Lunguzi says DPP govt must behave: ‘Donors are skeptical’

A behaviour challenge on treating cooperating partners has been issued to the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government by opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Dedza East Parliamentarian, Juliana Lunguzi.

Lunguzi appealed to government not to cross path with donors responsible for procuring the country’s drugs.

“What I would love to see therefore, and to hear, is a pledge that the Executive will behave in a manner that ensures that donors will not be placed in a position to desert us again, especially now that the Executive, in as far as the supply and availability of drugs is concerned, has put all eggs in one basket,” Lunguzi said in parliament.

Lunguzi:  increase funding to health

Lunguzi: increase funding to health

Lunguzi, who is also the chairperson of Parliamentary Health Committee, was contributing to debate on the 2014/15 national budget,

She told the House that most health facilities lacks basic necessities like electricity, running water, protective wear due to inadequate funding.

The total budget allocation to the health sector in national budget under scrutiny is K65.2 billion.This includes allocations to Ministry of Health, District Councils and National AIDS Commission.

The Ministry of Health owes various suppliers of goods and services about K5.7 billion and government had committed to a schedule of payment starting from the 2014/15 national budget.

The Dedza East MP said donors are “skeptical” , saying “they don’t want their money to be used for [paying arrears.

Lunguzi asked for more funding, saying the proposed allocation to the health manifestly inadequate/

“The budget that has been allocated will not suffice because as we speak, QECH owes suppliers MK359 million with the unpaid water bill amounting to MK140 million. Water is life, and hence at QECH, lack of water would be a national catastrophe,” she informed the House.

Lunguzi said government should desist from “banking too much” on donors when it comes to health sector funding.

Donors, the lawmaker pointed out, can be “unpredictable” not by design but because of “our inability to sustain positive relationships with them”.

Malawi is this year running on a zero-aid financial plan after donors stopped budgetary support due to financial malfeasancein the public coffers.

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45 thoughts on “Lunguzi says DPP govt must behave: ‘Donors are skeptical’”

  1. matako says:

    DPP government continues to lie to Malawians just like Bingu did about zero aid budget. We should continue to engange donors in our efforts to erradicate corruption. As long as this government continues to hood-wink Malawians we will urge donors to hold off untill cash gate is fully dealt with. We need transparent and accountable government based on development not regionalism. We need a government that is not short-sighted but rather visionary and devlopment minded. APM is only concerned about how much money will his government swindle through dubious contracts with Mulli brothers. Wake up Malawians

  2. DZ Generation says:

    Yes, Adona that is completely true and tell them that Dedza hospital is also treating so many Mozambiquecans thus allocation is very small then kusolola AYI. We are tired with these donors so keep quite on that ukutichititsa manyazi . Do you not know that this is zero aid budget?do not cheat us as zero aid yet you borrow much from banks as the late president’s government. Tell them realia!

  3. Wampwesa says:

    Ma dnonor akutchulidwaso bwanji? I thought I heard it is a zero-aid budget

  4. Ujeni Phiri says:

    @ 25 and 26 I think you don’t understand the budgting process and did not follow what the minister of finance was saying. He said Zero Aid in terms of Budgetory support but donors will continue to support committed programs outside this budget such as support to health sectors and others.

  5. Mikute says:

    I may be wrong but I believe what we need most is not increased funding but change of modus operandi. There is perpetual shortage of drugs in our hospitals regardless of volumes acquired. Simple calculation may show that out of the 30 billion allocation may be 12 billion will go to the manufacturers of the drugs. Where will the rest of the money go? A chain of middlemen and corrupt officials. Malawi buys a lot of drugs from India and I hear we have a High Commission there. What stops us from going directly to the suppliers so that we may buy 25billion worth drugs which will translate into double the volume to be purchased with 30billion by using middlemen.

    We need IDs in this country if auditing of drugs is to improve otherwise whatever volume of drugs is acquired, 60 percent if not more will be lost through theft. The drugs will be sold to private hospitals within and outside the country. The tax payer is being mad to pay twice for the same drugs, having funded the procurement he purchases them again from the private hospital or phamarcy.

    Supporting the private sector is good if it is affordable and sustainable. It makes no sense to channel such huge amounts to the middlemen in the name of support to private sector or privatisation when the economy is bearly floating.

