Lucius Banda says UDF swallowed up, plot to unseat Atupele – Malawi press

Former leader of United Democratic Front (UDF) in Parliament, Lucius Banda has claimed the leadership of the UDF has been swallowed up by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Lucius Banda (right) with Information Minister Kondwani Nnakhumwa: UDF swallowe up to the head

Lucius Banda (right) with Information Minister Kondwani Nnakhumwa: UDF swallowe up to the head

Banda has justified his move to not to follow other UDF lawmakers who have relocated to government benches.

“I know that as a party we took a stand to support government because our leader (Atupele Muluzi) was appointed minister, but I feel we still needed to remain on the opposition side for the benefit of our party.

“We have been reduced to mere spectators and it pains me to see that UDF can no longer respond to the President Peter Mutharika’s State of the Nation address,” said Banda in an interview published in the Weekend Nation.

Banda dismissed talk that he is bitter because he has not been considered for a ministerial post.

“ I am not interested in a ministerial position. Remember, I am a musician and my legislative work even takes much of my time already. As a musician, I lose out on business I am supposed to do every weekend and I wouldn’t really love to go that far because my musical career would die.

“Mind you, I don’t do music on part-time; I am a full time musician with a history and I can’t quit music even if I was given billions of dollars. My point is that I could support anything, but the move to completely be shut out is what I can’t stomach. I am also convinced that the villagers now know what’s happening after seeing that the UDF didn’t respond to President Mutharika’s address,” said Banda.

Known as ‘Soldier of the Poor’, Banda maintained what he told Nyasa Times that he is not rebelling.

But he said: “My campaign logo was yellow and I wouldn’t want my people to go to bed with yellow and wake up with DPP’s blue.”

A lead story in Malawi News of Saturday reports that UDF members have been holding secret meetings in Lilongwe to topple their president claiming they are tired with his leadership style.

According to the paper, the members are re bitter that Muluzi, son to former president Bakili Muluzi, was making crucial decisions concerning the party without consulting the National Executive Committee (Nec).

UDF former vice president (Centre), Iqbal Omar, who resigned distance himself from the plot.

Political analyst, Blessings Chinsinga, has described the developments in the UDF party as ‘not surprising’.

“This is not surprising. Our political parties are not democratic. They are owned by individuals. From the onset, it was clear that by joining cabinet, Atupele was serving his own interest. It’s clear that the decision was not made by Nec, that is why there is no unity of direction, no unity of purpose. This is just a script replaying itself,” Chinsinga said.

Muluzi said UDF will hold a news conference.

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47 thoughts on “Lucius Banda says UDF swallowed up, plot to unseat Atupele – Malawi press”

  1. Angoni apa Phata says:

    Bwana CHAIR handpicked Bingu. Bingu dumped CHAIR FROM UDF to form DPP . Now UDF wants to be under the umbrella of their rebels……… what adesperation by the so called ungonoungono.Soldier takauza a CHAIR…. sizabwinotu izi ife chipani timachikonda komano tikugulitsidwa.

  2. Aufi says:

    Atupele ndi ka baby zoona. He has proved his political inmaturity

  3. Raphael says:

    Tawawonetsani njira anthuwa a soldier anthu adyera awa anayamba akapangitsa sonkhano m’makwawo momwe adawasankha kapena angodzipangira?Eeeeeeeee!

  4. Ingwenyama. says:

    My friend Lucius Banda remember what Peter’s brother Bingu did unto you in his power, takecare you will as well kiss the hot soup. And your UDF will be swallowed as you have said. Or its a plan that if Peter die Atupele will carry both UDF & DPP. Shame on the Yao and Lomwe Ignorant people.

  5. Changaputwa says:

    Wamisala anayiona nkhondo, pomwe alunga lungawo akadali comweco. Anthu amakutengani ngt ndinu openga kapena kt osokoneza pomwe mukuziwa comwe tinakusankhilani. Ngankhale nyakwawa samaweluza yenkha milandu popanda nthumwi zake kuunika, Onabo Tupele Msasu Muluzi akuyenela kubvomeleza kulakwa kwawo. Ngt osazitenga bwino palitu nyambo pansipo, cilipo comwe Peter yo akukonza ndicolinga coti anthese UDF. Anthu amatidwa ndi cimtuwisa kuiwala mabvuto ammadera mwawo.

