Living Waters Church to construct K200mil cathedral in Mzuzu

Founder of the Living Waters Church Apostle Dr Stanley Ndovie Sunday laid a foundation stone for the construction of a multimillion kwacha 5, 000-seater cathedral in Mzuzu City.







Speaking in an interview after a sermon to the congregation, Apostle Ndovie said Malawians, especially those in the North, need to be development conscious and move with the change that is taking place in the region.

“The North needs to rise up. Already things have changed. When I look around, I see so many things are changing. Therefore, all the people just need is to move with the change.

“I know that if people don’t change quickly they might lose out on what God is doing in the Northern Region,” Apostle Ndovie said.

The site for the cathedral is about a kilometre from the Reserve Bank of Malawi branch and two kilometres from Grand Palace Hotel, some of the recent infrastructure that have changed the shape of Mzuzu and spurred the city’s economy.

In his sermon during the service dubbed Mega Sunday, Apostle Ndovie preached against the tendency by some people to be contented with what they achieve at a particular time instead of striving for more or bigger things.

“When some people have a success, they don’t want to move from there; they keep on staying in the same place doing the very same things all the time,” he said.

The sermon was based on Deuteronomy Chapter 1 verses 2 to 6 which talks about God’s command to the Israelites to leave Horeb after they had stayed long enough at the mountain instead of moving into the Promised Land.

“Now I want you to know that if you take long in your assignment before God, it will not be the problem of God or somebody else, it will be your problem because what you are assigned can take very short time for you to prosper.

“It doesn’t have to take you too long. I will ask every one of you who has vision, those of you who want to accomplish things: why don’t you study the problems of Israel?” Apostle Ndovie said.

Bishop Runwell Jimmy Kilembe of Mzuzu Living Waters Church said the current church building has proved small following the growth of membership over the years hence the new project.

“Mzuzu as headquarters of the region, we want to build a cathedral that should accommodate a lot of people. Currently, the one that we have has become too small to accommodate us all,” said Kilembe who is also overseer of all satellite churches in the region.

He said Mzuzu City alone has about 5, 000 members of which 2, 000 congregate at the Mzuzu main church where the cathedral will be built.

“Our projected cost is around K200 million. God’s work is not done by one person. So we want all [satellite] churches and well-wishers to join hands so that this project is done,” said Bishop Kilembe.

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20 thoughts on “Living Waters Church to construct K200mil cathedral in Mzuzu”

  1. truth shall prevail says:

    Malawians busy telling others what to do with their money. Have they asked you to contribute towards the church building? Leave Living Waters Church alone to do their work. This country has received handouts for over 50 years and what change has it brought? Do your things if you have charity at heart then do it yourselves. Is it wrong to build God’s house in the city? If you have nothing to say just be quite than to make useless comments that leads nowhere. Malawians will never develop and if you think we can develop without God then you miss the biggest point. Let’s support those that have the heart to develop this country than pulling them down.

  2. chikopa says:

    Izi ndiza wahinya hinya. Almost 95% of the pastors ndi akwawotu. Mnganya wake Ziba aliku Blantyre. Ndovie wawona kuti Blantyre yanunkha ndiye ati azikamba za ma figure ovuta. City Council please do not allow religious institutions in the business district ngati mmene Amayi approved a mosque near Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The place is already congested ndiye kubweretsanso chipwirikiti kaya zizaoneka nanga si ndalama za mafuta za aluya.

  3. Chenkumbi says:

    Most of you pepo are against development, this is a good move by Apostle Dr SS Ndovi and Kilembe. God first the rest later.Keep it up Apostle and your Assistant Kilembe God will bless you more if you do that. Some people are resistant to development leave them alone, we will assist you in prayer and cash so that the vision you have will materialize.

  4. Ze Roberto says:

    If you look at the economic map of the world you will note that countries whose citizens believe so much in miracles are reeling in abject poverty while countries that don’t live in fantasy world are socioeconomically stable . It’s good to fear God because He is the creator but don’t be overzealous lest you will be deceived by those who will come in His name but with ulterior motives.

  5. Tt says:

    god has too many houses! why cant he take some of that money and build an orphanage or homeless shelter. Guys, these GODS of yours are selfish brats…. sorry Jesus, please pass on the message. We need real help, not more of your houses to generate income for yourself heavenly spending JC…

  6. Mzakwacha says:

    ndalama zose izo osapanga irrigation scheme anthu azikolola katatu ndi kumakhuta?better pray pa khuni utakhuta than praying in a state of the art church nanjala.dyera basi,kubela anthu muzina la chiuta.uchindele pera.ndinu abusa penepano,to God,ndinu mbava and u will face result.Alleluya.Mzakwacha Nixon,pretoria.+27724922299.Thax.

  7. Mzakwacha says:

    Churches are there to make money.The more anthu ur cathedral will hold,the more money u ndovie with ur pastors will have in ur bank accounts.Kubela anthu munjira ya mulungu.Amnt joking,get me right.Muzayankha anthu inu.I salute moslems.Go ahead with ur project.Ndalam zosezo osathandiza boma kugula chimanga,amalawi azikhuta?Ndi njala yili kwanuko,akhiritu anu azizapemphera muchurch lokongola ndi njala.Better pray pamtengo utakhuta.Kaya!Mzakwacha Nixon,pretoria.+2724922299.

