Louisa Kabwila’s paternal family is DPP: Ministry says sacking not politically inspired

It has been established that daughter of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) spokesperson Jessie Kabwila who has been sacked barely a month after being hired as intern in the Department of International Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is just one of the many interns in government ministries and departments who are being let go due to logistical issues.

Kabwila and her daughter Louisa

Kabwila and her daughter Louisa

Louisa Angella Kabwila was offered the post of academic intern on 8 January 2016.

The MCP spokesperson described her daughter’s loss of internship as a political matter as a result of her demand for President Peter Mutharika to resign.

But officials at Foreign Affairs ministry said she was let go not necessarily because she is daughter to vocal MCP parliamentarian, Jessie Kabwila.

The officials said those who know Louisa’s parentage are sure that she cannot be
victimized by the DPP regime even if it were for her mother’s sins.

“That can never be true. Louisa is daughter to Jessie and Rev Mwanamveka who is currently on a diplomatic posting to China. If Louisa’s fate was political persecution, even the father would have
been recalled from foreign service,” revealed the Foreign Affairs source who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The source went further to shed more light on Louisa’s “wide network within the DPP family.”letter on Kabwila

Moreover, Louisa’s direct uncle, Joseph Mwanamveka is Minister of Trade and Industry in President Peter Mutharika’s lean cabinet.

“With those strong connections do you think Louisa could have been targeted for elimination alone?” queried the official.

The exercise of releasing interns has also affected ministries of Information and Tourism, Finance, Energy and Sports & Culture among others. So far some 71 interns have received the same kind of letter that Louisa got, Nyasa Times understands.

“We all know government is going through a tough financial regime as such it is not possible to keep interns in place as was the case before. When the economy stabilizes then we will surely recall and
even get more interns on board,” a Ministry of Finance official is quoted as saying.

When a picture of Louisa’s letter of termination of attachment was made public, Kabwila claimed it is a series of government’s actions aimed at demoralising her fight for the common person against the evils of a failed DPP reign.

But economist and commentator on social issues, Henry Kachaje posted on Facebook saying Louisa Angela Kabwila has fallen “victim” to the “political sins” of her mother.

“This is a sad story. We are not moving forward. There are some people who are still bent on taking us back to the evils of the dictatorial one party state. Will Malawians remain quite and be dragged back into the dark past?”

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43 thoughts on “Louisa Kabwila’s paternal family is DPP: Ministry says sacking not politically inspired”

  1. Zondiwe says:

    DPP is following the footsteps of Kamuzu’s dictatorship where innocent people were arrested, imprisoned and even killed for no reason.
    The budget is asking for a huge increase in allocation to state houses when interns and students are being denied education. There is lavish splashing around of resources by the leadership when the hospitals, prisons, schools, etc have no food.
    This is a huge scandal. People are recording what they are seeing and one day of reckoning will come, as it came for the old MCP.

  2. Lottie says:

    The comment by Kachaje on his face book was out of order, especially if there were other interns were also treated in the same way. We should not link everything to Politics.

  3. dan says:

    Rev mwanamveka divorced the mother and the doughter as well hence the doughter using kabwiras name kkkkkkkkk

  4. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    Man looks at the action but God looks at the motive. I rest my case.

  5. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    By being such a loose cannon, and a big mouth, Ms Kabwila has only exposed her daughter to ridicule. What a shame: no child deserves this.
    Kabwila is just irresponsible, reckless and perhaps doesn’t care if her girl feels hurt or not; and that is not right. A narcissist she is. Big time.
    Her reputation regarding intimate relationships with the male gender is almost irreparable now. Our so-called cities, like Blantyre and Lilongwe, actually are small communities; and news like this travels fast like bush fire in October. Kabwila’s sex life life is now the gossip at bao games, even in the villages.
    She may end up running away from this country, for peace of mind. And for her daughter’s sake too! Self inflicted wounds baasi (to be sure).

  6. Naphiri says:

    What has got Callista do with this nosense iwe no 31? Leave Callista alone mukumuona akupanga nao za ubve zanu. Callistta is unique intelligent and very kind. Don’t compare her with anybody Gertrude will never be Callista wamva iwe 31

  7. heheya says:

    When the govt accepted her the room had expanded now it has shrunk. While in UK the Embassy had expanded to accommodate Akwenis Daughter. Politics is a dirty game. Who is fooling who.