  6. Babalu says:

    Kutha Ukuona.Pity

  7. ,MYEGHA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, says:

    Tsopano akuti ino a Muluzi ndi JB munaloza Bingu. Kondi mukakhalatso kumbali ya boma? A DPP a ziwa kuti chipana cha UDF ntchofoka.KAYA ife anthu anu mukatiyika kuti? Tonse tipanga chipani china ngati sitipita ku PP

  8. Stanley says:

    Plz soldier don’t follow this kid he is there to enrich himself come 2019

  9. KUKHALA says:


  10. wachilungamo says:

    Atupere made a good decision to work with the government but the problem is he is much committed with the DPP insteady of serving his minisrial postion and strengthening his party.He cant think like Jonh tembo who until today is opposition.In Africa opposition plays a greater part in leadership and development of the country that signify without strong opposition party every president can rule badly.Atupere think twice before u sell ur fathers party.

  11. Yona says:

    This is for the Benefit of The Muluzi’s family I guess………

  12. Mdicai Longwe says:

    Is this the Agenda for Change you championed Atupele Muluzi? Politics need people who are really matured. There is no way you can lead a party without hearing views from the members of your NEC. Do not be misguided by those gready politians. You have totally given shame to all youth readers. It is indeed true that a child is really a child even if he is given a jacket for an old man. You are lucking muturity in you mind. You have showed that you are indeed too young for politics. Did you consult your people back home and they agreed to your move of going into coaalition with the ruling party? It is going to be very hard next time to go back to the same people and tell them to vote for you.

    Remember what happened to AFORD. It is now history with only one MP who is the President. I can forsee that UDF is following suit. Atupele will remain alone mark my words.

  13. Vyanje says:

    Lucius, why don’t you try UDF-L…see what happens come 2019.

  14. Me says:

    UDF should take notice of what has happened to the Liberal Democrats in UK. They have been wiped out after being in coalition with a bigger party. I see UDF with two seats (Atupele and Lucious) in 2019

  15. Chidongo says:

    “Vito lathu a Malawi, sitichedwa kuiwala”. Who said these words? Who has now forgotten what?

  16. ibrahim makwati says:

    bwana atupele takumbukilani pamene bwana bakili anapanga makani ndikuthandiza a bingu inunso chimozimozi makani pofuna kupha chipani chathu UDF ndi kakumbukila bwana dumbo lemani ndimamva chisoni kwambiri KWAINU BWANA L.BANDA ZIWANI KUTI BANJA ILI LA AMULUZI SAMAMVA MALANGIZO AENA SAMAFUNA KUWAZUZULA NDITHU

  17. solomon says:

    what many people seemed to forget is that what atupele is doing now is astratigic move for him to get famililized with with the operation of government machinery renember he was critisised for being un experienced politician now he is trying to get it.

  18. Yona says:

    Lucius has all along been rated a dormant MP, but in this case we need to commend him. He has a direction. Perhaps Atupele did well to work with the DPP Government, but then, did he consult NEC? The answer perhaps yes or no. Chances are high that its “NO” because the partly remained in opposition side for some time. Now they have entered a coalition and therefore DPP is in government so to say. But we all know, that its not DPP and UDF making decision to run our country – its only DPP. I adisagree with No 28 that MCP has been dormant ..what do you mean? MCP has been the strongest party in Malawi’s political history. Unshaken the party is still in parliament and from the look of things if no rigging is to occur the party will go into government.

  19. nyayo says:

    UDF members that criticise Atupele lack honesty. Lucious naturally hates DPP. There is no objectivity here. I don’t subscribe to the idea that one should turn a blind eye to serve the country in order to keep the Yellow alive. No wonder MCP has been left dormant for over Twenty years now. For us who love the party naturally we will follow Atupele. Just start your party and see if you have followers. If you do research no one can penetrate Eastern region save DPP and Atupele’s UDF.

  20. Kadakwiza says:

    This is bad for our country.

  21. Tupe wagulitsa chipani basi,a udf nonse u r welcome to our mighty MCP

  22. Mhesha says:

    That’s very stupid. Every where parties do form a coalition if so they wish. What is wrong with this one. You pipo that are condemning this pact never even supported UDF or DPP. You supported the defunct MYP fanatics and the Cashgate advocates. Leave UDF and DPP alone. Chamba eti….mxxxxxiew!

  23. chakwanuleka says:

    Let Lucious Banda take over this party. This little ung’ono ung’ono is clueless and very greedy. He is just like his father who stole 1.7 billion and now being shielded by DPP who are the master thieves in Malawi.

