Lutepo exonerated in Mphwiyo’s attempted murder: ‘ No evidence linking him’

Lead investigator in the ongoing Paul Mphwiyo’s murder case, Kankwala Chilinda has revealed that there is currently no evidence linking Oswald Lutepo to the attempted murder of former Ministry of Finance budget director Paul Mphwiyo.

Lutepo: No evidence

Lutepo: No evidence

Lutepo is yet to enter his plea but the rest – including former minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Ralph Kasambara, Pika Manondo, Dauka Manondo, Macdonald Kumwembe and Robert Kadzuwa – pleaded not guilty.

Chilinda said during cross-examination when lawyer for Lutepo, Oswald Mtupira asked the lead investigator if there was any other evidence linking his client to the case.

“We do not have any evidence linking Lutepo to the case,” said Chilinda.

In his first affidavit, one of the state witnesses Charles Chalunda mentioned Lutepo as one of the member’s amongst the conspiring team to murder Mphwiyo.

However, Chalunda later on through the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) asked the courts to replace Lutepo’s name with that of Pika Manondo.

According to the lead investigator, there is currently no any other evidence linking Lutepo to the murder case.

One of the accused Ralph Kasambara and who is also representing himself asked Chilinda as to why the investigators failed to follow up on the lead provided by the former president Dr Joyce Banda when she said she knew of the people who shot Mphwiyo.

“Most of the information reaching the higher offices comes from the military, the intelligence and even police officers like us.

“However, by the time the statements were made, we had already started following up on another lead,” said Chilinda.

Mphwiyo’s shooting on September 13, 2013 outside his house in Lilongwe opened a can of worms that led to the revelation of Cashgate, in which public officers, politicians and businesspersons looted billions of taxpayers money.

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41 thoughts on “Lutepo exonerated in Mphwiyo’s attempted murder: ‘ No evidence linking him’”

  1. Disgruntled taxpayer says:

    Tell JB to come back home and come to testify in court than blowing a trumpet that she is very famous in the land of the Yankees giving lectures in some unknown colleges.Tinamva ife amasokosera mumisonkhano kuti she knew who shot Phwiyo.She is no longer a president now.She can go to the court now.Ife ma taxpayers tatopa kumupanga compensate Kasambara and his fellow crooks.Mary Kachale game yamukulira kuno.Wachepa nazo mzimayiyu.Sayikwanitsa crew ya mbwenumbwenu yongokhalira kuwerenga.

  2. kangaroo says:

    Comment Nkhani iz Chonde zikadatha timve zina tatopa nazo

  3. Namizinga says:

    Munali NDI JB?…..Inu Mbuzi Eti


  5. Zochedwetsa apa palibe. Tangofunsani amai omwe adati akumudziwa amene adawombera mphwiyo.

  6. Mojamoja says:

    If the commander in-chief says she knows the people who shot mphwiyo, why go any where else for evidence?

  7. M23 says:

    It say according to Chilinda and that doesn’t mean according to everyone else. Fresh evidence can emerge.

  8. Comment: you are just going around yet you know the destination

  9. Vwatapu says:

    The whole thing is now misleading. Was the shooting aimed at killing or just inflicting body harm? In other words if you want to kill a dog instantly, do you shoot the head or the tail?
    In this case, the aim of the shooting is not defined. Was it to stop the stealing or to punish the thieves? It appears the shooters and the shot were all involved in the same game. Yet a lot of time is spent on an action between a misunderstanding between the accused. The nation is actually interested in the people who stole the money and how much was stolen?

  10. ba fipuli says:

    Bring in Joyce Banda & the landscape to this case will entirely change, Ralph knows,

  11. matthews says:

    vuto limakhala kuchedwa, pamene umboni mwaupeza okwanira. mapeto ake makoswe akokokela ndalama zomwe anthuwa adabisa ku dzenje.

