Lutepo moved to Chichiri Prison ‘on medical grounds’

Chief Cashgate convict Oswald Lutepo was on Monday transferred from Zomba Mikuyu prison to Chichiri prison in Blantyre.

Lutepo: In jail transfer

Lutepo: In jail transfer

Malawi Prison Service Public Relations Officer, Evance Phiri could not deny or confirm the issue when contacted by Nyasa Times.

But one of senior Chichiri Prison officers confided in Nyasa Times that Lutepo has been moved to the penal complex on medical grounds.

Lutepo is currently serving -jail sentence handed down to him by the Zomba High Court on conspiracy to defraud government and money laundering, in September, 2015.

He has since filed an appeal against Judge Redson Kapindu’s sentence, arguing he was betrayed by the State and that Judge Kapindu disregarded his positive testimony in the trial and concentrated on the negative aspects of his case.

Lutepo, 37, was slapped with 11 years imprisonment with hard labour (IHL) for conspiracy to defraud government and money laundering K4.2 billion.

Conspiracy to defraud government attracted a maximum sentence of three years IHL while money laundering attracted a maximum penalty of 10 years IHL.

On the first count, both the State and defence wanted one year jail term, but the judge decided otherwise due to the gravity of the case and the suffering it has inflicted on the society.

On the second count, Justice Kapindu slapped Lutepo with eight years IHL, considering that convict cooperated with the State in giving information and that he restituted his property worth K370 million.

Kapindu said he handed down the stiff punishment on Lutepo considering the seriousness of the case. The sentences ran consecutively effective June 11 2015 when Lutepo was convicted.

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16 thoughts on “Lutepo moved to Chichiri Prison ‘on medical grounds’”

  1. Decent Citizen says:

    Its not newsworthy.We are supposed to be hearing that the big fish who have been using Lutepo are also being picked.We are looking after relatives who are bedridden because they were denied proper medical because of these greedy people who were siphoning our taxes.The news we should also be hearing is that our billion kwacha taxes have been recovered.If you make a bed get prepared to lie on it.Apa Lutepo angolimba chamuna.Malawians are very angry with these cashgate thieves.The economy is in a mess because of these greedy people who wanted to make a name in a wrong way.Where is her friend Joyce Banda who used to get alot of donated car from him.She should come back and explain their friendship to Malawians.Being a cry baby will not help him.This is a lesson in life to others that there are no short cuts to success in life,You have to work your arse 24/7 if you want to become the next khondowes of Malawis and Aliko Dangotes of Africa,not stealing our hard earned taxes to become overnight billionaires.

  2. Therere says:

    what is so special with Lutepo? he is a prisoner like anyone, there was no need to transfer him

  3. Nabanda says:

    Nthawi ya munthu yokuti afe ikwakwana yakwanabe. Ndaona anthu akukwera ndege kupita zipatala zakunja komabe kukabwera maliro. Chimodzimodzi Lutepo Olo mutampititsa ndende yaku Botswana for medical ground koma akafabe ngati yakwana. Sorry am not Judging and am not God

  4. Phillip Billiat says:

    Tikufunanso wina uyu’ otchedwa Lutepo ndi amake amwe akalowe mbava izi iiiiyAaaaaaa.

  5. munthu wamba says:

    Can someone tell me how transfer of a convict from one prison should make news headlines. This guy made news headlines before his conviction. Honestly, he is now no different to thousands other convicts in Malawi prisons. Lutepo’s cerebrity status ended the moment he was handed his long jail term!

  6. Fanz says:

    Let these culprits rot in jail and a lesson drawn from them!!

  7. ganganfuno says:

    Chimbabvadi ichi

  8. Malawi wa Lero says:

    Reporters and or journalists in Malawi just like lawyers have gone full throttle hunting for money to the extent of losing their real duties. This colleague of theirs is telling us what we already know instead of an iness which i suppose he intended to inform us in the first place. Sad!

  9. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    Conditions for inmates in Malawi prisons are brutal “heavy”. Especially when the sentence is accompanied “with hard labor”. That is one reason inmates who were used to easy living (okudya zofewa, akati adya zolimba ndiye ndi dzira” according to the sage, Gwaladi) are unlikely to come out as healthy as when they went in.
    That is too bad because the prisons are supposed to “reform”, and not just to punish the inmates. The system needs reforms, baasi. Unless we want to revert to Kamuzu’s gulag; of the dictatorship era.

  10. Wa Nzeru Wa Kummawa says:

    Lutepo consider yourself very lucky indeed. In USA you could have been handed a 30 year term.

    At the same time it is your right to appeal. If the term is reduced you smile if not you don’t smile if increased you will cry.

    People serve 30 years and come and move on with their life so what is 11? You are very lucky!

  11. KHAYA BAY says:


  12. Woget says:

    mapwando aja mapeto ake ndiamenewa….apitenso ku maula ameneyo.

  13. mogasa club member says:

    ku chichiriko ndiye achila? ine pano ndikupanga ma plan otenga nkazi wake, inu ndikumamubweretsatso ku bt. ndisiyeni msonkho wanga ndiudye munjira yanga

  14. Andrew says:

    Tangophani amaneyu asatinyanse shit

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