Lunguzi says DPP govt cares less on health of ordinary Malawians

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) member of Parliament (MP)for Dedza East Juliana Lunguzi, has accused the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cares less about the health of ordinary Malawians in the villages by allocating less than 10 percent of the total budget to the health sector budget.

Lunguzi: t cutting allocations for the most vulnerable and voiceless in our country, should not serve as an expedient way of balancing the budget.

Lunguzi: Ccutting allocations for the most vulnerable and voiceless in our country, should not serve as an expedient way of balancing the budget

Lunguzi said the ordinary Malawians, mostly in the rural villages who are hit the hardest by any under-funding that the health sector is subjected to.

The lawmaker, a nurse by profession and Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Health, asked Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe to “rethink” on underfunding of the health sector and reverse the trend.

“The sad the truth about the health sector is that DPP Government even conceded in the Budget Statement in as far as their health needs are concerned, Malawians should look to donors.

“If Malawians were expecting a vibrant Health Sector, a DPP government is simply not what they needed,” Lunguzi said this in her contribution to the 2015/16 proposed budget which Gondwe presented in Parliament on May 22.

According to Lunguzi’s findings, Dedza District Hospital would receive K110 million (US$244 444) instead of K315 million (US$700 000), Nkhata Bay District Hospital budget has gone down from K139 million (US$308 889) to K82 million (US$182 222), while Chikwawa District Hospital will get K134 million (US297 778) against its proposed budget of K226 million (US$502 222).

Lunguzi said challenges of inadequate and outdated medical equipment, drug stockouts, dilapidated infrastructure and health worker shortages would not be addressed with 25 percent funding from government.

“When off-budget funding exceeds government allocations to critical ministries, you do not need further proof that those ‘governing’ admit that they do not know how to manage the basic needs of Malawians, the most important being good health,” said Lunguzi.

Lunguzi proposed that making central hospitals autonomous and using resources effectively would resolve hospital administration constraints.

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60 thoughts on “Lunguzi says DPP govt cares less on health of ordinary Malawians”

  1. buddy says:

    Thumbs up,pipo are failing to access good quality of health services already & yet the budget is still being reduced,I like her points

  2. Munthu - The Citizen says:

    I used to be a fan of this Juliana girl when I initially mistook her for a woman of substance but stopped being one upon realising that she not that at all. Julaina appears to be just an empty chatterbox who is emotionally insecure and politically challenged and appears to be out of touch with national politics besides being completely divorced from the Malawian reality. Yes, we can excuse her for being a nurse by profession and a career policeman’s daughter by birth – 2 factors which have worked to her disadvantage when it comes to comprehending national politics and observing political and parliamentary decorum – but she’s a grown up and need to learn things the hard way.

    I mean, how can one take pride in the political mediocrity that has always surrounded her contributions in parliament. She is good at punching holes into issues of national importance but miserably fails to offer any meaningful solutions. She appears to a mere attention seeker who brings school-girl politics to the august house. Yes, Juliana might have had some good schooling but it appears like she didn’t get a sound education. Her party must educate her politicalwise forthwith before she does more harm to the party itself. Look at the faces of MCP MPs when this girl is talking in parliament, you will agree with me that they feel ashamed with many of her useless contributions. The fact that MPs have to talk in parliament doesnt mean that one must talk chaff in there. Give us stuff Jullie, or else give us a break altogether!

  3. Lumbadzi says:

    It is true that the social media is full of bad comments from uncivilized society . How can a normal human being doubt the Hon.lunguzis sentiment , here is somebody who can afford foreign medical attention only fighting for common man in the village and this only shows how insane this gvt is. That’s why you are not even ashamed with k92 billion scam and u don’t care about people s lives . Bingu did the same see how GOD punish ed him.

  4. Mataka says:

    Juliana Lunguzi is an intelligent woman, on top of the government budget to health sector reduced you could also see how the ambulances donated by UNICEF has been distributed only two ambulances in the north out of the 30 ambulances, with Dowa getting a lions share becoz the minister is commining from there also Thyolo, Mulanje and some district in the south sharing all the vehicles. The two in the North have been given to Goodal Gondwes Mzimba north. How do You idiots in DPP think other districts will be catared for this is regionalism at it s best let God take again this unthinkable president, who has left the country to his foolish ministers. Things are worsening and yet the Goodals, Grace Obamas, ghambis, and this stupid Rumphi north MP are busy dancing to this stupid government.