  12. MAMINA says:

    Koma kumenekoooooooo


  13. Richard says:

    Lutepo is a freeman.The courts can not go beyond this.Play hard Lutepo

  14. sakamundende says:

    Ralph ndi amene anatuma pika kuti akaphw mpwiyo. No doubt about it

  15. Nowa says:

    Are these comments about the same this story?

  16. Kondwan Nankhumwa says:

    mr mphwiyo identifyd lutepo as a killer why did mr chalunda went to office director of public prosecution to change the name.?,

    ife a chipani cha dpp we r targeting kasambara in the whole case

  17. Wagona nkhule waliwa says:

    Comment: chipanda kuombeledwa kwa Mphwiyo bwezi za cashgate zisanaululidwe. choncho anachita bwino kumuombera mphwiyoyo.

  18. Urunji says:

    Tiona mmene zithere

  19. Chimani. Game says:

    Wasting time,there is no evidence here and these guys will walk free.the DPP. Cadets shot mphwiyo,kwinako,ndi scape,goat

  20. Kanyimbi says:

    What does the courts want? someone publicly said that She knows the people who shot Mphwiyo so why are you wasting more time? I previously said Lutepo will never lose this case. His father is a magician ( a village headman in Kasungu, who practices gule wa mkulu)

  21. daniel phiri says:

    Comment Zachibwa chamchombo lende basi

  22. MBACHI says:

    Comment……colluption at its best. I wish I were born some where else not in this shamefull country.

  23. john says:

    Koma using pseudo names like Ben Phiri,Peter Mutharika,Getu Mutharika ndikulakwa please stop it’s demeaning on our leaders

  24. Teacher says:

    This only happens in Malawi where the state cannot investigate even straight forward cases. No wonder people are not afraid to steal or even to kill. What kind of evidence to you need? Don’t you know that there is always a motive behind every killing or attempt? Don’t you know that a hired marksman does not know or talk to the one behind the idea of killing to conceal evidence? But with proper investigation you get to the bottom of the line. Inu mukufuna achite kunena kuti wakutiwakuti ndamene anandituma? You have call logs to tell you these people had been in touch during the operation, you have witnesses. Just hang one and you will know the truth. Even the defense lawyer knows this whole thing. Vuto you are prosecuting a case while you have respect and are afraid of the suspects. But know that the way this case is progressing, you are not doing justice to Malawi. In addition you are just exposing how sick our justice system is. You are are giving a clear recipe for others to abuse in future.

  25. Gonkhe says:

    This world of ours.

  26. Ndata Farms says:

    Do you idiots understand Law at all?….JB wa chiyani apa?

  27. Bright Malopa says:

    Koma Ndiye JB sitikugona naye tulooo

  28. Ben Phiri says:

    We want the CCTV footage apaaaa…….satanist

  29. Tangokumana says:

    Ralph you are going down….alone….

  30. Peter Mutharika says:

    Is this another angle to implicate JB….empty tins

  31. Getu Mutharika says:

    You savages don’t know when to stop….why do you hound JB like mad dogs?

  32. Mwenelondo says:

    Ralph will certainly go down alone, hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  33. Hello! says:

    I think Ralph is right. The former President has a side too to tell. Oh wow this issue seems to be a complicated one. God knows the end very well because that’s what matters to the people of Malawi.

  34. jack Phalombe says:

    I stopped enjoying drama after the death of Du Chisiza but this one is another master class. Another bottle of green while justice keeping on raping poor Malawians.

  35. Zondiwe says:

    Presidents are exempted from testifying in court.

  36. kelvin kalima says:

    It’s becomin costly and boring

  37. Pacharo says:

    In those days when things were right, kuyika manja m’matumba. But now……………….

  38. Esawo Chateka says:

    Dziko ndilokondera u have Joyce Banda knows can just call to reveal the names thats good your just doing things in exclusion of the sourcer(JB) what do you mean!..hahaha amalawi

  39. Mzimba Solola says:

    Tired of these stories.

  40. CONGO MAFIA says:

    This case would be inconclusive without Joyce Banda testifying in the court of law. If the prosecution team is really serious they have to hear Joyce Banda’s side of the story.

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