Living in South Africa to get tougher for Malawi illegal immigrants – Diplomat

Illegal immigrants will find it harder to set up home in Africa’s economic giant, South Africa as their government says it will make it more difficult for people to live and work in there illegally.

South Africa  envoy to Malawi Cassandra Mbuyane Mokone

South Africa envoy to Malawi Cassandra Mbuyane Mokone

South African High Commissioner to Malawi Cassandra Mbuyane Mokone said they will welcome only immigrants who have the right of abode.

“Issues relating to migration is one contributing to problems, migration continue to be a global phenomenon it cannot be denied but it has to be rightly done.

“We have many people coming from Malawi and elsewhere as foreigners based in South Africa and they are working they were not caught up in this ugly scenarios that we saw, we have opened up our boarders and if you come in rightly you are always accepted”, said Mokone.

She explained that Malawians can continue to live in South Africa as long as they have the right to live there so long as they comply with standard VISA requirements.

The South African diplomat added that it is her government’s responsibility to ensure Malawians are safe and provided with the right security.

She however expressed regret over xenophobic attacks that recently happened in her country against foreigners including many Malawians who were attacked.

In April 2015, xenophobic attacks in South Africa caused outrage across the continent and beyond. At least seven people died and thousands more fled the country.

Those perpetrating the violence claimed the citizens of other African countries were going to South Africa to steal their jobs and livelihoods.

Of those who fled back to their home countries, some are trickling back to South Africa

But, others have vowed never to return.

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33 thoughts on “Living in South Africa to get tougher for Malawi illegal immigrants – Diplomat”

  1. mulopwana says:

    bola wa pa central koma aku mwera onse adakanika ndipo akukanika

  2. dr bakha says:

    you south africans dont lie to us that you give visas to those who meet the requirements.thats politics.even if you have all the requirements you still find a reason to refuse a visa.yuo lied to us that you need to give us papers we did the finger prints and you told us to wait now almost a year.look at europe if you are citizen within the region a person is allowed to stay in any country that is in euro.but here we have many like AU,SADC,COMESA etc but you only benefit from these through trade but you dont all help us kill us xeno while your government.what are these organisatoons doing,its absolutely nothing.we are supposed to move freely within the region.

  3. All this minority what what is total nonsense, it just shows that most of the people who come on this platform are shallow minded. The thing here is not about where the president comes from NO but integrity. We can have a Nkhonde, Sena, Tumbuka, Tonga, Chewa whatever as long as he is mind you he NOT she, is a man of integrity & God fearing person. The biggest problem here is that we are looking for solutions from the wrong source. Man without God can not deliver anthu. People are crying in Egypt, South Africa, Burundi, Zimbawe you name it why???? Man will never solve our problems GOD alone will. We are living in the end times, we can argue about it but that’s the naked truth. Things will be getting worse up until we become much much desperate just to fulfill the prophecy. So we don’t need any tribe to solve our problems but we need men & women of integrity to serve in our government. The people who know the difference from right & wrong. The leaders who cannot accept to be compromised.

  4. Inu a mlahkho musaiwale kuti Opha ma Albino ndi Alomwe,achewa. ..So kadakwiza is wrong

  5. ineyo says:

    who knew a black president would rule America? Aliyense amkakana, but there goes Obama. Martin Luther Junior saw it at a distance and the dream came true. It will happen with Malawi too, someday.

  6. JCInLA says:

    Kadakwiza, I respectfully reject your claim. You are absolutely talking nonsense. Look at the current government. Are the Lomwes not a minority in Malawi?
    You sound so stupid that you are giving bad name to the great people of the North.
    You should think before bashing your brothers and sisters. What is going on in Malawi right now has to do with greed and corruption, not tribe ( may be a bit…..)
    I am a Yao, currently in the USA pursuing my dreams, but investing heavily in Malawi and I am starting to feel the burden of this corruption even from here.

  7. Kadakwiza says:

    You Mulopwana, let me tell you something my brother, am a Malawian as you are. And love my country very much. Why am I saying that we need a president from the north of Malawi is because, people from the north are minority. Which means if we can have a president from the minority group that person will try very hard to change things for the better. Mr Mulopwana try to understand what am trying to say here. This is not about tumbuka, but for our country which is still poor since it got independent 52 years ago. All because of selfish chewas, yaos and lomwes. Malawians now are all over the world looking for everything, like education, food, clothes, jobs. Business in Malawi also is down. Now people have got no choice but to what ever is near them. As we hear in newspapers that people sell human bones. Such things happened only in a poor country like ours. So Mr. Mulopwana please next time vote for a minority group like tumbukas.

    1. dr bakha says:

      as evrybody knows you tumbukas if one of you is a top boss in a company mumakonderana by promoting yourselves by saying wakwithu wakwithu.anyway mukanakhala kuti simumazikonda guys you are full of yourselves

  8. Gutseti says:

    No 18 Kadakwiza, atumbuka mulira kuti ntoooo! with that altitude of thinking that you are the best you will never see Malawi presidency! We will defend the presidency to remain in the south or central region.

