Livingstonia Synod court controversy with Muslims: Says no Eid holiday

The Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) in the Synod of Livingstonia in the northern part of Malawi has said it does not recognise a public holiday on June 7 for observance of Eid’l Fitr or the Feast of Ramadan by the Muslims

Rev Nyondo: No Eid holiday for Synod

Rev Nyondo: No Eid holiday for Synod

The synod has informed workers in its institution as well as followers to work on the Eid-al-Fitr day a development  that contradict with government decision of declaring the day a public holiday.

Eid’l Fitr marks the end of the holy month of fasting for Muslims.

Muslim Association of Malawi said the day will be celebrated on Thursday July 7 and government declared the day as a public holiday to allow Muslims to celebrate.

According to the document seen by Nyasa Times and signed by Livingstonia Synod General Secretary Rev Levi Nyondo, the Synod does not recognize the day as holiday.

“It has been announced in the radio and newspapers that 7 July, 2016 is a public holiday of Eid. However as a Synod of Livingstonia, we do not recognize that,” reads the letter.

“Please not that all Synod employees are expected to report to their respective duties on the day,” it commanded.

The letter further reminds its followers that “the Synod of Livingstonia holidays are as follows; Christmas, Easter, ascension day, Dr David Livingstone day and 12 October- Robert Laws day.”

The development has provoked many Muslims in the country who regard the Christmas day as public holiday in respect to the Christians.

Some quarters have described the decision as unfortunate especially because Malawi is described as a God fearing nation.

Malawian Rasta community have been also advocating for government to declare their celebration Jah day as public holiday to no avail.

In Malawi there is a  peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims.

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42 thoughts on “Livingstonia Synod court controversy with Muslims: Says no Eid holiday”

  1. Mugonapamhanya says:

    They way I understand this is that either the synod was quoted out of context or the synod was too militant in their approach hence the confusion. I would however want to think that the synod lacked diplomacy and civility in their approach. If their followers are taught during their church teachings about which holidays they should not observed and for whatever reason, they shouldn’t have gone public about it. For instance, my religion prohibits observance of any religious and political holidays and they don’t need to go public about it because every member already made a choice based on his personal and scriptural conviction. But what the synod did can easily be misrepresented as deliberately being confrontational. It’s like Muslims writing a letter to all mosques telling them not to eat pork, can that make any sense?

  2. hhhhhh says:

    LUCIUS BANDA adayimba nyimbo yakuti: kumpoto kukadakhala kadziko bwezi dziko lakelo likadakhala ndi nkhondo, adayimba zoona atumbuka ndi inu agalu zedi, sindi ine nsilamu koma apapa vuto ndi chiyani? choonde asilamu musayankhe chilichonse anthu ndi masatana amenewa malawi nd dziko la ntendele atumbuka mukufuna chiyani?

    1. emma says:

      amwene chonde mutu wanu uzigwira bwino ntchito. I think you need to go back to school. Livingstonia synod does not mean a tumbuka. Aaaaa i think let me just stop because i can just waist my time for really am speaking to a person with no education. Plz understand if possible.

      1. a Emma sukulu yake iti mudapitayo yokanika kusiyanitsa pakati pa “waste” ndi “waist”? za mkutu basi

  3. World\'s Last Chance says:

    -> Is there any substantial evidence that they were really fasting?
    -> Does the end of fasting require one to celebrate?
    -> If they were fasting so how should this affect us?
    -> Fasting yanji yochita kuchalira kuti ndikamasula ndidye kwambiri?
    -> Fasting yanji yochita kufuna publicity?
    -> How come the Hindus celebrate the festive of lights and yet there is no public holiday?

    The Synod is absolutely right, why just following zinthu zoti zilibe tangible evidence? Our political leaders simply want to gain political mileage even at the expense of ruining the heritage of the country. Stop zongosata chigulu. LETS REPENT, JESUS IS COMING SOON!!!!!

  4. Gogodasi says:

    Singapore is more developed than many countries in the developing world because they have less number of holidays. There are no such holidays in the UK or USA and yet Muslims are allowed to celebrate Eid in their own way. What is our leaders trying to achieve by declared 7 a holiday? Those that are comparing Ramadan and Christmas are misplacing their views, but comparing it with lent of the Roman Catholic church is the way to go. The Catholics do a similar thing for 40 days to remember the days Jesus Christ suffered in the wilderness, but after that life goes on normally and we don’t hear of holiday. The government must tread well on some of these political decisions for they are not for the good of the nation, but for a particular grouping. Christmas which is widely believed by the christian community to be the birth of Jesus Christ should be compared with the birth of Prophet Muhammad. Is government aware that Muslims have already celebrated the day today, 6 July and what’s the point declaring 7 July a public holiday? We are already a nation of struggling economy and we cannot afford to have a luxury of two holidays following each other – this is bad politics if I may say, after all Muslims in Malawi are a minority. I suggest we hold a referendum on some of these things that affect the nation, otherwise the President has too much power to take decisions that ultimately mislead and misplace the interest of the nation.