  5. Facelogist says:

    Juliana is an emotional girl. Look into her eyes.

  6. nyavizwazwa says:

    The govt should think of what can make Malawi a better place to stay or live. Juliana is talking sense. The most dangerous diseases are malaria and malnutrition. If we are talking of better Malawi, people should eat well = balanced diet and access good health facility to curb diseases and reduce mortality.

    Health people for a health nation, health nation for a self sufficient citizenary. Vision 2020 = Other countries do come to steal our ideas and develop but we are failing to implement our own ideas becoz of greediness. Instead for the money to be utilised to implement the MGDs thieves do pocket large amounts.

    Malawi will not develop becoz those in control looks at it as a place not to live. Once money stolen they export their developments outside Malawi in Singapo, Australia, UK Geremany yet these people do not even need a foreign investor.

    Good, please think of poor man but sometimes you will say I am budgeting this for a poorman but it can even help yourself. Think of how Bingu was failed to be helped becoz of scarce resources one day it will be you.

  7. rudolf phiri says:

    This is why we will forever be a nation of backward idiots. Juliana is speaking of the budget, allocations to the Ministry of health. That affects her constituency and as chair for the health committee of Parliament, she has information on the ground about what is going on, and is a trained medical professional.

    Instead of questioning what she is saying, morons are busy attacking her personality, about the fact that she is not married, etc. We pay our MPs so much money to scrutinise the actions of our government and make sure that their decisions are people centred. If you have issues with what the Honourable MP has said, attack those facts, tell her why you think it is wrong that she is saying what she is saying. Democracy is about diversity of views, different ways of doing things, Juliana is expressing the way she feels things can be better done, her views. A democrat will agree to disagree with her. She is not in the house to clap hands to what she feels is rubbish?
    So either people who have access to social media kumalawi kuno are mostly a bunch of idiots who cannot engage this lady on the issues she is raising and would rather just attack her personally, or mzimayiyu walasa in her comments and the truth is hurting. Whatever the case, try to be civil and point out where you disagree with her. Its a damn shame!

  8. sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    This Lunguzi Lady is right.The healthy system is crap in Malawi.Hospitals in Malawi are killing grounds with no proper medical care.Its only politicians and some few rich people who can jump into the next plane for proper medical treatment to S.Africa,Uk and other high quality hospitals in foreign countries.Malawian politicians are only concerned with stealing.Building mansions and buying expensive cars.They are not concerned with the health of ordinary Malawians who entrusted them with those positions.Hospital conditions in Malawi are pathetic.Patients can share beds with very poor diet like prisoners.Most of them just wait for the day to die because they cant access drugs even for a curable disease.Shame for politicians of this country.

  9. Usovenge Nee says:

    MISS Juliana MISS a point
    1. She is too personal, attacking others beside a budget contributions.
    2. Her comments are too general without solutions.
    3. She has never made a budget even that of two or three people as she is still nursing her virginity/spinstery/batchala. She lives alone.
    4. A beautiful woman as she is, if she is still single, definitely, her problem is likely to be her lips. Too much talking.If she talks too much like that in presence of elders like Dr.Mboshombosho, what more in presence of her boyfriend. Then its more fire. One way communication from miss.If the case of her being single is not her lips then she is a prostitute or there is her own problem that men runaway. Angamize mate ameneyu.
    5. Miss Juliana( at the age of 38 ) you have be very constructive not distructive in your contributions.
    6. Can you post your number here, for arrangement of our wedding.You are not getting younger.Katunduyo azitafunidwa basi.Mukafika 40 years old kubeleka kumavutatu.
    7. Yayayaya I like you Miss Juliana Lunguzi(nee for ever).
    8. Let this be for this week Juliana Nee.

  10. Joel says:

    I like Madam Lunguzi. Apart from her good looks she talks alot of sense. Lunguzi, the DPP cohorts will hate you for telling them the truth. Some will yap away about the by-gone days of Hasitings K Banda. His might not have been the best of times in Malawi, but that does not mean we should not move on and develop the health sector throughout the country.