  8. Jelbin mk says:

    I decided to remain silent on a number of issue discussed on hhis forum but i have been bumping into one word several times that foolish and illiterate people keep posting. How on earth can the resignation of the President bring about bloodshed????? It is the same as saying Federal government will bring war, division or hatred, how?????? And would the resignation of the inept President bring about suffering of Malawians?????? Instead his staying and clinging to power is causing more harm to the country than his departure would. How did Mbeki’s resignation bring bloodshed in SA? If you know nothing about something it would earn u respect if u remained quiet than when u talked.

  9. Kwinindo says:

    #31, udali ukwati weniweni, koma banja lidabvuta mpaka anthu kulekana. Nanga mwanayu sakudziwika ndi dzina la bambo Mwanamvekha bwanji? Amai wache akudziwa nkhani yonse bwino, koma ife timaidziwa bwino lomwe.

  10. mike van says:

    He who laughs last laughs the best!?

  11. ngolongoliwa.chimaliro says:

    mayi Gert inu mukuti chani pa nkhaniyi? Inu tu mumaoneka abwinoko kusiyana ndi ChiCalista.mwana wamzako ndi wako yemwe. Inunso abusa aMwanamveka( mwayalukatu pamenepa) mukuoneka kuti mumangofetsa mbewu osadzithirira..mulibe maqualities aubusa.,

  12. meme says:

    I admire Tanzania. They are rapidly going forward. They no longer waste time on trivia.

  13. Kenkkk says:

    The father is a reverend diplomat but shamefully heartless. She uses kabwila surname and that is the name that officials or dpp thugs noticed quickly and decided to fire her. They didn’t know until later that she is also the daughter of the the absentee well connected father the rev mwanabveka.

    You can’t fool us you dpp govt, this girl was working in chaponda’s ministry and chaponda is very good friend of the girl’s cabinet minister uncle. So why fire her? It is only because of her use of kabwila surname, a thorn in dpp flesh that you dpp gurus including the absentee father and probably hostile uncle connived to remove her. Then you punished all other innocent interns to look as if the innocent Louisa hasn’t been singled out. Evil people you are.

    Alternatively, chaponda got angry and jealousy that her uncle cabinet friend of his scored highly in ministerial performance indicators by Sunday times than him and fearing his friend could be gloomed for dpp leadership, decided to fire his friend’s niece to show who is the boss in dpp. Ha ha!!!

    Alternatively the uncle and Louisa’s father are not happy with the daughter using kabwila name and decided to contact chaponda to punish and teach her a lesson never to abandon a father’s surname if she were to progress, kabwila name will only bring her misery. She better change to father’s name.

  14. mbado says:

    So is This a defence from foreign affairs? Needless information

  15. MWANAVEKHA says:

    This just shows how nepotistic the DPP is, I didn’t know we have another Mwanavekha in diplomatic service. Can you please list the number of Mwanavekhas and where they are? Does it mean when you’re a Mwanavekha you are safe from persecution from govt? Tell us if the father still cares about the daughters but knowing Lomwes Eish! I doubt. Anyway am changing my name to Mwanavekha and my father is the minister kkkkkkkk

  16. OBAMA says:

    Guys Alhomwe inu angakuletseni ndani kumuyimitsa internship ya mwana ngati you are failing to promote these guys at MRA whose some parents are from north. Just because this guy’s surname is from north and his or her mother is from Mulanje or Phalombe/Thyolo then you cannot promote them. What can stop you?

    We know all the meetings that hold in these private houses of top known Lhomwes people.

    My advice is:
    Know that you are setting bad precedent to your own children. Lhomwes will have bad names because people will be saying amalembena okhaokha alhomwe ntchito ngati atumbuka. It will be hard to trust them. Better are the Yaos. a good example is Bakili Muluzi and Joyce Banda.. They did not show nepotism. I think this country needs to be voting for a president who is inter-marriaged not these myopic Lhomwes. Ask the Tumbukas will tell you that they will never do such kind of practice again. It is evil. Desist from it is evil. Employ people on merit and be balanced.


  17. Joseph Chagoma says:

    Why then citing lack of office space as a reason for the termination of the internship in the letter? If this has affected many, let’s have the names.

  18. MalawiAnatha says:

    As usual poor governance and planning in Malawi.. how can they recruit interns and terminate them a month later? Zopusa basi! Zinazo za politics zanu but this clearly shows how clueless the people running ministries are! This is very costly to the country whether they are paid or not! Dzuka Malawi dzuka!

  19. The Analyst says:

    Only a foolish kitchen mouse with tail-less brain cells would believe what the govt official is saying . . .