  5. KOMA KUMENEKO says:

    For the first time let me agree with Livingstonia synod they are right

  6. Dan says:

    By the way does this journalist understand the difference between the two faith? The Eid is for Moslems and that is plain truth. I also think that even the Muslims themselves wouldn’t like to see the non believers (as the call them) celebrate with them. After all they did not fast with them, Did the journalist capture the fact that the Christians were not fasting while Muslims were? Now that they cerebrate the end of their fast why would the Christian join them? What will they be cerebrating for?

  7. Vitumbiku Ngwira says:

    Ehhhmmmm he only told this to members of church staff (they work for Livingstonia Synod). It’s not like he said Muslims should work on Eid or that the govt should not recognise it. Why all the anger, do Hindus complain when everyone is working when they are celebrating Diwali?

  8. Prof. Odiyoya says:

    I am confused with the Nyasa reporter who authored this article. What was his/her interest? How does Synod of Livingstonia decision affect the Muslim holiday? Government recognize the Ed for political gimmick. It has nothing to do socioeconomic development of Nyasaland. While I don’t agree with what the Synod of Livingstonia, on this issue I want to differ with those who faults it. In fact, the Synod of Livingstonia shows that it is more civilized than those who oppose it. Holidays are counterproductive to socioeconomic development for any society. In Ghana, we do not have such holidays.

  9. Muyao says:

    Why is that churches want to play politics? I am a christian but what I have seen and heard is got me misplace my faith in church leaders. Let us set the record straight, before Christianity was INTRODUCED to Nyasaland, Islam had already gained its roots in the land due to trade influences. When Livingstone came to our land he was a trader with a christian faith. His mission was to spread the word and abolish slave trade and establish new trade routes. what does tell you? Islam is part of us, as a matter of fact the population surrounding the lake region has even most of it’s culture steeped into Islam.
    You are actually driving a wedge between faiths and I don’t need to clarify or give examples of what is happening outside Malawi.” Love thy neighbour as thyself ” has a deeper meaning than just being good to others. Everyone will be answerable to God almighty creator of all, you will be asked why were you prosecuting my people?
    Pack it in and preach about faith.

    1. Dan says:

      Muyaio, when you were starting to fast did you call the Christians to assist you in your fasting? Let alone tell them why you were fasting? Have they ever called upon you to assist them in cerebrating their Xmas? Why should they be involved in something they do not know and accept? They do not accept Muhammed and his teaching why would they then cerebrate with you based on the Muhammad teachings?

  10. mjiba says:

    Stupid Africans in the form of Malawian starting arguments on foreign religions. Can the Livingstonia Synod acclaim that Christianity is the religion of our fathers or of conquering missionaries who came took our land including where the Livingstonia churches are built, and led the way for colonization. Similarly Islam came with the Arab slave traders. Now stupid Africans fighting about recognizing what? foreign religions? until the Africans return to their fathers religion woe will always befall thee!!!!

  11. thumbwe man says:

    Eid falls today and why gov give muslims holiday tomoro? Whats all this rubbish my dear Malawi? Catholics observrve its christian holidays in its institutions only without affecting others

    1. pido says:

      Muyao remember that Islam did not come to preach itself but to force through slave trade. Asilamu mumakonda kukakamiza zinthu basi. Chinamba chanu cha 666 pamphumi mmachipeza kamba kosumba pansi popempheracho mufuna chikwanire aliyese. Ine ndakana zimenezo

  12. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Holiday for what? Eating or prayers. Laziness basi. You already have weekends, annual leave, sick days and compassionate days to bury your relatives. To make things worse your companies are not making profits and you may get a redundancy before year end. Some of you are just business people who go home anytime. Majority you are unemployed. Yet you want a two consecutive days holiday plus weekend. How much are you going to lose in four days?

    Government should scrap these un wanted holidays, let us work and prosper because if you are not productive you resort to stealing as most of you do. Only Birthdays and death of Mohammad or Jesus Christ are important to our faiths.

  13. Kanthu Ako! says:

    Those that are agreeing with the idea of Eid being a public holiday are just ignorant and politically minded. Eid is celebrated in most countries, and what they do is they allow Muslims time off to celebrate. This is because Muslims are a minority in those countries.

    Do you people know that Eid is on different days in different years? and that that Eid is twice a year?

    So next year the public holiday will be on the 9th the year after on the 6th how can that be a public holiday?