  11. bunduza says:

    We need intelligent and responsible parliamentarians like Juliana Lunguzi not those who just seat in the chamber just clap hands to everything even those contributions that are meaningless just to appease theirmasters.The plight of the poor has to be considered with all seriousness .

  12. ndagoma ndidziko says:

    Zonse tamva But is this lady living in this country. Does she not know that we are short of money and that there is no donor support? Pophika nsima ndimayesa umalinga madzi ndi ufa? So where does she expect the money to come from?

  13. nachisale says:

    STOP insulting Juliana for criticising the budget. Its her right to marry or not to marry. Talk about her contributions and not her personality. It is good we have MPs like Juliana who come from different professional backgrounds – they are enriching parliamentary debate.

  14. Winston Msowoya says:

    How can the government care about Malawi’s poor while,the leaders themselves have access to government funds at anytime they feel ill.When Bingu was pronounced Lifeless in Lilongwe,his brother insisted that he was still alive and shockingly,the dead body had to be flown to South Africa using Millions of dollars of public funds to charter an Air Ambulance,while back home,thousands of sick people are left to fend for themselves,patients in our hospitals lack proper care due to shortage of doctors ,nurses and above all,very severe shortage of medicines.The few medicines we have around ,are channelled to private clinics and hospitals owned by government medical workers.Malawians,where is our once caring mother Malawi heading to? Without doubt,Malawi has become man eat man society.

    1. Charlie Hebdo says:

      True bro

  15. straight Talk says:

    come on Juliana call a spade by its name. They should not say boma lilibe ndalama or no donors uku ali busy kuba, by the way it’s the duty of the government to raise money for its smooth running. Musova.
    Some comments are complaining of ppl from Mozambique a kutha mankhwala do not be xenophobic, go to maiko ena mukawone even a foriegner is able to get free treatment at gvt hospital. Lastly we need ppl who contribute in this August house because out of that gvt cooks tangible progress and they are called genius out of other people’s ideas.

  16. kunyado says:

    DPP really cares lees about the health ofthe people . Imagine all NAPHAM offices have been closed the only source of hope fo people living with HIV. I regret my vote!!!!

  17. johntembo Kuffor says:

    Abiti Lunguzi muyenera kudziwa izi.

    Budget yi ndi ZERO DEFICIT, ndipo BOMA la DPP layetsetsa kwambiri kuganizira chipatala chakwanu ku Dedza chimene chimathandiza anthu aku Mozambique mwaulere.

    Chomwe muchite ndikukakhala pa geti la Chipatalapo nkumathamangitsa anthu aku Mozambique chifukwa ndi amene akutha mankhwala a abale anu ku Dedzako.

    Komanso malangizo ena ndi awa: Abiti, mukamangotsutsa chirichonse ngati Jesse Kabwira, ife tikuchotsani u MP. Tsamalani nafe

  18. Alungwana says:

    They expect development from people of poor health. They know that when they get sick they will go to Garden city clinic yet a poor voter will need to go to a health clinic that has no drugs at all. DPP is a failing government

  19. man Dlhaka says:

    Let her talk,that’s her duty.We need people of capacity just as she’s….it’s a sign of her competence…

  20. P. M says:

    Lunguzi tingokufusilapo apa,

  21. Ndangodutsamo. says:

    Guy enanu mumangotsutsa ndizilizonse zomwe, what Lunguzi is saying absolutely true and she even mentioned few examples to back up her disapproval. If the government will not consider this it will affect some of us regardless of our political parties, tribe, even religion. Koma enanu chomwe mumadziwa ndikumangotsetsa just because she’s from the political party we don’t like. Mkabudula mwanu mwamva mxxxiiii.

  22. Cheyo the real northerner says:

    I conquer with other people that have made comments against this lady called julliana. She is just too talkative. I suspect she is just blackmailing us Malawians taking advantage of our ignorance. I repeat she is just too noisy. Too boring!

  23. Afanaze says:

    Come on people shes just doing her job. Dont be jealous!

  24. Nyonyo says:

    Lunguzi …wanyanya kuwuwa ngati galu..During kamuzu era we dint ave this freedom u r enjoying don’t abuse it ok! Are u seeking to accumulate political mileage? At times ndi bwino kukhala duu OK ..I thought it was MCP inapanga your father tintin?