    Quick Questions
    . . . at what point did the govt. realise it has no money for maintaing the interns? Otherwise, let them accept that either they are not telling us the truth or they are incompetent hence failed to plan properly as they couldnt see the obvious (govt is broke). Either way Malawi is doomed!
    . . . is Jessie Kabwira more attached to Louisa or the ever-absent Mwanamveka? Palpably, Kabwira would feel more emotionally abused if the daughter is abused (in any way) than if the husband is. Therefore, the alibi that the husband’s job could also have been affected if the termination was politically motivated, does not make any molecule of sense.
    Let it be known that just as Jacob Zuma is insulted by every breath that Julius Malema draws each and passing day; so is APM, with Kabwira’s uncultured mouth hence her being very uncharitable with her choice of words used on APM.

    Jessie Kabwira should therefore accept the price of practising such primitive politics against primitive people like APM and his govt, in a primitive political landscape like Malawi.
    The govt. would do anything – no matter how little, silly or senseless – just to plant a pitch of hot pepper or salt or pain in Kabwira’s butt or front.

    The earlier Kabwira realises and accepts this, the better! Coz she will either stop practising uncivilised politics or become even more courageous and meet APM head-on.
    Either way, the choice is hers ife zisatikhudze iai; so long as she knows the price.

  20. Gonapamuhanya says:

    I was looking for what Ken Msonda posted that he and his fellow stupid fools are being threatened. The point is clear. Malawians wasted a lot of money and time going to the polls and barely less than two years the likes of MCP and PP calls for the resignation of somebody whom they did not vote for. That’s third world war! In other words, they are inviting blood shed. They want a lot of people to suffer. The best way is that they sacrifice their own blood if they think that the problems we have are eternal and they need sacrifices to be surmounted. Going into somebody’s office and calling his ouster is calling for blood shed. My take is that if Ken had some muscles he would have run away with my spear, but unfortunately, he is only skeleton. It would have made sense if these embiciles were vocal during the reign of that lady cashgater who is only seeing darkness in her homeland. She sold maize, jet embezzled oil money, schemed cashgate, but Ken and his fellow idiots were silent, trying to fatten their unfattenable bodies.

  21. Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche says:

    Angella Kabwila or Angella Mwanamvekha…which one?

  22. Mswachi says:

    Vuto lalikulu kuno ku Malawi siumphawi koma uchitsiru. Tele iyi ikhale nkhani yomakamba anthu akulu akulu? No wonder. ……

  23. 2016 welcome says:

    What the official is saying in trying to defend the indefensible really lacks analysis. Yes! the biological paternal side of Louisa could be DPP. But if you closely look at the details on the copied letter you will note that the name is Louisa Angella Kabwira. There is nothing like Mwanamvekha and that tells a lot about the daughter’s relationship with the paternity. That’s my observation anyway!

  24. Elder Sage Iv says:

    Wow, Now we know!. This jessie kabwila rabid animosity against DPP is a veiled vengeance against a DPP and mulakho stalwart – one Mwanavekha the Rev – for unexpected loss of conjugal rights and blatant sexual exploitation,

    dropped Ladies, do not take public bedroom grievances lest you be exposed big time of your – or lack of to be precise – bedroom antics

    1. wovinidwa Ine says:

      “Elder sage lv”: tiuzen apa, zoona zimenezi. Za Mwanamvekha, “the Rev”. (Please tell us more!)
      Ms Kabwila has now been outed; and the rationale for her rabid attacks on APM and DPP, and by extension, MuLhakho wa Alhomwe or let’s say, aLhomwe! period is now apparent. But it is misplaced,, for the latter, because APM, DPP or “Rev.” Mwanamvekha are not synonymous with the MuLhakho.
      The more we know about Ms Kabwila, the less respect most (traditional) Malawians have for her as a person. She criticizes everything, in a slash and burn fashion, like she’s a model of character. Yet, apparently, she’s so vengeful as to drop the father’s surname, without mutual agreement? Or is it because the father is mwanamLhomwe eti?
      Such tribalist, that kabwila! She knew Mwanamvekha’s tribal background, before they went to bed – more than once.

  25. Nathan says:

    So she got the job through the DPP connections and got fired through her MCP connections! What a lucky bird, having connections in the ruling party as well as the opposition party! Kikikikikiki!

