Livingstonia Synod takes a swipe at ‘lazy’ judges

The CCAP Synod of Livingstonia through its Church and Society organization has condemned the conduct of some judges for not performing to the expectations of many Malawians, saying the judges are reaping off Government.

Mkandawire;Lazy judges

Mkandawire;Lazy judges

Speaking at a press briefing Thursday, Church and Society Director, Moses Mkandawire, said there are some judges who go up to 100 cases without writing any judgment, yet they are on fore-front demanding Government to hike their salaries.

“We have noted with deep concerns that there are some judges who are underperforming. They don’t write down cases. There is no way you can demand [for more] while you are not performing. That’s a lazy-pay approach,” Mkandawire said.

He added that his organization is investigating those issues and it will soon expose the names of the underperforming judges for them to change.

This development follows the ongoing judicial strike, now in its third week, demanding the government to review their salaries just the same way it has done with the civil service.

The judiciary staff earlier rejected the government’s proposal to hike their salaries by 51 per cent, saying they need more than that; and the judges are set to join the strike if government does not comply with judiciary demands.

However, Mkandawire said though the country’s economy is staggering, government should compromise with the judiciary staff because many people are languishing in prisons in the name of remand.

He said it is not normal for one arm of the government to malfunction because it negatively affects the development of the country.

“We are cruising through tough economic times, there are limited resources, and the budget cannot meet their demands. But for the sake of the fundamental rights of people, government should just bow down to their demands,” he said.

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no judgement. some judges are sitting on cases for over 15 years. Parliament must investigate and impeach judges who are deliberately doing this.

Aaron Kaitano

these learned judges are greedy. theres no justice in law


Trully, give them the increment. Never expect that the court guys will bow down to the government’s sensible arguments against the judicial junior staff’s wishes. They cant reach that humility. Olo mutawaopseza ndi mfuti sikuti angakayambe ntchito. The court’s staff wish is typically senseless and they themselves know it just as we do also, but they will still cling to their demands!


in view of good experiences from Rwanda, our judges should have performance indicators. a judgment should not take more than 6 months, we can borrow a leaf from Rwanda. Justice delayed is justice denied. The judges should be held to account for the time taken to write judgments


leave them kwacha is down at exchange rate,market

james phiri
I do not understand and I will never understand how the judges Perform their duties mainly how they judge cases. It appears the laws are there to oppress those who are poor. You find a poor man is found guilty and the rich man is also found guilty for the same case and what is funny is that the poor man is sentenced to serveral years where as the rich man is left free. This is really happening in this country and is this fair. But remember, the heavenly judge is coming soon and will judge you accordingly. They are… Read more »

Mr APM these wide-mouthed & ‘lazy’ judges will not spare you. Kaya musova

Wellington Mkandawire
Wellington Mkandawire
its not fair that one of government should demand preferencial treatment than others these guys striked sometime back and within a year they are back at it. Why should one depertment benefit more from gvt than others teachers for example have been under paid for ages and gvt always under appreciates them pple are languishing in prisons and they have lost hope its true times are hard but they are hard for everyone as a former civil cervant we have AEDOs in agriculture pple who are helping feed this nation yet they are receiving peanuts, they have Diplomas and yet… Read more »

Doctors and Nurses need better condition of services than these friends who studied Law at Chanco. They are very corrupt, Matlida Katopola, Bright Malopa cases are just few years old but were sped up, why? they connive with private practice lawyers in local pubs,palm oiled etc; so many cases at IRC but no development for the poor Malawian. God is watching for this unfairness. Poor people look upon you guys for justice but you fail them.


At 16, why should Federation come to you? If you are a judge, walemba mumadzi. You guys are indeed lazy and corrupt. You fail to write case reports. And you take your time to write a report. Kutemwaso nkhule comene and kumwa mowa

You don’t deserve any salary increase. You are overpaid.

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