  24. swadick says:

    ndikuzidandaulira ndekha pa nthawi yanga yomwe ndidaononga lero ndatsala ndi MP m’modzi yekha wa UDF poti mtima wanga umakana ndipo sindizasapota chipani china choposa UDF loko onse atachoka lero ndadziwa kuti mtsogoleli wanga ndi HON : LUCIUS BANDA ndili nawo ndikhala nawo ndizakhala nowo ngati ALLAH angandipatse moyo kufikira MULUNGU mwini zonse mpatseni HON: L BANDA nzeru,mphwamvu ndi moyo wautali kuti akwanilitse zomwe wakhala akuimba munthawi yambuyo kwainu HON: L BANDA mwasenza katundu olemesa kwambiri limbani mtima kutsogolera anthu ndikovuta koma simuli nokha Mulungu akuthandizani nthawi zonse ndikulimba mtima kwanuko musangalatsa anthu ambiri ,akukondani anthu ambiri,mutsegula m’maso anthu ambiri, muchititsa anthu ambiri kukonda chipani chathuchi big ziwani kuti simuli nokha enafe tili kumbuyo kwanu ena mbali keep it’s up big

  25. Mwandira wa chisena says:

    I said and I can say it again if we have a grouping that has no defined future UDF is the group. When you see a lady changing men like cloths we certainly call that lady a whore. What kind of direction has this party? The boy is selfish and doesn’t respect the existence of the NEC in UDF. That’s the trouble you land into when a baby is leading grown ups. Muluzi senior still drives the vehicle while the boy plays with the steering the way a baby does when dad is driving. Shame on UDF Shame on Atu what kaya Shame Shame

  26. MBACHI says:


  27. Achalume Aweje Galva says:

    Kodi inu osadabwa kuti anthu onse omwe anayambitsa udf anachoka mchipanichi? Soldier limba nazo pamapeto pache tonse tidzamwemwetera. Ma MP enawo alibe ma morals all the best Soldier

  28. Massive says says:

    Atupele he knows what he is doing, dont forgert those people they udoing that are politician, in my mind ithink atupele will be come apresident,,

  29. kanyimbi says:


  30. zymology says:

    africa unite

  31. bal says:

    lets wait and see

  32. xenophobia says:

    anthu opusa kwambiri kupusa kosawona nako manyazi what kind of people are these so selfish. like father like son oooh my foot.

  33. Chigawenga says:

    Atupe3le is a political prostitute like the rest of them. These are people that get in politics not to improve the lives of the masses but rather a way to enrich themselves. Like his father baby Muluzi is power hungry and he will do what ever it takes to get in that position. The position to side line the vice president Chilima is what Muluzinis banking on. He hopes that his father will buy him the VP position. Knowing both UDF and DPP are of the same blood and machination it should not be a surprise to any one that they are not in bed together. Birds of the same feathers flock together. Once a thief always a thief. The fish rots from the head. These two are both corrupt parties. I commend Soldier for making his position known. Watch out they will start castigating him as is the case with any one who don’t hand clap for these inept clueless corrupt people

  34. honourable says:

    Atupele ndi wafodya ngati mmene Peter anatinenera kuti amalawi ndife a fodya.

  35. chiidamtere says:

    like father like son

  36. Chithumwa says:

    Ngati pali anthu amene ndimaona kuti ndi atambwali, mbava,makhuluka ndiye ma politicians achipani chimenechi

  37. Kenkkk says:

    So you udf people are supporting msb sale, nacgate, 92bn cashgate, etc? These are some of the issues that udf should have been criticizing the dpp govt even in coalition to set it apart from the dpp. You should have responded to the president’s speech as udf party having your own policies and beliefs. If you can’t respond critically to SONA, then you have been swallowed. We want to heaR where udf stands on sAy msb sale scandal, etc.

  38. nobel says:

    Time out for this kind of politics, ask Aford. Malawi won’t develop if we maintain entertaining these type of animal politicians

  39. Julie says:

    Ajenda for change, that change i meant for myself not anybody else! UDF is the mother of DPP and the son has swallowed his father

  40. kandapako banda says:

    Mwati bwanji ?

  41. nsonga ciswe says:

    Atupele anacita dyela nanga leloso akuveka Ku UDF? Ayamba kunona titi ananona kudya zonona zofewa lelo atitaya dzana paja life kumafa ndi dzuwa Iwo atakwera mmagalimoto ofewa tuwasapota lelo atitaya ngati toilet tishu titawathandiza ndi lelo akuonekeramu.
    It stinks when politicians keep it all to themselves than kukumbuka pomwe anayayambila

  42. Chigandu says:

    Atupele is finished and is completely finished,i voted for UDF in the last elections but now i have made up my mind this guy is finished he is no longer a politician but a crook like his Dad.

  43. Joseph Msumba-Bolero says:

    i support you soldier! if Malawi can hv strong pple like you,i hope we can go forward,not Yes! to everything!!!!!!!!

  44. m says:

    Well I wouldn’t be surprised if him and Saulosi start their own Party for 2017.n

  45. opportunist says:

    I support u soldier

  46. asaaaa says:

    ineso sindikidabwa nazo zikungoyenera kutero.

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