Lilongwe University introduces degree in gender studies

The Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) has introduced post graduate and under graduate programmes in gender studies following the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the tertiary institution and the Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social welfare.

Shawa : Signed the MoU on behalf of government

Shawa : Signed the MoU on behalf of government

The introduction of the programmes will see a total of 90 students undergoing Diploma in Gender Development, Bachelor of Science degree in Gender and Development and Master of Science degree in Gender and development getting scholarships from the Gender Equality and women empowerment (GEWE) project which is being implemented by the Ministry of Gender and is supported by the European Union (EU) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

The MOU was signed by Luanar Vice Chancellor Professor George Kanyama-Phiri and Principal Secretary for Gender Mary Shaba two weeks ago.

GEWE Project Coordinator Innocent Hauya told a GEWE review meeting in Lilongwe yesterday that apart from awarding the scholarships to the students, they are also supporting Luanar in developing an institutional gender policy.

“The introduction of the gender studies will help strengthen the capacity of national gender machinery through training of both private and public officials in gender and development because in the past, many of the gender practitioners were doing their job out of experience but now they will be trained at a higher level,” said Hauya.

He also said the GEWE project helped Luanar in developing course modules for the diploma programme.

Hauya also said GEWE will offer scholarships to 30 diploma students, 50 degree students and 10 masters degree throughout the duration of their studies.

Luanar Deputy Dean in the faculty of Food and Human Sciences Andrew Joabe told a GEWE review meeting in Lilongwe yesterday that selection of Diploma and Degree students has already been done and that they will soon advertise for the Masters programme for the January 2015 intake.

“The courses will be delivered either in block release, modular system, full time or off Campus” said Joabe.

He called on organizations for potential collaboration with Luanar’s already existing programmes like Human Nutrition and food science, Dietetics, Food science technology and Human sciences and community services.

“We still appeal for collaboration in the yet to be developed programmes like degree in youth development, masters degree in Child Welfare and a PhD in human nutrition and food science,” said Joabe.

Joabe said the institutionalization of the gender policy at the university will be a model approach for other tertiary institutions in the country.

Agata Nieboj, Programmer Manager for the EU delegation said the EU is committed in strengthening the gender sector in Malawi hence the support of the development of gender studies at Luanar.

“We hope this will help in ensuring that the national gender machinery is reinforced. We believe that this can help to promoting gender equality in Malawi and that many gender practitioners will now be well trained in their areas of expertise,” said Nieboj.

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23 thoughts on “Lilongwe University introduces degree in gender studies”

  1. Mchinji says:

    Luanar simanama, ntchito amagwira bwino ma product anu,

  2. Mayi mayi mayi sukulu pa mw is the real key to dev.

  3. Osachita manyazi ndi ulimi says:

    Shawa, just because you are graduate of Bunda should not mean this course should go to Bunda. Inu wanu ndu limi ndikudyetsa nkhumba ndi nkhutu. You lot are confused, thats why bunda students sometimes think they are medical graduates, kupanga apply for clinical and health projects. Be proud of what you learn from Nthaka, after all chuma chil mu nthaka. KKKKKKK

  4. dzina langa says:

    Bachelor of Science in Gender? Why not Bachelor of Arts in Gender etc

  5. musekanji palibe kanu says:

    CHANCO was the right place not LUANAR bla bla blah

  6. ANALYST says:

    All along I thought Gender was a social science/art; and therefore the right college for this should have been Chanco? No???????

  7. Wailing Soul says:

    The programe has been launched at the wrong university. What is LUANAR’s core mission?

  8. Poor Malawi says:

    Much as I appreciate the strides made by LUANAR in introducing gender and development programmes, we should not celebrate that the problem of GBV, early child marriages, child abuse and neglect and women abuse will be effectively addressed. We need to promote and develop programmes that use holistic approach to understanding and transforming the family as a whole from cultural lens which is the breeding place for the above stated social ills.

    Transforming and promoting one sex (female/girl) without transforming our culture is putting clean water in a dirty pot.

  9. fisi Gammar says:

    Basi mukatero muziti inu muli ndi degree yachani kunyasaland

  10. Patrick says:

    Another misplaced priority from Govt and LUANAR. LUANAR as it is right now needs to concentrate on infrastructure development more than anything. There are lots of irrelevant courses being offered there that i think are not market driven but rather donor driven. But then, more courses means more positions for Deans, Heads of Departments and that translates into more money into the pockets of the lecturers. what happens to the graduates after that is none of their business

  11. Mwenecho says:

    we ve issues to worry agalu inu as country economy yasokonekela

  12. Charter says:

    Shawa is a very effective person in nutrition issues. Why did you remove her from that capacity?

  13. FOCUS says:

    May be we should also focus on job creation so the economy can absorb all the graduates!!!!

    1. Nyasa says:

      I agree with you. We need a revolutionary spirit in that field. If all us (Malawians) want to be employees then who will employ us? Good policies are those that enable us to change from an employee-based thinking to employer-based one. Malawi cannot economically change unless this is achieved.

  14. Tengupenya says:

    we need all! how many science and engineering graduates have we been producing and what are they doing for the country? soft engineers and soft scientists are needed too.

  15. Shame says:

    Misplaced priorities!!!!., Western driven initiatives. We need a voice of reason in this administration that talk sense to the white people. The Technocrats need to crack their heads and map out how we can move our economy forward please. Find out what are the priorities for this nation, don’t just accept things because the white man has told you so!!

  16. Point of Correction says:

    We cannot become one profession people, we have so many with qualifications in the so called ‘real science’ and yet we import even a needle. Are you sure we should be clinging to an ideal that we are failing to achieve despite having so many with ‘real science BSCs, MSCs and PhDs? I do not think the problem is lack of human resource in real science but the systems in which the real scientists are operating. We need a huge shake up of our social, economic and political systems to realise your good dream. You might be the best scientist on earth, come to Malawi, under these systems, you will for sure become obsolete, which I hope is the case to many of our ‘real scientists’. There is no justification pointing fingers at those initiating social programmes simply because the other part is failing. for how long has UNIMA been offering ‘real science’? We have MUST now, do not worry. Thanks to EU and UNFPA for supporting this cause that will benefit men, women and girls who are facing GBV, extreme poverty and so many social evils because of the patriarchal thinking that social issues, gender issues in particular, are useless, do not matter and yet human beings are suffering in silence.

  17. Chemjambe says:

    Donor-driven programs, useless

  18. womenslib says:

    Useless degree.

  19. Dumisani says:

    These are some of the programs this nation do not currently need, donor driven programs. Wake up!!! our professors, we need real science, relevant engineering and technology. These arts will take us nowhere, be patriotic and love your country… don’t be selfish just to have your allowances and pay only. We desperately need problem solvers, efficient producers and manufacturers, people who can think and turn our resources into marketable real products, not, CSO managers, folk tales and artists.

  20. Mbolo ziwiri za ku Balaka says:

    Joabe wafika pau deputy Dean? Zikukuyenderani eti. nyamanda anasiya kukukhomelera eti? You are really brilliant…. Keep fighting your way up 👆

    1. dodolodo mulomwe says:

      a joabe koma msiye kunyenga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anawo amakhala ndi matenda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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