Lutepo on suicide watch: Malawi chief cashgate suspect

Businessman  and cashgate suspect Oswald Lutepo’s conscience is apparently bearing down on him. He has been placed on suicide watch at Kamuzu Central Hospital where he’s receiving treatment after his arrest on fresh charges of tax evasion.

Lutepo:  Chief suspect in cashgate

Lutepo: Chief suspect in cashgate

Police guarding Lutepo said  he was depressed and was on suicide watch after he surrended himself to the police and then fell unconscious.

“He is under close observation,” a guard at the hospital ward where Lutepo is, told a Nyasa Times correspondent who visited.

Lutepo has accepted wrong doing in the plunder of public resources and apologised to the nation through the media, saying his companies were simply used as conduits.

He implicated former president Banda for benefitting part of his stolen money .Banda has since shot down the claims, saying they are “malicious” and calculated to drag her in the mud of cashgate.

Lutepo is regarded as chief suspect in cashgate cases  and charged in a K5.7 billion (about $11.4m) theft and money laundering case alongside former Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Ralph Kasambara, Pika Manondo and private-practice lawyer Wapona Kita, which is pending hearing in Lilongwe.

He is also is answering similar charges on an amount totalling K3.1 billion (about $6.2m)in the High Court’s Zomba registry.

Lutepo is facing another charge of conspiracy to commit murder charges alongside Kasambara, Manondo and Dauka Manondo in relation to the shooting of former Ministry of Finance budget director Paul Mphwiyo.

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106 thoughts on “Lutepo on suicide watch: Malawi chief cashgate suspect”

  1. dennis mwaulambia says:

    amangidwe basi

  2. Tobby says:

    leave him let hm commit suicide and meet hell in his next life dats where he will even confess dat de cars he bought for PP was part of de fucken cashgate….i hate dis son of de bitch

  3. Mwalubazi says:

    How is government going to recover the money and, if it has already started how MUCH money NoW? KULIPO kumasoloponso paja same blood …..D(PP)

  4. gibson says:

    mulungu awasunge kuti alape coz atizunza anthu amenewa.akhute ndalama zakubazo

  5. male pipo says:

    Amai wina asadziphenso apa. Munthui adakugulirani galimotozambiri mchipani. Musamusiye yekha lero

  6. Ndigida says:

    May the Almighty God pardon Lutepo and all those who realize their sins and repent in public bur cursed is the one who pretends to be clean and yet the truth is in thee

  7. kiko says:

    Iwe Lutepo tsopano tiwuze kumene kuli ndalama zathu usanafe then we might forgive u a bit.

  8. Chikondi Sichitopa ndipo Chimapirila says:

    Dear A mama,

    You mentioned God almost in every ccampaign meeting? are still calling upon Him? what does He says about the troubled, peaceless families that mentions you? The truth is not in Judges or Lawlers but in you.

    Will you be able to pay school fees for all these suciadals. Come at open. David repented to God and God forgave Him.

    With duly respect I see you the agony you are passing through. This ends until you respond truthfully to these alegations. Any authority that fears God not shall never withstand the pressure. Dont kill yourself

  9. Chikumbutso Chisale says:

    I personally forgive Lutepo. Your tears and destress are the result of wrong doing. This is what sin yields. Because you have come out open and speak what is real in this all deal, May God forgive you and restore you back to life and his glory? May he restore your peace of mind like Daniel in the den of lion?

    Wobisa Machimo sadzaona mwawi. Mulipo ambiri koma iwe wayesetsa. Ngati wasiyako malizitsa.

    I wish you all the best.

  10. CHAKUDA says:

    AMAYI JOYCE, everyone who was linked to you seems to be in trouble….. are you at peace?? Ana a anzanutu awa.

