turned into menace in area 36.That’s how Ngos works in Malawi.People hv been rich overnight with Ngos without the funds used for the intended purpose.Its a cashgate era for everybody in Malawi at the moment.Pano ndi watsala watsala.Ndimene ziliri pa Malawi panopa.

  21. People are even scared to post a comment,,, :O

  22. Esau Gideon Banda says:

    Knowing the cause of a problem is always key to solving a problem. To me i dont think its really iddleness that is making the Youths to go ahead and form these malicious Gangs. The media has played a major role in influencing today’s youth behavoir. Youths have become wild and they always want to live what they see in the cinemas.

  23. the solution is to crackdown all the gangs put them in jail and then give all the rest activities because whoever is involved in criminal activities is on the wrong side of the law which sends him to jail failing to do that means breeding more crooks

  24. ndaona says:

    Good move. Area 36 tikuvutika kwambiri always being beaten and snatch our bags. Thank you all.

  25. Biswel says:

    Thats welcome development pipo shld nt stay in fear in their area

  26. MALOPA Jnr says:


  27. The Real ujeni says:

    We expect that statement to come from either the police or DPP government not an NGO, amangwetu Malawi is a disgrace. Where is the President of this country??????

  28. says:

    There is always a way to deal with youth crime and deviance.sometimes when they are idle they form gangs to attract attention. This is a natural way of responding to social ills facing them. For this youth development organization I say bravo you are bigger than these gangs and u can contain this situation

  29. Asset Declaration says:

    Amene timazitsatafe timadziwa kuti this country is theoretically run by politicians and practically run by NGOs. Politicians steal all 90% of resources while NGOs utilize 90% of resources. NGOs have built more school blocks and sunk more boreholes than govt. NGOs have distributed more food items than govt in this country. NGOs have worked with many communities and implemented more community based programs than govt in this country. NGOs have put in more effort towards poverty alleviation than govt in this country.

    Politicians spend their time and our money on mapwevupwevu leaving the huge tax of developing this country to NGOs!!!!!!

  30. Vinnie Dumembe Nkhoma says:

    We really deserve the risk allowances, why should we die for peanuts? Bravo Kamlepo!

  31. Vinnie Dumembe Nkhoma says:

    We really deserve the risk allowances, why should we die for peanuts?

  32. urunji says:


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