Low female students intake at Malawi University of Science and Technology: ‘We don’t want to become boys only university’

Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) Council Chairperson Dr Andrew Daudi has asked female secondary school students to consider enrolling for science and technology programmes, saying they don’t want to become a boys’ only university.

Education Minister Emmanuel Fabiano listens to Techno Brain respresentative during Must open day ¤

Education Minister Emmanuel Fabiano listens to Techno Brain respresentative during Must open day

Currently, the University, which was officially opened in October last year, has 9 percent female enrollment.

Speaking during the University’s open day last Saturday, Daudi said the problem could be the perception that science, engineering and technology programmes are difficult.

“We are very concerned that only few female students opt for MUST programmes. We don’t want to become a boys’ only university,” said Daudi, attracting ulutation from the college’s current male students.

He therefore said they organized the open day to provide information about their science and technology programmes to prospective students.

The open day, held under the theme “establishing a gateway for innovation and entrepreneurship in science and technology”, brought together secondary students from over 50 schools across the country.

“We think, through this, students will be motivated and inspired to apply for our programmes. Again, by allowing the prospective students to visit our beautiful campus, we believe we will whet their appetite to come and join us even more,” said Daudi.

He said MUST was mainly established to encourage the advancement of knowledge and its dissemination, commercialization of research products and to promote industrial growth through research and dissemination of knowledge.

The University opened its doors to its pioneer students in March 2015 with around 150 students in engineering programmes.

“These students are now in their second semester of their second year. In order to create a culture of research and outreach, in our first year we also introduced two postgraduate programmes at Masters level in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

“In our second intake, we have enrolled 302 students in the three initial engineering programmes. We have also added two new undergraduate programmes in Earth Sciences and Meteorology and Climate Science,” said Dausi, adding that they will introduce two more programmes next year.

He said they want to offer programmes that will add value to national development and respond to the needs of the industry and the nation in general.

On his part Education, Science and Technology Minister, Dr Emmanuel Fabiano equally encouraged secondary school students patronized the open day to seriously consider enrolling in science and technology degree programmes.

“MUST can choose to increase the number of scientists but if there are no youths out there opting to study science, engineering and technology this may end up as a mere dream.

“I have heard that female enrollment in this university is very low. That is worrying. As a country we need to increase the number of both male and female youths engaged in science, engineering and technology activities,” said Fabiano.

MUST has the capacity to enroll 5000 students

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19 thoughts on “Low female students intake at Malawi University of Science and Technology: ‘We don’t want to become boys only university’”

  1. Noel says:

    Xul Mumalawi Skuyendadi Bwn

  2. yunus nsegobya says:

    thank you for your comments you all above.but note that the quality of education in malawi is declining at a very high rate.it is shame indeed.i will never allow my daughter to make enrollment for university education in malawi.our education is no longer competitive now days.worse enough even employment in malawi is a big problem.i dont know what kind of country is this.i will make sure my children are enrolled in either tanzania or south africa but in malawi i will never never never never

  3. Dr gabriel mugabe says:

    Most girls feel The Malawi Polytechnic and Chanco

  4. Amandy says:

    Inu…ama University zimavuta pati kutenga munthu regarding his or her subjects omwe mukufuna amene wakhoza ndimmene mukufunira mmalo molimbana ndi ma points ake koma mmalimbana ndi anthu amapoints abwino inde kma nkumakawawida bwanj???? Just focus on the best subjects omwe mumafuna coz kumeneko mmantenga munthu cz ov a few subjects 4rm six ndiye taonanipo..!

  5. Joe says:

    There are alot of professions suitable for our beautiful girls. Let them choose what is suitable for them. It’s not a question of how many girls should enter into science and technology profession. The choice remains solely theirs.

  6. Good samaritan says:

    There are lots of girls out there wanting to be enrolled into these schools but are denied a chance to do so. For example my ward has attended several entrances but tell you she is still at home. She was desperate to go higher but circumstances are forcing her down and end result is marriage. If what you say is real, try my kid.

