Livingstonia Synod takes a swipe at ‘lazy’ judges

The CCAP Synod of Livingstonia through its Church and Society organization has condemned the conduct of some judges for not performing to the expectations of many Malawians, saying the judges are reaping off Government.

Mkandawire;Lazy judges

Mkandawire;Lazy judges

Speaking at a press briefing Thursday, Church and Society Director, Moses Mkandawire, said there are some judges who go up to 100 cases without writing any judgment, yet they are on fore-front demanding Government to hike their salaries.

“We have noted with deep concerns that there are some judges who are underperforming. They don’t write down cases. There is no way you can demand [for more] while you are not performing. That’s a lazy-pay approach,” Mkandawire said.

He added that his organization is investigating those issues and it will soon expose the names of the underperforming judges for them to change.

This development follows the ongoing judicial strike, now in its third week, demanding the government to review their salaries just the same way it has done with the civil service.

The judiciary staff earlier rejected the government’s proposal to hike their salaries by 51 per cent, saying they need more than that; and the judges are set to join the strike if government does not comply with judiciary demands.

However, Mkandawire said though the country’s economy is staggering, government should compromise with the judiciary staff because many people are languishing in prisons in the name of remand.

He said it is not normal for one arm of the government to malfunction because it negatively affects the development of the country.

“We are cruising through tough economic times, there are limited resources, and the budget cannot meet their demands. But for the sake of the fundamental rights of people, government should just bow down to their demands,” he said.

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31 thoughts on “Livingstonia Synod takes a swipe at ‘lazy’ judges”

  1. sikusinja says:

    no judgement. some judges are sitting on cases for over 15 years. Parliament must investigate and impeach judges who are deliberately doing this.

  2. Aaron Kaitano says:

    these learned judges are greedy. theres no justice in law

  3. rif says:

    Trully, give them the increment. Never expect that the court guys will bow down to the government’s sensible arguments against the judicial junior staff’s wishes. They cant reach that humility. Olo mutawaopseza ndi mfuti sikuti angakayambe ntchito. The court’s staff wish is typically senseless and they themselves know it just as we do also, but they will still cling to their demands!

  4. atate says:

    in view of good experiences from Rwanda, our judges should have performance indicators. a judgment should not take more than 6 months, we can borrow a leaf from Rwanda. Justice delayed is justice denied. The judges should be held to account for the time taken to write judgments

  5. vetran says:

    leave them kwacha is down at exchange rate,market

  6. james phiri says:

    I do not understand and I will never understand how the judges Perform their duties mainly how they judge cases. It appears the laws are there to oppress those who are poor. You find a poor man is found guilty and the rich man is also found guilty for the same case and what is funny is that the poor man is sentenced to serveral years where as the rich man is left free. This is really happening in this country and is this fair. But remember, the heavenly judge is coming soon and will judge you accordingly. They are many people who are serving sentences because they had no money to hire the lawyer and others are outside the walls prisons because the had money to hire the lawyer. This simply shows that the prisons are there to keep those who are poor.

  7. Mr APM these wide-mouthed & ‘lazy’ judges will not spare you. Kaya musova

  8. Wellington Mkandawire says:

    its not fair that one of government should demand preferencial treatment than others these guys striked sometime back and within a year they are back at it. Why should one depertment benefit more from gvt than others teachers for example have been under paid for ages and gvt always under appreciates them pple are languishing in prisons and they have lost hope its true times are hard but they are hard for everyone as a former civil cervant we have AEDOs in agriculture pple who are helping feed this nation yet they are receiving peanuts, they have Diplomas and yet they are underpaid compaired to to court clerks who have a mere form 4 certificate and these pple paid more towards that Diploma and they are getting change. Being a judiciary employee shouldnt be used to inhinder other civil sevants. Shame on these guys

  9. Chigwere says:

    Doctors and Nurses need better condition of services than these friends who studied Law at Chanco. They are very corrupt, Matlida Katopola, Bright Malopa cases are just few years old but were sped up, why? they connive with private practice lawyers in local pubs,palm oiled etc; so many cases at IRC but no development for the poor Malawian. God is watching for this unfairness. Poor people look upon you guys for justice but you fail them.

