Lucius Banda supports federalism for Malawi

United Democratic Front (UDF) leader in parliament, Lucius Banda, has spoken in support of  adopt the federal system of governing the country in which each region will have its own administrative power and report to the central government.

Lucius Banda in support for federalism

Lucius Banda in support for federalism

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has been pushing for the federal system with support from politicians and stakeholders from the northern region.

Banda, a top singer and lawmaker f from Balaka in the eastern region, said  the federal system of government will be ideal for Malawi and important for  fair share distrubtion of development and wealth creation.

“In fact we needed it by yesterday,” said Banda as quoted by Afriem online news website.

“My only worry is the people pushing for  [federalism] have not been as sharp as those who pushed for multiparty democracy and succeeded in those years.

“With a federal system of government, the central government will still benefit and be on top. The only plus would be that even those regions or provinces that felt neglected will benefit equally. It does not mean we shall fall into an affirmative action situation,” said Banda.

Banda urges federism zealots to engage many stakeholders and carry out civic education, saying the issues should be debated in sober manner and with the interest of the nation at heart.

Proponents of the federal system of government claim it will help the country to equitably develop as well as fight tribalism and nepotism which they claim have characterised the central government while the proponents of secession say the northern region has been on the sidelines for years.

President Peter Mutharika’s winning and formation of his government opened wounds of mistrust as he is being accused of favouring people from the South in his appointments to the Cabinet and other top government positions.

Malawi has four political regions namely south, central and northern region.

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89 thoughts on “Lucius Banda supports federalism for Malawi”

  1. Grecium says:

    Every tear has a source,examine it in good faith and you will have a clear vision.Those advocating for fedo must have a positive mind,leave their political colours and vie for mindset development .According to Zeleza Manda in his Bottom up clearly said and I quote ‘federal countries come in all sizes,some smaller than our country while others much larger’partroitism plays a mojor role in such circumstances

  2. Seasoned Political analyst says:

    The problem with most Malawians is that they are not analytical and do not understand the issue before reacting.
    APM proposed in 2006. The people proposing now are of the view that it is the right time with the right Head of State who understands the issue at hand. Is that difficult to understand?
    As stated by Sir LB the Head of state will not lose his POWERS. Each region will have its own administrative head office and report and meet at National Assembly.
    The FS is basically for developmental aspect so that each region takes care of its own development. It is difficult for PE MP to appreciate development issues for CP MP.
    Just imagine Madame GM was an MP but could not realise that Blantyre City kuntaya is so pathetic and not befitting a city until now when she is First Lady with BEAM.
    Think Malawians, think or else Malawi will never develop with the current mediocre thinking of saying no just to appease the leadership when the leadership was and is in support of the FS. Wake up Malawi do not fear change.

  3. zakakaliya mulopwiya says:

    Hon Lucius Banda, I salute you for being so brave to speak the truth about federal type of govt despite coming from the south. You are indeed true leader and you love our country. Bravo soldier. I support you x1000000000.

  4. Chimwemwe chisokono sichinga says:

    Yes I suport Mr Lucius Banda munabwa ndi nzelu za umunthu ena akana federal system chifukwa anazolowera zomango pondeleza basi and now lets tell people to wake-up and open our eyes

  5. IRONBRAIN says:

    Mbwiye you better shut up if you have no point to make. Address the issue at hand man.

  6. Anonymous says:

    my vote is BIG NO to federalism

  7. Dominic Chipwayira says:

    Federal system of govt is the only way to go all we need is civics education to the masses of people living in rural areas of our societies. Let’s hope GOD will guide the nation during this transformation.

  8. The Patriot says:

    Lucius Banda is indeed a born leader, mkulu muli ndi nzeru zobadwa nazo! Long live Lucius Banda, the brave soldier for the poor and the oppressed! I wonder why people with PhDs cannot see the sense in the Federalism, ndi dyera kapena?

  9. I am happy that some people like Lucius akuzidikila kuti federal is not the way most people think Hon Banda musakhale ndikawa anthu akudana ndi federal poti anayambisa ngwaku mphoto so people had nagative of it becz of tribe I am happy that some of you you are wise enough so help to compaign fo it zipatso anthu azaziona pasogolo.