  6. Mukhala choncho says:

    Wakamba za nzeru namwali uyu.

  7. Mwapheranjiru says:

    Mai Juliana, mukukambatso za ma donor lero m’mene kuli zero-aid budget? Ndiye pamenepo zikuyenda? Inu ndi chpani chanu cha MCP yalani pfundo zothandidza chuma cha Malawi. Nkhani ya zipatala njofunika zedi, koma ndi pfundo zanji zingabweretse ndalama zothadzirira ntchito za umoyo? Simukukamba za pfundo zolipira ku chipatala, simukukamba pfundo ya ma Khonsolo onse kutengapo mbali pa zipatala za m’madera ao, komanso mwaiwala kuti zipatala zathu mukudzadza ndi anthu a malire a Mozambique, Zambia ndi Tanganyika. Koma kwanu kutokota basi ndi anzanu a MCP? Perekani pfundo zothathindidza Malawi.

    K65 billion njochepa kwambiri pa ntchito ya umoyo mu dziko lonse la Malawi, komanso kwa anthu olandira mankhwala a ku Mozambique, Zambia ndi Tanganyika. Inu nonse ku nyumba ya malamulo, santhulani bvuto iri mwatsanga, popanda kuyang’ana ndale za chipani yayi.

  8. Gongoni says:

    Palibe chanzeru apa,poyamba mayi Julie mudziwe kuti Malawi ikuyendera ZERO- AID BUDGET ndiye siunganene kuti ndalama zachepa umati zichokera kuti? Mmene zililimu mpofunika kugawana pang’ono pang’ono.

  9. Mthenga says:

    Kasi jaha lira likuti mbuni? Ine nanozgeka kukathula ng’ombe ku Mtakataka.

  10. SALIMA BOYS says:

    HOT PROP,Zoona Aunt Jullie okongola zoyankhula zabwino zoonazake……tell them mwina atseguka mu nzeru.

  11. pika says:

    this woman is beautiful eish. but I am told she is not married why? she also sounds intelligent. why is she not married is a big question. Those of you men who are not married what is your problem with this woman/

    1. Malawiana says:

      The problem is inferiority complex. We feel she is beyond our league

  12. Citizen N says:

    You are a woman of substance madam. This is what we need from the ung’ono-ung’ono generation. Stay focused, big things are waiting for you in the near future.

  13. Mbuya says:

    Hihihi! Crying for donors in this age? Crappy MCP thinking! Malawians need to have a positive mindset about being self-reliant!

    1. Meja says:

      tawelenganso article imeneyi mbuzi iwe, crappy lomwe thinking!!!

  14. Mzomeradi says:


  15. Kanyimbi says:

    Kodi mayiyu ndi wokongola ndi m’mutu momwe eti? akukamba za nzeru.

  16. Will Jones says:

    Beauty and brains! That’s my short description of her. The Condoleeza Rice of Malawi. Keep it up!

  17. VYOTO says:


  18. Boko says:

    Pitala is a total failure. Oh cry my beloved country.

  19. Malawiana says:

    Take it or leave it DPP! Thats free advice from the brilliant lady.

  20. kholobowa(nthochi wapathyolo) says:

    Julie julie i dnt knw wat so akweni tamvani kamwana kamayankhula zamzeru nt zanu zazi awa ajulie atithandiza makatedi

  21. jolozakapokola says:

    Namwali wokongola ndiponso wanzeru. NDIKWATIRA AMENEYU BASI

  22. Mugonapamhanya says:

    Youth full of energy without experience and vision.

    1. Malawianmom says:



  23. Bandasiime says:

    Such are the brains from our beloved Dzalanyama State. Keep it up our lady, you make us proud. Don’t copy the shameful poda style.

  24. mtondo says:

    misrepresentation of facts and opinion honorable Julie! 1. Its a fact that the GOVT. Of Malawi has accumulated overwhelming arrears which we all know occured during Joyce Banda’s two years the virtue of being arrears and ‘not Grants’ they must be paid back soon or later,however the sooner the better.Should the GOVT thus NOT PAY what it owns to the suppliers because that may scare the donors?which donors are YOU referring to at this position madam yet we are all aware of the donor aid freeze of which the donors cited mismanagement of public funds in the GOVT. in what was christened as cashgate of the Joyce’s spell of office!