    Zinazi kumaganiza beyond hatred of others.

  14. There is nothing wrong with the synod’s declaration, Synod is a religious grouping whose beliefs are different from those of Islam. Eid is an Islamic festive celebrations and not christian celebrations hence the Synod are ok not to celebrate Eid. Moslems have also got right not to celebrate Christmas festive celebrations, Easter and other christian celebrations because they are not Islam celebrations. Lets not force people to celebrate things that are not theirs.

    1. Charlie Hebdo says:

      Exactly. Religious tolerance is not about practicing what others believe in even if you don’t share their beliefs but letting those that believe practice their faith freely. I sometimes wonder why people of other faiths are forced to buy what Muslims call Halaal foods just because MAM wants all traders to stock such foods to accommodate their Muslim followers. In Mangochi one is not allowed to sell pork even if he/she is non Muslim and his/her customers are obviously non Muslim. Christians go to church on Xmas to celebrate and thank God for the wonderful gift that is Jesus. Do Muslim go to Mosques on Xmas for the same reason? The Synod is not obliged to observe Eid and it is not saying Muslims should not celebrate it.

  15. Chambe says:

    Everywhere in the world, governments declare public holidays. If 7 July is a public holiday it happens that one of the Muslims is working at Livingstonia Synod, then that Muslim is on holiday on the 7th. There is no two ways about it. Muslim companies and all institutions including all Muslims are on holiday on this day;period!

  16. mapwevupwevu says:

    Izi ndi za kumpoto sizikutikhuza

  17. Dr Mbilixi says:

    After eid tikutenthera ni tizisakasa tanuto ngati 1999. Tapanga nyoooo uwone? Tidzakumana ngati siiwe ndi ana ako, pamtengo wakachale. F…..k nyondo f…..k hard nyondo.

  18. Sakwata says:

    Muslims have been observing christmas holidays and the like since they are duly declared public holidays. Is it bad to observe the Eid holiday Because it is for mislims? Nyondo has now demonstrated to be a poison in our society. This will definately plant a seed of hatred among people of the two religions who have for long time been enjoying good relationship. After all, this will not be the first time for Malawi to declare Eid day a public holiday.Surely, Nyondo and His likes should not have existed during our time, just to say the least.

  19. Bwande says:

    There is no Christmas holiday in the Islamic world. If this is in the interest of balancing up things, then there will be more holidays to come. So many different faiths in this land. Don’t just throw stones at Nyondo

  20. Issa says:

    LA ILLAHA ILLALAH MUHAMMAD RASULULLAH. My brother BIBO you are ignorant and myopic. Muntharika is not the first to declare Eid holiday in Malawi. Check the past ten years and you will discover that you live in the world of your own.
    The battle that we are facing in the world is not between Muslims and Christians. May be you don’t know that right now your friends in America and Europe are pushing for secularism. Islam is not your enemy bro. ISIL is blowing up more mosques than churches unless you tell me that Christians worship in mosques. Jews are killing more Palestinians (muslims) right now. In CAR Muslims are being hunted and killed like animals, remember M23 in DRC? If you follow your news you discover that its political rather than religious. Just check last two weeks, what happened in Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, who is killing who here my brother?
    Islam is going nowhere and is in Malawi to stay. You say you do not accept Islam in the north but sorry mate am from the north myself and a happy Muslim too. If you are so confused about what is happening in the world please read second Timothy 3 v 1-5, Luke 21 v 28.

  21. Mpopoma says:

    We don’t accept Islam in Malawi. Rev. Nyondo is right. This is a Christian country. Holiday yongo ganizila mwezi. Za chamba basi. President should remove this stupid holiday now . It must stop forth with.

  22. messenger of God says:

    Ooh Lord… what God does mr Nyondo serve? The same God that says love your neighbour as you love yourself? This is a sad development coming from a man of God. We are one. Muslim, Christian,atheist,rasta wateva u name it we are all one. I wish mr nyondo realises this is a bad thing he has done.

  23. Dodana says:

    Rev Nyondo, please learn to behave like a man of God. You seem to be acquainted to opposing everything worse enough on behalf or in the name of CCAP as if all people are yours apo mbanthu wa Chiuta. Please don’t take us for granted.
    Muslims are not foolish to obey Christmas holiday. Don’t extend mikangano yithu na Nkhoma CCAP kuti tiyambeso kutinkhana na Muslims. Please copy the footsteps of Rev Howard Matiya Nkhoma. Kujitemwa mwalutizga aliska as if ndimwe a Chiuta. Chalu nimazgola ichi chikazgola a Gamphani pa nkhamanga.
    You are fond of arguing on political matters as if you are a politician. If you want lekelani wanyinu awo wangalongozga mbelele kwa Yehova and not ku ndale kuti deli mususkanenge na mlongozgi wacharu na boma. Chiuta wamugowokelani aliska imwe apo mukujisanda nakuwelera ku uliska. Mwatilengeska tawa CCAP Livingstonia Synod as if nimaghanoghano yatose.