  10. Mbwiye says:

    I totally agree with Lucius Banda, however, my worry and his worry are the same which he has indicated in the paragraph 5 of this article and I quote ” my only worry is the people pushing for [federalism] have not been as sharp as those who pushed for multiparty democracy and succeeded in those days” end of quote. My question is why was this not introduced when APM proposed it 8 years ago? Why did people introduce the subject after being whipped in a general election? Where were they before elections? Was it in their manifestos. Why was it introduced by disgruntled and failed politicians, angry with full of emotions and castigating other politicians? Why is it that anyone opposing it is labelled stupid and given all sorts of names? Is it true Paramount Kyungu is stupid because he has said his view on the matter? Anything good, but said with anger and emotions and on top of that, it is said after one is badly bruised in an election, badly timed and at a wrong forum can not be taken seriously. If they won the elections, would they introduce this subject? That is why people think this is done out of frustrations and is not done in good faith. When late Bingu introduced Zero deficit budget people did not take him seriously because he introduced it when he was angry with the AZUNGUS yet today Malawi has adopted the same system because it was introduced in good faith. I do not think APM has the same thinking he had 8 years ago because of the way it has been introduced. Go back to your drawing table otherwise if referendum can be done today, the majority will vote NO NO NO NO because a lot of people think there are bad intentions behind this call.








    1. Kenkkk says:

      Some of us don’t recognise eastern region!!! Malawi has only three geographical regions: North, Centre and South!!!

  12. Nkhondomukaya says:

    Lucias Banda si mutumbuka koma mungoni wa ku Balaka wanzeru.Chakwera ndi mu chewa wanzeru nanga inu mumanyoza atumbuka chifwa cha federism mukuti bwa? Manyazitu!

  13. Joseph says:

    WE want federalism osati zoti timvere za munthu m’modzi who are you?mafumu alibe odindo otisakhira zochita they are 0% powers on us tikufuna federalism basi

  14. Fred phiri says:

    All politicians ndinu mfiti…kwambiri wankulumutuyo..always u contradict urselfs..u do things only 2 suit ur side…mulungu adzakuotchani inu…

  15. Muliyekha says:

    Rajj Ajusa,Ihope you did not wake up well today please go to the Hospital consult the Doctor with much of your sign and simptoms You likely suffering from Malaria or Ebola.Let me teach you nonses mind that Malawi is not asmall country, as some fools qouted that it is small.Nethier those are calling Federation are selfish nor Ant-Federation people.FEDERATION ndi yabwino man

  16. Hazrat Pillane says:

    Yes, it was stupid federation to Kamuzu Banda when he placed his autocratic administration for Malawi i beg to ask ‘where would we be today?’ Just wondered why a certain cheif speaking on behalf of Nsamala could suggest the way forward on federalism when he doesnt know exactly what it means, umbuli ndi matenda.

  17. Kenkkk says:

    I am not an advocate of federalism but Well done Lucious, shame to other mps who are keeping quiet on federalism just because they don’t want to jeopardise future potential dpp govts positions. I trust udf will have a similar view though I doubt it as Atupele would like to please Peter and dpp cadres who are mostly anti- federalists. Well done MCP and Chakwera for letting the people know where you stand on federalism.

    So You other sleepy mps please come out and tell us where you stand on federalism. Rather than yes bwana yes bwana!!!

    The best civic education the grassroots can receive on federalism is when they see and hear what the majority of mps, party leaders and the president himself reveal where they stand on federalism.

    This is more so on dpp people because they seem to mislead people on federalism because they want to Maintain the current thieving and nepotistic mentality rather than change their attitudes towards other regions outside the south.

  18. Jelbin mk says:

    Lucius has always been my role model he speaks his mind under any circumstances if you can remember very well he used to sing about the ills of Banda’s (kamuzu) rule even though many died for trying to stand up against Kamuzi’s authoritarian regime,he sung “kamutengo kang’onong’ono muzimu wagadama kangagwetse bwanji galimoto?”.It was after four ministers were killed by Banda’s loyalists after getting orders from John Tembo and they made it like the cars they were travelling in overturned despite his move being suicidal he never cared because he was centered on the truth. Now I don’t wonder if he differs with his colleagues such as Mr Ndanga because he doesn’t play a bootlicking style he faces facts squarely. I also noted with keen interest when Atupele joined DPP regime because it seems he didn’t consult with his members otherwise we couldn’t be seeing one party projecting two contrasting views.

  19. Che Sinjinji says:

    Zoona tikhale pano kumauzidwa za maganizo a Lucius Banda? Apart from his artistic talent, this guy has a brain the size of a marble . Nyasatimes, give us better things to read about .

