Lunguzi says DPP govt cares less on health of ordinary Malawians

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) member of Parliament (MP)for Dedza East Juliana Lunguzi, has accused the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cares less about the health of ordinary Malawians in the villages by allocating less than 10 percent of the total budget to the health sector budget.

Lunguzi: t cutting allocations for the most vulnerable and voiceless in our country, should not serve as an expedient way of balancing the budget.

Lunguzi: Ccutting allocations for the most vulnerable and voiceless in our country, should not serve as an expedient way of balancing the budget

Lunguzi said the ordinary Malawians, mostly in the rural villages who are hit the hardest by any under-funding that the health sector is subjected to.

The lawmaker, a nurse by profession and Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Health, asked Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe to “rethink” on underfunding of the health sector and reverse the trend.

“The sad the truth about the health sector is that DPP Government even conceded in the Budget Statement in as far as their health needs are concerned, Malawians should look to donors.

“If Malawians were expecting a vibrant Health Sector, a DPP government is simply not what they needed,” Lunguzi said this in her contribution to the 2015/16 proposed budget which Gondwe presented in Parliament on May 22.

According to Lunguzi’s findings, Dedza District Hospital would receive K110 million (US$244 444) instead of K315 million (US$700 000), Nkhata Bay District Hospital budget has gone down from K139 million (US$308 889) to K82 million (US$182 222), while Chikwawa District Hospital will get K134 million (US297 778) against its proposed budget of K226 million (US$502 222).

Lunguzi said challenges of inadequate and outdated medical equipment, drug stockouts, dilapidated infrastructure and health worker shortages would not be addressed with 25 percent funding from government.

“When off-budget funding exceeds government allocations to critical ministries, you do not need further proof that those ‘governing’ admit that they do not know how to manage the basic needs of Malawians, the most important being good health,” said Lunguzi.

Lunguzi proposed that making central hospitals autonomous and using resources effectively would resolve hospital administration constraints.

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Thumbs up,pipo are failing to access good quality of health services already & yet the budget is still being reduced,I like her points

Munthu - The Citizen
I used to be a fan of this Juliana girl when I initially mistook her for a woman of substance but stopped being one upon realising that she not that at all. Julaina appears to be just an empty chatterbox who is emotionally insecure and politically challenged and appears to be out of touch with national politics besides being completely divorced from the Malawian reality. Yes, we can excuse her for being a nurse by profession and a career policeman’s daughter by birth – 2 factors which have worked to her disadvantage when it comes to comprehending national politics and… Read more »

It is true that the social media is full of bad comments from uncivilized society . How can a normal human being doubt the Hon.lunguzis sentiment , here is somebody who can afford foreign medical attention only fighting for common man in the village and this only shows how insane this gvt is. That’s why you are not even ashamed with k92 billion scam and u don’t care about people s lives . Bingu did the same see how GOD punish ed him.

Juliana Lunguzi is an intelligent woman, on top of the government budget to health sector reduced you could also see how the ambulances donated by UNICEF has been distributed only two ambulances in the north out of the 30 ambulances, with Dowa getting a lions share becoz the minister is commining from there also Thyolo, Mulanje and some district in the south sharing all the vehicles. The two in the North have been given to Goodal Gondwes Mzimba north. How do You idiots in DPP think other districts will be catared for this is regionalism at it s best let… Read more »

Juliana is an emotional girl. Look into her eyes.

The govt should think of what can make Malawi a better place to stay or live. Juliana is talking sense. The most dangerous diseases are malaria and malnutrition. If we are talking of better Malawi, people should eat well = balanced diet and access good health facility to curb diseases and reduce mortality. Health people for a health nation, health nation for a self sufficient citizenary. Vision 2020 = Other countries do come to steal our ideas and develop but we are failing to implement our own ideas becoz of greediness. Instead for the money to be utilised to implement… Read more »
rudolf phiri
This is why we will forever be a nation of backward idiots. Juliana is speaking of the budget, allocations to the Ministry of health. That affects her constituency and as chair for the health committee of Parliament, she has information on the ground about what is going on, and is a trained medical professional. Instead of questioning what she is saying, morons are busy attacking her personality, about the fact that she is not married, etc. We pay our MPs so much money to scrutinise the actions of our government and make sure that their decisions are people centred. If… Read more »
sayimoni bayisikolo
This Lunguzi Lady is right.The healthy system is crap in Malawi.Hospitals in Malawi are killing grounds with no proper medical care.Its only politicians and some few rich people who can jump into the next plane for proper medical treatment to S.Africa,Uk and other high quality hospitals in foreign countries.Malawian politicians are only concerned with stealing.Building mansions and buying expensive cars.They are not concerned with the health of ordinary Malawians who entrusted them with those positions.Hospital conditions in Malawi are pathetic.Patients can share beds with very poor diet like prisoners.Most of them just wait for the day to die because they… Read more »
Usovenge Nee
MISS Juliana MISS a point 1. She is too personal, attacking others beside a budget contributions. 2. Her comments are too general without solutions. 3. She has never made a budget even that of two or three people as she is still nursing her virginity/spinstery/batchala. She lives alone. 4. A beautiful woman as she is, if she is still single, definitely, her problem is likely to be her lips. Too much talking.If she talks too much like that in presence of elders like Dr.Mboshombosho, what more in presence of her boyfriend. Then its more fire. One way communication from miss.If… Read more »

I like Madam Lunguzi. Apart from her good looks she talks alot of sense. Lunguzi, the DPP cohorts will hate you for telling them the truth. Some will yap away about the by-gone days of Hasitings K Banda. His might not have been the best of times in Malawi, but that does not mean we should not move on and develop the health sector throughout the country.

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