  10. Nyaliki says:

    At 16, why should Federation come to you? If you are a judge, walemba mumadzi. You guys are indeed lazy and corrupt. You fail to write case reports. And you take your time to write a report. Kutemwaso nkhule comene and kumwa mowa

    You don’t deserve any salary increase. You are overpaid.

  11. chatonda says:

    So Moses Mkandawire decided just to pour insults to the Judges because they are cheap to castigate in the public. Tiwona when your Federation issues come to us.

    1. Chigwere says:

      You bunch of corrupt morons who rip off the poor. We have lost trust in judiciary because you connive with private practice lawyers and pass judgment over bar counter while having a beer at a local golf club. What is so special with Judges? nothing!! except when a corrupt politicians wants his way out of jail.. We hate you

  12. Ma says:

    Its not hidden secret that most judges (80%) are too lazy. Does it even need research? Go to IRC and fire all of them. Go to high court! Supreme court and check what these embiciles are doing..these are idiots who go away in the name of my lord, learned whatever… Most of them ndiotuwa and salary is the only source of income.

    No wonder 60% of them are controlled by APM on when to deliver justice..!!!

  13. Jando says:

    The bible says do not condemn a person without hearing him or her. It is also a constitutional right for every person to be given the right to be heard.
    The judges also deserve the right to be heard before they are condemned. The allegations may be false,distorted,or exagerated and defended. For example there may not have adequate resources and materials such as research assistants, books or stationery, space or time,motivation or judicial independence.
    The procedure for censuring the judges may also be tantamount to compromising their judicial independence. The correct process is to report individual judges on poor performance of their duties to judicial service commission for appropriate disciplinary measures to taken.
    If you are serious send the list of such lazy judges to judicial service commission to investigate the matter.

  14. mwewo woyiba says:

    Moses you started well but the word compromise here does not apply. all lazy judges Do not require any salary increase but a chop/dismissal
    from their jobs. why are these judges so greedy for nothing? who Do they think they are? bloody crooks.

  15. nachisale says:

    i agree with poor private lawyer indeed the IRC is the worst i know a friend whose case is at Irc since 2010 no even once has the case been heard every time is the panelists are not available. by the way who appoints this panellists. what is the role of chief justice is it to enjoy a chaufer driven car or to enforce that justice is done. Are the courts for a few elite individuals who are politicaly connected. whose cases are rushed thru the IRC and concluded at a wink of an eye. our president a well trained lawyer and father of the nation pse intervene on behalf of the poor masses who seem not to get justice as their cases are stuck at IRC. our journalists investigate and come out with the number of people whose cases are stuck at IRC. you will be overwhelmed.people are suffering.

  16. Kakha Erutu says:

    Badada Mkandawire mwayoghoya uweme chomene. Ma jaji withu gha uheni chomene.

  17. Mbanangwa says:

    Moses Mkandawire, you are well off because you are under NGO payroll. I just pray that one day you will not meet Chikopa, Dingiswayo etc in a court of law. Such rantings may be good but they may also disadvantage you. Judges, journalists are not guys to play with, especially by people of your calibre. It is just a word of wisdom.
    However, what is happening is not right, but a right channel would have been found to settle all this.

    1. Chigwere says:

      Why should he be scared to fight for the poor? He is on NGO payroll because he chose to fight for justice through that way, don’t you think? and you in Judiciary or their sympathizers chose to rip off the very same poor people who look upon you for justice. There is nothing wrong here. check with IRC for facts!! the seat on so many cases especially where it involves less compensation or where there no room for them to get a golden handshake from some dodgy private practice lawyers. Many who studied Law at our CHANCO are thievies/corrupt. When I was at college I thought accountants are crooks but life has taught me otherwise. The place where we seek justice is where satan sits and rejoices. I would have loved all these benefits should go to Doctors and Nurses in hospitals, these are people who save our lives including them judges who takes life prolonging drugs..

  18. Truth says:

    Which economic hardship?But we have money to bribe jounalists.wake up man.its such singing that make these pipo to steal.becz they blve we r convinced that there is not cash in govt.dont u c that they have time to party with jounalists at the expense of drug shortage in our hospitals.

  19. Mike says:

    They deserve the increament considering the fact that they are proffesions unlike the MSCE holders we vote into parliament.They get lions share of the national budget for only warmin the seats in the house.Never give up intellectuals.

