Lutepo forced to implicate me in cashgate – Joyce Banda

Malawi former president Joyce Banda has again shot down allegations by cashgate suspect-in-chief Oswald Lutepo that while she was Head of State, Banda was the “main beneficiary” of the money Lutepo confessed he stole from government.

Joyce Banda: I'm not worried

Joyce Banda: I’m not worried

Lutepo made claims in an interview aired on Zodiak Broadcasting Station November 21, 2014, that he was only but a conduit in the whole cashgate scandal.

The former Head of State in an interview with Mail and Guardian from Johannesburg, South Africa claimed Lutepo was used by some desperate quarters to implicate her in the ‘cashgate’ scandal.

“ Mr. [Oswald] Lutepo was indeed a member of People’s Party and he was only six months in our party (after defecting from Democratic Progressive Party) when the Cashgate scandal was uncovered … When it was clear that he was the main suspect after the first group was arrested, my government instituted an international search and extradited him from China.

“The statement that he gave when he came back has been changed four times. … In fact, I have evidence that he was forced to implicate me, or his wife will be arrested,” Banda told M&G in an interview published on Friday

Banda said following that statement on the radio by Lutepo, there was an announcement by government spokesperson Kondwani Nankhumwa that they had CCTV [closed-circuit TV] footage showing Banda and Lutepo conniving to swindle government.

“If you recall I established a commission of inquiry to investigate and find out how our former president [Bingu wa Mutharika] died in State House. That’s how we first discovered that there no way we could see it because the CCTV camera in the State House wasn’t working. So for two years that we were in State House, we didn’t have any CCTV that was working. So I don’t know where this footage came from,” said Banda.

Quizzed on what she thinks is the reason to implicate her in the Cashgate scandal, Banda said she was warned by her advisers to expect “abuse” because she was fighting “powerful people and they will fight you back and they will not stand there.”

She said: “They warned me that they [would] bring me down … its part of the deal of being a leader who truly stands for the people.”

Mail& Guardian asked her if she is not afraid that the ‘powerful people’ will succeed on their plan.

The former president said: “ I’m not worried. Even if they do, Malawians now are very intelligent people; they can see through whatever is going on and they know the truth. They know that I served them well.”

“Cashgate” erupted after an audit ordered by former president Banda found that $30 million in state funds had been looted by officials in less than six months last year. It is reported that cashgate started in 1995 and there have been calls to audit K92 billion which was looted within that period. Most culprits in the K92 billion looting also feature in the cashgate currently being pursued through courts.

“I asked the British government to help me conduct a forensic audit and submitted the auditors’ report to parliament [which revealed that K13-billion) was stolen in three months during her administration]. I also conducted an audit into the last three years of Bingu Mutharika’s term, which revealed K92-billion) was stolen then. I’m not worried about being smeared. Malawians are very intelligent people; they can see through whatever is going on and they know the truth. They know that I served them well,” said Banda.

The scandal led international donors to suspend aid to Malawi, where half of its population live below the poverty line.

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34 thoughts on “Lutepo forced to implicate me in cashgate – Joyce Banda”

  1. nyavizwazwa says:

    Thereis no way reported can mention JB, but where did she get the monies bought the cars forthe campaign? Lutepo will roote in jail but the robbers know the truth and how they did it.
    People are being interdicted for 30 days of night allowance but the people who root much, much cash are accquited. This world of ours— May God bless Malawi and destroy who spoil tis country pls

  2. magaula says:

    worry not jb yehova ali mbali yanu ndipo akumenyerani nkhondo inu phee

  3. chikoya says:


  4. Malindima says:

    Nanga ma basi aja? Nanga ma well wishers aja? Nanga magalimito onse munalibe pa VP koma mutantolowa u President ma galimoto kuti mbweee!
    There could be no way that Mphwiyo, Kasambara and et al could have been rich without the big fish. Munaba moyaluka nkuona mukuthawa. Anzanu a Bingu analemera mwa smati nkuona palibe aliyense amazindikira chomwe chimachitika.
    Thief thief thief …….just come home. Your record will never be repaired and you will never be respected. You have ashamed all women in the African continent. No sane country in Africa will put a woman as a Presidential candidate.

  5. Palibe Anzeru says:

    Peter Mutharika got into the Statehouse through the window….there!…that’s your thief!

  6. NAC says:

    Was 92 billion a Birthday gift to Bingu?

  7. Mawu says:

    The Mutharikas are thieves…even their faces show greed of untold proportions!….they were born in abject poverty in Thyolo…they use Mulli brothers…Thieves and killers!

  8. Sibo says:

    The real thieves are angry with you JB the Audit threw a spanner in their wheels of fortune!

