Lucius Banda gets personal in ‘Thank You’: Malawi music icon’s new album

On the event of a landmark 18th album, Malawian music icon Lucius Banda has taken a different approach in his songwriting, opting to telling more personal stories that the standard practice of writing to please the audience.

Lucius Banda: Thank You!

Lucius Banda: Thank You!

In an exclusive interview with Nyasa Times in Lilongwe on Thursday June 4,2015, the legendary musician said with ‘Thank You’, the attempt was to create an album that is more personal.

Last week, Lucius released three singles of his 18th album. The tracks; SagonaNdilirabe and Nthungululu, give a glimpse of what is on store for the album due out at the end of the month.

The reggae influenced Sagona tackles the issue of envy among Malawians, which Soldier says leads to people wanting to acquire wealth by whatever means necessary.

Nthungululu, written by award-winning Afro-soul singer and producer Lawi, is a vibrant, danceable tune that is already a hit at weddings and parties.

But it is in the gospel track Ndilirabe where Lucius gets really personal, pleading for God’s mercy and protection.

“When I was writing songs in the past, I used to consider what people would love to listen to. But ‘Thank You’ is my album, it is personal. If I were a not a musician and just a music fan, this is the music I would want to listen to,” Lucius aka ‘Soldier of the poor’ told Nyasa Times.

As such, Lucius said he has written an album that he will listen to and entertain himself with. He attributed his courage to try something new to the realisation that the Malawian music audience is maturing.

“It would be a great mistake for someone to fret with that idea that musically, we are where we were four years ago. Malawi has progressed a lot in that front. So, for me personally, it gives me great pleasure that it’s no longer a burden to be an artist in Malawi because I don’t have to be cautious when writing my music,” he said.

The 45-year-old graying musician, who is also UDF Member of Parliament for Balaka North, has previously relied on personal experience to write his song.

For instance, one of his albums, ‘Cell 51 Maximum’, was inspired by his prison experience eight years ago.

And in Ndilirabe, the music legend relies on his personal experience to showcase his storytelling flair again.

“I wrote the song in Karonga when I really needed God on my side. We had travelled to Karonga for a show when it started raining heavily just before the performance. We had a large contingent which included some Zambian musician.

“So, I was in my room on my knees praying to God, asking him to have mercy on me as we needed the rain to stop so that we could perform and raise money to pay for our expenses and also pay the Zambian musicians. And God answered my prayer because the rain stopped and we had a successful show. Ndilirabe is that prayer,” he explained.

‘Thank You’ will be launched at the end of the month in two corporate events in Blantyre and Lilongwe where he will be backed by his Zembani Band.

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15 thoughts on “Lucius Banda gets personal in ‘Thank You’: Malawi music icon’s new album”

  1. Raphael Layimon says:

    Please soldier give us your song I can’t wait to see Thank you album.

  2. Ernest says:

    Lucky you for choosing God as your Lord and Saviour.

  3. Byson says:

    Lucious mdala wautsilu uyu. Unatha masiku ano.

  4. Thom Thom says:

    Respect to you Soldier (Mwana wa m’mudzi)

  5. Lesi says:

    Retire from music? does one retire from talent and passion? Music is Soldier’s life, it is what makes him who he is, so why should he retire?

  6. Namatchaitsa says:

    Ha! “grey hair doesnt suit you” ? What an idiotic comment!

  7. Ras Mix says:

    kkkkkmkkkkk ati Billy Kaunda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. So far says:

    Wakulatu munthuyu eeeee

  9. ujeni says:

    What about a corporate event in Mzuzu too. When people complain you are quick to castigate them, but everything in Malawi shows regional bias all the time. We cant develop like that, we are too small a country to segregate it and develop. The way things are as always anyway, Malawi will continue to be the tail end of development in Africa.

  10. max nsani says:

    Apumilenji? Akunama soldier, nthawi zina kupumako ndikutha ma plan! Keep singing as long as you have breath in you. God bless you man!

  11. hon says:

    Lucius is a musician no need to retire from music, he is there to sing until death. I like u soldier

  12. masoankhono says:

    mukakonda ndalama za ma show chitukuko chadera lanu muchita liti a bwana soldier?

  13. Man P Chitsa says:

    soja sapuma
    ndalama anapeza kale awa kwatsalaku mkumangoti tidzibena nyimbo zawozi

  14. the grey hair doesnt suit you, please soildier maintain the superb look on the song Nancy. Otherwise you are indeed a true legend of Malawi, palibe asakuposeni atate. U have talent

  15. NYAU says:

    Tsono upuma liti soldier monga anachitira Billy kaunda.

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