  20. Jack Kambewa says:

    Ulibo man.

  21. Muliyekha says:

    Amene atakwiye ndi fede ndi mfiti basi

  22. Kenkkk says:

    I am not a federalism advocate but lucious should be commended for his support of federalism. I wonder what is udf’s stand on this? We need most mps to come out with their views on federalism not just sleepin or stupidly thinking if they support federalism, then they
    Might lose favours on of getting positions in the dpp govt. The grass root will only start taking this seriously or noticing when more mps from different parties come out in support of or not in support of federalism.

    Some people are saying Peter is in favour of federalism but he hasn’t openly said so. It is important that the people of Malawi know where he stands in this. Chakwera has done himself good by coming out in favour and letting every Malawian know where he stands. Once peter’s position is known then the whole grass root again will get interested in the subject and make civic education easier one way or another. The fact that he has lived in the USA doesn’t necessarily mean he supports federalism in Malawi. We have seen people who have lived in the west for many years only to become the worst dictators and oppressors once in power in Africa or elsewhere.

    My take Is that the majority of dpp are not in favour of federalism or any form of change to the current system not their attitudes towards other malawians outside the South.
    They would rather see the country fall apart for purely selfish reasons.

    But be warned, malawians are waking up from The deep slumber!!’

  23. Missed-call says:

    khokhokhokho! And I quote, ‘the only problem with federal advancer is their zeal and steam!’

    Fed more fire.

  24. Rajj Ajussa says:

    Amaliwongo mwatani kodi? One Malawi, one nation. Zogawanitsana mitunduzo ayi si zabwino. Phokoso lonselitu si china & anthufe tikudziwa; ULAMULIRO ndi omwe wausa mapiri pa chigwa koma mukunama. Mukufuna kuliuza dziko kuti ku mpoto kulibe chitukuko?

    1. Joseph says:

      Chili kuti zomanga anthu anu ake osati za boma

  25. Rajj Ajussa says:

    If they are doing it with a good faith, then why are they rushing to produce their own currency (koporo) in their so called Reserve Bank of Nyika kkkkk? In RSA for example they’ve got nine Provinces bt their currency is one. Believe it or not, these people are encouraging discrimination/nepotism. Political ruling is the major key of all these noise.

  26. Phwethu says says:

    Leave this issue in the hands of malawias to air out their views.

  27. sangwani phiri muthekwene says:

    All federalism proponents do not wish this Mother Malawi a bad omen, no. They are the most lovers of what may be termed as sound dev. economics bekoz they positively focus with a sound understanding of what and how Malawi shall be in the next decade. Malawi is not poor as Pres Bingu once indicated and take note that pres. prof. Arthur Mutharik’s contribution to a national debate in 2006 had a profound basis of alluding to a vast dimension of benefits which pple in a country do benefit from such a political system. Ambiri akuopa yomwe amati njoka luzi. Now that it has been known that many Malawians were involved in massive looting of govt’s financial resources under African leadership, don’t you think that time has now come to try that of a white man’s ?

  28. Tiko says:

    Ya fed ifike, tisiyane nawo a tumb’s. Onse azikagwira ntchito kwawo, sukulunso kwawo basi apa pathe. Nayoni fed.

  29. Andrew says:

    Soldier, you are free to comment. Osaopsezana apa. aliyense ali ndi ufulu oyankhula. Go deeper Soldier

  30. Bwinotu a Lucius mwina mukufuna unduna akakupasani muzasiya kunena za fedulo.

  31. Quota system says:

    Koma bwana Luscious Banda inu muli ndi nzeru. I salute you. You have my vote in 2014.

  32. GubeJ says:

    In Africa federalism is another extreme of tribal government.
    Whether those people championing this system of governance understands it fully is another worrying issue. Remember this is not Europe where democracy and transparent governance is enshrined in all centers of basic human ideologies.
    Those who are supporting the federal system are opportunists and pathetic failures who want to cling to power through a try and error method. Very dubious in deed. This works in Maths and not politics of envy and greed. Come with developmental ideas to improve Malawi and take the present government to task on issues concerning development, job creation, micro entrepreneurship in the villages and many more developmental activities that are meant to lift the lives of poor majority living across the broad spectrum of the country. Championing federalism will be suicidal, lets wait and see as this will automatically lead to tribal favoritism and nepotism and Malawi will stick in the mud which will be dangerous for the next generation to come. Think about your children and great grand children to come. Federalism is not the way to go, unless greed and envy are the burning issues in the hearts of failures.