    1. angoni says:

      Enanso alive solo ya foloyo Ku Parliament

  20. loafer says:

    Dickson I like ur comment. There r hundreds of Judicial Review Judgments which the Judges r just sitting on, imagine we were dismissed on political grounds in 2008 and we were given Judicial Review but seven years down the line nothing has happened and I don’t know what to do bcoz we lost our jobs!

  21. Cashgate 1 says:

    So amkandawire mwayamba kupanga appraisal ma judge? I though every organization has system that tracks performance. Thus if their system has lots of loop holes or they don’t have performance appraisal system then probably it should be the system to be blamed not the judges. Judges are only taking advantage of the poor system. Or whoever supervises these judges is weak and does not befit that office, because under him or her judges are not delivering as Mr Mkandawire has said. But its something one need to verify before making comments that has no basis.

  22. Angozo says:

    I concur with you Mr Mkandawire, but not only judges even magistrates too some are lazy. They spend most of their time attending to meetings which are not part of their job. Especialy district magistrates, they attend one meeting and the other sometimes for the whole without sitting. Am very surprised to here that they have rejected 51% hike as proposed by government. These people have huge salaries as to compare with civil servants, so 51% increase is a lot of money to them as to compare with their perfomances.

  23. The IRC is the worst court so far and it favours cases of those dismissed on political grounds like the cases of Matilda Katopola, Heatherwick Ntaba, Bright Malopa etc. When a poor dismissed employee goes there he is simply told the panelists are not available. This should be condemned and the president as a lawyer should intervene. The court was established under the constitution and enabling legislation like the Labour Relations Act to help the most vukberable employees. It is sickening when you see the staff at the courts demandibg more money when they are doing nothing. The magistrates and high courts are deplorable as well. The. judges enjoy driving prados and yet they are doing very little to help those seeking justice. The courts are not only for criminals. There are many civil cases that demand the courts to adjudicate but there is a lot if laziness from the top to the bottom. The president appoints these judges and in the end the employee is dictating terms and conditions of employment. This country belongs to Malawians and as such MPs should look into ways of disciplining our courts staff from the top to the bottom. The current strike is illegal if the provisions of the Labour Relations Act 1996 are to be followed. The Chief Justice knows this.

    1. Mhesha says:

      You can say it again my brother. These people are so selfish that they hide behind the so called legal provisions. Sure, MPs must see this madness changed in parliament!

  24. moto mwikho says:

    This is a mixed message either take a stand or bow to the greedy members of the judiciary

  25. Pastor says:

    EEee. Inenso nditha kuwatchula. They demand high salaries but they are not accountable to anyone, not even the Chief Justice. The CJ does not appraise them and cannot force them to deliver. In the private sector, we are given targets and if you do not perform you get chopped. Tobe a judge you just need 10 years experience even without a Masters degree.

    Some are busy whiskeying or playing golf, or womanising but not writing judgements on time. They compare themselves with judges from Nigeria who drive Mercs and have full time drivers. We are a different economy.

    No wonder judges, lawyers etc are all crooks bent on enriching themselves and not serving the public. Let us visit their conditions and tell them to deliver judgements within 30 days and no later.

  26. Dickson says:

    Moses, am failing to understand your position because there is no way you can criticize the judges about their underperformance, and on the same time you ask the government to increase salaries to the same people who are just burning government’s resources patronising the Casinos in town.
    You have also mentioned a very important issue here of inadequate resources die to the donor funding withdraw as well as the cash gate impact and you are asking the government to compromise it’s stand which is good for the nation that to a few judges who are not even working…..
    What do you mean here??????
    I thought and expected you to help the government lobbying for the situation understanding in as far as our economy is concerned.
    If I were you heading one of the leading NGO’s which is also attached to one of the biggest churches in Malawi, I would have gone flat out lobbying for the stability of our economy by asking the civil servants and all government salaried staff to understand our fragile economy and use what we have to get what we need while we are rebuilding our economy.
    What Moses Mkandawire and the Judge s are doing is like a woman who asks for a new dress from her hubby who have just lost his job, shame……

    1. Mhesha says:

      Very true. There is lack of serious logical reasoning especially those demanding “surplus” salary increase. I am calling it surplus because, the normal increase as what gov can afford, has already been done. But…lol! They need surplus!

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