  25. Will says:

    We really expect such kind of checks and balances from such a vibrant opposition. By the way we are also waiting to hear soldier wa a mphawi’s first comments since he refused to be swallowed up by goverment benches.

  26. Kabwiro used to have the similar ability to make such huge variety of noises,it was pity that she went overboard and start insulting the very same people who voted for her that are “the living Corpses” since they’re living with HIV (stigmatising)
    If I were you I would rather concentrate on finding a decent man to marry… can criticise the government all you want but
    Smart people knows how uneasy it is to run a government like ours without donor aid,suffice to say the President is doing a great job
    Dpp Woyeeeeee__UDF Woyeeeeee

  27. SALIMA BOYS says:

    Koma apa nde Malawi wakutatu,kukhalira kunyotsolerana basi..mxiiim,kamba koti mukadwala mukumapita ku Garden City ndi ndalama zathuzi eti.

  28. Kachilombo ka ku Dowa says:

    Anthuni ngati mulibe comment mungokhala inuyotu mukutha ku poster ma comment anu opusawa chifukwa inu mukadwala mupita ku zipatala zolipira chifukwa muli ndi ndalama kapena Office ikulipilirani , Tangoganizani za munthu yemwe ali kumudzi moyo wake wa tsiku ndi tsiku amagwiritsa ntchito ndalama yosakwana 1dollar angakwanitse kupita ku chipatala cholipira pomwe ogwira ntchito kuchipatala atanyanyala kugwira ntchito kaamba ka poor working condition?
    Kunena zoona ndalamazi zachepa zeeeeedi. Apa pakufunika Godall Gondwe wanuyo ndi pitala wakeyo aganizepo bwino chifukwa iwo akadwala amapita kunja pogwiritsa ntchito ndalama za misonkho yathu pomwe eni akefe tikulimbilana PANADO mtidzipatala tamunoti.

    Ma Comment autsiru pano ayi kaya ndinu a chipani chiti, Lunguziyutu akunenera ( Kupemphera ) ku mtundu wa amalawi wonse osati kwao kokha ku Dedza ayi.

  29. Fumbani says:

    But you care a lot about Malawians’ health when you ran away from nursing job after the same government trained you free of charge.Illogical accusation.

  30. Sapitwa says:

    The arguments make sense but with a tight rope budget with no Donor funding, what would u expect Juliana?

  31. Kadushu says:

    A Mhesha, I think you are missing a point here. This lady is talking of real issues not politics, people will suffer with this Budget and she is rights

  32. nobel says:

    Let’s be objective in our reaction to these parliamentary developments. Some of these comments are purely DPP machinations, no wonder u nullify every good information for ordinary Malawian

  33. jimbo says:

    The number one priority of any government anywhere is to look after the health of its people. The DPP appear to have other priorities, and so the people suffer. Health, education, security and infra-structure should be the day-to-day concerns of the Mutharika Government. Instead there is political in-fighting, point-scoring and much hot air. Things are talked about, but there is no action, no progress. The country desperately needs concrete results, not words, words, words.

  34. titus Scoti says:

    Very charismatic indeed: like father, like daughter!

  35. Munnyabu says:

    Iam surprised with some comments against this lady, r her facts not worthy to the ordinaly poor malawian? R u not experiencing drug stock outs in ur near health facilities?

  36. Gule Wamkulu says:

    Anthu ambiri akumuyamikila Juliana Lunguzi…akuti ndi mzimayi wokoma kwambiri. Her constituents love her. Kaya pano akuyendabe ndi ujeni kaya? Nayenso kuchedwa, mpaka pano osapeleka mimba zoona?

  37. Bwino says:

    Juliana wants improved funding in government sectors. Juliana does not like taxes on Malawians. Juliana knows there is no donor direct support to budget. Juliana does not give alternative sources of finances. Therefore Juliana is making unnecessary noise.

  38. Tiko says:

    Eee macoment enawa akuchita kuonetsa kuti chilungamo chimawawa.

