LL city council demolishes Area 22B market

Lilongwe City Council on Friday demolished shops of vendors at Area 22B market in the city of Lilongwe as the city continues with its campaign of removing unplanned structures in the city but market chairman for the vendors Sanudi Wasili complained that they were not given any prior warning.

Residents of Area 22b watch helplessly as their shops are being demolished.

Residents of Area 22b watch helplessly as their shops are being demolished.

Shops being pulled down at area 22B market

Shops being pulled down at area 22B market

Councilor for Lilongwe South East, Elija Betha said the shops were not built according to city planning such that one individual had a huge plot while others do not have even a small space to sell their merchandise.

“A few people occupied large spaces for themselves while others had completely nothing. There is need to re-allocate the place properly by the City Assembly for equal distribution,” explained Betha.

Betha said Government want to properly design the market and equally share the spaces to many vendors including those who have been conducting their trade in Area 36 along the M1 road.

Responding to a question as to whether this was the right way of correcting the unplanned structures, the councilor said: “That is why I came quickly when I was informed that shops were being demolished and I took some representatives to meet city officials for discussions and that is why they did not continue demolishing. We will continue discussing till we reach a better conclusion.”

In his reaction to the city’s move, Area 22B market chair, Sanudi Wasili expressed shock at the city’s actions describing it as a very bad move.

“This is a very bad move considering that we were not served any notice, we just saw police vehicles and a caterpillar arriving here and started demolishing our shops, over 20 shops have been demolished,” complained Sanudi.

Speaking to LINA, many shop owners complained bitterly and advised Government that since they invested a lot of money in building the shops, it would have been wise for the city to compensate them.

The city was also conspicuously seen patrolling the heart of the city in Old Town with a heavy presence of police chasing vendors who had returned to undesignated places selling their goods after they were removed a few months ago. – LINA

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21 thoughts on “LL city council demolishes Area 22B market”

  1. Galu wapananji Mwale says:

    Dats gud! Dis country need 2b smat country & 9yc town

  2. Victor Chidyaonga says:

    Mukulimbana ndi anthu osauka Mmalo mokonza economy yakukanikaniyi.Sopano amenewo azitani Poti mwawabera

  3. ujeni says:

    Good move, extend the demolition to old town

  4. COLBY MAJON says:

    Apa zawoneka kuti chitetezo mulibe m’boma la DPP tinaiwala ife kumamva za athu ophedwa lero ndizimenezi

  5. COLBY MAJON says:

    So sad RIP

  6. Good move zinthu zitsikhala zadongosolo,osati aliyense kupanga zake
    Anarchy cannot be tolerated

  7. GRM says:

    An orderly government is what we want. This is the way to go but should go beyond demolishing markets. The president should demolish laziness, indecisiveness and procrastination in his decision making. Akuoneka sakudziwa chomwe achita. This guy is sleeping too much

  8. mzimwale says:

    plot ndinagula. I spent money to build my shubby structure, am earning a living on it. the one day I wake up and just see someone demolishing my things without notice. Fellow Malawians, kumaganizilana. Imagine mutakhala inu. Apa chipepeso chiperekedwa basi.

  9. Bob says:

    Planning and following the right and approved structures is the right way to go. I support the council in clearing up such mess.

  10. DIE HARD says:

    In fact with our stupid democracy we can not make any progress. Imagine what is Coming out around Kameza in Bt and eventually this will turn into a full blown problem under the watch of city authorities and all parking space in Bt have been taken over by car dealers. cannt Bt city stop this now before it becomes a big problem

  11. Lifeyo says:

    if the plan did not follod to construct the shops then no need to save them with notice

  12. Dr. Mango says:

    Why is Amai coming in? This is about City Plans and nothing political. Let us learn to follow regulations in our country without attaching any politics. The problem may be kusamvetsetsa zinthu chifukwa chopelewedwa maphunziro.

  13. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Simunati Amalawi . This guy is not a business minded person , he is a selfish guy. You are now starting to remember a caring woman .

    1. Mike Ngwira says:

      This is an initiative of city council inu mukulimbana ndi Peter. Tsono mumati mumasankha ma councillor kuti ntchito yawo ndi chani?

  14. chelinji says:

    Munaka a mayi muliranji. Ameneyo ndiye petala munavotera. Simunati

  15. Chikadzakuwani says:

    Zimbabwe yakauya

  16. concerned citizen says:

    All other countries that we see looking good follow plans to do their construction. Kumalekelera anthu kumanga zachimidzi mtauni ndizomwe zikuchititsa kuti Malawi ioneke as it is today. For example, kulekelera anthu kumamanga mipanda yamaudzu mtauni. constrution of buldings within the road parameter. Substandard stuctures all over in the cities. If we really want Malawi to look nice and up to intenational standards, the city and town councils have to stand up and inforce the regulations . DEMOLITION OF STRUCTURES THAT ARE NOT APPROVED BY CITY PLANNERS HAPPEN IN ALL COUNTRIES THAT FOLLOW STANDARDS.

    1. Mirella K says:

      Are you saying you are a concerned citizen? I guess you aren’t. You could hav taken into account the corrupt council officials first for allowing the construction of the sub-std buildings. Wch z cheaper n effective btn demolishing already built structures and regulating the construction first? Kodi si aja iwe timati prevention z better than cure? Why can’t our councils be proactive and not reactive?

  17. aphiri says:

    Even if it’s an illegal structure here the issue even in court is notice. Were they served with notice. If no then it’s illegal demolition of illegal structures.kkkk

  18. dadaboma says:

    This is the way to go if City Councils have to maintain order. People simply do not want to comply with city orders. We LL residents are pleased with this move by our LL City. Can other cities emulate this example. I was disturbed when I visited my uncle at Area 4 in Mzuzu City where squatters have built illegal houses on roads and in plots leased by legal developers resulting into inaccessibility of plots and causing fights between illegal squatters and legal developers who are paying lease fees to govt through Dept of Lands. Mzuzu city and Lands officials are receiving bribes from illegal squatters thereby compromising order of the City and adherence to law. Mzuzu City has the most corrupt and laziest Lands and City officials, a tendency that has promoted illegal developments in the city.

  19. chefourpence says:

    stop negative reporting about Councils! This is a one sided article. And the politicians would want to be seen to be siding with the people otherwise such decisions are made at Council meetings. If we want order in our cities, this is the way to go. Why should a vendor own half of the market? And such vendors lent out spaces to others which is illegal:

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