  11. enanu mwati bora kukhala wosauka kodi ndiye kuti umphawiwo ukumakusangalasani ndizosiyana zinthuzi katereku ameneyi waba mabilion atha kumutchaja 5yrz koma mene ulili iweyomo kuba ndalama zofanafana ndi izi mpaka 14 yrz AMENEYI AFA IMFA YOWAWA APO BI_____

  12. Maggie Lucius says:

    Cry my beloved Lutepo. Young man, full of life and good family, who was caught up in a web of greed and was used and abused by the authorities. Now left alone to perish, confused, dejected and without a penny. Oh poor soul. This should be a lesson to all of us who are young and ambitious and would do just about anything to live that fake lifestyle! This guys knows that he will not evade jail. It is not a nice feeling. I empathise with Oswald and pray for him. The world might not have forgiven him but God forgives and forgets if one repents, no matter how grave the sin. And remember, all sins are equal before God. He is no greater sinner than us villifying him here. Amen

  13. Chatty Man says:

    He should kill himself after he has paid all the taxpayers money. Who will miss him anyway?

  14. King Stone says:

    Lets keep on praying for our beloved country

  15. dambudzo wa dambudzo says:

    We don’t just need an apology from Lutepo but we need back our looted money that was meant to boost the popularity of the failed PP and the visionless Woman JB.
    We need our money back before Lutepo asanazikwizinge like his friend Kamanya.All young men who were connected to this Jezebel are going to kill themselves because of the love of dirty money from the crooked old woman.Nonse mumadya ndalama za cashgate tikakukwililani before 2015.

    1. Democrat says:

      The money is with JOYCE BANDA.

  16. Hardy C says:

    what shall profit a man if he gains the whole world and lose his own soul? Lutepo my son repent our sins and be baptised!

  17. Anyamata apa Town says:

    Lurepoyu atiuzenso kumene anasumgidwa zitangoululika zinthu chifukwa mpakana pano, yankho anasiya a Bophani ndi lakuti akufufuzabe. Bwanji a Bophani, manyazi mulibe, mmateteza ndani? Mthandizeni Lutepuyo. Mpakana kumayendanso ndi Mphwiyo ndikunamiza amalawi kuti mwangopezana mu ndege. Mulungu amakanthatu, koma inu akukhululukileni but u need to repent by telling the nation the truth, like boy has done, otheryz mufa mozunzika. Shame on u!

  18. Pitala Pampando says:

    Komatu ameneyu amwalire,sangawanamizire a Ma choncho!

  19. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Munthu uyu sapeza mtendere mpakana ataululanso mbava zinzake zomwe zili mu dpp. Apo ai, akhalira momwemo. Koma ndiyedi bola kungokhala osaukatu. Nanga apanso zilibwino ngati.

  20. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Let’s pray for his quick recovery so that he can stand trials. There is a lot he has to return to Malawians. There is a lot unsaid about the whole theft.

  21. Yona.. says:

    Waganiza bwanji Lutepo?

  22. Mngom’baya jackson wa acid kuti afe imfa yowawa

  23. Ooooh plz u should not die Lutepo, if you die you will leave your country in a very big trouble, if you die today know that those who have wronged Malawians will never receive punishment as we all want.. We need the truth and it seems You are the truth to this issue! Know that if you die you will also make innocents be abused…finish and bring out the truth first about Mama Joyce Banda then go in peace even God will be happy to see you in heaven. After your confession…..if you die and then we found out that you made a lie about Mama Joyce Banda then its another story for you in heaven……plz don’t die sir!

  24. Manjolo says:

    Lutepo has no peace of mind. It’s better to be poor and have peace. Matt. 11:28

  25. chigawenga says:

    Just finish him please. Pay off the guard at the hospital and deal with Lutepo thats vigilante justice,

  26. mosewalero says:

    Just hang all cash gaters tatopa nano ife

  27. citizen says:

    Gentlemen, this was a calculated move, he wants to escape or delay the case. youll hear that he has been declared unfit for trial. becareful.

  28. Simeon Nyapala says:

    Don’t die b4 you fill in the gap by answering on the connections btn Lutepo and JB.

  29. …kwanzako chapita, mawa chili kwa iwe!

  30. geo kay says:

    I believe the charges are hangin’ him every night n’ day nah peace mpaka kukomoka umbamva uyu, theze are the outcome pains, to the extremix..

  31. geo kay says:

    I believe the charges are hangin every night n day nah peace mpaka kukomoka umbamva uyu, theze are the outcome pains, to the extremix..