  33. leemz kasungu kdh says:


  34. Bob Mhango says:

    go deeper soldier.

  35. Mbanangwa says:

    Zuza can not speak Chichewa fluently and he may not understand all cultural aspects in the south , so is Ziyaye who can not fully understand fully northern cultural heritage. His is why when one is ordained a minister or name it a priest, he has o have an allegiance to what is possible for them unless he is a missionary. This explains as to why some preachers are speaking in English and ask for translators .

  36. Macford M'bama says:

    Wisdom does not necessarily mean one should have a paper if there is some sense lets us agree with him.

  37. Chirombo says:

    Lucious Banda is a man of conscious. Amayetsetsa kuyima pa choonadi. He is a soldier of the poor and he knows that most poor people are in the south and he is fighting for that. Keep the good fight bwana Lucious.

  38. Bwalero says:

    kumeneku ndiye kulakhula osati agogo Tembo zolakhula ngat mwana

  39. mp says:

    Big man, Lucius! i didn’t know u r such a wise MP. i think pa nkhani ya feduro tisachite put mafumu in the forefront bcoz zey r misleading us. eg. amfumu aja anachita speak on bhalf amfumu anzawo dzana ku Balaka kuja, seems no to understand fedralism.

  40. sello says:

    iwe amene uli ndi msce ndeukutani?bola iyeyo akudya dollar iwe ukhalira yomweyo yomangozikanda

  41. thako says:

    nanuno olemba musamalembe zopusa apa, mukat lucius nd lawmaker u mean w@? chitsru chamunthu ich,pushn federation?

  42. Alekhalibdul says:

    Analephera mayeso h doesnt knw abt federism…poor politician

  43. achewa says:

    Nkhaniyi ikuoneka ngati yochepa komanso yokoma.Komatu its the most dangerous to our beautiful Malawi ie it encourages tribalism(enemity).Ndi m’mene Malawi alili nkhondo ya pa chiweniweni idzathetheka,ndine mchewa,from Dowa, l totally disagree with that move.Palibe ingakhale chipani chimodzi chidalonjezako za Federalism nthawi ya kampeni.Lero ndikungodzudzumuka ndi federalism.Unplaned but anger(jelous)

  44. Concerned Catholic says:

    There is no Federalism in Catholic Church ,it is a Universal Church have you forgotten already that Ziyaye was Arc bishop for Blantyre. In Catholic we have Missionaries and Diocesian Priests the latter under normal circumstances serve in their respective Diocese so the chances for them to become Bishop for their particular Diocese are high. But mind you the Pope is the one who chooses Bishops and The Holy See can choose anyone whether Missionary ,Priest from the same Diocese or beyond. Is this what you call Federalism?Pliz xkool me.

  45. Amatinga says:

    Mukamaphatikiza MSCE ndi nzelu ya munthu mukulakwitsa. that’s why munthu akachimwa samawelengedwa kuti walalikila kangati Ku tchalitchi kwao. yalakwa yalakwa. Lucius is right 100%

  46. Kwangwagwa says:

    Iwe wa comment ya 21, you must be the dullest person in the world.

  47. JAYJAY says:

    amati what knowldge does he have.koma abale anyani kusekana zikundu.inu MSCE YANU munayipeza bwanji ndi chizungu chotere.ati aMARVECJ

  48. Chikadzakuwani says:


  49. Muliyekha says:

    Vuto si iwe koma ndiumbuli wakowo.komanso umbombo wakowo.Ndeusanyoze amene aku sapota ganizoli.Kwa ine FEDERATION ndi chiyambi cha mtendere komanso Tsogola labwino ku Malawi than Succession.Amalawi kodi sitinga sithe system mwantendere kopanda Ena kufapo.Let’s change it now and let’s be civillised people.

  50. Ithink Mr E.S Phiri,Government should give you scholarship to England for to be educated enough.FEDERATION siyolakwika koma maganizo akowo ndembola panja penipeni.

  51. Wella says:

    U have MSCE but u cant write does instead u write dies

  52. Kau says:

    Arthur Peter Munthalika supports federalism as well. Take it from me

  53. koma kumeneko says:

    Kaya zanu izo

  54. Francis Luwani says:

    He who comes to equity must come with clean hands

  55. Baxter says:

    Ukunena zoona iwe Lucius Banda ur the best.

