Lutepo faking it, marginally remorseful – Court

In the ruling which was delivered by Judge Redson Kapindu of the High Court registry in Zomba on in sentencing cashgate convict Oswald Lutepo to 11 years jail term, he pointed out that the ‘chief cashgater’ was faking mental illness and is “marginally remorseful.”

Lutepo: Marginally remorseful

Lutepo: Marginally remorseful

Citing psychiatric experts report, Judge Kapindu pointed out that Lutepo is pretending to be mentally ill “and I so find.”

He said psychiatrics had concluded that Lutepo did not have any form of mental disorder and that he is indeed “malingers”.

Judge Kapindu said convict Lutepo is “consciously feigning psychotic and other symptoms of mental disorder for secondary gain.”

He also said an opinion of medical experts suggest Lutepo –who is using a wheelchair – is not physically challenged but pretending to have a mobility disorder.

Lutepo, who had previously pleaded guilty to defrauding the government of K4.2 billion (about $9.3 million), wants to appeal against the sentence at the Supreme Court.

But Judge Kapindu observed that Lutepo is only “marginally remorseful” to the cashgate scandal had had a “bad impact on Malawi society .

Citing Professor Wasik in his ruling, Kapindu said clearly a guilty plea may sometimes reflect remorse but offenders who plead guilty are often doing do for “pragmatic reasons” and may not be remorseful at all.

Kapindu said the impression he got from Lutepo is that he does not truly appreciate the magnitude of the damage that he had caused to society with his looting.

“It seems he views himself more as a victim who was used by other people to commit these crimes and he is not fully reconciled to accepting that he personally caused great harm to the Malawi society,” said Judge Kapindu.

He classified Lutepo as “marginally remorseful.”

Judge Kapindu said Lutepo was “clearly a major player” in this grave economic crime against the people of Malawi “although he claims that he was used as conduit rather than a principal.”

Lutepo was given eight years for money laundering and three years for conspiracy to defraud the state due to “the exceptional gravity of the offences and the gigantic sums of money involved,” Judge Kapindu said.

“I have found no single case of such huge proportions in Malawi,” he added.

Cashgate scandal, which originated in 2005, prompted foreign donors — who provide around 40 percent of Malawi’s budget — to pull the plug on aid worth around $150 million.

The Judge, however, gave credit to Lutepo for providing the state with “helpful cooperation.”

He, nonetheless, said information Lutepo provided will be “quarantines from the public record” saying it is up to the State to take further action on it.

So far there have been ten convictions, Lutepo is the eighth to be sentenced, while Caroline Savala and Leonard Kalonga await sentencing.

Of those already sentenced, Lutepo has received the longest jail term while the first one to be jailed Tressa Namathanga Senzani got three years.

Lutepo was arrested in 2013 on suspicion of pocketing money from government coffers through ghost companies which did not provide any services to the state.

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43 thoughts on “Lutepo faking it, marginally remorseful – Court”

  1. mashupo says:

    shame be on all cashgaters Mal onawi is suffering because of you. may GOD bless u

  2. frank says:

    Zovuta kumvetsa2 wawa

  3. Who arrested Lutepo is it APM or JB? I think some people don’t follow issues

  4. chitenje says:

    Ndalama za boma ndi za tonse a Malawi. Nde tikukupemphani kuti mufufuzenso ku PVHO amatulutsa ndalama thru Stecelia Motors wa kwa che mussa. Timaona zonsezi. KUmanamizila kukonza magalimoto and yet PVHO has its educated mechanics who can do it all. Fufuzani ife tikuona zonsezi.

  5. BECHI says:

    The wicked shall perish let Lutepo rotten. The judge is right.



  7. thako la mmwenye says:

    kodi inu a ACB chifukwa chiani Alexander Makina mpongozi wawo wa a lipenga a kumangochi kuno sakumangidwa? komanso chifukwa chiani munatumiza mbava ngati imeneyi ku embassy?

    tikumva kuti anagula nyumba zambiri mu lilongwemu komanso wagula estate ndi ndalama zokuba.

    Chonde chitanipo kanthu apa a matemba

  8. Zuze Chilombo Chammudzi says:

    This judge is very intelligent. Indeed Lutepo is marginally remorseful. If Joyce Banda won the 2014 elections, do you think anyone would have touched Lutepo. God is in Control in all this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Chigawaneni says:

    Nayeni Lutepo ameneyo, osamusiya kapena kumumvera chisoni ayi! Adaphetsa ndipo akuphetsabe anthu osalakwa muno m’Malawi. Alandire mphotho ya kulakwa kwake ameneyu.

