Lucius Banda says not against DPP-UDF alliance but wants to see ‘benefits’

United Democratic Front (UDF) Balaka North member of Parliament (MP) Lucius Banda says  he is not  against  the  working relationship  between  the  UDF  party  and the  governing  Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  but  that  he is  just  demanding  that  there  should  be  ” some  benefits ” attached to  the  arrangement.

Lucius Banda: I want to see benefits of working with DPP, it should be in writing

Banda,  who has  been  in the  media  asking  his  party  to  pull out  of the  relationship  with the  DPP  told  the  state  run  Malawi  Broadcasting  Cooperation (MBC)  in a recorded  interview  that it is not  true  that  he was  against  working  with  DPP.

” Not even once have  I ever said am against the  relationship but rather  am puzzled with the way it was  initiated,” said the MP who is also a legendary musician.

“ Am one person  who believes in  writing , putting things in order  for the  future, for posterity sake,” said  Banda.

Asked  why he has opted  to  express his misgivings  through  the  media  other  than  engaging  the UDF party  leadership,  Banda  said  it was  actually  the journalists  that  has  been  going to  him  and  that  he has  never  gone to media  himself  to talk about  the  issues.

“Whatever I have said are issues that  were simply  responded  to questions  like  you are asking  me  now. I have not said categorically  that  am  against  it, no, not at all,” he added.

However, this could be  a change  of heart from   Banda has  been  in the  media  lately  demanding that UDF  should  pull out of the  relationship  altogether.

On Tuesday  the  party  issued  a statement  where  it  advised  Banda  to  avoid  presenting  his  grievances through the  press.

Banda has refused to be part of the coalition since its inception, describing it “unreasonable” and refused  to  sit  on the  government  benches  when  UDF  MPs  were  ordered by the  party  to  relocate.

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13 thoughts on “Lucius Banda says not against DPP-UDF alliance but wants to see ‘benefits’”

  1. hfhg says:

    ife tikuona

  2. hfhg says:

    ice tikuona

  3. Nzika says:

    DPP is already in power then why does it partying with UDF.2010 ndiye nkhani and inu a UDF musamale. Ndipo inu wena mukuti agwilire ntchito limodzi kodi nzovuta kuti agwire ntchito yo wena Ali Ku opposition ngati kulibe khwinthi?
    What Lucius is doing is true kuopa kudzagwiritsana fuwa lamoto. Big up Lucius for your stand. This country needs people with integrity and not just be doing thing by following majority. What matters is the quality services.

    My country Malawi, I cry for you. God have mercy on us.

  4. santana says:

    Lucius knows that he has tried so much to discredit the Mutharikas personally and has eventually failed. He tried to do the damage through political platforms and songs but both ways failed. It is just quilty conscious which is troubling Lucius. Rumours are rife that Bushiri is bankrolling Lucius with the aim that he wins in the UDF convention and head the party. Lucius with his myopic eyes thinks he can make it against Atupele. Lucius should accept that he can not do well in politics. On constituency level may be he can but not on the country level as he does in music. So Lucius better tell Bushiri that the job given to topple Atupele is too big for him. We know its a long time enemity with the Mutharikas. He should not involve every Malawian in his personal vendetta. Let him focus much on his dwindling music and leave the UDF alone. Afterall, what support does he have in the UDF. John mwana wanga!!!!!!

  5. mtete says:

    UDF and DPP are one and the same thing anyway

  6. kk says:

    That’s for true Lucius is wright, look at Afford party today,its finish the way UDF decided to work together with them. Don,t go for majority but quality matters, everything should be in writing,thats my men

  7. The Partriot says:

    UDF should be very careful with DPP, they only want to use UDF for the Yao vote amangwetu! Akadzawina mu 2019 to continue Lhomwelization of anything….the Military, Police , NBI and all parastatals. If DPP thinks it can win elections with only the Lhomwe vote , nanga pano akufuna alliance chifukwa chani?
    I agree with Lucius if DPP want an alliance then it should be in writing and should include Ministers, ambassadors, heads of Parastatals, etc. The Yao vote will be very crucial in 2019! Dont sell it cheaply……DPP only knows how to ask for help but selfishness and nepotism too much!!

  8. Lodi wa Mussa says:

    “Malawi first” Lets work together to devolope our country, chifukwa Together we can make poverty history, Banda just join them ndikugwilira ntchito limodzi.

  9. Jokujoku says:

    Banda really was wanting a paper work of which is so true. How can an amalgamation work without papers even in a court of shalia!!?? Otherwise UDF will be just ridden and dumped for sure. And bwana banda is just right and i can see NO any change of hearty here

  10. Baba wa boy says:

    What do you call being the only UDF MP sitting on the opposition benches?

    Its coming out now, Bandas stance has been about Atupele being the only minister from UDF. He wants to benefit as well.

    “ Am one person who believes in writing , putting things in order for the future, for posterity sake,” said Banda.

    Don’t make me laugh, Banda seems to be frustrated because posterity will not say Lucius Banda, bounced back from a fake certificate, and became minister of ……………….. That’s what this has been about.

    Most Malawian Mps Lucius included do not care about their constituents, just them being in a position of power.

    Is it not the same Lucius who composed a song, lamenting, when Bingu came in and was not dishing out K50s like Muluzi was doing? “Yapitakuti fifity yinkapelekedwa pansonkhano, and he continued about mukamamwa ma whisky etc etc.

    And dimwits, will praise him for this.

  11. zax says:

    Bravo Lucius osamatengeka ndi akavuwevuwe ofuna kusokoneza zinthu osawamvera kambilanani ngati chipani nonse kuti tsogolo la dziko liyende bwino

  12. winston msowoya says:

    Lucius Banda,what kind of benefits would you want to see from DPP and UDF? For your information,both Parties have lost sense of direction and vision.What surrounds in the heads of the leaders,is how to amass illegal wealth for their own benefits and their lackeys.Both leaders of these crooked Parties were visibly imposed by either a brother or a father,therefore these are not mass-oriented movements,but tribal and ethnical set-up.When it comes to UDF,Atupele was imposed on the Party leadership by his own father who earlier on,imposed Bingu Wa Muthalika on UDF only to form his own Party DPP after he become the elected leader of UDF.Do Malawians read this history which is not a century-old? Personally,I have deduced that,Mr.Banda is cought up in between which Party suits his ambitions.In short,it is an opportunistic stance in politics,he is weighing which Party can offer him more finances if he joins it,he knows very well that both Parties have stolen gargantuan amount of money from government coffers.This is today’s Malawi’s political game,it has nothing to do with principles or conscience it has become a short-cut way of becoming wealthy,while millions of our people are languishing in unimaginable poverty after 53 years of nationhood.This is Mr.Banda’s ultimate target.We don’t have leaders,but we have thieves and cut-throat greedy thugs.GOOD LUCK MR.L.BANDA ON YOUR TRIP!!!!!!!

  13. Munthu says:

    Thats my MP. Lankhula chakukhosi . Dont go for majority but go for quality. Take care UDF. You finished AFORD by the same tricks DPP is using to finish you. Mwatha ngati makatani zoona kkkkkk

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