  56. vindere says:

    No16 that’s the truth, the whole truth but the truth. Wandi waza bwanji.

  57. lufina says:

    Lucius Bravo for speaking out my brother

  58. BalakaGuy says:

    Lucius ndi genius?Koma mbuzi zinazi

  59. nihoriya says:

    Mafumu sangayankhule zanzeru Chifukwa akuopa kuchosedwa pa Mpando kapena kuzuzika.Koma ambiri mwa iwo they do support Federation and akuyifuna

  60. Phwitiko says:

    It does show now that MPs have a good sense of judgemeng. FEDERALISM in itself is good but tribalism, nepotism, politics of patrimony &regionalism are the main problem. Look in churches there is federalism. Take Catholic they Mzuzu Diocese headed by a Tumbuka, Lilongwe by a Chewa etc why not make Zuza Bishop of Blantyre Diocese? SDA likewise. If it is in God’s own Churches, what is wrong with politics? Those that oppose it are either deeply rooted in tribalism or poorly informed on the issue, check around. Are you saying South Africans, Americans, Germans etc are divided because of Federalism? Malawians are already divided even without it & the reason is that most Malawians are either uncivilised though educated or illiterate. Shame if you are uncivilised! As for me if Peter does a good job am happy or any Malawian regardless of tribe or region.

  61. Marvericj says:

    Anthu inu, mwamumnva munthu opanda MSCE ngati uyu, what knowledge dies he have?

    1. mboba says:

      Chizungu chanu chikusonyeza kuti ndinu a Std 8. Pamenepa timvera wa Form 4.

  62. Tilipo says:

    Why do some people want to refuse federalism? It’s a norm for Malawi development. Lucius is a genius and that’s why he understands these things easily. He is a man of the nation.
    We must learn to see things beyond our nose to develop the nation.
    If Malawi had adopted federal system of government in 1994 by now we could have been one of the fastest growing economies. No doubt.
    There would have been no Cashgate at central government as seen today for all these past years. Each state would have managed its allocated resources and such Cashgate cases would be first tried at individual state level with no central government politics involved.
    No single company would be responsible for supplying services or good to all states hence fair distribution of contracts.
    Wake up Malawi. No selfish politician should tell you federalism is bad. They are using the word ‘bad’ to imply that it will not support their shady deals which do not develop our Nation.
    I love Peace and National Development.
    We need a better Malawi and that begins with us to choose a fair system of government. The DPP government will still be in control as is the case now but with shared powers to federal state governance for implementation and resource control. Let us have four states. South, East, Central and North.

  63. Mjumacharo says:

    Yes Lucius ndakumva pamenepo. Tiyeni tikambilane ngati a Malawi pankhaniyi kuti tione kusintha pa ndale ndi chitukuko

  64. Yobe boo says:

    I like that from Lucius, you prove to be a mature and an able leader who shows real responsibility for the people, and leading with people at heart. Vuwa should also adopt that spirit. Federalism will come as a true fact for Malawian very soon.
    I agree with you that those fighting for it have not been strong enough to yield immediate results, however, bwana Lucius, such ideas that will benefit the nation as you mention, need your effort and support. I hope you will start to part with Ngwira and push for it now.

  65. Mugona says:

    Bwana Lucius Banda I respect you but you have goofed big time by saying that provinces benefit equally in a Federal System of govt. In Nigeria the biggest cause of their unrest is because some states feel they don’t benefit equally from the national cake yet they practice Federal System. In South Africa Kwa Zulu Natal does not enjoy the same kind of infrastructural development as Durban or Cape Town yet there is Federal System in that country. Even in the USA there is no equitable distribution of development. Population , economy and size of the state dictates who gets the lion’s share. Some parties gave up wining elections so they think Federal System of govt will give them an access to govt coffers even if they are in opposition. Don’t cheat people.

    1. United Party says:

      You are missing some point, man. Revenue to federal states government may come from the central government as well as generated by the states themselves. It follows that the state with many resources will be able to generate more revenue which will help develop the state. This may partly explain why it is unlikely to have the same infrastructure developments in all the states or provinces.

    2. Dingosi says:

      #Mugona, inu ngati munapita ku sukulu you just wasted your parents resources. Durban is in Kwazulu Natal. Capetown is not a province but a city in Western Cape Province. Why do you want to continue misinforming yourself. Shame. Sukulutu ndiyofunika kwabasi.