  10. john says:

    This is just an earth judgement and remember God Almighty has a lot to do with you.Mumawona ngati muchenjela mpaka liti There’s God in heaven now look at you all.No fish will be spared

  11. Nyenyezi says:

    Why are all fingers on Lutepo only? Where are people in government who were behind the signing of the cheques? If a small enterprise can have controls in checking and verifying payments with goods/services rendered, zimavuta bwanji m’boma? Truly there is more than what meet the eye. Nkhani ya Lutepo tatopa nayo kodi tikhalira zomwezi? Nanga amayi amangidwa liti? Akatha amai, Pitala ndi anthu ake a DPP amene anaba MK92b nawonso alandire chawo chilango, sizodikira kuti Pitala azachoke kaye pa Upulezidenti ndiye muzizamuyimba mulandu ndiye kuti chani? Are Malawian presidents immune to prosecution & convict? Apa ndipamene a malawi timapusira, kungomva kuti its a peaceful country ndiye kumangololera anthu azitibera ndalama zathu zamisonkho pomwe bomalo likulephera kupereka kwa anthu ake basic social services umbava basi. My heart will rest if those who authorised those payments will be convicted otherwise to celebrate the conviction of Lutepo is total madness. The big fish must be caught ndiye tinena kuti ma judge mwayambapo kugwira ntchito yanu otherwise rating is below average. Wake up Malawian judges kapena nanunso akumakudyetsani mabuns eti? shupiti!

  12. Alex beu says:

    chimunthu choipa kwambiri zaka zachepa bola zikanakhala 20

  13. mussah says:

    mulira mumadya nokha

  14. Thako Lambeta says:

    Tamuponyereni njoka tione ngati sadzukapo pa mpandopo wakubayo

  15. Cashgate1 says:

    Could Lutepo be replicating Bakili Muluzi scenario? I for one don’t believe that Bakili had that thing called back problem, but he is very aware that by doing so he may delay the whole process and along the way some evidence missing then case closed. If only justice is applied to everyone, I mean everyone. But lol.

  16. Mzee says:

    Yes cashgate was evil but our problems dont stem from the looting of the Treasury. Even if the money had not been stolen by these people the situation could have been the same. During Bingu’s presidency the Malawi Govt used to produce two reports one for donor consumption and the other for MG. At least cashgate oiled the economy what about the illegal externalisation of forex to UK by British Asians? Who does it benefit? Michael Nevin has not even hinted on his readiness to have this money sent back to MW. Yes kill all cashgaters but include current Ministers.

  17. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Iam tired, can some1 show me mabere, plz!

  18. ibrahim makwati says:

    inu anthu enanu musaone ngati mwapulumuka taonani mwazunza anthu malawi yonse mwainyenya RIMEMBER TODAY is 39DAYS wait 40 is coming lutepo will welcome u soon

    1. Alex beu says:

      zoona bwana ena akuwona ngati abisala

  19. blessing shuga says:

    chiwengo kasungu you have astupid brain it doesnt think right it pretends to think that makes your ideaz full of shit #check your b/s

  20. Mlauzi says:

    He is not a hard working person but a thief, full stop. These guys amatishainila akamayendetsa magalimoto osowa, live in poshy houses, send kids to expensive schools , do their shopping in RSA and Dubai, set up companies and generally appear successful when others who are genuinely hard working continue to struggle without moving an inch.

    Consider the suffering he has caused to the masses through interalia drug shortages, slippage of the Kwacha in the face of donor aid freeze etc.. Let him be incarcerated and rot in prison. Let this be a lesson to others. Let`s rid our country of these despicable acts

  21. Malawians are suffering because of these minorities

  22. It is sad and shameful that everyone who is accused of cashgate pretends t be sick when they are about to be convicted. What are foreign donors and others are thinking about Malawians? When these people were stealing they well healthy and enjoying while many Malawians were dying. Murders should be hanged. Of-course these people did not go to the government office and write a cheque themselves but higher personels in the government wrote and signed the cheque without checking if the job is done. How does it work in Malawi when money is paid? Is there no inspectors for projects done? Would u pay Chines if they dont show the complitation of the project? NO! Why do or did un pay your fellower Malasians without inspecting the work? Are Malawians so dull or no education to do know this simple system? This is where you created mafia system. Why only PP members are convicted? This is why donors are not realise their money. As long as the holes are not sealed NO foreign money to Malawi. APM is not a clean person. You want him you can have him and continue suffering. I is your choice. The man is not a leader but someone who wanted to make a name to have a name on top of his prof status. Malawians dont know this man.

