Lucius Banda asks for Wi-Fi internet access for MPs in Malawi Parliament to ‘Google’ issues

Balaka North Member of Parliament, Lucius Banda, asked Minister of Information Patricia Kaliati that government should provide free Wi-Fi internet access within the House of Parliament so they can be logged online.

Lucius Banda:  MP's should get wi-fi and be logged online

Lucius Banda: MP’s should get wi-fi and be logged online

Banda called for wireless internet access to be made available around Parliament so that MPs can be able to “Google” on matters arising.

“I think having internet will allow us to research properly (online),” said Banda.

He said the internet will also allow MPs to “compare other things across the borders.”

Said Banda:“For example the issue of maize purchase in Zambia, we can easily crosscheck with our neighbouring country while in session.”

Banda said “it’s not practical” to have no wireless LAN (local area network) at parliament.

Minister of Information Kaliati said parliament leadership sould liase with e-government officers on  lack of wireless internet access.

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19 thoughts on “Lucius Banda asks for Wi-Fi internet access for MPs in Malawi Parliament to ‘Google’ issues”

  1. Bwana Lucious Banda, you do not need to Google issues affecting your constituents. You just go round observing and talking to them! Ki ki ki.

    The example provide about maize purchases is something that always requires urgent attention. You do not need to Google it, you need the proper machinery in government to work tirelessly locating where this precious item can be found. And it beats me why such an issue requires the parliament to sit: to decide whether to buy the maize or not? While anthu akufa ndi njala? Ki ki ki

    So, when you Google it, what do you do bwana Lucious? Send an email to the sellers or who ever have the maize and tell them to deliver??? Ki ki ki.

    Please find something better to talk about – ngati mulibe mfundo, stay quiet!

  2. Maso Ambolo says:

    Lucius Banda also known as soldier you are brainless man, you mean you cant afford to buy dongle from Our telephone service providers? why do you always need free materials in the name of MP? Ma Range Rover mukumakwera aja zoona kumapepha WI-FI…SHAME ON YOU MBULUTU IWE…

  3. Dwambazi says:

    So far I have not heard any MP advocate for anything for the poor people who sent these bastards to Parliament. All I hear is these dunderheads asking for more allowances and now Internet so they google porn sites……..give me a break!

  4. che uzi says:

    Thats absolutely true. Thumbs up Mr banda, an internet issue raised at parliament out here has attracted big eye as it remain in best interest of Malawians. Let me also remind other policy makers that logging on to the free internet access by our legislators while at parliament might ease the checking on of goods meant to be imported, thus finding out of its prices first.

    1. Do you mean the government does not have people in place who can do that? I mean deal with such pertinent issues? So they have to wait for a whole MP to come out of their sleep and Google ‘maize purchases?’ Ki ki ki

  5. I have no comment

  6. Haftu says:

    Parliament is serious business I don’t see the need for internet. How do you follow proceedings while chatting with concubines. That’s why use of phones is banned in offices like the UK, stealing govt or company time on private business. This should not be allowed.

  7. Kriminal \'A\' says:

    Please, don’t allow them free access to internet services. They are pocketing fifty thousand kwacha on daily basis and they want to tell us that they can’t afford to buy dongles or use smartphones for internet services? We are tired of this behaviour of subsidizing services with our hard earned tax!This is a sad development. In fact, if they are given free access to internet they will just waste their time on what’s up or twitter.

  8. Gerard mapanga Phiri says:

    Instead Lucius asking for wi-fi being free to the poor he ask for himself. That’s how selfish politicians in Malawi are. Mps can afford but millions poor people can not afford. He should advocate for free Wi-fi hot spots in Malawi so that people be accessed to internet. You are showing people now why you joined politics bra

  9. dickson says:

    Koma mavuto onsewa kumalawi kuno mungamakafatse kumapempha wi-fi zoona bwana,zatinyasa ndithu ambuye akuunikileni ndiyhu.

  10. C Banda says:

    Lucius Banda is being stupid. He can buy a dongle from Airtel or TNM and access the internet that way.

  11. Thomas Taimu says:

    The Hon MP was better placed asking secretariat of Parliament not the Minister of Information. I know we have wifi in and around parliament library. There was wifi router in the Members lounge but some MP for what reason dropped and broke the router from where it was mounted. A request was made to procurement to have it replaced as of my last time in office. Again i also know use of computers and tablets is prohibited in the chamber and thats why no attempt was made to have network in that chamber though the current speaker is not enforcing that rule

    1. xxx says:

      Generally, most of these issues have come due to your gross inefficiency bwana taimu,these are the issues you could have been on top of being the head of IT at Parliament. Serious Thomas, check your website, the way it was setup 9 + years ago, no single update, nothing!!!, You have no shame of blaming it on Lucius on issues of importance to their deliberation, See other parliament they provide kiosks for members, and serious, if indeed it not permissible for an mp to use one during siting, they can easily go to these kiosks to quickly access issues. You are the problem bwana at parliament in terms of IT systems, you are the weakest link !!!!

  12. james chalila says:

    Wi-Fi internet access to MPs is long overdue, 101% supported.

  13. koula says:

    Lucius,lucius,lucius always seeking attention.You could have researched first on the cost of bandwidth for 193 people.ine ndili ndi Degree ya IT from UK i know how these things work please do your homework properly b4 exposing ur ignorance lucius banda.I think first degree for an MP will ease understanding of issues.

    1. xxx says:

      i think your degree is not of use, and whats so special with a degree in it from the uk> if indeed u have, then u could have time to research the best possible ways of delivering internet services in one way or the other. why not setup internet kiosks around parliment chambers?

    2. Oh, please says:

      Degree yake iti? Yaku Nacit/Greenwich? Kuli Gwan(Government Wide Area Network) uku provided by the Simba net guys, don’t talk of bandwidth issues when you know nothing.

  14. Issa says:

    You mean there is no internet at parliament?Hehehehehe Shame

  15. Bwande says:

    You mean with all those hefty allowances the dunderheads cannot afford to buy a data bundle for their mobiles let alone a better mobile device for browsing? And let me tell you this, instead of google, they will be on facebook. Ambiri mwa iwo zinabwera mochedwa. Zoziwonera ku ukulu

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