  26. Nambewe says:

    Are you sure Malawians, we should just stay phwiiiii without doing anything. Where is Malawi going? I feel ashamed of my country. So the Civil Service is only for DPP supporters. This is shameful at its highest levels. Lets stand and stop this!!!!!!

  27. Kandapako says:

    Nkhaniyi ikuti chiani? Louisa Angela Kabwila mwana wa Jessie ndi Rev. Mwananvekha? Ndiye Jessie nkubalanso ana ndi Dr. Kapasula? Nkhani njokoma iyi tatiuzani zambiri!

  28. Elder Sage Iv says:

    Wow ! Now we know – this Jessie Kabwila’s rabid animosity against DPP is a veiled fight for her unprecedented loss of conjugal rights and blatant sexual exploitation from one DPP and mulakho stalwart – a Mwanavekha….
    dropped Ladies, Please do not make bedroom grievances national ones lest you be exposed big time of your – or lack of – antics!

  29. Jalavikuba says:

    The whole process and inter-relationships stink, yeah?????? Were the internship positions advertised??? Interns were enrolled in January 2016 and terminated end February 2016.

  30. Chilichose chilindimathelo ake.Za a Kabwilawa zikuti kwana bwanji!!!ndiye yekha mmalawi?

  31. Mlangeni says:

    Tizabweza nafenso nthawi izakwana

  32. chonde says:

    So there is another Mwanamveka in diplomatic services? Nepotism at its best. Khoswe wa pa tsindwi anaululitsa. wa padzala.

  33. chiroad says:

    In Malawi we don’t use the surname of our mothers and usually the children who do not get support in bringing up use their mothers surname and this speaks volume to Louisa up bringing. DDP should not fool us. Why do you want to go back to the era of one party politics where children suffered because of their fathers in politics?

  34. zasolobana says:

    I would rather reserve my comment, my life is more vital than anything.

  35. Nosedive says:

    Such confusing arguments. So the other Ministries that have let go of their interns also dont have space??? Do interns receive a salary? These interns have to write a report when they return to school. They dont do this for fun!! Musamatero a Malawi. This girl will live to remember this moment for the rest of her life and you wonder why people are less patriotic. God is watching. You are planting seeds of hatred which your children and grandchildren will reap. I am not a big fan of MCP but honestly, you people have gone too far. Mr. President, you lived in the US and you allow your party to stoop so low. I thought you would be the person to bring sanity in the system.
    I release a blessing towards this girl and may she have a bright future. To those who want to believe that this is not politically motivated, may you also be blessed and I pray that no child of yours should ever be persecuted because of you.

    1. KK says:

      So the other 70 do not are not important but this girl only is?

      Listen to yourself!!

  36. Kodi akabwira mwagonana ndi amuna angati pa moyo wanu?

  37. Vinderensataye says:

    My request to B.Ng’oma is simple. Just publish all names of those served with terminations for the public to see and prove you wright or wrong.

  38. Chewairesi says:

    why is Louisa using her mother’s surname? I don’t think the paternal side has the influence in helping their daughter. Using the mother’s surname speaks volume on how the father cares the child in Malawi. Children who are guided by mothers and no help from their fathers normally they end up using their mothers’ surname. Don’t fool us the case is between JESSIE, Louisa and DDP

  39. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Kachaje nayenso alibe nzeru! Kodi mwina sindimadziwa bwino, kutokota mmanyuzi monse muja this Kachaje guy ali ndi chani?

  40. mzungumbuli says:

    No matter how high a bird may fly, one day it will land: Peter and the DPP should know that in life there is always ” one -day” and there is always ” a moment of truth” .

  41. pido says:

    The explanation is hiditive. It does not follow to say popeza mwanayo uncle wake ndiwakuti sitikanamuchots. Is Kabwila still in marriege with the said person? Ndi omweo amene atha kupanga zoti mwanayo achotsedwe just becoz they are not in terms with Kabwira nawo. Osanamapo apa. Ndinu ankhanza basi. Nthawi yakamuzutu anthu ankachita nkhaza anali alomwe kumene. Adayambitsa kwanunkwanu adali Edward Bwanali not Tembo as people purport. Go back and check the speech made by Edward Bwanali before Kamuzu reacted padali pa msonkhano ku BT in 1988. Posachedwapa a busa Mbewe zitavuta zotsatira za chisankho amathamangitsa anthu a chigawo chapakati ndi ku mpoto saying dzipitani kwanu mulephertesa kuti Peter akhale president. Those peole who know issues better tend not to talk koma kusangalala nyasi zikapaka wina. Agalu

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