  8. Kwesi says:

    Other Recent
    of Islam”

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    An ISIS suicide car bombers detonates at a police station, killing two officers.

    2016.05.01 (Iraq)
    Several children are among over three dozen dead when two suicide car bomb blasts go off in different areas.

    2016.04.30 (Iraq)
    A Sunni suicide bomber sends two dozen Shiite pilgrims straight to Allah.

    2016.04.29 (Syria)
    At least fifteen worshippers are killed when Sunnis shell a rival mosque during Friday prayers.

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  9. Little Bwana says:

    Fifty kwacha chopeleka is too small. Of course some people do give mafifty apo ndi apo, but most give as much as they can bear, thinking they will get extra prayers or some other return on their investment. How much does a miracle cost these days? If you pray for a miracle and give and give and give magobidi until you are dry but you don’t see a miracle, you’re told it’s just because you didn’t give enough. Bwerani ku Kasungu tilindi mamiracle a ulere a mbiri mbiri. -LB

    1. Charlie Hebdo says:

      The miracle will be that you are now poorer than before. Nothing comes easy. Work for it. Are you surprised that the richest, most successful countries are those that believe less in religion but more in hard work? These preachers are in business. They are reaping from their hard work of preaching and prophesying to people. People shouldn’t be fooled. These men are in business just as Bill Gates or Warren Buffet are. The only difference is that while the latter are in computer software and investment respectively these self proclaimed men of God are in the business of selling the word of God and prophesies to the naive, desperate individuals. Why is it that nowadays if you are an apostle, prophet, preacher in these pentecostal churches then your wife automatically becomes a prophetess or some sort of a preacher. If these people are really called by God, are their wives called too? It is too coincidental to be a coincidence. My conclusion, these people are a greedy lot. They want cash to flow from two streams. One from theirs, the other from their wives’.

  10. Gregory says:

    A Nohvie simwakulila ku Napri ku BULATAYA inu. Pano Wakwithu ku Mpoto. Use that fundraiser to build the economy. Mwalamela eti. Kodi bwanji akumpoto akulemela ndi za ubusa? Kalipo kalipo monga nyimbo inja.

  11. Paye says:

    If you construct a 200 million MK gravity fed irrigation along the Songwe river, you can feed lots of Sheep by dear Sheper Ndovi.

  12. Kajiso says:

    Mliska uyu ni muwemi, waghaghana makola, chifukwa uku ndiko kukaya kwake. Osati ivyo wakupanga wa Livingstonia Vyakuzenga Matchalitchi ku central, kupenja waka mbembe instead of developing north

  13. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    We have enough religious zeal in this country, as reflected in the overwhelming number of houses of worship.
    Every corner you turn to there is a church, mosque or a temple of “specialized” faiths. Even in the villages, where there was a bush for grazing cattle or goats now you’ll find some entrepreneur has built a “church”, only to line his/her pockets thru mini cashgates. Duping the unsophisticated and gullible villagers, like some of my relatives. Aaaaaaaa.

    And so, like “Lutepo” @ 1, I would like to ask: Wouldn’t it better peoples’ lives if Mr Ndovie spent the 500 million to develop a factory, even for cooking oil or refining rice, so that people can be employed and have the bare minimum to survive in this harsh economic environment of ours? Then the people can go to worship on a full stomach. Rather than praying on an empty stomach.
    When will we start changing our mind sets in this country? When will we stop thinking about life in reverse order, abale inu (ladies and gentlemen). Religion alone never fed anybody; nor did it build anybody a house or buy him/her a car!

  14. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Mwati mukapange fundraise ku Mzuzu ku BT akutulikirani sangasonkhenso zoti mukatamukirepo!

    K200 mill but the real cost is somewhere around 90 mill mitu yanu!

  15. Pastor Man says:

    5000 people x K50 each in chopeleka = K250,000 every sunday translate to 1mita every month thats a good investment. pelekani Akhristu ndipo mudzadalisidwa.

  16. Lutepo says:

    Waste of money. Why not use that money to help people generate income for self sustenance. Or to finance some scientific project that can push us forward and employ people in the process

  17. Just believe says:

    This is really a true son from the North. Following the footprints of DPP which has changed the face of Mzuzu within a short period despite some people from there being un-appreciative. My request is that form now onwards, structures assembled in Mzuzu should be set on a strong foundation going by the recent floods in Mzuzu and buildings that fell down,. Be reminded that Nairobi is set on a dambo but our friends know how to construct long-lasting structures.

    On another note, Bingu in his dreaming in colour suggested that from that time onwards, buildings should be going aerial. He had a minimum number of stairs for such buildings and he said any investor would be requested to comply. Was this dream gone with te dreamer? Our land is becoming more and more scarce. With Malawian women being more fecund. One minister today was lamenting at the fact that a 36 year old lady has already eight children. And it seems sanamalize coz I guess if you ask her she will say ndikufuna onse athemo. Just being inquisitive!

  18. Joliji says:

    Kapempheni miracle money kwa bushiri

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