Living Waters church says its two pastors are ’victims of mistaken identity’ in woman’s murder

The Living Waters Church (LWC) has explained that two of its pastors of Nsanje Living Waters Church were held by Malawi Police on the night of Monday 20th July 2015 to “protect them” from an irate move who suspected them to have killed a woman with the aim of harvesting body parts.

In a story Nyasa Times published on Wednesday, Nsanje police Officer-in-Charge Assistant Commissioner, Dube Kaonga disclosed that two LWC pastors, Lyson Chapo and Jones Ngoleka were detained after been attacked by angry community of Chingwe village for being suspected to be behind the death of unidentified woman who was, last week, found brutally murdered and some body parts removed.

Apostle Stanley Ndovi leader of Living Waters: Church condemn the acts of murder, trafficking of human parts and mob justice

Apostle Stanley Ndovi leader of Living Waters: Church condemn the acts of murder, trafficking of human parts and mob justice

Pastor Diston Chiweza, the General Secretary of Living Waters Church International said in a statement to Nyasa Times that Pastor Ngoleka and Pastor Chapo are “victims of mistaken identity.”

“While it is true that a woman was killed in the area, Pastor Ngoleka and Pastor Chapo are not on the list of suspects of that case,” stated Pastor Chiweza in a statement to Nyasa Times.

“While it is again true that the two were held on Monday night by the Police, it should be noted that this was done just to protect them from an angry and irate mob that indeed destroyed Pastor Ngoleka’s car and Pastor Chapo’s house,” the statement adds.

The church however rejected reports that the two were found in the graveyard but confirmed that they were attacked by the mob.

Livings Waters Church stressed that Pastor Ngoleka and Pastor Chapo are not suspects of any crime.

“LWC is a Christian church that is established on the principles of the bible. The Bible instructs us not to kill or traffic human parts besides advising us to love others as we love ourselves. This means LWC and all its workers respect human life. The LWC also lives and obeys the laws of Malawi which condemn the acts of murder, trafficking of human parts and mob justice,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, the law-enforcers are still investigating the incident.

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29 thoughts on “Living Waters church says its two pastors are ’victims of mistaken identity’ in woman’s murder”

  1. ELLEN MOYO says:

    God will punish all evel doers

  2. Ac Matewe says:

    Who Will Tell Us The Truth, God Or Police On This Matter.

  3. Rejectedstone says:

    There is no smoke without fire so Sooner or later the truth will come out, but destroying their properties was not good enough. They could do much better than that inoder to send streat-forward msg to such kind of bastards.

  4. nkasimunguya chinankasanganye says:

    Nkhani sikutumikila Mulungu, koma ndalama choncho mkwapafupi anthu amenewa kutero. Sumangofuka popanda moto.Riboshekete…..makate thwathwa.

  5. chefourpence says:

    this is not strange! A certain pastor started like this and today he is in SA flounting riches on fb.

  6. Tafwazha Boloma says:

    You Pastors,musamale kwambiri coz the devil is busy wth u.Ngati n’zoona,Mulungu adzakukanthani zedi.

  7. kaDinduli says:

    eeeh!Amalawi anzanga izi nzotu zedi.Pastor’s or not but ii!

  8. Mavie says:

    Anthu a mulungu anji omangomve ndi nkhani za ku midima? God z watching!

  9. RoyK says:

    They were attacked where they had parked their ford pick-up at night just a stone throw from the graveyard where the killed lady was buried. Writing from Nsanje

  10. bwampin says:

    Koma moto sufuka opanda utsi, nanga apolice osamanga ndi modzi yemwe anatentha galimotoyo. Abusawo akusungidwa ndi apolice opanda mlandu. Bwanji abusa anzawo osawasunga. Anthuwa ndi amodzi ndadabwa.

  11. Kaziwiziwi says:





  12. mtengowagwa says:

    bola zikhale zoona anthu amulungu otherwise ndizinthu zochititsa manyazi mpingo komanso iye mwini

  13. Mwenechu says:

    The Clergy could be hiding behind the Church and the Bible. Why them? There is no smoke without fire. Go deeper Mr Policeman!!