  32. chemboma says:


  33. Penu says says:

    Atafa sitingadandaule nawo.Anthu ngati amenewa sitidandaula nawo ayi

  34. Liberals says:

    I remember someone shot himself and bequeathed their daughter to some lady -what did the suicide note say else?

    Is my maths correct , I am getting 4 , whether I times or add my two’s! Looks like my dots are connecting perfectly

  35. Gadabwali says:

    He deserve to die since many innocent Malawians have lost their lives because of his deeds together with his idiot, JB.

  36. Khalamule says:

    Robert Chiwamba would describe Lutepo’s experience as” Udzafa imfa yowawa!! ukangoyerekeza kunena kuti sukuonapo chomwe Lutepo akunzunzikira,kapena kungonena kuti akadangomusiya,kapena kukumukhululukira!!! udzafa imfa yowawa!!!”
    Lutepo is reaping what he sow.Let him die a villain. Ife zoona tidzilipira misonkho iye n’kumadya ndalamazo ndi mkazi ndi mahule ake? psssssss!!!, akagwere uko ine chisoni ndilibe naye anayenera:
    1. kuvekedwa thayala
    2. kumuthira petro
    3. N’kumuyatsa
    Afe imfa yowawa.

  37. Nyapapi says:

    Just bury him alive!

  38. Only the Truth says:

    “….not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” John 8: 44 (b). In this verse, Jesus was talking about Satan. When Satan tells you about fame, riches, etc, that you will enjoy if you do something evil, he is lying because he does not tell you the full story. He assures you, for, instance, that you will never be caught, or that if arrested, your fame and riches will bail you out. Neither does he mention what you will pay in the end. And most of the times, you pay with your life, peace, and freedom, among others. Ask those who are in prison now, and they will attest to this. Or indeed, ask any of the cashgate suspects if they are still enjoying their sleep. They have much more money but they do not have the peace and freedom that I have. Solution? Defect from the devil (Satan) to Jesus, who warns you before you fall in the devil’s traps. Ndatha ine wanu.

  39. Lutepo has been choked by his evil deeds, he was shocked by the public funds he squandered, u cannot runaway from your shadow.

  40. one man says:

    afe ndithu ndi amache omweyo.

  41. Baba wa Boyi says:

    I do not understand why people do not buy the idea that Joyce Banda was the “Manthu” of cash gate.

    In the secret service of any country, if people are sent to spy, they are given a cyanide capsule in case they are caught so that they die before they are tortured, that way no secrets will be given. the brave took the capsules, the week did not were tortured gave information and were killed anyway.

    Cash Gate is the same, these people took an oath. ” If you are caught, here are guns you know what to do to protect Manthu” Only one was brave enough to use the gun. Everybody on the cash gate list has a gun, do we have a gun shop in Malawi?

    The Lutepos and Mpwiyos were supposed to commit suicide as soon as things went wrong, now they are being tortured either by their conscience or physically and are giving out secrets, the end result is they will die anyway.

    That is how the criminal underworld works.

    Joyce Banda is not clean by a long chalk, and I will not be surprised if shortly she will declare she is not setting foot in Malawi again because “They’ve got it in for me”

  42. Mnkhulang'ona says:

    Bible linalemba kale kuti chimo limazuza….

  43. wisestfool says:

    Ameneyu si Lutepo bambo, munthuyu ndikumudziwa amakhala kwa Chilinde!!

  44. Joisi pa side meeting says:

    Kaya Bwana Mkubwa wa ku Mangochi Mandere ndiye akupezako bwanji uko ku Mwayi Wathu? Sikuti akudwala matenda akwa mulungu koma anathibulidwa ku Chibwenzi atapezedwa ndi nzake ku DC lines komweko ku Mangochi. Komanso nawo ma P2. kkkkkk

  45. waakulu says:

    is this picture Lutepo’s??

  46. chimangafisi dollar says:

    Why does ths idiot deserve treatment at our deteorating Central hospital where he made a lot of innocent patients suffer due to his cashgating?Sizoti ufe kumeneko utipatse kaye zathu.