  39. bob mzunga says:

    Bravo Juliana! Continue the good work you are doing: speaking for the voiceless! Dpp is a very cruel, thoughtless, self-centered political party! It only thinks of fattening itself. I am very amazed with the people who are criticizing the good woman this lady is doing. Crazy Malawians.

  40. Pepe says:

    MCP maily Juliana stop suffering from BP and herat attack over national budget as you don’t know the machinery for disbursement of money.You dont know how money moves from account number 1 to ministries. Even those who submitted their figures to government, it was for consideration. Its not a must that what the ministries and departments ask from government through budget will be rewarded. The ministries and departments also work on projections. that budget is a projected budget. It can be affectected by inflation, population growth, national disasters(floods, diseases), cash gaters (don’t rule it out as Goodall does not keep the cash in his house), miscalculations, poor income collection. Because some recipients of this fund may overuse or under use their allocations. Jack up . I know training for nurse do not cover any accounting principles. As such you don’t understand anything. You are just like a baby who advice his father to give his mother enough money for chicken and rice while the father has only coins for bonya. Head of the family gets money the way the government does. the government does not make money at all.However we will just appreciate that with medical training, you are able to emulate to do what economists do although you have minimal understanding. You are just an economic parrot and eloquent.Koma asisi lowani m’banja kapenatu amuna akuthawa mulomowo. Talking too much.

  41. Maximum Prison says:

    Ndale sakuzidziwa uyu azingobwebweta choncho azawona mathero ake!

  42. Mc Phodo says:

    Juliana you are useless.If you care about people’s health, why did you resign as Nurse for MP. What are you doing in parliament since you are a trained nurse trained for over four years. I mean this is the reason why there are few nurses in the hospital. And this is why you talk nonsense in the parliament because of many patients who died in your hands especially in those in gyaenacology. I am told you were a very rude nurse to patients. You were even shouting at your fellow women that they should not cry when delivering because they were not crying when they were getting the pregnancy. You are very bad.Kani kulankhula mwachipongwe nchifukwa cha mwazi wa anthu womwe umauona muchipatala eti. Ndaziwa tsopano. This is the reasons why you have not been married. So Juliana you ran away from the noble task as a nurse and Chakwera also ran away from task and noble task of patorhood. That is MCP I know.

    Marrying a nurse ndiye kubetsatu. How many nights the husband can sleep alone? Madokotala amangokutafuna basi. Ukalambirapo basi. Amuna sakulakwisa kukulambalala chifukwa madokotala atafunamo kale.Ngakhale gule wamkulu sangakwakutole.

    Ukulimbana ndi bajeti ya boma ngati ukwanisa kusatira coin ina iliyonse bwanji. Its only Goodall who will have a final say about how each coin has been used. Shut up. Idiot. A natural spinster.

    You cant convince any minister if you are failing to convince at one man to marry you. Jessie adalilawapo. Not you.

    Kodi boma likapereka ndalama zambiri ku health akapereka makhwala ndani popeza iweyo nurse unathawa. Ngati boma likulakwa koma iwenso unalakwa pothawa ntchito ya u nurse.Nonsenu iwe ndi boma ndi inu olakwa. Mbuzi zenizeni.

    Bambo wako Maxwell Lunguzi sankachita zoputsa ngati zimezo. Nchiyani? Kuona anthu ambiri akufa mu chipatala eti.

    This is why JB lost credibility as she used talking loudly as what you are doing. Ng’oma ikaliralira kumasala mkung’ambika. Kamufunse JB kapena Lusiyasi. Nthawi itakwana sadalimbe ayi. Next its you. Mark my words. DPP will do something. If votes fail then some technology will be messing up figures.

  43. ***** Ugalu Bwako says:

    Mai Lunguzi nenani zomwe mwaona mu budget. Ife tisingatsutse ngati taona nawo budget yo.

    Paja a Minister a ku Health ndiosayankhula aja chifukwa cha mantha.Ku mbwambwana basi. Chitukuko kwawo kulibe. Believe me that minister can go to her DC the road to Dowa boma is political.

    You are only expressing yourself.

  44. viyazi tembo says:


  45. mbuzi iwe says:

    Lunguzi this, Lunguzi that. Is it really true that she is the only one contributing to the national budget debate? Or some people just like to talk about her.
    If you listen to the radio on parliamentary debate live, you discover that alot of MPs are constructively contributing but what you read MOSTLY on Nyasatimes is about Lunguzi.