  14. kanyimbi says:

    These pastors were looking for demons so the right place is the graveyard.

  15. sunderstar says:

    I dont understand the whole scenario, even the reporters their writing on this story is hopeless. The reporter was supposed to go to the village to get the full story and also go to Nsanje Police and get the version from them. Iam from there I know the people down respect Christianity and men of GOD and they can not harm them, there some puzzle that needs to be solved.

  16. Chenda says:

    By mistaken identity we mean that the right identity is now available. Come on Nyasa Times to mention the suspects now available since the Church has assisted to make the corrections..

  17. apundi says:

    bwinotu osamabisalira mwa Mulungu ngati zili zabodza ziwonoka, nanga anakugwirirani kuti

  18. ricky says:

    GOD surely knowz every deeds we do both inpublic and undercover

  19. Honourable Chanamuna says:

    No comment kkkkk

  20. Don’t just defent everything. From the begining your church has alread painted with abad image. What an embarancing church and its leaders. Mpingo wanji wotha mizimu ya anthu ndiye ma members anu akuti chiyani.

  21. mfumu ya nyerere says:

    Lack of logic in this article by the journalist or the Secretary General . The secretary general is not linking the killing and the two pastors.However he agrees that the woman was killed in the same area where the pastors are preaching.He also agrees that the two pastors were taken by police possibly for questioning over the same.The secretary general also agrees that the car and house of the pastors have been destroyed.

    Mr. Chiweza has not given us the reason for all these to their pastors as a substitute for the reason for killing the woman as it stands now. Why? How can you refute something that communication network. Have people in lower shire become insane to start beating and destroying other people’s properties especially men of God.

    They are not on the list. Which list? Whose list, the police or the mob justice specialists. Now if your men of God are not on the list, then why were they picked? What are you hiding about these pastors?

    The secretary general I would given you a credit if you came out with nothing but the truth on the ground. You could have told the public that the named two pastors were picked up by police for questioning over as suspects for killing of the woman.Your argument could be that the pastors are innocent in all cases. These are not the first men of God to be accused on baseless ground like that if indeed they are innocent. Do you remember the death of Jesus on the Cross. After all what is suspect in police jargon. Anyone can be a suspect for anything. Akapezeka wolakwa mudzapepesatu inu.

  22. mapapaya says:

    Zimenezo anayenera kunena ndi a Police

  23. pat says:

    Koma ku manda amakataniko? Kuiputa mistaken identityotu kumeneko

  24. brian says:

    Thanks Pastor Diston for the clarification. We urge the reporters not to rush to publish stories but investigate more so as to present balanced stories. We thank the Lord for the Living Waters Church that has helped to spearhead revival in Malawi and beyond.

  25. Happy Eduardo says:

    Thanks Pastor Dixy for the explanation. The heathen would have taken the story as true and run away with it as truth. Remember the devil is always the accuser of brethren.

  26. Jose' says:

    LWC, please tell us why the two Pastors are the community was irate towards the two Pastors. Why were these pastors targeted in this mistaken identity? We would be in better light if good light was shed on that missing link. I don’t see an angry mob targeting these two “Men of God” for no apparent reason

  27. Anadimba says:

    But there are many stories connected to this church.why?and mr secretary you know all what your pastor s do in the dark. No smoke without fire. Wolves in sheep attire.

    1. gideon brown says:

      let put de isue in hands of the police cz these r just the suspects.they might b or not.but wt were they doing at the graveyard?praying?preaching?baptising peaple?dont take churches as a bletproof mungazipatse tsoka.ngat mwafuna kulemera go and butcher ur children or any of ur relatives other than kuzumza amthu omwe asiye ana paumasiye inu finaly nkumatumiza ana anu ku xul zapamwamba.mwina sikoyamba,yangokwana mthawi yoti mugwidwe.

    2. john says:

      Do not judge. It seems 2 me that most people do judge bcoz they don’t kno the word of God. Pliz brothers & sisters, alwez b hungry 4 the word of God that u may kno the truth. Mind u, truth will set U free.

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