    3. kanchenga says:

      Just for the record DURBAN is the capital of KwaZulu Natal.

  66. johnM says:

    It is not only Lucius Banda who is in favour of federation, my hero, the one only Arthur Peter Mutharika is in favour of federation which is not a surprise as Muntharika has spent most of his life in the United States a country run on federal lines. Only mbuli and educated savages are against federation.

    A federation enables a country to distribute resources to marginalized areas, something which the Unitary system has grossly failed to do. In this debate, not one person in favour of unitary system has listed down its benefits. They only stick to useless slogans such as “Malawi is too small (It is not)” etc etc..

    It is a high time people study things before they comment.

  67. E S PHIRI says:

    Ee koma amalawi panja ena asadye zamafuta mtima ngati afisi akutchewu kwenikweni litakhala dziko lalikulu ngati amereka kungakhale zotani mpaka mukadule malawi kadziko kakang’ono ngati dzira la tambala ee bola osayamba zomenyana panja malawi ndi wamtender

  68. Keen Observer says:

    It’s not surprising for this to come from Lucius Banda cos the word federalism itself is foreign to him, he doesn’t even know the meaning. Look here in some African countries where they have similar system of governments. Do all the States or Pronvinces whatever they call them share their wealth equally the answer is a Big No so why do you think it’s gonna work for Malawi? But come on destroy Malawi for the generations to come cos of the greed of the few. There is no one who can tell me that this is being done or campaigned for the betterment of ordinary citizens NO. People want to create their own positions of either Premiers or Governors whatever they will call themselves. GREED, PERIOD!!!!!!!

    1. ROBERT says:

      you don’t know how painful it is, for developments to concentrate only in one region. Everybody is taxed.

    2. M23 says:

      Chicken brain. It shows you have very little or limited knowledge on how federalism works. Take this as an advice from a friend, “Read more on Federalism and don’t exhibit your ignorance on this forum”.

  69. bikoko says:

    A Lucius amaziwa Chani za political I issues kuti azinamapo spa, aiwala kuti ndi dpp tonwei idamukuzula nthengae?

  70. Jando says:

    Lucious is right. He has the meaning of federalism. It does not mean bringing disunity as others like illiterate journalists have been preaching

  71. Kalanga says:

    Lucius z a pioneer of democracy. I like ur courage bwana! Kp it up! Release federal song!

  72. GONG says:

    Federal system is good n better than the current one. I for one support it.

  73. HAMMER says:

    I didn’t know Lucius Banda can think better than these useless academician we have in the South. In it was the same Lucius Banda who came out in the open to condemn Quota System when most southerners supported it. Bravo Bravo LUCIUS BANDA. Bravo federalism.

  74. Patriot says:

    Mau, that’s the way to go.
    Mbuzi zachilomwe sizidziwa kuti Federal system of gouvernment is in actual sense DECENTRALISATION OF POWERS to Regions. It IS NOT DIVISION.
    Actually Federal gouvernment will deal once and for all with Tribalistic, Nepotistic Leaders like the one we have.
    I too support the move Mister Speaker Sir.

  75. Lucious please help me to Civic Educate my fellow Southerners to Understand Federation as I noticed that most of them are doomed not even knowing the meaning.Itried my best everyday to teach them that is Mphamvu ku anthu.Keep it up! Federation ndi yabwino ku dziko ngati limeneli losankhana mitundu ngati ili.And Federation is already play its part in this country.

  76. Ambuje mangodana naye Lucius, he is right. U talking sense man Banda

  77. SOTHINI says:

    always kunyoza a TUMBUKA, ka analakwa CHANI, these people will voice on an issue which is national, constructive. etc .Inu kwanu uko nkotsaliratso ngati kukumpotoko.

  78. Federalism ndi ya bho ndipo itheka,osat zomwe imanena mfumu ya ku balaka,mfumu yopusa kwambiri yolowelera ndale,mmalo mongopempha zosowa zawo koma kufuna kuoneka wabwino kunenapo za ndale,osangosiya ufumuwo nkulowa ndale bwa

  79. mgwantha says:

    Thats good thinking abwana. I like that

  80. Soul Rebel says:

    Federalism ili bho ndipo pa referendum idzadutsa. Believe u me.

  81. Ambuje ku lilongwe says:

    Lucious sangakane federation coz ndiyemwe mpando wake unatha panthawi yamalemu bingu.
    So we know u are doing that out of frustration. Ziwoneka

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