  9. Gwenembe says:

    Whether you like it or not we are here in South Africa and you can’t make life harder for us foreigners because you are not GOD.

  10. mulopwana says:

    You Kadakwiza, if you are Tumbuka, just go to any NGO with Tumbuka lady/man at the top, all personnel will be Tumbuka. Is that what you want this country to be nepotic. The good thing is no matter how much you desire, this country will never be ruled by your tribe, not in our times

    1. Hoitty says:

      May God of heaven prove you wrong in Jesus name. May you remain alive and in your current state until you witness God’s mighty works. Siinu Mulungu

  11. Kadakwiza says:

    No one is happy in a foreign country. But for us Malawians, we have no choice but to run out of our country because of poverty and hunger. Malawi is very poor. All because of useless leaders we had as from 1964. And I will always blame people from central and southern Malawi for this mess. And I’ve this belief that only if a Tumbuka can become Malawi president, definitely things will change.

    1. Malawiana says:

      Yes things will change for the worse. Here are some of the issues that may happen if a Tumbuka became President:

      1. Mzuzu will become the Capital City of Malawi
      2. Parliament will be moved to Bolero
      3. All Ministers and Principal Secretaries will come from the six districts
      4. All public service interviews will be conducted in Tumbuka language

      1. Hoitty says:

        You are a good follower of history. This is exactly what the Chewa president Kamuzu Banda did when he took over power
        1 He moved capital from southern region Zomba to his central region Lilongwe
        2. He made Chichewa national language
        3. He surrounded himself with his kinsmen the Tembos

        1. kadamanja says:

          Good follower, Bingu did the same and peter is doing the same. Lomwerism is there.

  12. VIYAZI TEMBO says:


  13. jax says:

    she is so xonophobic herself,the laws are clear in s/africa that if you have achild with s/african woman u are qualified to get aworking perment so that u should care for your child,but what is happening there is totally different

  14. Agalu ndinu says:

    We can live as long as we have lit document.

  15. VIYAZI TEMBO says:


  16. maganizo anga says:

    Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, yet we can’t be granted economic refugee…why???

  17. Umanena chatsitsa dzaye kuti njovu itchoke mnyanga, maiko posachedwapa adakumana kukambirana za mavuto amene awawonekera anthu amene amakhala ku SA ko, ena anavulala,ena kuphedwa. Dziko silinamve tsatanetsatane wazokambirana zanu, lero kuti visa, kodi pamenepa timva chani? Tiwuzeni bwino. Anthuwa si amisala ayi, we are all Africa’s.

  18. There’s always a plan B, ka operation Fiyera kanu Katha kale mphavu
    we’ve some home affairs officials in our payroll,they notify us whenever operation fiyera is coming into our city
    We’re here to stay

  19. Malawiana says:

    South Africa should assist the struggling periphery economies to industrialise as a way of curbing this massive wave of migration to the land of gold. South Africa is currently only looking at the periphery countries as its markets and not as partners in development and this will keep on haunting them on the migration side. Take the lead in the implementation of the regional industrialisation strategies so that countries like Malawi grow their industrial base and create job opportunities at home.

  20. Kanyama Chima says:

    1.what would happen to our brothers and sisters fleeing from Libya, Syria Eritrea, etc if European contries adopted the stance your country has taken?

    2. Just to remind you, South Africans were fleeing to other African countries when they were fighting against apartheid: for example, Chilenje compound in Lusaka, Zambia was awash with South Africans-Why did you not fight apartheid from within like Mr Mandela ? Don’t you you think those bombings which negatively affected the economies of countries like Zambia and Mozambique were because of harbouring you, South Africans.

    3. The ANC should just come out in te open and admit that they have failed South Africans. Do not blame it on foreigners as the same foreigners were used by the white minority governments to prop-up the South African economy-remember THEBA?

  21. mtumbuka1 says:

    They can keep their country after all their rand currency has become useless as well.

  22. Shams says:

    Vuto si ife anthu wamba koma ma president akutilamulira kuchulutsa dyera, anyani.

  23. Nyotsola Dh says:

    Corruption is high in RSA those who dont have permit to live in, they depend on their pocket, the more money you have the more days you live illegally that is RSA

  24. Fulukwa says:

    Malawi gvt. you are failing to provide enough employment for your citizens and now mukufuna azivutika ku RSA, azitani ku Malawi kuno ndiye??? Penapake kumaganiza eti, if u dont knw, RSA saves you when it comes to unemployment rate.otherwise the figures are high.

  25. Patrick says:

    Dont worry South Africa will soon be on its knees and Malawi will be the place of refuge. Thus saith the lord and thus shall it be done

  26. mphini za mutchafu says:

    What are they saying they have opened up their borders but they have come strict control measures akunamatu awa sakufuna a malawi this xenophobia zuma country

  27. Changoima boy S⁴ says:

    Zoona kumeneku ndi kumgodi
    kwa marand

  28. Abk says:

    Kwanu nkwanu mthengo mudalaka nsato.

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