    Parliamentaries who are still crying for the donor aid like YOU are the ones who are killing Malawi to still depend chiefly on donor aid rather than creating a conducive environment for trade and industrial development.Infact its YOU who is scared and Rightly NOT the donors for mismanagement of funds is not synonmous to the payment of arrears.

  25. biggie smalls says:

    iwe julianna, nthawi ikupitatu. undikwatila kapena ayi? ndidzimangililatu ine.

  26. Zambiata says:

    Julie unabadwa bhoo

  27. Mkwaso says:

    She is just saying the very obvious. Nothing to praise or get excited about here!

    1. Meja says:

      Kaliati is too dull to say the obvious!!!

  28. Alungwana says:

    If all female MP’s could talk sense like Mama J. Lunguzi, the lips of Patricia Kaliati wouldnt have been producing the bad smell.

  29. Zex says:

    There are no arrears. But Peter wants to siphon monies through Mulli’s Sunshine Pharmeutical Companyin the name of so called arrears. Mulli now is busy recruiting staff to facilitate this clandestine scheme. Peter also wants to siphon monies through subsidy programme on fertilizer, iron sheets, cement through this Mulli. What they do is that they always deliver less quantities than those on orders. Mulli could deliver only K5.0 million worth of drugs for K145 million orders during Bingu era.

  30. jairosi says:

    what donors madam?? instead of encouraging capital investment in the health sector you are talkng about donors???? that is nationalistic prostitution!! maybe you know what we are talking about!! easy on the make-up baby! when u wake up from bed you will look like a chicken!!

    1. kanchenga says:

      The make up advise should go to your kaliati. What’s wrong with you

  31. GULEKWAWO says:

    Some Women Have More White Stuff In Their Heads Than Men !! One Can Notice That In Their Contributions !! You Are A Presidential Material Automatically For Our Mother Land CENTRAL MALAWI .!!

    1. Malawian Woman says:

      But why WHITE colour for the good brain stuff. Why should the colour not be green for a green Malawi/earth

      1. Basikolo says:

        By creation or say biologically, it is whitish. But we simply call it grey matter not black as you might have assumed. No ill intentions here. And this beautiful lady had lots of this grey matter! Keep the fire burning young lady.

  32. Thoko says:

    Julie, you are talking to street sweepers and garbage collectors. What do you expect from a President and Vice President whose biggest achievement since they got into office is sweeping the streets and collecting garbage?…………..garbage right? ……………and garbage you got it……. Lets just wear make up and lipstick and go beautify Malawi. Everything will magically fall in place. …….how so sad!!!!

    1. Rosie says:

      I agree with Lunguzi on the point about water not being available in hospitals,however when we beautify the streets this means our water supplies will be better, and hence better water supply in hospitals means better health!! So our president sweeping the streets is not a bad thing it is the best thing a president has ever done. “donors” bringing in money is only half of the big picture. Clean air, water and a clean malawi is the big picture, people won’t be getting sick in the first place innit!!

      1. kanchenga says:

        Wrong. Malawi towns used to be clean during banda’s time. He didn’t have to clean the street himself. Even village roads used to be maintained during youth week. He didn’t have to do it himself. What chilima and Peter did was an act of helplessness. So what have you learnt from that operation. Non sustainable actions are of no use to society. They only manage to fool stupid people. Now go to the place where they cleaned and see if it still looks clean.

      2. tHOKO says:

        the problem with a street sweeper president is that priorities are out of order! as far as I’m concerned he can sweep the streets everyday he just needs to set his priorities for this nation

        1. rosie says:

          he was sweeping the streets as per example, so that we should follow suit!! Mwina it is also up to us Malawians to enforce a change. We are bnusy looking for aid but still lazy workers.

      3. Shame says:

        I can’t believe that you are that naive to believe that sweeping the streets will solve Malawi’s problem.

        1. rosie says:

          I can’t belive you are that naive to believe you can stay in a dirty malawi. You live in a decent house you have clean infected water therefore you wouldn’t understand what this is all about. I am for the masses not the rich minority!! Big up to my President Peter Mutharika and him sweeping the streets. He has set a good example!!

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