Livingstonia Synod court controversy with Muslims: Says no Eid holiday

The Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) in the Synod of Livingstonia in the northern part of Malawi has said it does not recognise a public holiday on June 7 for observance of Eid’l Fitr or the Feast of Ramadan by the Muslims

Rev Nyondo: No Eid holiday for Synod

Rev Nyondo: No Eid holiday for Synod

The synod has informed workers in its institution as well as followers to work on the Eid-al-Fitr day a development  that contradict with government decision of declaring the day a public holiday.

Eid’l Fitr marks the end of the holy month of fasting for Muslims.

Muslim Association of Malawi said the day will be celebrated on Thursday July 7 and government declared the day as a public holiday to allow Muslims to celebrate.

According to the document seen by Nyasa Times and signed by Livingstonia Synod General Secretary Rev Levi Nyondo, the Synod does not recognize the day as holiday.

“It has been announced in the radio and newspapers that 7 July, 2016 is a public holiday of Eid. However as a Synod of Livingstonia, we do not recognize that,” reads the letter.

“Please not that all Synod employees are expected to report to their respective duties on the day,” it commanded.

The letter further reminds its followers that “the Synod of Livingstonia holidays are as follows; Christmas, Easter, ascension day, Dr David Livingstone day and 12 October- Robert Laws day.”

The development has provoked many Muslims in the country who regard the Christmas day as public holiday in respect to the Christians.

Some quarters have described the decision as unfortunate especially because Malawi is described as a God fearing nation.

Malawian Rasta community have been also advocating for government to declare their celebration Jah day as public holiday to no avail.

In Malawi there is a  peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims.

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They way I understand this is that either the synod was quoted out of context or the synod was too militant in their approach hence the confusion. I would however want to think that the synod lacked diplomacy and civility in their approach. If their followers are taught during their church teachings about which holidays they should not observed and for whatever reason, they shouldn’t have gone public about it. For instance, my religion prohibits observance of any religious and political holidays and they don’t need to go public about it because every member already made a choice based on… Read more »

LUCIUS BANDA adayimba nyimbo yakuti: kumpoto kukadakhala kadziko bwezi dziko lakelo likadakhala ndi nkhondo, adayimba zoona atumbuka ndi inu agalu zedi, sindi ine nsilamu koma apapa vuto ndi chiyani? choonde asilamu musayankhe chilichonse anthu ndi masatana amenewa malawi nd dziko la ntendele atumbuka mukufuna chiyani?


amwene chonde mutu wanu uzigwira bwino ntchito. I think you need to go back to school. Livingstonia synod does not mean a tumbuka. Aaaaa i think let me just stop because i can just waist my time for really am speaking to a person with no education. Plz understand if possible.

finale wa kabaza (cargo rider)

a Emma sukulu yake iti mudapitayo yokanika kusiyanitsa pakati pa “waste” ndi “waist”? za mkutu basi

World\'s Last Chance
SOME QUESTIONS -> Is there any substantial evidence that they were really fasting? -> Does the end of fasting require one to celebrate? -> If they were fasting so how should this affect us? -> Fasting yanji yochita kuchalira kuti ndikamasula ndidye kwambiri? -> Fasting yanji yochita kufuna publicity? -> How come the Hindus celebrate the festive of lights and yet there is no public holiday? The Synod is absolutely right, why just following zinthu zoti zilibe tangible evidence? Our political leaders simply want to gain political mileage even at the expense of ruining the heritage of the country. Stop… Read more »
Singapore is more developed than many countries in the developing world because they have less number of holidays. There are no such holidays in the UK or USA and yet Muslims are allowed to celebrate Eid in their own way. What is our leaders trying to achieve by declared 7 a holiday? Those that are comparing Ramadan and Christmas are misplacing their views, but comparing it with lent of the Roman Catholic church is the way to go. The Catholics do a similar thing for 40 days to remember the days Jesus Christ suffered in the wilderness, but after that… Read more »

For the first time let me agree with Livingstonia synod they are right


By the way does this journalist understand the difference between the two faith? The Eid is for Moslems and that is plain truth. I also think that even the Muslims themselves wouldn’t like to see the non believers (as the call them) celebrate with them. After all they did not fast with them, Did the journalist capture the fact that the Christians were not fasting while Muslims were? Now that they cerebrate the end of their fast why would the Christian join them? What will they be cerebrating for?

Vitumbiku Ngwira

Ehhhmmmm he only told this to members of church staff (they work for Livingstonia Synod). It’s not like he said Muslims should work on Eid or that the govt should not recognise it. Why all the anger, do Hindus complain when everyone is working when they are celebrating Diwali?

Prof. Odiyoya

I am confused with the Nyasa reporter who authored this article. What was his/her interest? How does Synod of Livingstonia decision affect the Muslim holiday? Government recognize the Ed for political gimmick. It has nothing to do socioeconomic development of Nyasaland. While I don’t agree with what the Synod of Livingstonia, on this issue I want to differ with those who faults it. In fact, the Synod of Livingstonia shows that it is more civilized than those who oppose it. Holidays are counterproductive to socioeconomic development for any society. In Ghana, we do not have such holidays.

THE SYNOD! Why is that churches want to play politics? I am a christian but what I have seen and heard is got me misplace my faith in church leaders. Let us set the record straight, before Christianity was INTRODUCED to Nyasaland, Islam had already gained its roots in the land due to trade influences. When Livingstone came to our land he was a trader with a christian faith. His mission was to spread the word and abolish slave trade and establish new trade routes. what does tell you? Islam is part of us, as a matter of fact the… Read more »

Muyaio, when you were starting to fast did you call the Christians to assist you in your fasting? Let alone tell them why you were fasting? Have they ever called upon you to assist them in cerebrating their Xmas? Why should they be involved in something they do not know and accept? They do not accept Muhammed and his teaching why would they then cerebrate with you based on the Muhammad teachings?


Stupid Africans in the form of Malawian starting arguments on foreign religions. Can the Livingstonia Synod acclaim that Christianity is the religion of our fathers or of conquering missionaries who came took our land including where the Livingstonia churches are built, and led the way for colonization. Similarly Islam came with the Arab slave traders. Now stupid Africans fighting about recognizing what? foreign religions? until the Africans return to their fathers religion woe will always befall thee!!!!

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