    Ndayamba kudabwa nazo

  46. nganga says:

    Juliana kusokosa khala chete wanyanya kodi monse muja sunakwatiwebe? Wakulatu mwali

  47. half man half biscuit says:

    Thanks Julie for pointing this out. But please go beyond this criticism and provide an alternative budget. Tell GG MCP needs two weeks to improve the budget. Then employ the various house committees to rethink and rewrite the budget. Piecemeal criticism wont work. Komanso inu a minority government why dont you work with Ecama to come up with a sensible budget? Cant you people involve Saulos for just once? This budget is amateurish.

  48. JuJu says:

    Is she the only member of parliament in the whole august house that we should only hear her stories. Kapena amakupatsanai ndalama kuti mudzilemba nkhani zake. There are a lot of MPs in the house that are talking sense than this useless lady. She is attention seeker by the way.

  49. Cameo says:

    Lunguzi, Lunguzi, Lunguzi how many times would the Finance Minister talk to your attention right there at parliament?

    Some of the finding will come from donors OFF BUDGET.

    The Goodal budget was formed according to our resources and is not funded.
    Its our taxes which you also criticised for bringing 10% on Text messages.
    Are you showing us that MCP will run the country without taxes?

    Please Lunguzi do not tell us Trash

  50. mfana wa DPP says:

    LUNGUZI ….you belong to hospital leave politics to politicians…you think chakwera nd MCP mudzawina NEVER!!!!!! dpp is her to stay

  51. A Cuthbert says:

    Where will the monies come from? The same very narrow tax base? Talk is cheap

  52. poooooo says:

    Juliana Lunguzi, kodi ukuti boma ndalamazi akatenge kutiiiiiiii???? iwe tandiuze. akaika tax pa ma SMS kut ndalama zipezeke ukulongololaso. ukufuna chani kodi kwenikweni???? Guyz lets be thinking, azungu anatitaya, nde mukuti boma ndalama likatenge kutiko??????? mundiuze mukanakhala inu. ok ok What if out of the 902 Billion money, 500 billion is allocated to health, mukanamati chani za kwinako??? guyz tamaganizani ngat ndinu athu okhala ndi bongo pliz pliz!!! ma MP enananu ndataya nanu chikhulupiliro, u are there just to oppose even a good coiurse u oppose. eeeee munangomva kuti opposition nde amatero??? eeeeeeee check ur wayz madam Lunguzi. Inu nomwe mufuna bomal lomwelo likupaseni ma salary abwino. Musaiwale mumati ma allowance akuchepa, then anakukwezerani mumalandira 60 000 pa day as sitting allowance. ndikukuonanitu!!!!!!

  53. Thyolo boyz says:

    To say the truth DPP is not considering as . NAC the mother body for AIDS and malaria in malawi also doing sheet this due to DPP . samalani kwa mbiri takutopelani NGO like NAPHAM no funding ? even chiefs can happy with that we thyolo people takwiya zedi kalilani uganize bwino ndi gondwe bolansotu ken you sheet

  54. Mhesha says:

    She barks a lot… lucky she is because newsmen patronises her outbursts regardless of whether it news worthy or not. Maybe wabadwa lero. ..During your MCP rule that was the time we used to hear of Kwashiokor, marasmus, matekenya, as Ngwazi was busy misinforming the world that Malawians had bumper yield. Ndife akuluakulu wena.

    1. Malawiana says:

      Am sorry if you dont appreciate people who freely express their views like this lady does. Fortunately, the majority take her seriously.

  55. Maximum Prison says:

    Ng’oma yolira kwambiri sichedwa kung’ambika Juliana Lunguzi watchuka tione mathero ake. Kodi ku parliament uliko wekha!

  56. MELINDA says:

    thats Juliana i know,enanu mulakalaka kumufunsira kuti mumutseke pakamwa.koma siigwira.people are struggling out there


    This the lady who is talking sense osati Chakwera leader of opposition basi phwiii osakamba kanthu. Chakwera is not fit to be a president. He is a coward

    1. Malawiana says:

      Cant agree more.

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