  47. TONGOLE says:



  48. Kanyimbi says:

    Koma munthu wavutika uyu. Zoonadi tchimo silabwino ine ndikudya masamba kuno mokondwa.

  49. Mob Justice on Cashgaters says:

    He should surely die,,but slowly! When Judas betrayed Jesus and brought suffering on His people, his guilt hanged himself. Lutepo and his friends numerous in number have brought untold suffering among Malawians. Guilt should kill them for that the ultimate goal for the devil they worship!

  50. sibusiso says:

    akulu ndiye mwawondatu? indeed cheating does not pay koma musafe kuti you shouldnt run away from the realities of this world, mbava!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. dongodongo says:

    justice delayed is justice the end of the day sitiphulapo kanthu.gvt watch out

  52. bodole says:

    mukhululukireni akumvetsa chisoni munthuyu. the Bible encourages us to forgive those that have wronged us. mulungu akhoza kutidalitsa abale kumalawi kuno titamukhululukira Lutepo pakuti wavomereza machismo ake ndi pakamwa pake.
    ndindani mwainu amene sanachimwepo amuponye Lutepo mwala oyamba.

  53. Gongoni says:

    A Paul Mphwiyo nanunso tangoululani zomwe mumachita posolola ndalama za boma, mmene mumatakatira ndi a Mayi! Eish Janet Nankuning’a wayiwonela patali zoti angabwele mwansanga pa Malawi ndakayika,wangodzipatsa exile kkkkkkkkkkkkk!!! Ululani basi baba wakufa saopa kuwola, musayiwale kuti munauka kwa akufa, ndipo mboni ndi zipolopolo zomwe mukuyenda nazo mthupi.

  54. OJERE says:

    Ngati munthu walapa basi tinkhululukire.wadwalika kwambiri mapeto ake atisiyatu LUTEPO.Taonani mmene wathera.angobweza ndalamazo basi

  55. Mbwiye Wapata says:

    Not so soon Lutepo..tell us the whole truth first then you can go afterwards.

  56. meneava upsyunumu says:

    bola mukanaikapo nkhope yakeyo osati zimenezo. mwatani kodi? kkkkkk

  57. Bob says:

    Milandu yachuluka, you are being bombarded left and right. Okunamiza aja akukusiya pamtetete.

  58. Wopondaponda says:

    muzafa imfa yowawa mukamangobwebwetuka mulape zenizeni

  59. chemboma says:


  60. Boko says:

    Let the dishonest and unreliable bastard suffer. He has killed a lot of people becoz of his behaviour. A habitual liar like Peter Matanyula. Let this useless thug die a painful death.

  61. Ineyo says:

    Sad. The ring has no end.

  62. innocent says:

    No no no we need this guy alive please don’t play that death game to suppress the truth – can those that can ensure this please!!

  63. Bodza la n'nanu says:

    Why do people book themselves a ‘bed’ at a hospital after being arrested? Very often we hear, just wondering!

  64. CNN says:

    After telling a lot of lies Lutepo want to exit the scene. Allow him to exit earth. Why commit suicide if he has the truth? DPP yamwa madzi. Mwaona kutumidwa kumapangitsa misala.

  65. kamwendo says:

    God touch him with hand of healing

  66. JAYJAY says:

    tsiku la 40, akusowanalo mtendere tsopano.ankawona ngati dolo ndi misonkho yathu

  67. Mbanangwa says:

    If you say Lutepo is on ‘suicide watch’, does it mean he decided to commit suicide! Has he some toxic substances in his blood? What does this mean especially if he says he has the truth and he will finally spill the beans? Guilty conscience is coming on him because he can not prove most of his claims!
    I still wish him good health. For me, he is an actor on stage. He is young., rich, industrious but also crooked.

  68. Mphondo says:

    Akunama uyu, bwanji mumanamizira kudwala mukamangidwa?

  69. namwali says:

    Get well soon and face the charges

  70. Patrick Buluzi says:

    Ndalama anadya kale nde mukaamanga mukuganiza kuti zipezeka ?

