Low tobacco prices baffles Farmers Union of Malawi as APM opens ‘ujeni’

Farmers organisation, the Farmers Union of Malawi (FUM) has expressed dismay over the low tobacco prices on the first day of tobacco sales in Lilongwe.

President Mutharika at tobbaco market

President Mutharika at tobbaco market

Kapichira- Banda: Auction tobacco prices depressed

Kapichira- Banda: Auction tobacco prices depressed

FUM president Alfred Kapichira Banda said tobacco farmers will not be able to repay their farm input loans.

“These poor prices coupled with the appreciation of the kwacha will diminish projected earnings of the farmer,” he said.

Kapichira Banda said the tobacco farmer was growing tobacco when the kwacha was hovering around K1000 to a dollar saying which means they took the agricultural loan when the kwacha was trading at K1000 to a dollar.

However he said they are selling the tobacco when the kwacha is hovering around K600 to a dollar.

“This means the farmers will have losses, the difference is just big. Then we have these low prices of 80 cents, this will make the life of a farmer unbearable. The appreciation of the kwacha has killed the prices,” he said.

Alfred Changaya, chief executive officer of Tobacco Control Commission described the prices on the opening day of the auction floors on Thursday as average.

“It has been an average day, there have been a few rejections because of the quality of the leaf,” said Changaya.

Drama was not only on the prices but even the official opening of the floors as President Aurther Peter Mutharika (APM) forgot what he was there for.

“Ndikunena kuti tsopano lero ndatsegula ujeni…hahahaha ndatsegula ujeni” then the Democratic Progressive Party women started singing signalling the end of the function but he came back shouting “let me finish,” then said in English that the tobacco market was now officially open.

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when was it 1000 to the dollar? never been anywhere near. its been bad but not anywhere near that bad


He is not interested in Farming in particular tobacco and maize. He is interested in tribalism and cashgate


Si Malawi muthuyu. Bwana President!!! umenewu timati nsika wa fodya mchichewa.


Mr FUM President, isn’t this what happens every year that when a Farmer gets a loan, he does so when the Kwacha is at a low level against foreign currencies? During around the selling season, the Kwacha usually appreciates. You mean you haven’t found a solution to cushion the loan from these shocks? Where are the Economists of Malawi to assist you here?
If your farmers are not directed properly by you guys, then don’t blame the tobacco prices; blame it on your selves.


So this stupid president didn’t know what he was there for ??? fuck him, how can he run a country like that. TOBACCO IS THE BASE OF OUR ECONOMY AND HE CAN’T REMEMBER WHAT HE WAS THERE FOR???????

Trindad & Tobacco

Last year when opening auction he said, A Malawi a nzanga musasiye kupanpa za fodya, za fodya zimabweretsa chitukuko m’dziko, ndiye a Malawi musasiye kupanga za fodya. 2016 Tobacco Auction sales opening speach, “Ndikunena2 ujeni ……….” zoseketsa kwambiri!

Mr Khalabweka, zobera mavoti mukukambabe m’paka lero? Anthu womwe anayambitsa nkhaniyi akudziwa kuti ankakamba izi chifukwa cha manyazi. Nanga anayamba akuuzanipo mabedwe ake kuti zinkakhala bwanji? zongotsatirazi mupusa nazo ndinu. Chakwera, Kabwira, ngakhale Msonda sangakuuzeni lero kuti mavoti ankabedwa chonchi chonchi. Bwanji wosangovomereza kuti anakumenyani double kick and it is obvious that 2019 victory is waiting him. Your opposition parties can not even give some solutions to give people hope. Instead they are busy talking zopanda mchere nanga anthu ake woti adzawavotere adzachoka kuti? The reason you are always insulting him is because you know pretty well that you will… Read more »
Honeycomb Chidyauzu

This President is a disgrace. How do we think we can develop when we are being led by this one. Inenso ndinachita manyazi ngati ndibisale.

Tobacco Season

Nkhani za fodya kuno kwathu zimandisautsa. Kaya tichite nazo bwanji?


Akalamba Abwanawa.

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