  23. Mungete says:

    He thot he was clever. Now he will spend over a decade yrs in jail. Kobwera kokha kamalaula. If its true he was a conduit, why did Bingu, JB and others use him only as conduit? The judge is not wrong, Lutepo was a major player and beneficiary of the looting

  24. George phiri says:

    Lutepo is done deal. Stop writting about him now. Lets look at the 92billion issue now. Good show nyasatimes since this lutepo issue started. Lets look at those that are supposed to be inside but they are still outside ruling us.

  25. Paul says:

    Lutepo deserves even more than eleven years .. it will take more than eleven years for a m alawi to recover from this. if its cureble at all … he is just like a killer in my house ..court plz.reconsider it ..20 yrs is fair enough for a malawian like me who spends not more than one hundred kwacha per day on nchele and soda a malawian like me who goes to the hosptal 20 miles away on foot just to find not evn a pain killer .. a malawian like me who drinks water from where snakes and frogs …drink a true malawian like me whos paying tax when ever i buy anything. ndakwiya kwambiri amenewa ndi anthu izikonda koopsa ndi aja amativuta ntawn kumanyada mu magalimoto ovuta kumatithira matope chosecho chuma chakuba ..olo mutangowatulutsa amalawi akufuna kwambwino tiwalimbirane saaaaah

  26. Smoko boy says:

    What about those who authorised those payments?

  27. cofyfer is not interested in these cashgate stupid cases whereas the gavament is still hiding some of there pple who are invoved how can lutepo steal money from the boma without any connection with big bosses from in side mmmh only God nuhs

  28. Charombanthu says:

    Just send him to the gallows and throw away the keys so he can rot there. Anthu osakonda dziko lawo ngati amenewa osamawaweta ayi. People are suffering because of their selfishness. The idiot has pleaded guilty, so what is all this fuss about? Just find his accomplices and lock them up as well.

  29. redeemed says:

    Any form of disability is not a joke. If Lutepo is indeed faking it, then he is being childish. There was a man who used to pretend to be deaf as a means to avoid deportation, guess what happened to him. He conceived a deaf child.

  30. Spider says:

    Let the truth prevail.

  31. Eddie says:


  32. Tengupenya says:

    when comparing sentences please also refer to the crimes the convicts were charged with and the aggravating or mitigating factors acknowledged by the sentencing authority.

  33. nanaphiri says:


  34. Che Ngana says:

    Ma Judge Gwirani Ntchito Ndi Abakha Amenewa.Ndizomwe Anasankha Asalire Lero..

  35. madson says:

    All politicians are thieves I thank lutepo for what he did, he changed many pples life, after all adzatuluka very soon he is still young azazidya money mofesa ,,,, inu mukhuta mouth voice gate ndikumangoyankhula

  36. Mwethu says:

    I concur with Kapindu on his observation about Lutepo’s illenss and guilty plea. This man wanted to hoodwink the court, am sure someone advised him to fake mental illness and disability to get sympathy from the court and public at large. From his ravings you can make it that the man isn’t remorseful at all, asKapindu says he thinks he is the victim of circumstances and not that he stole with full knowledge of what he was doing. You may recall at the initial trials where the current AG described him as an educated fool, if indeed he let others use him without him benefiting at all then the AG was spot on. But this is a calculating thief, he knows what he is doing and he knew what he was doing. Just because he was caught that’s why he is saying all these things.
    If he appeals the courts should increase the money laundering sentence because this is a man who has not repented. Given a chance he will do the same things just to be among the elite of this country without working for it.

  37. Songwe says:

    So Lutepo 11 years without sex. Ungoyamba kumanyenga amuna amnzako Ku matako and not what you said for fighting for rights. Or masterbation. Mkazi wako appoint munthu woto azimuchinda kunja kuno. Kundende ndikumanda so asuzulidwe basi chifukwa sangamanfokhala ai


    Plz give Lutepo a break he is suffering because of Politicians who has robbed his wealth he used to have,he is a working hard person he didnt steal money using a gun but what are procedures of payment in a government,Some steal money through creating unnecessary trips but the billion question is who authorised to pay Lutepo?

  39. vin says:

    Chindere chakufikapo cha Lutepo. udzapenga ndiponso udzapuwala dikila kaye pang’ono.

  40. Truck says:


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