  71. yasinta says:


  72. Mr.Bambo says:

    Nanunso inu ofuna kudzipha amakazipephereka yekha ku Police kuti ammange?I have no mercy for the idiot,let him hung.

  73. gologota wa pa Mtamba says:

    Ndevu zija zapita kuti abale? Akuluwa amadziwika ndi ndevu poti anthu a dollar amakonda kusunga mashalubu. Chirani msanga kuti mukayimitsane ndi Amayi kuti tione ngati anadya nawodi.




  75. Redeemed says:

    How defiant the devil is, he lures a man into his evil act and when the tough gets going, he disappears.

  76. Jabulosi says:

    This man should die after revealing where our hard earned Tax is or has been hidden. No mercy until all our looted Tax is recovered. All those who have taken part in looting should suffer the same fate, GOD up there is angry. The late Kahuna will welcome these looters where ever he is!!!!!

  77. ebola says:


  78. Lake Malawi says:

    Malawians check in Lutepo’s hands; How does a patient hold this in his hands??? This picture was taken to buy simpathy from people. Many poor people have suffered in hospital without medecine because of your bad actions. You are lucky because In some hospitals even those tubes are not available because of yourcashgating.

  79. Professional Vendor says:

    What is the authority doing on this matter otherwise if this guy dies all the information is lost. Is there no means of fast tracking his case so that as a nation we benefit alot interms of information?

  80. wakukaya says:

    Chisiyeni chingomwalira chitsiru ichi.

  81. BalakaGuy says:

    When you steal money meant for hospitals,schools,and other infrastructure for the benefit of the poor,this is what people can reap,zanu zimenezo.

  82. Abiti Mtila says:

    Ndalama zija zayamba kuwawano. Sheeeee its better to be poor than to be rich with stolen money! This is just the beginning. Kasambara and MAnondo you are next to confess else you will be haunted!

  83. banda ephraim says:

    i thnk that stupid man has to be given severe punishment for other gridy public fucken people to take a lesson on ken msonda u v to be xo careful tikulira ndalama zathu then mukupita pa media kukanena kut joyce banda sanabe nawo.mukutitenga ngat ana,usiye kukamba zausiru mfana usowa

  84. tsetsefly says:

    A promising young businessman gets entangled into a cobweb of lust for money. I feel so sorry for you Lutepo. It seems to me that your world has crambled. If I were you I would simply surrender my life to Jesus. He makes a way where there seem to be none. I wish you quick recovery.

  85. Malume says:

    Please give him better treatment. We still need him in court.

  86. Yonas says:

    Commit suicide for being too rich or what ? NO it is too early we want the truth first. But also be careful others will finish him off to conceal the truth. Tsegulani MASO APA

  87. dadaboma says:

    Lutepo has implicated an innocent God-fearing person in his theft case. He will unlikely survive for long because God’s wrath is visited on him already. Sorry bro. You reap what you sow.

  88. Youth wokwiya says:

    So sad

  89. iyayi says:

    ” he has implicated the former president for benefiting part of his stolen money”,this statement summarises it all,so it means lutepo’s stealing moves were his own architect? i thought it was a collective move with the former president? i think this lutepo guy’s alleged evidence against JB is a waste of time,government will be a big loser if it will use this guy’s ”confessions” as evidence against JB,chances are that he was faking that all,if gvt wants to politically punish JB,they must use other ways,lutepo is a bad idea,he is seemingly a psychiatric patient now,he has phobic attacks(history of hiding),and psychosomatizations(faking illness) seemingly due to the pending danger of being in jail for quiete longer,losing his stolen weath and pending family disharmonies to follow,his mental state is not stable,he can say anything and do anything aswell,he is really a suicide high risk candidate,let him be watched closely,given some psychosocial support and alitle bit of mood tranquilizers,then drag him back to court and then jail,he has economically destroyed malawi in a very big way

  90. GANGAMFUNO says:


  91. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Bwinotu DPP pple may be giving him death threats due to turn out of events following his infamous “use by the gvt to implicate JB and PP”

  92. mtimaso says:

    Ndende za ku Malawi ndi za anthu osauka, opanda ndalama komanso a chilungamo.

