Livingstonia Synod clarify stand on North Malawi independence

CCAP Livingstonia synod has  clarified that it is not championing secessionof northern region to be a standalone country  , saying “it is totally against the church ideology of preaching peace and unity.”

The Synod’s top authorities including newly elected Moderator, Reverend Douglas Chipofya, General Secretary, Reverend Levi Nyondo and Deputy General Secretary told Presidential Advisor on National Unity and Parliamentary Affairs, Symon Vuwa  Kaunda that the church is surprised with those advocating for secession as they have never consulted the local masses and relevant institutions  on the matter.

Rev Nyondo:  federalism should be a national initiative

Rev Nyondo: federalism should be a national initiative

They made their stand  at the Synod offices in the northern city of Mzuzu when Kaunda visited the authorities to offered the congratulatory message from President Peter Muntharika  on the over  synod’s election  new office bearers.

“As the Synod we are surprised with those campaigning for that because they have never consulted us as representatives of the people or even people on the ground, they neither talked about it during their campaign but are bringing the issue now ?” questioned the Synod Moderator Reverend Chipofya.

He said the Synod perceive  secession or Federalism  campaign as a cause for conflict in the church  as the synod has its branches even in the Central region hence the fears that the system would create enemity among faithful from the two regions.

The Synod Moderator further claimed that the Synod did not even discussed the agenda at the general assembly because it  has not been consulted by those advocating for the federal system, and that it is theologically having negative attitude on the matter.

Reverend Chipofya who is also the Spiritual father for the Synod said the role of the church is to complement Jesus mission of preaching peace and unity to the nation, hence it will never support any initiative that would bring differences among Malawians.

“As the Synod we have no time to discuss or advocate for things that are in conflict with our ideologies hence our stand on calls for federalism is ‘No’ because we don’t want to fall short before Christ,” he said.

The Synod further, commended Mutharika for preaching peace and unity, which it says is a milestone to meaningful development for any country, citing the appointment of an advisor on National Unity as a major indicator of the President’s commitment to promote unity in the country.

“We have seen how your office has been promoting contact and dialogue among various stakeholders, and that is really recommendable by the church, and we hope the President will continue promoting this until we all get united and become one Malawian.”

In his remarks, Kaunda thanked the Synod for complementing Mutharika’s efforts to promote unity, by stating its independent stand on federalism among other things.

“The President has clearly indicated that he is going to work hand in hand with the Church to ensure that his mission on peace and unity is fulfilled and is very happy with the support given by the Synod on the initiative and other development spheres.

“He believes that the church being a strong agent of change can easily help him achieve his goal since it is the pillar of all Malawians,” Kaunda said.

The push for federalism, being championed by a number of groups and politicians,  has also seen Karonga youths planning pro-federalism demonstrations to take place at the end of this month.

Synod general secretary Reverend Levi Nyondo said federalism has to be a national initiative.

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Gona Mkulawe

Tamangodikirani zomwe akukuchitirani kodi ndi district iti yomwe iliyotsogola pachitukuko kupatula cities?

Dawira Waka Dawira

Point of correction, the Moderator is out of order to pressume that the Synod should be consulted of issues affecting their members. Am sorry but this is the worst bullshit I’ve ever heard from a church of good repute. Wake up from your slumber coz national issues are individual concerns and nobody or no iinstitution can make a decision on behalf of a bonafide citizen. I thought the north had people of high IQ? Nanga mmalo moti mbuzi ya moderator iyi izingodya nsipu, ikulowera nkhani zokhuza anthu. Mpake kulankhula ndowe izi. Am ashamed with Livingstonia Synod.


Mr speaker sir, do not judge anymore coz. James 4:11 said; stop speaking against one another, brother. ………………………………………………..I mean continue nee.

Chikoti kumbuyo

Avuwa dyera mutipweteketsa n don’t think kuti mpoto ndiye synod yonkha ayi nawo alevi khwinthi ndi dyera musiye mutipweteketsa muwasiyire anzanu anzeru anthane nazo osamango dumpira chifukwa chabwanya ranulo


One thing that excites me is clear that the north has brilliant ideas on how to fast track national development through feudelism. It makes sense. Look at South Africa Tanzania among many in the world. It does not mean pple in south go back north neither does it mean tennants in RumphI going back to Mulanje. They will stay where they are and registered as such. Wake up…Malawi

luvinda gama.

I am disappointed with the livingstonia church remarks.what type of government is the ccap church?you can not belong to God if you love money so much.

Quota system

The other day, the synod said federalism has to be approached as a national issue, not regional. What did they mean. Of course no to secession but federal system of government yes


Nepotism was started by people from the North and Kamuzu was the first person to realize this. The northerners are crying because they lost May polls. What would happen if pp anawina ma polls ? Leave them crying I think this will stop after one year buy then they will accept APM is their president. PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW THAT PEOPLE FROM THE NORTH ARE ALWAYS SELFISH.

You Are Crier

The person who is crying loudest is Peter Muthalika who has dispatched his chola boy Vuwa Kaunda with millions to buy silence of chiefs and the clergy in the north. Can’t you see that???? The next person who is in never ending tears is you. You are losing sleep over this minority, yet extremely brave group of people.

Chilungamo Chimawawa

anthu amulungu adyetsedwa mabanzi ndi DPP govt!


I mostly support federal system. wake up guys with this motion do not leave this issue to the northerners. let’s tacle together we had some places in south and central remain underdeveloped. then now we must support because every region will have its own budget. eg SA and NIGERIA

A Phiri

nanunso aku mangochi kagwereni uko. nthawi ya a chair bwanji simunabweretse federalism. mumagona eti. the man of God is right. small place like mpoto will suffer heavily.

divided we fall, united we conqueror. unity is strong weapon than federation.example you have seen or heard about scotland still remains as united kingdom.

Odala Tili Odala

Federalism and independence are two different things! Scotland issue is of independence while the issue here is federalism! Make research first before you comment

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