  24. togara says:

    This is just a stupid and uncalled for nonsense from livingstonia and their senseless nyondo. This guy is fighting with everyone including fellow ccap of nkhoma. He is a devil worshipper

    1. Nsilamu! says:

      What are you going to do next year when Eid is on the 4th of july?

  25. Bibo says:

    Stupid government, trying to appease Moslems because of votes in the eastern region . We are Christians and we do not condone to Islamic values especially their barbaric terror on people in the world .We do not accept Islam in the north.

    Peter Mutharika is busy trying to buy support through a useless holiday for a mercenary group instead of putting economic and social matters in order and yet he gets paid by Malawians.This returnee president is taking people for granted, dictating things to people as if he owns them. You can not just wake up today in a democracy and declare a particular day a holiday for Moslems- what kind of nonsense is that? This man needs to be kicked out of office because he’s got no idea what he is doing.

    These are not the days of Kamuzu to just declare everything in a surprise way.Malawi has more pressing and important issues to tackle than forcing people to observe holidays that are not important. Matter of fact, increasing the number of holidays promotes laziness in people and the country loses productivity thereby losing revenue.Peter Mutharika is very insensitive to Malawian problems and lacks quality of leadership.

    1. Martin Nyirenda says:

      This holiday started with Muluzi. It was there during Bingu and it was there during Joyce Banda. Holiday imeneyi sinabwere lero. What crap is this that you are talking about? Shame on you. Wangodana naye APMyo.

    2. idiots like these irritate me says:

      This comment is a shame. Are all moslems involved in some sort of jihad? Aren’t the large majority just trying to get by? From ur perspective fighting back when one feels oppressed is not right? Another intolerant idiot claiming we are a Christian nation. No nothing idiots. Mxii

    3. ngozo says:

      Its not about mutharika here. Even Muslims they go on holiday when its Christmas. Don’t personise this please

  26. OD_K says:

    Comrade Nyondo is out of order here
    What happned to civilisation and torelance?
    Which gospel does he preach?

    Enanu mukanakhala mulengi bwezi lero enafe kulibe, mukanatimana m’dalitso dzuwa mkumangowala ku Northen region kokha komanso dzulo bwezi titagona ndi njala

    1. Mubarak says:

      Of course every public holiday should be on calendar for planning purpose in a democratic society but if you are a moslem country then you can have these unplanned holidays so Nyondo has a point here. I live among moslems they too hate a holiday full of uncertainty …maybe today or tomorrow when the moon appears….seriously? ???! And here if you are a Christian no way they will give Christmas holiday to Christians. .impossible. ..nde inu ku Malawi appeasing ISI with holidays. ..shame!!!! Si omwewa banned selling of pork ku mangochi? So they were in order???? Nyondo out of order? ???

      1. Bristone Mabichi says:

        Nyondo is fully right, He is a mouth piece for the Synod. It is not Nyondo’s views but that of the Synod. It only depends from which angle angle you are looking at you, Kaffirs. Things are changing and Malawi is not exceptional, soon or later we will realise what has been said by Livingstonia Synod.

    2. JJB says:

      Do you know Eid? it is never on the same day, sometimes it is different months, so how do you set a public holiday? Public holiday is a yearly thing not a one off.

  27. sabata says:

    I am from the North but this is stupidity

  28. Mgift says:


    1. Manuel says:

      When u read comments in nyasa you will realize that indeed Kamuzu put malawians out of the world in terms of education, economic, politics as well as social issues. Some of the examples are current Affairs, for instance, whenever there is an issue about Muslims, the comments display Malawi’s ignorance. Muslim are always called murders and all names. My question is what about the 17 years war in Mozambique that slaughtered millions of poor pple, are they Muslims killing those people? South african statistics revealed that more than 1000 people are getting murdered every day and how many of those dying are killed by Muslims? In Zimbabwe, after liberation struggle many people particularly the ndeberes were slaughtered during the operation called gukura hundi. Were they Muslims who slaughtered the innocent Ndeberes? Back home, we learn that during Banda era, many who could not sided with Banda ideas used to be disappered to unknown places, how many who were Muslims in banda regime? I feel ashamed when I go through nyasatimes comments.

    2. idiots like these irritate me says:

      You must be right in the 22 years since democracy was introduced this is the first time Eid has been celebrated… mxii. Making up ur own facts and coming to even more idiotic conclusion does not exempt you and the other idiot above from being called out as bigots.

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