  93. tonde says:

    It doesn’t rain but pours for Lutepo. Politicians are satanists and never trust them.
    This Lutepo I don’t think has assets worth the amounts being mentioned and you should wonder where it went.
    Investigate donations of vehicles Lutepo made to PP as there is hindsight in it. This also calls for elaboration from former HE about ” who is a thief when goods changes hands from a thief”.
    Juice (joice) Banda was the captain of the ship and should know her passengers. Lutepo is also a family name and JB should feel the traumatising situation he is going through.

  94. DUWA KALIRANI says:

    Ukunya uwona. Mizimu ya anthu anafa from curable diseases in hospitals when you and Joyce thieved the money meant for buying medicine in public hospitals ikufuula. Ndipo simunati.

    Lutepo, Phwiyo, Kasambara, Joyce Peter Mutharika, Manondo, Khumbo Kachali, Goodall nonse ndinu MBAVA mukunya muwona. Muthothoka mmodzi mmodzi through cardiac arrests, suicides, and natural death. And sikale. Mxxxxxiiii

  95. Marvin Kay says:

    Only some one stupid enough would belive thats oswald lutepo!!!…. Nyasa net must be ranked top as airing force reports…. You guys are fading malawian up… Bullssshhhht

  96. Dreamliner says:

    This man feels abandoned. May be he thought that after his radio confessios he would be a hero. Both his Lawyer and Zodiak sanamuthandize by not giving him proper advice.

  97. Karonga Boy says:

    Police,make Sure That The Man Lutepo Is Well Handcaffed On His Sick Bed And Moreover This Is What Normaly Happen To The Dangerous Criminars Like Lutepo.

  98. Tafika says:

    Zachabe zonse zachabe atero mlaliki all are vanity

  99. Weniweni Balakasa says:

    I am tired of Lutepu’s news, stories and charges. Let him die more over malawi govt will not recover the billion kwachas he has misappropriated. Akutitheranso kangachepe komwe boma likanathandizira anthu ovutika pomusamala wakubayo. Lutepo ndi chitsilu chamunthu.

  100. The Truthful One from the West says:

    Kalekeni Kaphale in one of his cross-examinations of Lutepo asked Lutepo: Are you an idiot? I do not remember what was Lutepo’s answer but I ask Lutepo the same question: Are you an idiiot? The evidence is that you are an idiot. Any person who knowingly participates, abets or aid in the commission of a crime is not only an idiot but he is also a criminal. The Peter Mutharika is going to make a terrible and unforgiving mistake if it treats Lutepo lightly in the hope that he can assist them to fix Dr Joyce Banda. Since Peter Mutharika took over things are falling apart. Courts have shut down and the cost of living is getting out of control.. I was also genuinely shocked to learn that the Aids Commission funded Mlakho wa Alomwe and First Lady Gertrude Mutharika’s Beautify Trust.

  101. walalawalala says:

    give this man a break, mukuzunza choncho ngati ndalama anadya yekha bwanji? enawo bwanji osawamanga angoziyendera ku njako koma she got the lion share. akafa ameneyu umboni usowa.

  102. tenson mkumbwa says:

    u ve made my life dificult,God wil judge u.

  103. Moya says:

    He has more money to manipulate any police officer to come up with any story that will keep him away from jail. He needs to be guarded by very professional cops osati timve kuti when the cop went for a piss Lutepo wazimangirila. Put him in chains

  104. the abductor says:

    I am not feeling sorry for him at all ndipo sanati. These guys stole just huge sums of money that as a result caused and will cause a lot of misery to the majority of poor malawians.
    And what is Government doing about Karonga? He should have been going thru the same by now. The crimes they committed are just too inhuman and beyond their imaginations. Let them die a painful death and in fact let him die in the cell. We do not need these pple Mxxxx.Ma rubbish

  105. Wawa1 says:

    As much as everyone knows that Lutepo is a suspect in these cash gate cases I think it is necessary to regard him as innocent until proven guilty. The Guy is sick at this moment. Posting his hospital pictures online is a violation of his privacy. No need to degrade this soul. Let’s wait for justice to take it’s course.

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