  7. The Analyst says:

    Do we not realise that “not to choose” is in itself a choice? We have all along promoted freedoms including freedom of choice and if the girls exercise their freedom of choice by not choosing science, you have a problem with that? Come on!

    Our interest should be to find out what it is that they choose in lieu of science!

    Maybe they are into finance, law, social work etc which are equally important professions! If however they are all going into film production with pornography as a major, for example; then we can begin to get worried.

    And you measure success of a learning institution by gender ratio? If you wanted to show that you once went to school and something called ratio stuck in your head, why not talk about students-teacher ratio? Coz that’s more relevant and important (with its implications on quality) than the gender-ratio!

    Anzathu tu kunjaku look at real issues: the infrastructure, technological advancements, mode of lecturing, students-teacher ratio etc. These are things that matter.

    No wonder our universities are ranked lowly anywhere! We concentrate much on less important issues and lose focus of important ones!

    Its a pity!

  8. phodo says:

    Chakwera come out and tell us that you have bought a K96 million car amidst hunger. You are the worst leader of opposition ever Malawi produced from MCP. Jessie help your president. Talk to us.

  9. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    University courses are by Choice. You can not force a horse to drink water. Secondly University require people who qualify not just picking girls just because we want to meet the numbers no. I like what the honorable Minister Madam Kaliati MP who says women must work hard in order to excel. Don’t think opportunities will come on a silver plate. Work hard girls and women.

  10. Yaya kumudzi says:


  11. anadimba says:

    eeeeee mukhalako amuna okhaokha simukuti muthu apeze ma2 okha okha kuti abwere kumeneko.

  12. Nkhosa says:

    Bola it shud have real capacity for condusive learning not ‘kuzunza ana kuli ku UNIMA’ku’

  13. nyere kuwawa says:

    Vuto ndilakuti amafuna ma three points ma science subjects pamene atsikana ambiri ali ndi ma four or six points mu ma science subjects Komanso ali ndi ma one kapena two mu ma social subjects ndiye MUST oganizepo osamangokambira morale

  14. mtate mike rsa says:

    Students are not interested to be associated with crooks.You built
    the colleg in the bush thinking you will becom the bigman there
    wanyela ukandapansi muziphunzira ndagalu akowo kumene kumandakwanuko zisilu

  15. blessings says:

    Am sick & tired about this,just tell & encourage girls/females to work hard,not this nonsense to take them to the university just because they’re women,boys work hard that’s why ampita ku university without zanu zopusa zoti akazi muziwakoikerera,go ku mayiko azungu ngatii mukapeze zimenezi,do you think dziko lathu lingatukuke cause of kukokerera azikazi ambiri ku university?? NO!!!go kumalo enaaliwonse ogwira ntchito kumene kuli akazi ambiri ndi amuna ambiri,you’ll find kuti men work hard even kuntchito than women,even ma nurse achimuna are good than achikazi,women themselves prefer male nurse than female,so stop this nonsense,just encourage them to work hard,where is a boy child right to education?????

  16. mapwevupwevu says:

    Akazi amafunika ku jikole! Eh man pamafunika gere ikatentha udzipeza podzidziritsira!

    But the problem is that our girls amakumana ndi zokhoma kwambiri ku primary ndi my secondary so not many of them make it to university.

    We need to create a conducive environment for them to soar higher!

  17. Mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    Yambitsani course ya Marketing or Tourism muone!!! Just give them glorious names like Scientific Tourism or Forensic Marketing basi!! Kikikiki!! They will come!!

  18. Mawa says:

    Eeeish. 9% is too low. The problem is where we are coming from. We are told women are suitable for white collar jobs. But the world is mvibg so fast and if we want to develop let’s encourage our daughters, nieces and sisters to widen their scope of course selection. It does not help to have some industry or sector merely dominated by either men or women. In fact thats why Malawi remains poor. Wake up Malawi…

  19. Professor LUKA TCHOKA. CHIEF wa aKweri says:

    Mulhakho University of Sex Technology and Tsankho (MUST). NSETE ZILI THOOOOOO.

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