  9. Biti Foloko says:

    DPP are the thieves in charge….The Mafia….now they want to sell off a Bank to avoid repaying loans!

  10. Prudence Ndi Getu Wathako Ndani? says:

    Lutepo is a big fool. Let the world know this. He is not credible witness. Amai musawatutumuke anthu awa. Theynhave failed this country big time. They want a scape goat.

  11. john banda says:

    tsoka onyoza amai

  12. Shonayi says:

    AMAYI ndi gayedi.How can she deny her own children.Even children were seing how closely she worked with this group.Do not hide behind instituting the enquury .Thats how crooks act.Theaves even cut themselves pretending to have been attacked.Just come and apologise.Malawians cannot be fooled these days mum.

  13. CHEKUCHEKU says:

    Mayi Ndinu Mbava Ife Simungatinamize. Mukanakhala Simunabe Simukanathawa. Mukuthawa Chani? Mbivi Yachabechabe. Musamavutike Coz We All Know That U Are A Great Thief. Chief Cash Gater….

  14. My stomach is full i have swallowed my comment let me be an ignorant of this and remain quite if you see my comment on this story please do not hestate report it to jb immediately however I WILL NEVER SUPPORT JOI sHE ALso knows this, *useless woman*

  15. john says:

    If Lutepo is lying why not sue him?The more you stay outside the more us are suspecting that maybe Lutepo is right

  16. Biyisikolo says:

    Where is CCTV that shows JB and Lutepo sharing Cash? It is only a Stupid Lomwe that can believe that. Give it to ACB. Fools believe foolish revelations. If CCTV were working then produce how Big Kahuna Died with no shoes on and in Shorts. Show us

  17. Tengupenya says:

    It is Nyerere the ants that knows how to deal with the powerful. They enter their bowels and they open them. Cashgate is such bowel opened by Nyerere. Amayi consciously or unconsciously failed to managed the industrial plunder of the national treasury to the ill benefit of political fraternities that corrupt all executive officers in Malawi. Malemu Bingu was a Devine gift to Malawi until he too succumbed to the industrial corruption. But then, he had already run and won with Amayi, the savior. The rest is history, as they say.

  18. Wadinkhula Wa Yiwona says:

    But ulikutiko Joyisi?

  19. TROUBLE 6B says:

    mai come back home, dont hide. come in the open

  20. Westen Cambriger says:

    Woyipa athawa yekha

  21. napayekha says:

    when are you coming back bitch? The prison is waiting 4 u dog u try ur best but u r tyrant

  22. Symon Njikho says:

    amayi sanabenawo ndi anthu ngati letepo ndi azawo enamwaiwo ndiamene akuyendesa boma pano

  23. Kadakwiza says:

    So Cash gate started in 1995 during Bakili Muluzi. But Malawians why we still support UDF and DPP. So Malawi is poor because of Malawians. Our country is cursed.


    I quote,’She was been warned by her advisers that she was fighting with powerful people, they will fight her until they bring her down.’ But i understand that one of magazine(fobes) labelled her as the most powerful woman in Africa.powerful pple r ..

  25. jean jella says:

    Lutepo can’t be believd he has implicated even his close friends. Hie foes and enemies.
    Jb is innocent.

  26. Yankho says:

    Amai tamangobwerani inu mumayesa chiani Petulo anakapenta prison yomwe inu munakamuikako ndiye nanunso ndende konu ikukudikirani sizocheza izi. When His Excellence Rev Dr. Chakwera takes off government, HE Rev Dr, Chakwera will give you chance to paint the prison you will be serving your sentence. We in Malawi Congress Party we have agreed that after taking oath Rev Dr. Chakwera will pardon you and give you a position to be the Ambassador of the poor the job you are good at.
    Tell your PP supporters to start supporting Rev Dr. Chakwera so that she pardons you in 2019.

    Ife a Tambalafe tikungoti Kwachaa!

    1. munyapa says:

      so that she (chakwera) pardons u in 2019, hedeeee

  27. odalla gracian. says:

    Dont lie madum you are a great thief,everybody knows that you steel govt money.

  28. amnzeru a kummawa says:

    leave amayi alone.

  29. kazeze says:

    Amai, zonsezo mudzizanenela kuno ku mudzi. The longer you stay out of the country the more I don’t believe what you are saying. Pa Chichewa pali a saying kuti mukuchita ngati mukuthawa mtswatswa wanu womwe…

  30. one malawi one people says:

    which God is with the crook Joyce Banda?

  31. Issa Abdullah says:

    amayi omwewo

  32. Frazer says:

    Am nt worried mmm Joice ali strong lutepo woooo

  33. Chrispine Salanje says:

    Madam Dont worry,we Malawians know very well that Lutepo was forced to implicate you,God is with you

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